: > I got straight perma'd with no suspension or any chat restrictions You've had a chat restriction. But that aside from that, yes .. your behavior was bad enough for a direct perma-ban, even without that.
Good thing that you want people to reform but don't let them the opportunity to do it . Yeah make them rage more and they will be passive aggressive toxicity forever , not just typing the forbidden words will be enough for not triggering the system but yet they will remain toxic . " But he already had a chat restriction " this punishment is risible , i had many of them and it never bothered like " oh damn it feels good to not be chat restricted anymore " , it is anywhere close of a good warning .
ZER0 2 (NA)
: Okay Riot, What The Hell.
heheh xd , u think you would have free skins that easy . f c k u
La Bello (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
hope u won't get urfwarwick , i truly hope
: that isnt helping destroy the towers that is helping push to towers where the enemy could just as well have waveclear.
: Funny quotes to the new emotes.
{{champion:51}} drinking your tears
: wait how does a health scaling item help me with destroying towers.
Titanic gives you a better waweclear , obviously u get faster to turret , and it gives a auto reset .
Rioter Comments
: To all those who downvote the "New champs banned from ranked" threads
: Current Heimerdinger...
: Just played the new Urgot and..
How is it fun to just have a dash like any other champ , and an auto attack buff . Nothing is fun expect his ultimate , he is just a slow bruiser and used to be the lane bully ad poke with resistance bonus and a suppress . His rework got it from Unique to boring .
: Bro I made new disscosion with poll. Link: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/UApMBeQh-what-about-lissandras-rework-of-buffs
Say bro but get down voted by OP with no reply , ahah boards in a nutshell .
: If Gragas's E+Flash is to be removed, it need to go from everyone else too
No OnlyGragasOnlyGG . your biased opinion is incorrect , gragas will have the nerfs he deserves , end of the story . Shen and Vi are not broken obnoxious champs like Gragas , so thats why they are allowed to keep that mechanic .
MagÊ (EUW)
: OK so syndra and ori are being nerfed
I dont know if thats ironie or something .. malz is easy to counter in team fight , and Anivia is a very team dependent champion .
: diamond is low elo.
ah escuse me mister elitiste being top 1% might be not enough i guess if u are in the top 200 , or u might be in the challenger series circuit , yes if u can be so arrogant u must be that .
: lmao this is a joke right.... this sounds like low elo excuses.
i have hit diamond on this account and it got permanent banned in season five , currently i play on heimer el fhurer ( eu west ) and i have 60-83% win rate in gold with my mains . https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=heimer+el+fhurer+ cassio being my highest win rate is quite obvious since i was an otp cass on that account .
: The amount of butthurt in this thread is unreal right now.... Like honestly i hate that people can queue for 2 roles. I remember when you had to be GENERALLY good at this game to win, no one got to 1 trick their prefered lane all day long. when 5th pick was autofill. it made it great beause once people got their head out of their ass. you were able to just pick what was best for the team. youre all so unused to playing other roles. that its like a completely different game when you get autofilled. If i had my own opinion, Id make everyone autofill.
Yes . the old system with everyone filled was better , i agree on that point . but riot hardly revert their changes we can only hope it to improve . Sadly true , everyone got used to play 2 roles for one year , so yeah in the new league of legend u dont have to be good generally even if its better if u are .
Guestík (EUNE)
: High Quality Lucian Montage (High ELO)
sry , i stopped watching after 30 second hearing the same beat .
: Even if it did autofill evenly, if one of the autofills talks someone into swapping, mismatched game. Unsure how id fix matchmaking tho. Too many confounding variables.
well then it rewards good communication i would say . i won't lie the old system with no role , no autofill had no flaws at all . the only cons was from the players the toxic mid or afk act .. , it wasn't rly from the system
: Almost like she scales with AD or something and has multiple auto attack resets?
: When Season 7 is done.
: I don't think Riot understands. There's no telling how many of them actually play ranked and have seen the problem 1st hand.
