: animation cancels shouldnt be a thing imo. its just unfun and hidden power and makes champ outperform. thats why riven is overtuned. shes balanced around kinda doing it, but if you didnt you'd do fine. if you did it 24/7 you are busted. wish they just removed them. one i dislike is the fizz animation cancel on his ult. if he dashes into ult there is no animation of him throwing a fish.
Riven has no hidden powers. You play around her cooldowns not animation cancels. Since Riven's release she has been constantly balanced around animation cancels (since players found out). It's fine. You guys make it sound like it's a big deal, but it's not.
Noraver (NA)
: Because Riven mains are the whiniest in all of League's community. If one ever gets beat, they blame it on ping, slow internet, game lag, and they still call you trash and rage all game, typically AFKing or feeding. Their champion is broken, as are they. Last time Riven got touched it caused so much outrage from the few mains, Riot reverted it. Can't touch their special snowflake champion.
We are not the whiniest. It's a foolish oversight. Circlejerk makes us the whiniest, aka you guys.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Why remove sylas animations cancels and not rivens?
Because Riven is not a champion without animation cancellations. Take it away and she would require kit overhaul (rework). Sylas wasn't even animation cancelling champion in the first place (so wasn't Riven, but she is balanced around her animation cancels nowadays). What does Sylas do with animation cancels? How does it compare to Riven animation cancels? I think this whole topic is just a gigantic anti Riven circlejerk.
: Sona needs some adjusting.
I think Sona is fine. You all need to learn to play her properly.
: Freljord Sylas is a good example of what Skins should make a return...
Those finger close ups are always creepy. Why are they doing it so often?
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: Ok so can we stop pretending Mordekaiser is fine?
Mordekaiser doesn't even need to land his abilities. His passive along with conqueror and couple autos will outtrade literally any1 in lane. It's the truth.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: irelia is strong you just don't know how to play her.
She is utter garbage right now. I used to play her and agreed that she was strong. Now Irelia needs a soft rework again so that her buffs wouldn't make her unbearably stupid to deal with.
Rioter Comments
: Please give option to remove the ugly and jarring hue you get when the dragon soul gets annouced
: I thought 8 % true dmg on conqueror Whats pushing tanks away.Why arent tanks good after its gone ?
Tanks are boring to play. But they will start seeing play again when pros play them, eventually, it will happen.
JPlayah (NA)
: New support items are literally institutionalized poverty
I play Sona and I feel like I always have gold. Dunno why you guys whine.
: Just one of many nerfs needed for Riven, or just remove her.
> [{quoted}](name=Slim Gragas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aebTEHbI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-16T04:00:29.064+0000) > > Just one of many nerfs needed for Riven, or just remove her. You mean Jax. The worst offender of this item.
: Its harder to display a legitimate outplay these days
There's still outplay but a lot of people don't care anymore. They know that some champions are just stupid even when they can manage certain outplays. People get mental cus they've played the game for so long and seriously hate when someone "outplays" you. It's a mental issue not that there's a lack of display of outplays.
: Is Kai’Sa ever going to get meaningfully changed?
Her W damage (and its passive procs) and ultimate shield needs to be looked at. Rest seems fine.
: Does anyone simply hate Kleptomancy at this point?
Yea I do. I hope they make major changes to inspiration in S10. Klepto included.
Salron88 (EUW)
: Vayne % TRUE DAMAGE is a problem a big problem to building items vs her.
: Worlds just isn't doing it this year...
I don't watch worlds at all but I don't think game has "that" many issues u listed. There's always somekind of meta. U get used to it. Or not.
coreym11 (NA)
: If Irrelia has a 45% winrate, does that mean she needs to be buffed?
She's a tanky Yasuo who wrecks everyone in teamfights and has good laning phase cus of mobility and outplay.
: Riven **is ** insanely busted. I just played vs her in ranked just now. Yes, at level 1 she popped about 550 of my health. And was about to do it again and kill me within the ultra short cooldown had Shen not been right around the corner. _Riven is insanely busted_ because the cooldowns and animation cancels offer ZERO counterplay beyond a summoner spell, especially at level 1. You just have to eat the poop. Its not right. Then she gets a little gold and Spear of Sojin, and its Q Q Q dance all game. As Hashinshin says, the ONLY THING that holds back Riven players from dominating entirely is the OCD to 1v5 in every single instance. They'll jump into bad fights thinking Q Q Q E Q Q Q E Q Q Q E Q Q Q E will keep them from dying when the team starts CCing and crit damaging her. Btw, I played as Kayle and once I finally hit level 11 (as usual) I was finally able to chunk her down and send her packing after building Phantom Dancer. For the entire first half of the game, had it not been for Shen, she was easily dominating lane and when she roamed, even without getting fed kills, and being basically even in CS most of laning phase.
It's your fault if you let her do 500+ damage to you level 1. Your own problem mate. Get better at the game.
Xavanic (NA)
: the problem is riot severely overtunes the numbers of high skill champs for some reason...which is honestly just bad design...i can understand giving riven a bit of a dmg edge over say...diana....but right now its ludicrous....riven is doing 500 dmg level 1 with a single combo..which she can pull off within 2 seconds because of her animation cancelling, she does have counters, but as of right now...riot needs to be a little less generous in terms of numbers on high skill champs
Maybe learn to play against these champions? And on what planet you can pull off 500 damage combo at level 1 (unless you play Vladimir, but then you deserve this)? Ever heard of playing safe? Ever heard of actually picking a champion who can punish that sort of thing? Wave management? Positioning? Playing around abilities? Riven has to base after couple bad trades because she's squishy and has no regen. Abuse that and don't be a whiny kid.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F4ztpt1j,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-15T23:19:44.680+0000) > > Not sure about the others but Riven’s numbers perfectly showcase the high skill floor thing. Her win rate is well below average at low elos as people don’t understand her because she is a mechanically skilled champion and the higher you go up, the higher her win rate goes up at well, isn’t that how its supposed to be. she just rofl stomps ppl while being played by people with just a basic understanding of her kit, since she just outright does too much dmg early game
That's just false. Easier champions will beat average Riven players period. The worst mistake people do against Riven is that they don't play around her abilities at all.
