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: Swain's a hero
Urgot is a hero Seriously. The guy got rid of a corrup mining operation that was using political prisoners and didn't worry about safety regulations on their own workers. Everything else he does can be excused because of that. That's all I had to say thank you.
: Your argument is true. But it does bring to mind how tangled all these lores are and how seemingly minor changes drastically effect other characters. I understand that Boram was changed for the Swain update. But now because of that change Sion is simply a less interesting character. His loyalty to his former friend and the abuse of that friendship was the added detail that made him seem pitiable and complex. Now he’s just boring. He kills people good and he’s a zombie. That’s a fine enough concept I suppose but now there’s nothing beyond that. He’s dull.
Oh yeah no doubt about it, I made a thread in this vary matter a while back I noticed the lore is under a state of constant uncertainty, I thought that after 2015 they had figured out exactly what they wanted for the narrative but it's not really the case, they are ok with doing ''soft retcons'' even if it means content that makes sense in the ''current'' narrative no longer make sense
: Sion's New Bio and the Disconnect Between Community Identity and Author's Intent of Characterization
The thing however, is that ever since the Swain rework, Sion couldn't be a friend of Boram. The only reason why old lore Boram knew Sion in life, was because in the old lore Boram was a necromancer who extended his life Sion had died a long long time ago (bygone era is an ambiguous time frame but it was at least 4 generations ago) and Boram was a contemporary of that time. With Swain's new lore (and the Noxian update in general) Boram became a regular human, and if you want proof that he wasn't long lived, the main reason why the invasion of Ionia happened was because Boram felt (under influence from LeBlanc) that he was growing old and wanted to extend his life. Heck, if you want any indication of Sion's color story no longer 100% canon, just look at the line ''He is hobbled, a leg wound from the battle? If it pains him, he does not show it. A true Noxian.'' Which is a reference to Swain limping and needing a cane, which no longer is the case with the VGU. Regardless of that: His new bio doesn't invalidate the part of him being confused and solemn while out of combat, as seen by this line ''There he languished for many years, neither alive nor truly dead.''
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I know where Norra is.
It makes sense, though I don't think it was intentional (given how Lost Chapter is an item from 2015). Regardless, I can see Riot building up on it in a sort of ''oh yeah this lines up pretty well actually'' so props to you for the theory.
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: Animation Storyboard worth watching.
Really nice, though I didn't figure Darius to be this agile
: Why I Believe Pantheon's Name Changing in His VGU is Entirely Possible
They have already stated that for legal reasons (likely trademark purposes) they can't change the character's name.
Galiö (NA)
: I wonder if the Split 2 reward emote
GreenLore (EUW)
: Some of these can be handwaved one way or another. * As far as I'm aware Boram was actually quite old when Swain defeated him(he was searching for ways to prolong his life), its possible that Boram was still fairly young(like 20) when Sion died, while J1 might have been already a grandfather at that point. * Also while the appearance of champions in the game is rather static the same does not have to apply to the lore, so its possible that Swain did use a cane initially before going for the leg brace. * Volibear isn't directly called a shaman by Greyor, so as long as Udyr still has visions of the future they could still be accurate. Not to mention that the new lore also mentions how some think that Volibear was indeed once a human shaman. * Orianna was once a human, but by this point every part of her original body was replaced by machinery, so Lyte likely thinks of Orianna as a copy, not as the original. * The great void war might have happened after the watchers tried to break into runeterras reality.We don't know how much time passed beyond their appearance. * Quinns lore says that the azurite eagle is "said" to have been the inspiration for the wings.So this info is pretty much just a legend in some parts of demacia.
At least in regards to Swain we know that the demon healed his leg somewhat as part of the agreement (I'm aware he still uses a leg brace), so I don't think he would still use a cane after that point I don't think Boram would have been the Grand General at such an early age, plus you can look at his appearance when he gave Riven her sword (in her small comic) and that was a couple of years before the Ionian invasion, in it he looks about 30ish which leads to another point, I don't think healthcare in Noxus (or runeterra in general) is at a state that would allow people to live long lives (even Piltover, as a rather advanced city in comparison to others, doesn't even have widespread plumbing, as seen in the ''Progress Day'' story where Tamara has to defecate into a bowl, and doesn't even wash herself) so I don't really imagine Sion being older than 35 at his time of death. The other points seem somewhat reasonable except the one about the Great Void War (which I addressed on other comments) In regards to Quinn, I can see where you are coming from, however I just find it strange that considering how prominent Kayle is culturally (most people seem to know about the Winged Protector), the Azurite Eagle connection just feels strange.
