: Honestly, don't want a revert anymore, after spending enough time on her and learning her kit, she is extremely fun, I'm not sure if I will continue to play her if they remove her Q healing, which is a shame I spent so much getting the prestige skin. I'm already unsure what I feel about no turret shrouding, I feel that using it for dives is generally how I get ahaid in lane, but yeah. If they do remove her Q healing, I'll join your bandwagon asking for a revert.
Riot Captain just confirmed in his tweet that they will be removing the heal. As expected of Riot, ask first for players' opinion then ignore it and do what you want anyway.
Ifneth (NA)
: She couldn’t be “balanced,” only nerfed so hard that she couldn’t get solo kills and therefore rarely saw play. Old Akali would either one shot you, or you’d flash, and then she’d just re-dash and one shot you again. One more dash if you had mobility.
_"She couldn’t be “balanced,” only nerfed so hard that she couldn’t get solo kills and therefore rarely saw play." _ Even that "nerfed" version was way better than the version we have right now. Atleast shroud granted invisibility like it should instead of showing outlines and stuff and there were no gimmicky mechanics having you to go in then go out then go in again on the target you're trying to kill. _"Old Akali would either one shot you, or you’d flash, and then she’d just re-dash and one shot you again. One more dash if you had mobility."_ Oh so you mean what any fed Katarina, Kassadin and Zed do right now but no one complains about....Atleast she could one shot like an actual assassin, the current Akali trying to even 1v1 is a joke because it literally takes an eternity to kill someone and even longer to kill a jungle camp or take an objective. It's just sad. I understand where you're coming from and respect your opinion while disagreeing with it at the same time. But I think it's best if we move on since this is going to continue forever if we keep at it. I really appreciate for your input though and thank you for letting me share my perspective as well.
Fajr (EUW)
: Whether she should be reverted or not is subjective to everyone's own opinion. But the main issue is that the current passive relies too heavily on the shroud to dish out slow, sustained damage akin to a fighter/bruiser rather than an assassin.Therefore if the shroud is nerfed as described above, the passive needs to be adjusted as well. I don't get why the useless circle game is so necessary for Akali when it pushes her towards being an fighter than an assassin. Riot intentionally reverted Leblanc because it did not make sense to wait to burst target in intervals, but they gave the opposite treatment to Akali. If Sylas can have an empowered attack after hitting every ability, I don't see why Akali needs to play the circle game to have the same effect, irrespective of whether she's reverted or not. That's a totally different discussion.
: The only thing I agree here is that Akali needs to keep her heal, in some form or fashion. Everything else, I can't sympathize with. Old Akali may have been very fun for you, but it was a ticking time bomb to level 6 for her opponents. The simpleness of her design, attached with everything she had, left extremely little room for any chance of surviving against a competent Akali. You still have your stickiness and your burst, you just actually need to put in some work for your damage now.
Just because the pre rework kit wasn't the most optimal (according to what you said) does not mean that we have to settle for something even worse. Irrespective of the revert discussion because that is a huge topic on it's own, what this post aims to highlight is the fact that the current kit relies too heavily on the circle passive which in turn relies heavily on the shroud. Therefore, if the shroud is nerfed even more (or whats left of it), reasonable adjustments should be made to the passive to provide an equal platform to Akali as an assassin as the other assassins ingame. The current iteration of Akali is not an assassin. She does not have what you would call a burst. It is a fighter trying to be an assassin. Putting in work for your damage is what fighters do. Yasuo - tornados, Irelia - Passive Stacks, Darius - Bleeding effect overtime etc. Assassins are supposed to go in, dish out damage and disengage > Katarina, Talon, Zed, Fizz, Diana, Kassadin etc. As Akali, you have to weave in and out constantly to dish out any damage (like a fighter) and shroud is an integral part of it whereas champions like Sylas have the same effect of passive and healing/shields on top of that without playing the circle game. Therefore while you may not sympathise with these points and I believe we can agree to disagree, the above should still shed some light from the perspective of an Akali main.
: You're trading the raw damage for the ability to heal off Harass. Talon, Zed, Katarina and Fizz do not heal. This mechanic is powerful against poke lanes and makes her a better pick into some pre-six lane bullies than someone who doesn't have any sustain that they don't buy or build. I'm not saying that she couldn't use some compensation, but I feel as though if you want more burst, you're going to have to trade safety.