: So riot letting league burn in favor of TFT
Bro, there's so many bugs right now that it could take them at least a week to fix them all. Just look at the lists. The game is officially broken.
Jakra (EUW)
: Can we take a sec to appreciate WW's new skin? Especially when they show the fact that he's human?
: Is there a reason Cassiopeia's E does not stack Conqueror?
Imho it should stack conq cus it's damaging ability. Maybe it's bugged atm, cus this patch broke the game.
: Corporate sabotage? Intriguing theory...
That's exactly my theory lol (not necessarily corporate one, but maybe hatred or emotional stuff around devs). Some of these bugs feel "hand picked". But who knows. I like to speculate. Some say it could be to make players go watch and play TFT. Also possible.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 9.14: Fallout 76 Edition
DUDE I had Klepto and it changed to Glacial ingame (all saved in time etc), I was like "did I space out?!" WTF1!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Might have saved too late. It the uses the runepage it saw (pre change version) but the launcher saves the new change for the next game. Had that happen before.
: The overloading kit of new release/re-releases and the extreme disparity between the power level between League champs have gotten so bad that Riot is now implementing more and more hard countering mechanics to try and fix some of those things and evening the playing field. That's the rabbit hole we've gone down.
And this can be done with itemization. Riot is too lazy.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: sooo evelynn nerfs when?
If you get out jungled by Eve you're doing something wrong. Eve should be behind whole game if your smart. She is the easiest jungler to shut down by big brain junglers.
Laura ß (NA)
: PENTAKILL should be a victory condition
Horrible idea because it denies comebacks.
: Because armor is useless
Technically it's true. There's so much raw or mixed damage that straight ignores armor (built in champions kit) and we also have conqueror. Conqueror becomes very good with attack speed. Press the Attack is just overall great too because your whole team can damage one target for that extra 12% weakness you apply.
Rioter Comments
: Mordekaiser is an absolute abomination.
His Q needs Windslash treatment (slower travel time). Right now it's too oppressive to play around.
: She still won’t be spotted by pinks. -.- pinks don’t remove stealth. Only camouflage. Which is why pinks sucks ass now
She can be sweeped after this change, which is nice.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.14 changes according to Riot Repertoir (Blitzcrank, Leona, Akali, Lux, Tahm kench)
That Poppy buff is huge. Also Renekton buff LuL. R.I.P Riven or any champs who uses mobility. Poppy especially will be so disgusting again.
: Just kill her already...
Q is a damage buff. W is a nerf but it's not the end of the world. U gain 80 energy all times and CD starts sooner. E got AP scaling. With both scalings it will definitely do more damage. And with this change, Riot wants u to max E second cus shroud always stays 25 CD. R got CD nerf but that's also whatever because if you're good Akali, ur already deadly and CD doesn't matter that much. It's a nerf for bad players. Overall, it seems fine to me.
Moody P (NA)
: You can tell the exact moment when Riot punishes you for winning too much
>You can tell the exact moment when Riot punishes you for winning too much Because it's natural. People can't have 100% winrate. People CAN sometimes "cheat" by duo-queueing and doing god strats and gaining huge winrates but they eventually fall back to 50%-60+%. You gain a winning streak, it's possible you start losing afterwards. Prepare mentally, cus it's gonna happen like it or not. League is a mental game, if you think you deserve to win all the time and not get punished, you're wrong. You get punished so you can learn and then apply that knowledge in your next game. You lose, you do it again. But never lose mental cus u need it for climbing and understanding of the game. If u feel like ur emotionally torn after big loss streaks, just take a break man and don't force urself for another game, ur already tilted.
: riot's method to trash games
Watched your match history. Over half of your games you just int. I think you're to blame not the matchmaking.
: thats seems way to overpowered with no counter play, i would agree if {{champion:157}} wind wall would delete jumping {{champion:107}} .
I was just imagining Rengar jumping into Yasuo windwall and disappearing. Thanks.
The E77 (EUW)
: naaah, when he was just released his ult had 0 indication atall, then that was op as fuck so then they gave it an indicator
The sound was still there when Rengar was relatively close, but u had to react hyper fast, was almost impossible.
: EU west servers ... Really ?
Because EUW has the most people. And there's huge population disparity between EUNE and EUW. Most players migrated from EUNE to EUW when it was free.
godyoonmin (EUNE)
: qiyana flopped?
Too early to tell. Let's wait a week or two.
Febos (EUW)
: Even though Qiyana was made for Mid, I believe they gave her that kit with Jungle in mind too.
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tx6M4P2P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-29T19:09:59.008+0000) > > Even though Qiyana was made for Mid, I believe they gave her that kit with Jungle in mind too. "Was made for mid.". Really? Did Riot confirm that? Or ur making this up cus Qiyana has assassin label?
: Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.
Suck it up and work on ur mental. U'll be surprised if u start winning again. Normal game matchmaking is a lot worse than ranked.
: The main reason jungle actually sucks
Maybe focus on your own stuff and ignore idiots? Jungling is all about pressure. And if your decision making sucks then there's room for improvement. Who gives a shit how bad any1 is in ur team? It just drags u down. Just play the game and do ur best. And if you lose, take a break.
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