Psyrix (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Opop,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hLyudjAy,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-02-26T12:10:15.169+0000) > > Sorry for the really late reply, basically the idea is that Vel'Koz's lore implies that the first time the Watchers came to runeterra was during the time of the 3 sisters, it was also during this period of time that the Iceborn came to be, it's also important to note that the Watchers are the masters of the void. > The Vastaya lore states that the Vastaya came to be after the Great Void War, which was not the event that happened when Icathia unleashed the Void on Shurima by accident, it was a much much older conflict. > Ivern's lore states that when the Iceborn came to be, he and a group of people ventured to Ionia to find a weapon to defeat them, when they reached Ionia, Vastaya were already a thing, and it were the Watchers that created the Iceborn > > So the issue is: > Vel'Koz: The Vastaya already existed before the great void war > Ivern and Vastaya lore: The Vastaya only came to be after the great void war But neither discredits the other, the Great Void War presumably took years (as with most wars), or it could be the case that it wasn't Vastaya, but the predecessors to Vastaya (the Vastayashai'rei)... Either way, the incursion of the void did take quite some time, ad the iceborn were made almost immortal, their stories wouldve taken some time to reach noxus, so that's yet another time extension.... and their is the major one of it being quite a while before the freljordians rebelled against the watchers
Ivern's wasn't Noxian The issue with that is that Ivern's lore states that the he traveled to Ionia to find a way to defeat the Iceborn once they rose, and Lissandra's lore makes it clear she killed of most Iceborn when she sacrificed them to imprison the Watchers. Additionally, the Vastaya lore also states that before the Great Void War, Ionia didn't have humans (since they fled there to avoid the war), and yet Ivern's lore states that humans were already living there. We don't know exactly what the Vastayashai'rei looked like, however Ivern's descripiton of the creatures that he found ''A mysterious new foe arose. Chimeric beings, half human, half animal'' sounds like a Vastaya. This just comes off as a simple overlook by the writers.
Jaspers (EUW)
: The Timeline one. Presumably The Great Void war, was long long ago. Before Ivern, Lissandra and Vastayan came to exist. There is no time frame for their events in Vel'Koz bio just that they did this stuff. It is also presumed by some that the Great Void War was between Targon/Aspects and the Void. I'd put it like this: - Watchers reach out and some get stuck in that space between Void and Reality. Those in Void create Voidborn and push them through instead to study this world. Great Void War happens between the Targonian Empire and this new threat. - Void War ends, those that fleed end up in Ionia and you know... do things with the locals. - Meanwhile Ivern is rising to power. - Frozen Watchers (the ones trapped in the liminal space) created Iceborn in a way to try and get them out, leading to rise of Iceborn and fall of Ivern. - Ivern fleed and faced Vastayan's. At some point after, Lissandra did her stuff. Then a long time after Shurima rose to power in Targon's absence.
