: Marksmen really deserve more disengage, even if it's at the cost of their damage.
ADC is the most toxic play style though. Making them strong makes everyone else suffer. You can't have everything in the game. You must give up something. Range, DPS, burst, CC, Mobility, Tankiness. The price of power is being squishy, but they will have 0 counter-play if they get more mobility.
: Please help against Heimer.
Lul. Heimer has been dogshit since his nerfs.
: ARURF sucks sure but it's better than regular URF. At least with AR the game doesn't devolved into picking the same 10 champs every game.
Its so much better playing shit champs against those broken champs. /s
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: HotS teamfights have significantly less damage than League's
Lets see: Tank nerf, then Mage nerf, then Adc buff, then Support buff, Then Support nerf, then Assassin buff. Here we are AD > AP,TANKS. Game went to shit since the AD dominance, only downhill from there. It does not help either that only skin selling popular champs are being "balanced" (kept intentionally broken), meanwhile everything else is ok or dog shit. We were promised a Yasuo rework because how cancer he is. Over 1 year has passed and nothing.
Kovorix (EUW)
: From my gaming expierience of the years I learned that the devs will allways go their way until they realize that the players start quitting then they go back and actually look what they complained about and do some low effort changes.
Except the old player base left already. New player base is accustomed to faster games.
Yets4240 (NA)
: No they didn't? Not even close. That would be a loss of 100AP a fucking item, for every item. Just so you know, there have only ever been at most 3 items with over 100 AP at any given time. The time with the highest AP had 3 120 AP items. By your inane comment, AP items would have ***A MAXIMUM OF 20 AP AN ITEM*** which is fucking laughable, and clearly not even close to the state current League is in. They lost around 60-80 AP, depending on build, at full build; but, they lost 20 AP or less per item.
Every fuckin Mage was able to get 1000 Ap back then. Now normally we see what? 300 AP? 400 at best. I hate it when you people talk nonsense when you never played the game before the AP item overhaul. More AP on items means more % from Rabaddon.
DrDubb (NA)
: Anyone else feels like there is TOO MUCH CDR in the game?
Mages lost 500 AP to get that much CD instead. Don't forget that.
Zed Boss (NA)
: "Why did you ban my champion?" Answer: "Oh cry me a river"
Power Mac (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueBilberry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=js1ksEkI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-06T17:41:13.974+0000) > > Actually the ranked system that's used in TFT would be a good model. There needs to be fluidity in the ranked system. Either that, or actually give us the MMR at the same time as the rank - enough of the mystery meat. Riot should also take into account a player's personal performance. If, say, your team fed or trolled, but you managed to get an A or even better an S, at the very least you shouldn't lose LP. The current system emphasises luck and ignores the fact that same games simply can't be won.
Except the ranking system is pure trash. I had games where I went 20 - 0 10 and got an A+ for it just because I was not afk farming like a turd adc who refuses to group. You get a bad rank for dying even if originally your team was 0 10 0. Your suggestion would just make people with decent stat early to afk at the fountain in hope of losing less lp.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Anybody else excited for Fiddlesticks rework?
Not really. He will be dog shit since he is a Mage. Only ADCs and Assassins get fair treatment.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Why did rioters stop commenting in this section?
Because the boards is not censored like the dick sucking community on reddit. Riot hates criticism and they ignore any form of feedback anyway.
: Vayne top has a 48% wr with a 1% pick rate atm, its not good anymore. Stop it boards.
She wins lane and lose the game. Does not make her any less cancer.
: @Riot, No BS. No sarcasm. Just a genuine thank you for making item drop changes for 9.14
And why couldn't they just give the same amount of items to everyone? Don't start sucking dicks yet, we are not out of the unfair RNG advantage.
: Its almost like its in beta? So nothings even close to being done or balanced fully? Its like most of you cucks don't know what a beta is.
So unfair RNG needs testing? It shouldn't have been like that in the first place. No excuse on that part. Everything else can be blamed on beta.
Rioter Comments
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
AP Shaco and AP Teemo top premade. Neither my botlane adc nor enemy toplaner enjoyed the game. (This was season 5) So those 2 champs were not dogshit at that point in time.
Barkley (NA)
: Not making battle boss Yasuo look like Virgil from DMC was a huge missed opportunity.
He is called Vergil, You uneducated schum. Go and commit sudoku now.
