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Breaku (NA)
: Here's the thing Different people are good at different things, sometimes drastically so. This is especially true at lower elo. Maybe OP is Silver2 with a lead and Bronze4 from behind. Maybe his lane phase is awful and he got to silver5 by playing against people who also have terrible lane phases. You can't round out your skillset without playing -- and with the normal MMR changes on 7.19 you can't get real practice done in normals at the moment either. Additionally, there isn't exactly a guide, or trainer, or anything that teaches people how to play safe when you're down quite a bit of gold. That's something that you need to learn how to do on your own. I'm far from great at this game(low plat), but if I play a champion I'm good at in bronze or low silver my lane opponent is probably going to have scorelines like those and it won't be because they're intentionally feeding. Obviously OP is having issues at his current elo. It's entirely possible he is just running it down. But I think this thread, based on the reform card having only one game, combined with the death map being fairly standard, deserves a Riot response.
out of pure curiosity, what do you mean with "Silver2 with a lead and Bronze4 from behind"? i don't quite get it
: Message to the OP because I don't think anyone else has the stomach to say it. If you are continuously fighting and dying to the same opponent and you wont stop fighting. THAT'S WHAT INTENTIONAL FEEDING IS - it's not different than walking down the mid lane feeding kills. I don't have a video of the game so I can't say for certain - you could have been against some smurf Yasuo or something who was hunting you down to make you look like a fool - that's why I think intentional feeding requires multiple reports from multiple games to cause a ban. If this is happening consistently - you just don't take the game seriously enough to deserve to play it. That's my opinion.
I need to **deserve** playing games? c'mon man. I work my ass every morning from monday to friday, and have my classes on the afternoon, leaving me open with very little time in night time (if i decide to sacrifice my sleep) and weekends. Who are you to say I don't deserve playing video games?
: @Palhum[ I am probably the worst League player you will ever meet.](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=kelseaboop) I still die in most intermediate bot matches, let alone normals. I don't play ranked for this reason (though people have tried convincing me playing ranked might let me play against my skill level more often, which I find a dubious prospect). It would seem that, if I have been playing worse than you for the 3 months I've been playing League, then you're fine if you just play normals like me. :/ Anywho, rest easy in knowing that there's someone out there worse than you who still tries and doesn't intentionally feed. If you were in my region, I'd friend you. (I wish this forum had a PM system.)
Thanks for your support man, the ban got lifted, so don't be araid, there's *actual fair justice* from riot game's the rioter even gave me some tips for when playing behind in top lane! however, i am afraid that you are **not** the worst league player, for you will improve over time for sure. I have been being terrible at this game since season 2! (although i play very irregularly and leave / come back to the game every now and then)
BelleMele (EUW)
: #freePalhum1
**I AM FREE! I AM UNCONTAINABLE** **REMEMBER TO USE** {{summoner:1}}**!** seriously though, thanks for your support <3
Kloqdq (NA)
: I think because it was the long weekend, and you made this on what Saturday? you will just have to wait a little longer. They were likely empty office and having to go through whatever pilled up during the long weekend. It should be fine in the long run. Tip for yeah for next time. I would value AS higher than Lethality for Darius :P AS increases your DPS a lot and helps you CS a lot more. After dying I would have rushed Ninja tab and than got a Phage to sit on while I rush into armor. Than you can just wave clear for days and be really hard to take down. The match-up is really in your favour but you just got snowballed on pretty hard. Learning from your mistakes is the first step to improving and preventing those deaths for next time :)
it was issued on sunday, but yeah, i think i was just being really impatient i'm sorry to say your tip for next time is kind of wasted, cause im not touching Darius ever again in ranked after this scare and i got the dunkmaster skin and stuff lul
EternalTilt (EUNE)