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: The game balance is not getting worse; the perception of what balance is just getting worse and worse. People continue to make uneducated post after post which causes people in the community to focus on the negativity of the game. In a lot of these scenarios, the people making the complaints aren't even bringing up reasonable comments. Players continue to complain patches after a champ has been gutted, complain that champs that have poor design are being ignored because riot doesn't love them and use nothing but their solo queue experiences as justification. The community also has a bad habit of arguing both sides of an argument. "OMG I can't kill a tank" with the next forum post complaining that a tank dies in 1.5 seconds. If you think this game has gotten to the point where it is unplayable, take a break and stop playing. You need to learn that meta does exist and there is nothing wrong with a tier 0/1/2/3/4/X existing. The important thing is that there is fair interaction between players, and while this game is by no means prefect, this still very much exists. I will continue to buy skins and contribute to this company just so they know that their are people that support their balancing decisions.
there is a issue when one tier completely out power the rest .
: farming, mistakes and poor decisions have a much larger impact on games than the strength of champions. Which means unless you are extremely good at the game, how OP/UP a champion is should be irrelevant except for ridiculous release mistakes like camille. Just like I could beat silver sc2 players with mass sentry and bronze players with mass workers, a challenger league player could roll me with {{champion:266}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:20}} or any other champion which is not particularly strong for the highest level of players
i think i didn't express well my self , my point is : if u spam the game a little , like in low diamond for me , u will have the same fcking champs over and over , and its truly boring to permentaly have to face the same champs with the same builds . Basically this it : {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} And if the game diveristy is so poor , its bc meta champs are not simply slightly stronger than the others . People want to have the higher win rate so they spam whats op . http://www.lolking.net/charts/champion-popularity?region=all&range=weekly&map=sr&queue=1x1&league=diamond 5 champions with lethality on a that top 10 play rate , and six if u count Lee . 1 ap ( corki but is he really a mage ) 2 supports 0 tanks .
: >Meta champions are just too strong compared to the others , I wish i could win bc of my skill and not bc i picked the champions riot wants me to play . Good news: You can! If you're good enough you can climb with almost anything. Google basically any one-trick, be it NA, EU or Korean and you'll find someone climbing with that champ! >Its obvious its a commercial strat , u spam patchs notes , u make some champs op and gut some every patchs . People who want to play meta have to buy champs since PI gains from games are low . Giant free rotation available in ranked and (at least according to gameplay) some champs are "always meta". Just unlock lee-sin and be done with it. Also yeah, totally, make some champs OP per patch. That's why we see buffs for champs like Master Yi or nerfs for champions like Yasuo and Darius. Also: Faster patch notes allow for addressing things faster in some cases. There are also cheap champs (Alistar is free, Annie is 450) who can make do in almost any meta. >Sad that Tencent is now the boss of Riot games , and since the day tencent bought riot games , it was the beginning of the end . ( Tencent own pay2win mobile games like clash royal , recently realeased " mobile legend " extremely similar to lol but champs cost 20 000 PI , its a chinese company , its only aim is to make money ) Common misconception but Tencent has fuckall to do with Riot. Any problems you see are on Riot. "But then what does Tencent do!?" You ask. Simple: They throw money at Riot and tell them to keep doing what they're doing. Even Tryndamere pointed out that any mistakes they make are on Riot, not on tencent. Side note: Since being acquired by tencent we've had ups and downs. However, in the past year, Riot has given away more free things than ever and greatly reduced the barrier for new players. >10 bans for draft or balance and bring back champs diversity , I'm tired to have to play against full lethality comps as a {{champion:113}} 300 armor and die as fast as a squishy . 10 bans are incoming. Balance/champ diversity isn't going to change to a massive degree until the playerbase accepts being balanced around diamond-to-challenger **ONLY**.