: I'm gonna just drop this here from the thread I made regarding possible fixes to the same problems: Reading through the multitudinous complaint threads on both gameplay boards, as well as playing a dozen or so rounds of this game mode, has given me the idea to make a list of the primary complaints along with what I think are the best possible fixes to implement to resolve the issue. 1: RNG in item quantities. People do not like the fact that the number of items dropped by mob phases is entirely random. Yes, this is how it was done in the unofficial DotA 2 mod that INSPIRED TFT, but in the official version from Valve this is no longer true because IT WAS THE NUMBER ONE THING PEOPLE COMPLAINED ABOUT AS BEING UNFAIR IN THE MOD! Now, granted, we would likely NOT want the version from DotA Underlords implemented here for three reasons. 1: One item/global buff per creep round no matter how many creeps or how hard the fight. 2: DotA Underlords only allows one item per unit, period, the end, and you can't combine them either! 3: As stated before, creep waves in DotA Underlords also contain options for global buffs which we don't want here because they'd need to be overwhelmingly powerful to even be a viable option to pick instead of an item drop. Proposed solution: Force an item to drop for every two creeps killed prior to Dragon camp stage, then one item per Dragon/Herald/Elder Dragon. Yes, with the odd number of minions in round 2 this will mean that there is a hanging item waiting for your first kill in the first 'jungle' camp, which all seem to have odd numbers of creeps anyways so it'll average out in the end. 3 Krugs, 5 Wolves, 5 Raptors, 7 items in total available from jungle camps provided you kill all creeps in the jungle camp stage. This would be a vast improvement over the current state of the mode where one person with a streak of bad luck could get ZERO items from the minion waves while another person can go into their first PVP round with a silver champ that has two rageblades and a guardian angel. Proposed solution #2: Any creep that does not drop an item drops 10 gold instead. This alternative offers some form of compensation to those who are not LUCKY enough to get an item drop in the form of a champion availability steroid/level-up steroid, which can compensate for a lack of items by allowing unlucky players to search the shop earlier to get silver champs, or to give them a boost in interest income early on if they choose to sit on it. My preference is the first proposed solution because the shop ALSO suffers from RNG issues, but that's an issue with the game TYPE rather than this specific version of it. 2: Limited Availability of Champions Nobody likes this. Nobody likes being forced to reroll a dozen times just to find the ONE champ they need because some dunce that got knocked out in round 4-2 had five of them and created an artificial scarcity. Yes, we get that raising our level makes starting champions less likely to show up, but some of those starting champions are really good and they don't always show up in the first shop option every match when you're at the right level. With INTEREST being such a huge thing as a gold income steroid, it deincentivizes spending gold on rerolls early on for a CHANCE to see another unit of the champ you want. Gold income early on can be agonizingly slow and NOBODY wants to make it even slower to get to that lovely stage where you're pulling in 10+ gold per round from passive income and full interest. Proposed solution #1: Any time a player is knocked out of the game, their standing army is recorded for the end screen and then their units are broken down to bronze levels and put back into the 'deck' so they are once again available in the shop for anyone to buy. Proposed Solution #2: The player that knocks another player out of the game is given the option to pick any one champion of their choice to take from the roster of the player who has been knocked out. Items are not included in this, and any gold champions are broken down into three silvers so nobody gets a free gold champion without having worked their way up (unless they already have two silvers of the same champ on their own roster of course, in which case they HAVE earned it). At the end of all combat the between-matches timer is frozen and all other players are then given the option to pick any one of the remaining champions from the former player's pool STARTING WITH THE PERSON IN LAST PLACE and moving up from there until everyone has either chosen or declined to take a free champion. Play then proceeds as normal with the pre-match setup phase restarting. Obviously option 1 would be simpler to implement as well as generally more balanced while option 2 gives struggling players a CHANCE to get a bit of a boost via a free silver, or lower, champion. Both options are still better than what we have now where those champions are still locked up and effectively removed from play, blocking another player who just needs one more (Insert 1-gold champ of choice here) to finish their tier-3 version of the champ. 3: Random avatar damage This is simply a case of the game not explaining that higher-tiered champions deal more end-of-combat damage to avatars, as well as end-of-combat damage being based on the number of enemy champs remaining, plus a random amount of damage from the enemy avatar based on the current game phase that scales up as the game goes on. Proposed solution: Give us a quick breakdown of the damage taken, similar to how DotA Underlords does at the end of a fight: 3 damage from a gold champ, 2 from a silver, 1 from a bronze, and then whatever damage from the avatar based on game stage, presumably 1 damage per major creep camp with increments increasing after krugs, wolves, etc. Yes, there's already an in-game tip stating that the damage that you take increases as the game goes on, but people will UNDERSTAND better with a quick displayed breakdown of damage taken that takes all of ten seconds to show us, if that. 4: Facing the same player over and over Some people get stuck facing the same two opponents constantly until the next roulette/carousel event. A simple and quick fix would be to have the game avoid putting you against the same person less than three matches apart unless there aren't enough people for that. Sorry for the lengthy post, but PLEASE discuss other solution options in a comment, or at least discuss ideas I have presented here that you like so that this gets the attention it needs to influence how this mode matures and develops so that it can be enjoyable for every player and luck/randomness is GREATLY reduced to better allow for the use of TACTICS. You know, that thing in the name of the mode that's currently almost a joke?