: 1)Did that Yasuo flame or something? He hasn't played since so i think he might've been banned as well. If so , karma is awesome... 2)Riot's ban system is annoying. Like i got a 14 day suspension for "flaming" my premade while he was skyping with me but my mic was ****ed so i had to use chat to communicate with him. The funny part is that the "flame" is the way we talk to each other every game. Obviously a teamate misunderstood and reported me... anyway the point is Riot is almost unforgiving to such subjects. Out of the game they let BOTS do the work and rarely do something their own. the tyler1 indefinite ban? Where are such bans on other far more toxic account buying players? And lets NOT mention that riot has become Reddit's puppet. Whatever is 1st post there is a fact. Its over... Ingame , the game is unplayable in low elos cause its full of flamers , meta slaves , boosters or smurfs that either carry our a##es and they don't get banned for the things they've said or go AFK / feed INTENTIONALLY and don't get banned (again)... Do you have any idea how bad EUNE is? I must've heard threats for my family more times than i could remember... Sorry for my pitiful response where I use another's problem to cry once again... My wishes for a un-ban or at least the chance to get your rewards if you get to reach gold by November 8th... EDIT just found these candies 3)The requirements for the rewards are pure nonsense to say the least -Banned after 8/22 means anyone can like flame as much as they want get banned AND get rewards as long as they did do something "wrong" the last 3 months FOR A YEAR LONG REWARD. -They released these ON OCTOBER , so even if you were the purest league player in the world and wanted your rewards but got a 14day ban for a justified outbreak like flaming a 0/70 inting Nunu after august 22th NOTHING FOR YA. No warnings ofc AND THE BEST PART -What if I get a chat restriction or ban after the season ends? You’ll still get your rewards even if they haven’t been distributed yet. Count yourself lucky and reflect on the reasoning why the punishment was issued! -_-
yasuo actually did flame me. mayhaps not direct insulting but he was mocking me. I didn't report him though, i didn't see that as a toxic behaviour, i kind of deserved being mocked at. ~~man i'm fearful that im just geting ignored. i see tantram ignoring this thread and going to others, and here i am, awaiting for a response for 3 days...~~ ~~I really apreciate my account and seeing it in danger like this over something i'm genuinely innocent is hearthbreaking...~~
Palhum (EUW)
: Sadly, it seems i wasnt able to get the attention of tantram or any rioter from the boards after all, despite having so many posts, ups and views... The thread is dying already, but id like to thank to everyone who supported me on this issue, seriously, i felt quite horrible after being unfairly punished but hsving you guys defend me made me feel better. Best of luck to y'all{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Moral of the story, git gud or git bannd, oh well. The last of my hope is on my ticket Cheers
~~well it seems my ticket has no rioter assigned to it anymore for some reason. it's still open without an actual response though.~~ ~~my hope is fading.~~ ~~please help.~~ Disregard everything, I suck dics
Kloqdq (NA)
: Yo OP got any updates from Riot as of yet? You just seem to have had a bad game. It happens, whatever. I could offer you some advice if you want on how you could avoid losing or at least prevent getting snowballed ultra hard for next time if you like?
nothing... ~~im actually fearful i may just get ignored... it's not fair that because i get banned for not being very good i don't get even a chance to unlift the ban...~~ edit: good thing i did have a chance!
Palhum (EUW)
: Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.
Sadly, it seems i wasnt able to get the attention of tantram or any rioter from the boards after all, despite having so many posts, ups and views... The thread is dying already, but id like to thank to everyone who supported me on this issue, seriously, i felt quite horrible after being unfairly punished but hsving you guys defend me made me feel better. Best of luck to y'all{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Moral of the story, git gud or git bannd, oh well. The last of my hope is on my ticket Cheers
: hes in a live game right now, i see it in op.gg, just saying
People like that run free screwing up other peoples games and i get banned for screwing up and having a bad score against a smurf yasuo. C'mon. This isnt even funny...