well , that why malz was op for one patch then gutted , thats why they over buff lethality and release a skin for Jhin and Talon . Reducing barrier for new player increase the potential of making money , so tencent is completely fine with it ( thats why riot attempted to make the game more and more casual , and tried to develop the " social " side of league with dynamic q so it could be more attractive for noobs) , especially when u are a new player there is 135 champs that cost PI , Runes that cost PI , and its known that IP gains are low . Ofc the new player will use champs on rotation for one week , if he really wants to play a champ he will have to buy it with money or to play a shit ton of games to get that 6300 champ with the correct rune page . Most new players are casual player so he will prob buy it , so free week rotations benefits to riot . Also hex tech crafting is free ok , but it gives a feel of reward wich lead to addiction in most cases , so it benefits to riot . ALL that riot had done those past years is to make this game more appealing for new players , to attract casuals players . They also reduced the skill floor of this game gradually all those past years to make it even more appealing for casual customers ( just a few examples : Ahri E not canceling dash , Cass E not being a reset that punishes u for missing ur skills , Cass / Ryze hit and run simplified by a " bug fix " , Ali combo simplified ect ... ) Everything that riot does is going the way Tencent goes and not against . Its natural for a company to make money , before riot made money with skins , now they want more and they have to hurt gameplay . Its easier for riot to use cheap tricks than developing esport . Im low diamond myself and i got there by not playing top tiers so i know what I'm talking about , riot gives too much power budget to a a very restricted champion pool and it rotates ; now its lethality but in a few patchs it could be tanks ; making it rotate doesn't change anything , it will remain a dominating top 3 for each role that will get spammed bc they are op and not slightly stronger compared to the others . Im not talking about win rates or ladder climbing , but champion diversity being inexistent , if u are a casual player u wont feel it , but if u spam game a little u will get bored .
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Giver her high ap ratios like she used to have , its fine if she loses base dmgs . But i want to be able to play her ap bruiser and tank , i want both to be viable . Best regards , a sejuani player .
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Bârd (NA)
: Very Serious Hurricane Petition
the true bard shit jokes are still not moved from gameplay to meme ? why ?
Alytrox (EUW)
: No need, when all you have to do is press R and head towards 1v5.
too bad their adc have a {{item:3123}}
Rock MD (NA)
: DQ did nothing for toxicity outside of premades.
the new automated report -> perma ban system is bullshit , unfair and useless for the most . People are finding new ways to be toxic since they dont to get detected . Riot should rework this system pseriously .
: Revert Irelia Q damage buffs.
I know that irelia is propably too strong on this patch but im happy that riot is giving more diversity to games , with the tri force buffs we see more bruisers top and it feels good . Im sick of mao / trundle / ekko ( nerfed but he was too oppresive for too long )
: So um....Are Cassiopia mains satified with the rework?
she is perfect , the only thing that bothers me is that they made her a bit more team dependant and nerfed her solo carry potential a bit . they nerfed her laning phase and buffed her late game ( again ) . But she is fine w/e
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Universal-Comprehensive Solution To Dynamic Queue Problems Without Splitting The Playerbase
: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qzzwTQi1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-02T18:58:05.880+0000) > > She doesn&#x27;t have a shurima story because she is considered Noxian. Her story is heavily woven into Shurima, but it's her origin story more than her current story. This is why Taric, a former Demacian, is included in Targon, since it is his current story and not his origin story. If and when they do a Noxian event, she'll definitely be one of the included ones.
I realy hope a noxian event with a new noxian champ or skin legacy would happen , but its not going to happen any time soon .
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: Cassiopeia new E icon is horrible.
i think the same , this does not represent the ability : twin FANGS this is basicly a insult to cassiopeia
: true
Bs lvl mid life against any mage by spamming e and aa like a fcking autist wp man
: If only you could bait his windwall, too bad it also has no cooldown...
The new icons are rushed work , they are a joke comapared to the current ones . riot should not release them or improve them A LOT
Rioter Comments
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
Why you didnt consider changing lissandra passive , even if its not as big as the other low scope mages . i think it was worth mentioning it if you ever change it .
: Actually every sane person would delete spam threads. Keep it civilized and in 1 thread and nobody will care, but if the whole first page is filled with threads about the same goddamn thing it's OBVIOUS that they will delete some of them.
: "I dont care, Im Diamond now."
: Dynamic Queue has lowered the quality of every "ranked" game.
: You know there's a problem when Dynamic queue threads are deleted on Reddit
Socrates and lyte were bored to see their faillur thrown at their face** every day with thousands of upvotes** .
: there are red posts about dynamic and soloque. Just people dont like what riot is saying, basically that soloque doesnt come back. Riot told us that its an option they take into account right now, what happens? X people make " WE WANT SOLOQUE Q___Q" threads, obviously riot wont answer all of them because they already explained their thoughts about the topic.
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