Here's why I disagree Vel'Koz's lore uses the expression: ''The boldest of them tore open the veil and hurled themselves upward, only to be horribly disoriented by the sudden shift between the abyss and the corporeal, linear nature of reality. In an instant, there was time, and heat, and pain... Then there was only cold. The way was shut, and dozens of the Watchers were trapped in the liminal space between two realms, frozen in the moment of transition.'' Notice the usage of ''there was only cold''. Combine this with Lissandra's lore ''The Void erupted into the mortal world in the far north'' and you have a confirmation that this is first time the Watchers ever came to Runeterra, which was in the Freljord. When you hear the term ''Great Void War'' doesn't it invoke the idea of a conflict between non Void Being and Void Creatures? The only creatures in the Void up until this point were the Watchers who's first interaction was when they appeared in the Freljord, and if you read Vel'Koz's lore, it's stated that the first time the Voidborn came to be, was AFTER the Watchers had that first contact in the Freljord! ''Reaching into the material realm, the Watchers took from the crude matter that comprised it, shaping, corrupting and imbuing it with consciousness. These constructs were the first of the Voidborn, and would be their masters’ eyes and ears, sent forth into the nightmare of existence to watch, listen, and learn.'' And so, the timeline as presented in the new canon, HAS to put the Great Void War AFTER the Watchers came to Runeterra for the first time, which was during the time of the 3 sisters. The issue with that is the following: -According to Lissandra's lore, it were the Watchers that created the Iceborn: ''The three sisters and their most powerful followers were named Iceborn. Those with this ability to withstand the worst of the numbing frost would be spared until the very end.'' -Ivern's Lore states that he only went to Ionia because the Iceborn came to be:''However, he was powerless when the Iceborn rose to prominence and looked down upon Ivern and his kind as hapless mortals who dared challenge their will.'' -When he reached Ionia, he discovered the Vastaya -However, the Vastaya lore states that they only came to be AFTER the Great Void War, and yet, in the timeline as it is presented, the Great Void War hadn't happen in this time frame yet. Also just a correction, it were the Targonians that helped the Shuriman's rise to prominence by helping them create the Sun Disk (as indicated by the map), in fact if you look at the map, you can see that the first Sun Disk ever built was in a city right next to Mount Targon named Nerimazeth (which was also the place where Xerath was born, and it was later destroyed by the Sunborn as payback for his betrayal of Azir as seen in the ''Twilight of the Gods'' short story), so they weren't absent, rather the Targonians influence the life of the Runeterran mortals indirectly, they aren't a terrestrial empire.
Psyrix (NA)
: The Orianna one can remain imo tbh... It's sorta like the "Ship of Theseus" Thought experiment/paradox: If you start off with a ship, then overtime eventually all of it's components were replaced and repaired... is it the same ship? or is it different? The one with Vel' I'm not really understanding, could u explain a bit more? (srry a bit busy atm so wouldnt be able to reread the lores rn)
Sorry for the really late reply, basically the idea is that Vel'Koz's lore implies that the first time the Watchers came to runeterra was during the time of the 3 sisters, it was also during this period of time that the Iceborn came to be, it's also important to note that the Watchers are the masters of the void. The Vastaya lore states that the Vastaya came to be after the Great Void War, which was not the event that happened when Icathia unleashed the Void on Shurima by accident, it was a much much older conflict. Ivern's lore states that when the Iceborn came to be, he and a group of people ventured to Ionia to find a weapon to defeat them, when they reached Ionia, Vastaya were already a thing, and it were the Watchers that created the Iceborn So the issue is: Vel'Koz: The Vastaya already existed before the great void war Ivern and Vastaya lore: The Vastaya only came to be after the great void war
: The symbol of Demacia crest and its architecture might have had multiple inspirations and Quinn living in a mountain region could have learnt of the eagles instead of the Protector. It also might be that Demacian saw in the might eagles a resemblance with Kayle. Also worth noticing that even Galio appearance is actually inspired by Kayle figure and armor, something that is visible if you check Kayle neckguards going down from her helm and the decorations on Galio's.
Well currently in his lore, Galio's inspiration came from the Raptors and their Riders, Durand (the guy who made Galio) wanted to create a statue that symbolized these important knights in Demacia's military, ofc Riot might just retcon Galio's lore to change the inspiration that Durand had when building him to the one you suggested.
: There is a strange one in the timeline for the Targon lores involving Pantheon and Leona. Which one could argue if it's an inconsistency or not, but is just strange. Essentially, Leona fought Atreus sometime in her backstory. They are pretty evenly matched, then she gets taken by the Solari, lives their for years and becomes a guard to the Elders. But in the Pantheon lore, the fight is never mentioned, but Leona is the leader of the Ra-Horak who control the defense of the entire mountain and has been doing so for at least a few years before Atreus' ascends. Meanwhile, Atreus himself has not yet come of age. This would mean, either, Leona became the leader of the Ra-Horak when she was a child. Or Leona as a teenager fought Atreus when he was a child couldn't beat him. Which is kinda hilarious.
I went ahead and gave it a look to re-check it, but from what I understood it basically went down that Leona was accused of something by Atreus, then they fought and Leona ended up being taken by the Solari, years later Atreus asks for help from the Ra-Horak and under orders from Leona, they don't help. By that time Atreus was already an adult.