Very well said. It's annoying when you lose because 1 of the players who lost long time ago were stealing your champs and you could never upgrade to level 3 even after rerolling 10 times.
Leetri (EUW)
: It's not just rng. Otherwise the same players wouldn't end up winning over and over again. Positioning, smart drafting, balancing economy, denying the enemy, knowing when to swap synergies, etc. That's all skill and what separates the good from the bad players. I feel like people think it's more RNG than it is because they don't understand how the champion pool works.
Skill means nothing if RNG fucks you over. Would you say it was fair if 1 person would start with 10.000 gold and the other 0? 2 person with the same skill level.
iainB85 (NA)
: Yeah, good example of this is Katarina. Sometimes she'll do a ton of damage with her ultimate, other times she uses it in the corner of the arena, hits nobody, then runs in and dies.
Sounds like my tipical ranked teammates.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot: In-Depth Feedback on Teamfight Tactics
The RNG is there so shit players can have a taste of victory as well. But that begs the question how do they plan to have ranked for this mode if an Iron Tier player can beat a Challenger any day, just because of pure luck.
: They really arent concerned about NA and it shows. As long as China and EU launches are fine Riot is fine. The game is borderline dead in NA and they know it and where their customer base is now.
Fuck off. We can't play either. If anyone gets their dick sucked every time its NA.
: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
Totally agree. Also this is not the only RNG part of the mode. I tried out the game mode. I played around 10 games. Every damn time the game was decided by RNG. Here are the RNG parts of it: 1. You get random items 2. You might get items. Meaning any between 0 and 3. You get no items and your opponents got 2-3 of them. 3. You get champs at random. So you might never collect 3 to upgrade to level 2 if your luck is shit. Have fun loosing to people who have multiple level 3 champs, while you have none. 4. The items itself are random. You might get AP items for full AD team. You might get 6 mana items meanwhile your opponents are running the strongest items for the right champs. 5. The game punishes you for playing well. The worst players get to pick rewards first. (1 champ with an added item to it) 6. You can literally waste infinite number of gold and never get the champion you want. 7. Your champs are either Challenger level or Iron Tier. They change targets at random. They don't finish off weakened enemies, They attack the full HP tank instead of the ADC who is 1 shotting you. They waste Abilities. Example {{champion:122}} spins with Q even if noone is near him. Wasting his mana/special ability. It is a fun game mode. But sure as hell it should never become a Ranked perma mode if it's like 90% luck and 10% skill. Some fixes that might work. Give us gold instead of items. Let us buy items as well as champions. If we want a certain champion let us buy it at a double gold price. That way even if we reroll champions, we do by knowing that we may not get what we want. Accepting the risk/reward. Don't say it's a comeback mechanic when you give unfair advantage to lower score players. You can actually cheat by intentionally loosing early game, since you only loose a few HP points. Which results in you picking a champion you want or an item which will give you an advantage for the rest of the game. There was a similarly unfair mechanic in TeamFortress2 where players would sometimes kills you because the game gave them free crits randomly. Making bad players feel better about themselves is a shitty way of handling Ranked. This mode can still be fixed and it does seem fun to play. Remove the RNG parts.
: pleaseeeeeeee riot......... pleaseeeee, im tired of losing a win streak early bc the other person has a whole finished item that works well with their pick while i have braum with a large rod...
It's annoying I agree but you can just sell Braum to get the item back.
Moody P (NA)
: "I am counterpicked but I'm playing safe and letting him push. Surely my jungler will help me soon"
Went against a 1 million point {{champion:157}} main as {{champion:41}} I was pushed under turret all game and tower dived nonstop by {{champion:157}} and {{champion:54}} jungle premade. Meanwhile my jungler was AFK fapping in the Jungle for 13 minutes with stat 0 1 0. Mind you it was my 2nd game this year with {{champion:41}} in normal draft. Try to play something new and you will meet cancer everywhere.