: So just looking at your build and damage, it looks like you're trying. You didn't build troll and you are doing damage so it looks like you're attempting to trade and engage in team fights. Based on your death locations and times, it looks like you were losing trades and then getting tower dove. This doesn't necessarily indicate an intentional feeding during lane but it does indicate maybe you needed to change your tactics (but that's not bannable). You did feed a lot... like, you cured hunger in all of Runeterra, level of feeding. However, overall your Darius ratio is pretty bad... average 8 kills to 11 deaths... They may have gotten the false positive because of the smite. However, it's hard to tell if it really was an accidental pick of smite or an intentional one. I don't see enough of your game history to know if this is an intentional feed or not because I can only see so many game histories. It honestly does look suspicious because you played Xayah before and it can't be a "oh I forgot to change my summoners" mistake. It's for a player behavior specialist to decide.
In euw, the night before the match, there was a shitload of lag It may seem weird, but i played one game as jungler and under those conditions of extreme lag, when i tried to log off and then reconnect, it appeared as the match was never played. That game was played as a jungler Im sure that if you look it up, you may find about this lag hour happening 2 days ago, and it seems riot doesnt count losses or leaving games if such a thing happens. When i put it like this, it may seem like im lying or something, but i swear its the truth
: Yep, that's the bane of free to play. Objectively, the only companies who should take customer service as a high priority are ones that have their customers directly pay for their games--then there is a clear payoff for the investment in customer service. Of course there is a customer service department, but given the nature of budget and the issues pouring in, there is a low tolerance for foolishness. Thus low criteria to get punished. In any case, the logic could use a bit of work. There needs to be a better way to categorize situations for certain punishments. For example, a person who is being punished for not performing well should **not** be punished with a ban. The logic is simply invalid, if you prevent the person from playing, how is it going to help that person fix gameplay performance? That person can't even play for the allotted time, and the absence from the game will make the player even rustier. It would make more sense to punish this person through LP so the player has an easier playing field to work around, despite losing the prestige of a higher division/league. If someone is being inflammatory, should that person be banned? Of course **not**! People get toxic over frustration over the game, what will banning the person do? Make the person even more frustrated at the game. A ban logically exacerbates the issue to something much worse. A much more logical punishment would be for the player to be automatically muted/pingmuted every game. If teammates decide that they want to hear what the player says, they can unmute and remute whenever they please. There are many options for punishment that are less severe and more appropriate than banning. The implications of banning is that it removes the individual, gives the individual higher expectations upon returning, has a greater chance to have these expectations unfulfilled, nudges individual towards leaving the game altogether. Banning should only be reserved to players Riot wants completely removed from the game, even if it is a light ban, because that is what banning implies. Over all else, there needs to be compensation for the increased potential for anger upon returning to the game after a ban, there could be a "Redemption" bonus for the first week of logging back into the game. Since there is an established loot box system, it is possible to give the player more loot boxes and keys upon getting honors during this Redemption bonus period. Thus people have something to actually look forward to and have any reason to improve upon coming back from a temporary ban.
it's so sad though... they get tones of mad dosh daily due to the infinite ammount of people purchasing skins, lootboxes and stuff, me included. at the very least they could invert some of the cash to having a good custommer support... i don't think the % required for increasing personnel and performance / motivation would be any close to 1% of the ammount of money riot earns monthly per riot points purchases...
Lélouch (NA)
: Banned for misinterpretation of "kys"
it's rather scary how easy it is to get banned i won't even play at ease without the fear of getting a perma ban for having a bad performance when playing, since i have already got a temporary ban for intentionally feeding. just think another chill day where you want to play, and log in to discover that your whole account is gone forever. i mean, jeez. i wouldn't wish that upon anyone.