: ....Who the fawk has this much time on their hands, and why are the 100's of Riot employees incapable of doing what this single person just did... holy shit.
I was kinda bored and my classes only really started this week so not much stuff to study haha
: This deserves more attention in order to be seen and fixed.
: > since Kayle's lore is the most ''recent one'' then like all the other cases what has to happen is that the older lore is to be conformed to the new lore, so the line mentioning the Azurite Eagles as inspiration for Demacia's icon should be removed. Actually the azurite eagle was used as a symbol within Demacia relatively recently in Sylas' teaser video: Could always just be that Demacia was inspired by both.
I was bound to miss stuff like this, appreciate it!
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: New developments are always going to be liable for creating contradictions. When the lore first started building post-retcon, the world building team had a very limited scope of how their world building was going to expand. No matter how you might interpret changes/revisions, they are objectively not doing this at a "whim". So like Sion's lore was from years ago, there's no accounting for what new developments are going to have an effect on other things, especially with the frequency of VGU's and new champions. The Sion stuff is simply a repercussion for a more interesting elements being introduced for Swain's lore. Same as the Darkin stuff. Among other examples too.
Well I'm sorry if I disagree that lore that was release in late 2014 (borderline 2015 really) is not ''old enough'' to be considered ''ok to be changed''. The latest example I gave was of Quinn's lore and she was written in mid 2017, that's incredibly recent as far as stories go
: Scathlocke's poor handling of character identity.
I mean I just learned today that we are to disregard any ''old lore'' at their whim so yeah it seems like retcons are indeed an excuse for them to do whatever they want: (this ain't the first time this happened mind you, we have the case of Sion's current lore vs the current Noxian lore, Jhin's lore vs the current Ionia lore, specially Yi's, and Lissandra's lore vs the Howling Abyss map, including her post game speech).
: Also, just because people in Runeterra believe something, doesn't mean it's true...
I just find it a bit weird that she's a well known figure throughout all of Demacia (according to her new lore) and yet somehow Demacians would forget about that detail in regards to their architecture, but thanks.
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: What are the chances of kayle and morgana vgu teaser tomorrow?
They might not do a teaser and instead it will be like Sylas, where he had a video released the moment he was revealed, since Kayle and Morgana are likely to be in patch 9.5, their video will be on the 19th
Terozu (NA)
: If you read all of their lores, something happened and Vi's father sent her away from where he was, however the container she was in is specifically noted to be able to fit two girls. These two girls are most likely Vi and Jinx. Warwick was hunted down by Singed and forcefully experimented on. Then towards the end of his life Singed revealed he had a little girl who knew his name. Jinx's lore has her described as having a far off stare as if she's witnessed something horrible. It's possible she somehow accidently gave Singed WW's location, which is why it's "all her fault". Alternatively it might be Vi's fault which is why Jinx is mad at her. And Vi has memory loss. My personal theory is that Warwick was once a criminal who reformed and settled down, Singed twisted as he is decided to test that by kidnapping and torturing him. Warwick tried to save both of his daughters, Vi and Jinx, by letting them escape down the sump river. But Singed manage to grab Jinx, who was then forced to witness her own father be mutilated and tortured for years. Then when she finally got away, she found out her sister no longer remembered her, which is why shes taunts her so much.