I'm not sure what else you want us to trade mate: * Her low CD ult that had a reset mechanic was changed into a 120 sec CD ult with no resets. * Her bursty assassin kit was changed into a bruiser kit that requires you to play that god awful circle minigame to do any damage. * Her shroud was ripped of the blink and instead what we got is a shroud that does not even give you stealth because your opponents can see where you are based on your outline and even that at a 20 SECOND COOLDOWN. * Her healing was gutted with the new change where you have to not use any abilities to get any healing in the first place. But knowing RITO, that's not going to last either. * Her old passive was atleast useful on objectives and jungle camps, with this Akali, you can forget even thinking about doing any jungle camp unless you want to be in the jungle all game long. * At this point, the only use that shroud is left for is to clear your minion waves because you are pathetic at shoving in minion waves! There is much more but i'll leave it at that. Also I'm not asking for anything new, the old Akali had way more burst and healing alongwith as well. The only thing she did not have was the god awful circle, true stealth under towers and a 120 sec CD ult. I'm just asking for what we had in the first place. You want to give us a worse version of shroud than what existed in her previous kit? the least you can do is give us the same damage and burst Akali had in the first place. Even that is a compromise in itself! Akali is supposed to be an assassin, not a bruiser/fighter that plays run around to dish out any damage. Finally it's true that Talon, Zed and Fizz do not heal but they have way better burst and survivability than the current Akali. Talon R invisibility and one of the highest first bloods ingame, Zed infinite AD scaling lategame with ult, Fizz invulnerability ability. Akali has none of that and on top of that, they kill stuff faster than Akali ever can. Why can those champions have a mix of safety and burst but Akali can't? Even Sylas the new champion has literally the same passive as Akali without having to require the circle. Hit an ability and get empowered attack. But when we ask the same for akali everyone loses their minds. Also Katarina heals way more than Akali does and this is coming from someone who has mained Katarina as well alongside Akali for the past 3 years. Guess what else? She has RESETS! Something that Akali used to have but they took it away.
Ifneth (NA)
: The problem is that combining burst, stickiness, and simplicity into one champion makes it terrifying or terrible. Combined with teamfighting power, the champion either has the numbers to kill its lane opponent and then wipe your team or does not and is useless. Both Akali and Diana were examples of this problem and had to be reworked or nerfed. Reducing burst, increasing peelability, and complicating the kit were all reasonable decisions. Riot now just needs to trim mechanics to simplify balancing.
Old Akali could be balanced by sheer numbers. Currently it has taken Riot months to figure out what to do with her and the only thing that has been accomplished is nerfing her even more while she is already in a very bad state. With regards to your argument, there are many examples of this but just take Katarina as an example, she has burst, stickiness (3 dashes if shunpo used properly), easier to play than the current iteration of Akali (atleast from my personal perspective) and good teamfights. I still don't see people complaining about her as much as Akali. I don't see how turning a 0% banrate 50% winrate champion into a 50% banrate <45% winrate champion was a reasonable upgrade while adding even more complexity to the kit while changing the very essence of the playstyle of the champion (from an assassin to a bruiser(ish) champion).
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
As someone who's been playing Akali for 3+ years now, I feel like riot is constantly making her into a worse iteration of her prior kit. The thing we liked the most about Akali before the rework was her burst, stickiness to targets, one shot potential (if fed) and the simple design of the kit. None of that remains after the rework due to her kit being totally based around the shroud and passive mechanic. It doesn't even feel right to call Akali an assassin because it takes ages to kill someone while you dance around your passive circle for ages. With the proposed shroud changes, atleast shift power elsewhere to her kit to compensate and push her towards being an actual assassin. Either make the passive circle smaller or get rid of it. Literally every other assassin - talon, zed, katarina, fizz etc. has the ability to dive under tower with their burst without taking much damage. The only way Akali could match that would have been the shroud which is now being taken away. We need a compensation for that in terms of quicker burst damage so that it doesn't take years to do the same job other assassins do in seconds. Please make her an assassin again, I don't want her to be just another bruiser pretending to be an assassin. Finally the healing needs to remain. Her ult is 120 seconds CD, shroud shows outline and half channelled abilities go through, e is already a skill shot. She has already suffered enough due to pointless nerfs within the past few months. If RIOT is adamant about this change, then I'd propose channelling her sustain into her auto attacks in synergy with her passive. Like the old Akali's sustain which allowed her to heal off of auto attacks. I'm sorry for being very blunt, but this is infuriating. Should have just removed it from the start instead of nerfing her to the ground and now wanting to take away the last few redeeming qualities of the champion. I'd even take the pre-rework kit over this one any day of the week. Edit: Riot Captain's new tweet confirmed that they will be removing the Q heal. It's really sad and disappointing to see that Riot ignored all of our comments after asking us for our opinion on the matter and then proceeded to remove the heal anyway when everyone requested to keep it in the kit.
AceGeo (NA)
: Small Rune page bug
I've got the same issue and it's so annoying!
d0riyah (NA)
: Can't honor anybody
> [{quoted}](name=SemiGarlicBread,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=PB16fAci,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-17T16:11:56.329+0000) > > For seemingly the past two weeks I can&amp;#039;t honor anybody. The 40 second timer doesn&amp;#039;t go down, and I can&amp;#039;t click any honors. I can highlight over the 3 honors for each person, but I just can&amp;#039;t click them. At that point I have to click the arrow circle to skip honoring anybody. Is anybody else getting this problem?? Yeah I'm having the same issue as well. It sucks when I have to explain after every game if i want to honor anyone that i'm unable to do so because my client is bugged.


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