: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
Wow thank you for removing my will to live {{item:3056}} Goodbye
: but is the item now good?
It still is a good item, just not very popular, which saddens me. And now that they touched it they said nothing about it.
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: I thought it was still an AP item..... I might be getting this more now.
Yes yes, do. Make {{item:3056}} relevant.
SkyAce (NA)
: due to rounding really its probably 0.0000001% with you being the only one.
: I use it for {{champion:555}}. I get told i'm an idiot troll for buying it. i also use it on a lot of divers and assassins because it throws the idea of hiding behind a turret out the window when you come barrelling down on a champion that overstayed their time in lane because of greed. it combos well with zhonyas and zzrot among other items if you can build "ingenious hunter". the inting sion strat used to be able to make work of it also since the disabled effect means you can keep the turret from attacking you. It's super powerful in yorick's case or if you're planning on securing herald.
I agree. Those reasons are why I am sad Ohmwrecker is so unpopular while it offers so much use in game. But also people saying you troll cuz you build it, yikes man. I don't play Yorick but I can imagine it working for him well.
: what about {{item:3512}}
I've seen {{item:3512}} being built more times than Ohmwrecker. In fact, last time I have seen someone build zz was some weeks or one/two months ago, while Ohmwrecker at least over 2 years ago. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Factually incorrect. Executioner's Calling is the least popular item. It's overlooked even when it's an absolute necessity.
This is literally Ohmwrecker's popularity https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/447130427078082561/621431667214516256/79453ce5-30bb-4b17-8ef4-e984015d1ea3.jpg
: The least popular item of League of Legends...
I just noticed that it says it is unavailable only on Twisted Treeline while it is also unavailable on The Howling Abyss huh
: not gonna lie i thought riot deleted it back when they deleted a few other items
Nah it is still here, maybe not for long but still here and trying to abuse it : )
: I play exclusively enchanters, so if I need armor for a Draven or Ezreal or something that armor actually works against, i'm probably going {{item:3110}} or {{item:3025}} depending on whether or not my carry has to land a skillshot to get a kill. Both give better stats, though their passives might be a little weaker. With all that HP regen {{item:3056}} seems like something that would be useful for a tank support laning into something pokey like Ezreal, MF, Ashe, or one of those wierd double marksmen bots with two of the above. Alternately an ADC could take it, as between the armor and the active effect he could pull off one looong towerdive. But it'd be a waste of gold if he's not already winning lane.
That is indeed correct and I agree. Although not quite sure about the idea of ADCs (other than Ezreal) building it but maybe it could work for the worst enemy matchups at botlane. I mainly build it on Leona, Thresh and Pyke as I feel more comfortable towerdiving with those supports. Sometimes I can go crazy and build it on assassin's too like Katarina and Fizz since they are already strong enough.
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