This is impossible for 2 reasons -Singed's lore states that he found Warwick in the street and subdued him: Engineering the Nightmare: ''Procured a cutthroat hiding among the populace and feigning civility. Only a disciplined eye could recognize the beast within, yearning for release. How could I refuse? For what is my work if not an attempt to reveal life's hidden truths through science? It required two doses to subdue him. Impressively resilient.'' -Singed didn't ''reveal'' anything about a little girl at all as seen in this part of ''Engineering the Nightmare'': ''An instant later, he was tearing into my face, reopening the old wounds and feeding the old rage. We struggled briefly, until he finally grew limp and collapsed: a single word escaped his throat.'' Afterwards Warwick returns to the lab to destroy it while Singed was away, Singed returns and decides to find where Warwick is hiding so he says: ''What was the word the subject said before it collapsed? A name, perhaps? I'll start there and see where the search leads me.'' As such even if the name that Warwick muttered was that of Jinx, Singed didn't know who the person was, so he couldn't have possibly had Jinx in the lab at the same time as Warwick was there. Additionally you have a couple of points wrong: -There's not reference to Jinx having a ''far off stare'' anywhere -There's no indication of Vi's father ''sending her away'' anywhere -Vi was allegedly found in a bassinet large enough for 2 in the wreckage of a laboratory by someone who was insane, not on a container -Singed didn't ''mutilate and torture'' Warwick for years, Warwick's lore states that he spent days in Singed's lab, and if you read ''Engineering the Nightmare'' it makes it sound like the whole process was less than a month
: > [{quoted}](name=excaliburate,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=BEHmEY5m,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-01-29T12:34:09.355+0000) > > I think they've maybe already given us the answer!!! If you read through the Piltover and Zaun lores, they have a thing called Progress Day (for Piltover) and Rememberance Day (for zaun). > > Progress Day was the celebration of the 'Sun gates' opening, which allowed much easier trading from the east of Valoran to the west, making Piltover immensely rich. > > This day is called Rememberance Day instead for zaunites, to remember those lost in a *MASSIVE EXPLOSION* {{champion:222}} that created basically a giant hole in Zaun, and submerged entire districts underwater. > > I feel as if Jinx was the cause of this, from the taunt interactions where Swain is saying it was her fault, faces in the flames etc, Vi being scared af when it happened since I think she used to live in Zaun as an orphan when she was younger, Warwick wanting to forget... And there wasn't another big event like this, so what else would swain be talking about other than the rememberance/progress Day explosion? This actually could be quite close to whatever the cannon story is, i like the idea that Jinx caused the flooding and all the taunts kind of fit perfectly into this theory... Hey you might be on to something.
This doesn't make any sense because the day that they used the bombs to open the isthmus was almost 100 years ago: -Janna's lore: ''The city fathers of the bustling trade city on the isthmus' coast tired of watching ships make the long trek around the southern continent, which could often take many months. They hired the most innovative scientists to use the rich chemical resources recently discovered in the area to create a massive waterway that would unite Valoran's major seas.'' -City of Iron and Glass: ''Mama Elodie was the mistress of Hope House, a foundling home dedicated to the welfare of the many orphans created in the wake of the disaster that tore Zaun apart. Initially funded by the families who would go on to become Piltover’s clans, more than two hundred orphans had been cared for within its walls. But in the century or so since its opening, the institution’s fortunes had waned as the money from the newborn city on high stopped flowing. The wealthy upsider families eventually decided they’d assuaged their guilt with enough gold, and that was that.'' I have a different theory but first here's a couple of facts: -Jinx's lore: ''A few of the old timers in Zaun remember a young girl who might fit Jinx's description, but the girl they speak of is a far cry from the one who became Piltover's bane. This girl was sweet and innocent, a tinkerer with big ideas, who never quite fit in and came to a bad end.'' -Jinx was ''sweet and innocent'' and ''came to a bad end'', so she was gullible and something bad happened to her. -Vi's lore: ''None of the old timers from Vi's youth could tell her anything of her parents, with most assuming they had simply died in one of the industrial accidents that were, sadly, all too common in Zaun. A few vaguely claimed to remember her as one of the brats from Hope House, a crumbling orphanage cut into Zaun's cave-riddled cliffs. On his deathbed, a notoriously mad sump-scrapper claimed to have found Vi adrift in a bassinet large enough for two in the ruins of a collapsed chem-laboratory.'' -Vi was found in the wreckage of a lab, and at the time she was very young, which could explain why she doesn't remember her past. -Warwick's lore: ''Though many think of Warwick as no more than a beast, buried beneath the fury lies the mind of a man - a gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past.'' -Warwick used to be a Gangster -Camille has the following line towards Vi: "Ever