: What TrulyBland meant by the negligent homicide part is, say a parent left their young child or infant in the car even for two minutes and forgot to either keep the AC running or the window(s) down. Their child died from that lack of attention, but they did not mean to commit murder. That is a grievous example of a mistake that is not intentional. I actually know someone whose baby died drinking Drano that had just been bought from the store and not put away yet. The parent in question had been dealing with another fussy sibling and hadn't noticed until it was too late. They were negligent, yes, but they were EXTREMELY grief-stricken, sorry, and wish they could do it all over again. That level of grief is what you are making people - bronze and silver especially - feel every time you report someone in a goshdang video game, ranked or no ranked, for simple "mistakes". Show some compassion please!
well this discussion turned dark real freakin' fast i'm not saying there shouldnt be a punishment for playing with literally your ass, but a 14 day ban is way overkill peraphs there should be a double LP loss or something like that
Dabski (NA)
: its true pal, despite the millions of dollars riot makes, despite them being the top played game, they skimp on customer service and on the ban department. I mean think about it, riot has more customers then any other game, they dont have to please us, they dont have to work at keeping there customers happy, they just collect the money. just like any large corporation. Thats the sad truth folks.
Well thats rather...discouraging Surely some community manager would check at least once in 24 hours the player behavior board?... Right?
: While it's true that their responses are usually short, all you need for this problem is a short response; preferably a "Yes, we'll repeal your ban and give you back your rewards". You're probably better off with Riot Tantram coming along, but the problem is he has responded to a post for about a week and half; I think he might be on break. He also wrote part of the code for the punishment detection system, so he might modify it afterwards to reduce false positives like your own. Anyway, best of luck. Due to the massive amount of butthurt toxic trolls that try to get well-deserved bans repealed, those are usually due to harassment so the support Rioters will probably review the case if it's for inting. Riot's generally pretty good on this so while your ban might not get repealed you'll probably still get end-of-season benefits. GL!
Is tantram the only person at riot games to take care of false positive bans? I mean, this thread has been in the front for 24 hours, i kind of expected a response by this point. Im still hopeful but i fear i may just get ignored
Kairya (EUW)
: Just another piece of advice, which you probably don't need, but here it is anyways: If you are having a bad day, stop playing ranked. And bad doesn't start with having 10+ deaths, or loosing a game. It starts with doing small, unneccessary mistakes, lack of concentration or sometimes just a weird mood. If you have to keep playing, go for some normals or ARAM. However I'd recommend doing something completly different, just to give your brain a time out.
Honestly though, that game was the first of the day
Dabski (NA)
: dont worry man your not the only victim to riots unjust ban system: Recently i was banned, the funny thing is, i was the one guy who kept my cool and didnt start cussing. My friend cussed, the other guy on our team cussed, and called my friend a whore. and proceeded to guy adc when adc was already called and ignore everyone. But guess what, my friend didnt get banned and he didnt get banned either. Instead i got banned. Even tho i didnt loose my cool and i didnt start cussin. Why didnt i cuss or loose my cool you may ask? Because ive been banned before, and i intentionally focused on not swearing or loosing my cool. But now that i see riot is gonna ban me and not the 2 people who cussed a bigger storm then i ever seen. Riot is obviously stating thats how they want people to behave. Please fix your broken ban system riot -William
Yeah... The report sistem is really exploitable. People report left and right whoever they dislike. And a bot bans you, not a human being reviewing the case. Hopefully they will change the report system soon as i've heard
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: No suspicious death positions. No jungle kills (could point to intentionally stealing your jungler's buffs or something like that). Plenty of CS, at least given your death count. The most suspicious thing (besides the death count) I can find is the fact that you didn't buy any armor, but that's not exactly an uncommon mistake to make. Bumped and upvoted. Let's see if we can get a Rioter to clear things up.