5050BS (NA)
: Playing High/Drunk in Ranked should be bannable
Except I am still the 1 with the best stat on the team even if I drink before playing :P
: Riot, Riot please this needs to stop... it has gone too far! Creep blocking out of control!
But fixing this bug would be nerf to ADC players. Riot cant go fixing stuff that hurts their favored role.
LaceUpXX (NA)
: I think they should revert GA
It will never happen. Riot is sucking the dick of AD players for 4 seasons straight. They nerfed every class to the ground the only slight shift was that they went from ADC's to favouring assassins then back to favouring ADC's. Riot gives no shit that guardian angel was used by ap champs as well.
hoganftw (NA)
: Top lane is for masochists.
The whole game feels shit since season 5. You can't play tanks because you get shit on by mobile cancer champs. You can't play mage mid because riot removed wards so you can be gang banged 1 vs 2 all game because you cant ward 6 possible place enemy jungle can camp you. Riot also fucked jungle even more then before so that also feels shit to play. Thank god they buffed back the point and click ADC's though to show us how much skill needed to crit 1000 damage/basic attack. Normal supports suck as well, you are trolling if you are not picking a damage support or the enemy adc will mop the floor with your team.
: I miss the days where you could see several Riot employees on the Gameplay boards on the red tracker
They have no intention on fixing the game. That's why they ignore the complaints about it. Chinese market > everyone else. So we can go fuck ourselves. This is the core reason of toxicity on the boards. People are and always will be assholes. Why should an employee be targeted by harassment, when it's always the trash leadership at fault.
Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=asud,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=opkWX7yT,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-02-16T18:57:28.792+0000) > > Of course it's forced. > Whenever i am at lower LP (from 0 to 80) i get teams of all types, good, sometimes bad, most of the time average. And it depends a lot on how i play it. > BUT whenever i come to one game from promos or in the promos itself. I must by default get literally inting team. > Dont let them fool you. Everything is tracked. If they can show you at the end of the season how many times you died to Yasuo and how many times you killed a Yasuo. Trust me they know everything. > They know which accounts have tendency to disconnect and go afk. > They know lose streaks and win streaks and everything that matters. > And when you are near to promote to next division you will get these people from elo hell in your team if possible. > The system is not designed to help you climb. They dont give a damn. > The system is designed to annoy you and to stop you from climbing so you get tilted and play even more. > Thats all thats important to them. That we play as much as possible. > Not our climb, not our mental health. Nothing. Only play time. Sometimes I like to read posts like these then op.gg the poster, then I think about the promos that they've probably thrown of their teammates' when they go 4/10/8 on Syndra or 3/13/7 and 4/9/0 on Vlad I wonder how many peoples' games you've thrown and people have passive aggressively said, "damn if it wasn't for asud I would've gotten into Silver 1."
You do realise that trash team contributes to bad KDA for yourself as well right? You will get slaughtered as well if your team hard feeds all game.
shipo13 (EUNE)
: where is yasuo nerf after 9.3 critic items buff?
Right next to the Yasuo rework Riot promised but never kept :P
: People would stop playing the game if it were intentionally rigged. Please don't let your emotions get the best of you, think logically. If everyone has a 100% win-rate than nobody is losing. Tell me how that makes sense.
Riot admitted that they force the 50% winrate with their hidden mmr.
: what is the purpose of riot sitting there and "rigging " promo games? most of the time someone is in a promo game they are the only one that is. riot match making doesnt see it as a chance to troll you on purpose.
Because people would stop playing the game if they are fine with their rank. Not only promos are rigged. The fuckin forced 50 % winrate is the scummiest thing ever. I had 75 % winrate and the system punished me with 3 X 30 % winrate teammates. Riot can fuck off when they punish you for flaming but they put you trough toxic environment on purpose.
KnifeCat (OCE)
: What happened to lowering systemic damage in 9.3/9.4?
No lets buff back adc's to their cancerous power level that was in season 6. That will fix the meta.
: Jungle influence still too high?
Junglers have big influence because riot was asshole and removed the warding options. It's so much fun being perma camped on midlane. Not like I need to ward 6 places at the same time.
: "I want ADC to be less shitty to play"
If bot lane has fun noone else will. I bet Riot will go full r%%%%% and overbuff adc items starting with {{item:3046}}
: I don't know about you but this new ranking system S U C K S
The truth is you are not getting carried by your diamond team, your team only exists to hold you back. Welcome to elo hell.
: OP be content with the thought that both vayne and fiora could probably have done the same thing pretty easily....... .... I am a bit dead inside.