wonder how you became an orphan?" -In Camille's lore it's clear that she will do anything for the well being of her clan. Here's some assumptions: -Riot enjoys catering to the popular Reddit theory of Jinx and Vi being sisters (which was not the case in the original lore) -Taking the detail of ''bassinet large enough for two'' on Vi's lore, we could try a less literal interpretation and assume that at the time, Jinx was 5/6 years old and Vi was at most 1 years old. Here's my theory: -Jinx and Vi's parents used to be scientists working on Zaun, and they were developing something that would have shifted the power balance between Zaun and Piltover. -Camille doesn't want that to happen, so she needs someone to steal the invention or prevent it from being created, she hires Warwick (back when he was a gangster) -At some point Jinx met Warwick, being gullible she befriends him, Warwick on the other hand plans to use her to get inside her house -Jinx helps Warwick inside the house when her parents aren't around, however they then return -Jinx's parents were about to capture Warwick but he instead beats them and sets their house on fire by accident (since it was a lab it could have had volatile equipment) -Warwick escapes but decides that he has had enough of his life style as a thief and a killer (here's where the ''let me forget line'' comes in) -Jinx becomes horrified since she sees her parents burn alive and she can't help them, and is too scared to save her baby sister (that ends up surviving anyways) -Jinx runs away, in order to cope with what she caused she slowly adopts her current personality AS A SIDE NOTE: Ekko has the following towards Jinx line: "I had a crush... until you started talking to the gun", however this was before the Piltover and Zaun lore retcon of early 2017, so I didn't take it into consideration, specially because that would mean that Jinx was around 15 years old when she ''went insane'', and at 15 years I think it's reasonable to assume that she would have been a known person with some form of registry.
: Mages in Demacia are either imprisoned for nothing or live in the slums.
That's actually wrong, Sylas' lore, the ''Turmoil'' short story and the even one of Lux's short story make it clear that they only imprison mages as a last resort: -Sylas' was given a job as a mageseeker and he was only imprisoned because he killed 3 people. -On ''Turmoil'' they even spoke about a mage that was ''registered'' and only went to jail AFTER Sylas decided to do his uprising, and they also mention banishing mages to other lands. -Lux's mother knows she's a mage and for a while had a man come to her house every so often to attempt to ''cure her'' (by doing stuff such as making her drink grinded petricite or doing meditation) Mages in Demacia are forbidden of using their magic, and if they do so they will get punished by going on ''rehabilitation''. However, if they use magic to preform crimes they get sent to jail. Demacia is actually reasonable, they don't persecute people for being born with magical powers (well not until Sylas decided to cause mass hysteria anyways) they punish people who use magic. Hell if mages hated Demacia so much they could move to other nearby lands, for example Arbormark seems to like mages.
: A Theory about Mordekaiser's Upcoming Update regarding his character and Story
The quote in question is "a king remains in the mist, and another marches." And it triggers on champions from the Shadow Isles. The Harrowing is caused by the Black Mist, the Black mist was caused by the Ruined King's spell, Mordekaiser is not the source of the Black mist however he uses it for his own benefit: ''Unlike the lesser spirits, Mordekaiser is not bound by the Black Mist - he is too powerful for that - yet its baleful energy grants him considerable power. For now at least, the Shadow Isles serves as the perfect place to build his strength.'' It's quite clear that ever since the Shadow Isles' lore update in late 2016, that Mordekaiser is the de facto ruler of that place, since he controls the other undead.
: My hopes: New lore incorporates him as the Ruined King (He’s basically already lord of the shadow isles and the timeline is pretty close). Edit: clarify: reworking the Ruined King into the awesome and metal Morde. People seem to think I meant make Morde love sick or something, which would totally not be cool and absolutely break his character. **Edit 2:** now I’m curious since I’ve got such flack for this even after clarifying, what does everyone want the reworked lore of Morde to be? We know it’s changing but what does everyone want from it? Gameplay wise though, Pretty sure malicious metal is right about Iron Man passive. Would like it if the Ultimate can still raise Dragon, but could do it from the remains of the dragon before the next one spawns. That wouldn’t make a full Ult but a part I hope they keep through the rework.
I really don't (and very much doubt they will), I think the Ruined King is already a character that fills it's narrative part, plus it would involve making parts of more recent champion interactions obsolete, such as Yorick's and Swain's lines. Him being the ancient warlord of proto-noxus is a much more resonating with ''brutal magical fighter'' than the Ruined King's ''desperate king who descends into lunacy to resurrect his wife''
: You're welcome Riot <3
Heck yeah Morde players
: "Rehabilitation" seems to just mean "gets their magic ripped out" and based on the fact that natural magic is a core part of a person's very flesh in Runeterra, that kinda sounds like torture to me.