I really couldnt get any armor since all i could get was black cleaver. I was told by a friend that darius should always rush that. I planned going om dead's man plate next but i didnt get the chance
Werdx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Palhum,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dWPtfRU1,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-08T13:03:20.288+0000) > > Hello, first of all i&amp;#039;d like to remark that i&amp;#039;m not a very good player, i&amp;#039;m Silver 5, and i&amp;#039;m trying to reach up my way to gold. > I am most certainly not a toxic player, i don&amp;#039;t report people for just playing bad, i also don&amp;#039;t try to flame, but try and help people who fall behind. but i have been banned. > I have been banned for Intentional feeding by, just having a bad KDA > most certainly i must remark my last game as darius, which went horribly wrong. I ended up 0/14/1. And even more, i picked smite instead of ignite by mistake, truly one of those &amp;quot;real bad days&amp;quot;. > Even so i still tried my darnest to recover on the game and try ot be useful. But the team was toxic as hell, everyone was insulting each other (not just me), the ADC just out right left the game, and in short it was a complete free win. > > well, once the game was over, i kept playing, and i happily won my next game, so LP recovered. > > But when ending the match i got the &amp;quot;you have been suspended&amp;quot; message, it was horrifying, and i felt many things. > I am genuinely trying to get to gold to get the victorious skin and other season rewards, and not only i have been suspended for 14 days, but now i wont be able to obtain anything and my honor was completely screwed! > > I&amp;#039;d like to beg here a bit, and ask for my suspension to be removed. you can check on my history my last games. you can also see my kda is rather bad. > i don&amp;#039;t have a lot of free time and whenever i do, i try to log in and play a bit, so im rather bad. i&amp;#039;m silver 5 after all > > but it&amp;#039;s just unfair that because some toxic players report me i must be punished for a bad game! it&amp;#039;s &amp;quot;intentional feeding&amp;quot; but it wasnt intentional at all! i never wanted to screw up with my teammates game! > > please, this must be a mistake! I try to keep my cool, im not a flamer, i am not toxic, i try to not insult and keep my cool. im not a really good player, i know, but I&amp;#039;m NOT a griefer who screws other people games for fun. > > here&amp;#039;s a link for the match reason of being banned > http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3371349706/32450547?tab=overview > you can see i was the darius with smite, i know, it could be considered a troll pick, but i swear it was done by mistake. > twitch went afk mid match and everyone, including me lost the lane anyway. i was trying to farm but every time i got dived and or killed by yasuo. > i&amp;#039;m not a very good player, and i may not make the best choices when playing, but i wasnt feeding **intentionally **at all > > and here&amp;#039;s my op.gg, which shows that despite my kda being generally bad, i TRY to win doing my best > http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=palhum > > Please, i beg of you to review this case, i have my trust on Riot&amp;#039;s Game fair sense of justice. > > edit: adding my reform card, to prove this was the game and reason: https://i.gyazo.com/a4d4d1c215f86a91c4643812dd594c03.png I asked them while ago if something like that can happen,their respond was Hey Werdx, I'm sorry for the misguiding information you have received, but I promise you that's not the case. :) We never punish players for performing poorly because no one has been born excelling at everything they attempt, so this would be, to say the least, highly unfair and unethical of us. Punishing someone for Intentionally Feeding requires for that player to actually have the intention of intentionally feeding. We analyze a situation from many different angles and based on a lot of factors to determine if a player intentionally fed or just has some bad games/days (or is simply just starting out and doesn't have a clue what's going on -we've all been there). Sometimes -rarely- the system makes some mistakes and detects some false positive cases of intentionally feeding, but we always investigate and remove a false suspension if we come to the conclusion that there was actually no intention of assisting the enemy team by intentionally feeding. So, whatever the case is, we always investigate to make sure there is no room left for misinterpretations/mistakes.
Problem is, this suspension is handled by a bot, and this is why i need for them to manually look into it
: Hm ok maybe I am the one wrong here actually as there does not seem to be region specific help pages, seems to be just tied to which account you login from which makes sense i guess, so pretty sure your fine in that case. anyways if your innocent i hope your ban is removed, as sucking at something shouldn't ever result in a ban.
Phew, i thought for a sec i only did not screw up a game but also the support ticket too, lmao
: Then file a support ticket at the european version of this https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new you can access the european version by hovering explore league, select support, select file a ticket then fill in your ticket with as much detail as possible, it is still in the realm of possibility to get the ban penalties revoked from your account if what you say is true.