They too should burn in the pits of hell.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
His shield passive needs to go. That's the most toxic part that there is no window to punish him. I don't care if he is compensated for it in damage.
: Why does everyone always want a different version of something for their own class?
Remember the old {{item:3026}} ? It was neutral item stolen from AP carries and given to AD carries only.
: Yeah, I think riot definitely has a problem with this I just want them to start focusing on some genuine quality of life changes. Is it too much to ask that my most important ranked game gets absolutely destroyed because of someone breaking their rules? All I'm asking is that they defend those that are not doing anything wrong since whether or not the person gets banned they are still punished with a loss. Now with the hidden MMR why wouldn't you want to establish a system where a player can see growth? If I'm hyped I went from plat to diamond or something I will have more motivation to keep playing since I am seeing progress. That's all people want to see when they get done playing a game whether it be call of duty, fortnite, or League of Legends. When I get done with a game in CoD I see XP increases that actually matter (this champion capsule crap is not enough) sooo we look for ranked increases and when people don't see any change they get sick of the game and leave until they forget about how monotonous it was to grind 50-100 games and stay the same ranked especially when important games are ruined by people blatantly break the rules and you're just a bystander. For example, if someone assaults you, they get caught they go to jail, but you still receive compensation and I don't think it is too much to ask that riot look into providing compensation for those caught in the crossfire since simply seeing someone got punished is enough but they pretend like it is.
As long I have to carry bronze team to get out of silver to gold against platnium opponents. Game will never be fair.
Rioter Comments
: I think the lords at Rito could figure out a way to determine whether or not someone is duo with you possibly limiting it to only if its genuinely a rando not my buddy whos in the game with me and i tell to afk if we are losing. Riot has some pretty advanced filters applied to the community.
They could but they don't want to fix the game. They have hidden MMR after all just to fuck with you and force 50% winrate. If you don't climb fast enough in ranked, you will play a lot. They want people to play a lot. I think they are scared that people will stop playing when they are satisfied with their rank. Obviously the leadership is r%%%%%ed or they don't play their own game.
saltran (EUW)
: Nah it changes depending on the meta /s What I'm pretty sure is that until now you were not able to complain about mages on the Boards without being mass downvoted.
If anything the game feel balanced now for 3 roles. ADC's are only slightly weak. Support's should get buffed back a bit and everything would be fine. You will get downvoted, because everyone hates the adc role for fuckin up the game for 3 years.
saltran (EUW)
: Oh the Thread is downvoted at the end, we are still under Mages dominion on Gameplay Boards.
You guys don't understand that its the burst meta that holds back adc's and not mages. Boards hate mages as well but they hate ignorant adc players more. When ADC is dominant the rest of the 3 roles feel awful. As we know Riot cant balance anything. Now only botlane is crying, for 3 years the other 3 roles were crying. 3 > 2 by the way the very reason Riot nerfed ADC's was to enable assassins into LCS They still blatantly favor AD over AP, but instead of ADC being dominant its anyone who can burst. (they did this to buff AD assassins ) They created an assassin support as well so there are more assassins: {{champion:555}} . We need a real tank meta again. Where tank beats mages and assassins, meanwhile adc/juggernauts beats tanks. I bet riot will fuck up hard again and overbuff the adc role. This shitfest is the result of buffing adc's at season 6 by the way ..... There is still 60% of the playerbase against the adc dominance. The game went downhill since season 5. (the adc buffs)
: I thought Riot has bias to ADCs? Or was it support?
This is anti mage post. They don't care about facts. The very adc mains who were enjoying themselves for 2 years are now crying that their role does not define the whole game anymore.
: You are pretty delusional and its sad. You are driven by your bias which makes you blind to facts and stats. Slippery ADCs still are harder to play than any mage is. Anyone who is beyond gold will tell you that ADC as a class is the hardest role. You are being downvoted because you dont offer any facts. It has been said over the years and it won't change. The days in which an ADC has to stand and right click (ardents meta) are over. You can like it or not. If you think ADCs are so fucking easy you should play them and try to reach out of silver. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/overview/middle/by-winrate The top 15 mid champs sorted by winrate. Only one assassin as you can see and that assassin is an AP champ. An assassin meta would mean that Zed, Talon, Kata and every other assassin would be actually good. Zed is below 50% for several patches now. Denying FACTS AND STATS is lying.
You cant read. I said the busted ADC meta was season 6 and season 7. They should never be buffed to that point. You don't contribute anything to discussion only insult. Oh wow Mages being played Mid. You sure showed me. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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