I mean I don't know what it entails, however one example shown in lux's lore was forcing them to eat grinded petricite which while arguably a form of torture is still not nearly as inhumane as murder imo
Wind234 (NA)
: I'm gonna go with slaughtering, because if you read Sylas' short story, his mentor was totally fine with bashing in the skull of a defenseless young girl just because she was a mage. They only take in mages when they're useful, like Sylas; otherwise they do outright kill them. There wasn't any talk, wasn't any hint that they were there to do anything other than murder. That's pretty much Sylas's whole motivation, that they're hypocrites, murderers and liars and the whole Demacian system screws over the poor in favor of the rich.
If they really were so keen on killing mages why would they even imprison Sylas instead do killing him? Lux's own lore states that mages that get revealed are either sent to ''rehabilitation'' or cast away, but not killed In fact in Sylas' lore they when they went to investigate the town for mages they had no intention of killing, at most they wanted to imprison the mage.
: They have existed as long as people have died in Valoran as stated in their bio. Also from their story, they were one man before splitting himself in two. I would assume humans existed before the Kindred.
The ''pale man'' story is not be read as literal according to their own writer My guess is that Kindred used to be a single entity but they split in 2
: Best Lore Update, In Your Opinion
Shadow Isles, I was glad that the mystery behind what happened there was finally solved after 6 years Plus I love Mordekaiser's lore
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: There's different levels of flirting though ontop of Neeko and Illaoi have completely different personalities. Everyone keeps going towards the Ez comment and that is frustrating because you're trying to use a compliment as a way to shush the fact that she is 110% a lesbian. She is just complementing him because to her and how she views boys he is not filthy and gross.....not all compliments towards someone suddenly mean you want them on a sexual level.
I used Illaoi as an example of a character in league that flirts with someone else without having her interactions being predominantly about flirting which again, is my gripe with how most of Neeko's interactions with female champions are her flirting with them. I'm not comparing their personality, I'm talking about how they were handled in regards to this aspect of their character (namely their sexual orientation). You probably didn't read my comment at all though, considering you made a reference to something I didn't write. I quite clearly stated that she's gay from moment one, I didn't even reference her interaction with Ezreal. My 2 mentions of Ezreal were because I wanted to make it clear that I don't think Illaoi would find Ezreal attractive after establishing that she likes men like Braum, and because SeaChange said: ''I mean come on, zoe has 10+ lines about how she wants a boyfriend and no one said anything!'' To which I remarked that in his example, Zoe is quite clear that she's interested in Ezreal primarily and no one else, again, establishing what type of people she likes (of course, she's also a child in terms of mental age so her preferences aren't even solid yet, hilariously this should not be the case for Neeko, as she's in an age where she already should have an idea about what type of people she's interested in).
: Neeko is openly gay for a reason. You're just not used to it.
I mean considering most of her interactions to females are flirty, it feels off, unless she's that sex starved, it feels weird to me. I'm not gay but I assume that like straight people, they have preferences and don't look at the first thing that shows up with the intention to fuck. For example, look at Illaoi, she has like 1 or 2 lines to Braum, and she's being flirty there, after establishing that it makes sense she wouldn't have flirty lines for Ezreal. Yes you can say ''but in her tribe it works like this!'', however this is Riot's first attempt at making a character that has been gay since release. Her story didn't have to mention that, in fact it could be that her vo was recorded and then they decided to add that tidbit to her lore, it just comes of as ''hey guys don't forget she's gay and that's a big deal about her!'' In my opinion, if gay people are to be normalized then making a big deal out of their sexual orientation is just harmful. Oh and in regards to Zoe, her flirty lines are directed to Ezreal, again, establishing that she has a preference and is not just flirting with every male character she sees.
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ChunLii (NA)
: Omg Riot’s lore game is so on point recently
I mean, not too long ago there was a massive controversy over Lissandra’s lore. And the Darkin’s 3rd lore change this year wasn’t taken well by many. Hell Karma’s lore had to be changed because it was almost universally disliked. If anything the lore has been very unstable this year. The Noxus update was cool (though I’m sad that they removed Sion’s website and made his short story no longer make sense) The Icathia update was good (there was a minor inconsistency with the bloodline story but otherwise well made) I think everyone liked the Bilgewater lore this year (save for maybe Nautilus’ fans) And lastly (probably the best thing as far as lore goes this year) was the Map release. Though personally I didn’t like what they did to Brand, I prefered him being a force of nature instead of being a man warped by magic.
: This story is honestly the most fucked up thing Riot has ever released and the fact that people are taking so long to notice makes me slow clap at the author. I will sit here and wait, precious darlings - enjoy the beautiful imagery of this story, the flow, the wonder - but don't read between the lines. Those butterflies are totally real and the collection has nothing to do with Vlad's sexual perversions... To glimpse at the subtext of this story is to open your mind to a torrent of terrors you will want to unsee, unread, un-fathom. Read in combination with the short and long bio for maximum mindfuck. Graham you are a beast.
Much like The Iceborn asked, I was wondering about your take on the short story. I'm not a native English speaker so some subtleties with wording might be escaping me, what exactly was so horrible about Vlad's story? From what I could understand he invites the woman to paint him and it will likely end with him draining her up (as in she ''achieves immortality'' by becoming more fuel for him) and she accepts that trough his ability to captivate her and incite her, she basically becomes enamored with Vladimir to the point of wanting to die for him. Sure that's pretty creepy but I think there's worse stuff in League canon. At any rate I really liked the biography you wrote for him, though I'm curious, is the him remembering killing his previous Darkin master reliable? Or like many other things in his life, a half remembered idea?
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: Yeah I presume theres no real evidence the Ruined King originates from pre-Noxus territories, that it's simply a theory of yours, no? I'm also confused as you suggest three empires but only present two examples.
It's probably wrong too: We know Ryze's mentor (Tyrus of Helia) was from the Blessed Isles, we also know that Ryze's village was in ''Noxii'' territories, as such Noxus had to already be an empire before the Shadow Isles came to be. Meaning the ''Ruined King'' was a contemporary of Ryze, or maybe even younger.
: Were the Noxians racist in the old-lore? I started playing in S7 so I don't know much about the old lore. Just curious.
From the old lore ''Where other human settlements tend to welcome non-humans into their midst, Noxians are decidedly xenophobic. Non-humans are, at best, made to feel unwelcome within the borders of this city-state. There are exceptions to this, but only after the non-humans in question have proven themselves to be either useful or feared (or both). Human visitors and immigrants to Noxus are made to feel only slightly better, again proving themselves only by either demonstrating competence or inspiring terror in their enemies.'' They weren't racist, they were specist, for example back when Yordles were ''regular creatures'' of the world, they were made to feel unwelcome in Noxus (Veigar's old lore stated that the reason why he was so twisted was due to torture at the hand of Noxians).
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Who corrupted Shaco?
Frankly we have no info on it so there's not much point speculating, his current lore is just a placeholder until the flesh out the character. When they do work on his lore Riot might even abandon the puppet origin story.
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: Depends on what splash art you are referring to. Generally the new ones are the most canon, while the old one arent. Even Dianas one isnt canon that much cause Targon got a massive visual update.
Another example non canon splash art would be Vi's and Jinx's, since Piltover went from a high tech city with holograms light and what not into a more classic looking one. Plus it even lost that gigantic tower you can see on their backgrounds.
: Riots takes on Lore is extremly fascinating and amazing. Well done
I enjoy the league lore quite a lot too, and I'm happy to say that I got other's to experience it as well.
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: But did they edit that part of Jhin’s lore out?
Nope it's still there mentioning Wuju Swordsmen
: You just summed up how I feel about it. What did they change in Jhin and Yi’s lore?
Jhin's lore states that Wuju swordsmen used to work as peace keepers in Ionia, and they had significant political power that one of the reasons why Jhin was released was because the ''shadowy cabal'' wanted someone to help them kill them off. Additionally, while not ''100% official lore'', in Jhin's AMA we learned that he had an interest in killing Yi because the Wuju school surpassed the martial arts school of Jhin's father (so also a hint about his past). Now with Yi's new lore we learned that no one knew the people of Wuju existed for centuries, and Yi was the first dude to reveal their techniques when he joined the fight against the Noxians.
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