Oh wait. Seeing your info now, i realize I filed my ticket this morning at the NA support section Should i open another? I think i messed up there
: Yes it is bad especially when you play early game bullies like darius aatrox that require getting off many auto attacks, its like crippling yourself to give your enemys advantage. Early game bullies need their autos though either flat AD and or attack speed in order to do much of anything vs other laners. I know there are no chat logs attached but likely it is the chat logs that are the problem, do a private support request if you have not already and see if you can get the specifics of your ban, and if it is chat logs like i suspect then sorry man your just going to have to sit on your 14 day ban, and unfortunately that does mean you will lose access to all the seasons rewards. And i do get it as i myself have accidentialy misplaced summoners before and been raged hard at for it but never banned for it because A its an accident and B i knew myself well enough to know that trying to defend myself in game chat would only be harmful to my chances of winning the game.
Im not really worried about chatlogs, im positive i didnt talk shit or anything, i stood silent when everyone was flaming me. Only things i said were that i was sorry i had a bad perofrmance since i dont get to play much, or something like that. Also saying at the beginning that i had smite by mistake
: Theres no way this is inting unless the chat logs say otherwise and i am guessing that is the issue here the chat logs, likely you said something along the lines of so what if i'm feeding fuck off "insert harassing laner here" might sound harmless but yeahh never say stuff like that when you get games where you get crushed. Also if you don't stop using scaling AD runes i will find you and smack you in the face, stop it, use armour quints, attack speed quints, and good ole regular attack damage runes, armor and MR your terrible enough at the game where specialized pages simply cannot show their strength so don't use em. So in short you shouldn't have been banned for this however you likely said something stupid in the chat logs while getting violated by yasuo top **and that is why you got banned.** To be clear there is nothing wrong with sucking at league, however when your doing badly you need to mute your laners and remove your enter key and think ok i am sucking how can i use that suckyness to help the laners who arent doing so win? waste as many abilitys as i can as a team fight opens? yup.
I didnt flame or get angry in any way Is there any way to show chat logs? I'd do it if i could Anyway, the reason for the ban wasnt toxic behaviour or talking badly, it was simply "intentionally feeding", not harrassing or flaming. About runes, i pretty much use lethality, armor and magic res, is scaling ad that bad? I thought it paid better on the long run
: if your kda is that freaking bad you clearly A: bought the account or B: Got boosted last season ban deserved
Flaming on player behavior boards? really? mayhaps i was lucky to reach gold on season 6, but not playing very well is a reason to deserve a ban?
: you picked smite top {{champion:122}} then proceeded to go 0/14/1. At no point did you try to "Play safe" after dying maybe 3 times in lane you walked back into lane like you still had a fighting chance rather than playing safe and just tower farming. You gave your team NO chance of winning because of your actions and that is trolling.
trolling is to mess up with people with bad intentions i did have not any malicious intentions at any time, while its true that my actions were poorly made and chosen, i tried to play as best as i could, but he still dived me and killed me time after time.
: Hey, i feel ya man. I've seen others, and even had this happen to me, who get unfairly penalized. Rito doesnt give a shit, & they have an entirely automated system, but if you want to get a *REAL* response and work something out with a person, make sure you reply to your ticket at least once, to get someone other than "Gunny" on the line to help you out.
i'll keep that in mind, thanks. i was hoping i could get a response here from that rioter i keep hearing about that lifted a few erroneous bans, but it seems the ticket itself may take even longer. let's hope for the best outcome though.
: They treat intentional feeding extremely seriously when they can detect it, the problem is that often they miss it. Like someone else said, a Rioter recently mentioned that they're working on plugging holes in the detection, this is just one of those cases where a mistake happened.
yeah... let's hope some rioter eventually sees this thread and helps me out.
: I had a similarly terrible game about 3 months ago, made the worse because it's on my one trick Champion. [0/13/4 as Xerath](http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2545367132/42592968?tab=overview). It wasn't intentional (truth be told it felt a bit dizzying getting beat so badly), and I didn't get banned, but I was worried about it because of how far below my normal performance it was. Looking at your game, I see a lot of similarities. I don't think you intentionally fed, so here's hoping a manual review clears things up.
it surprised me quite a lot to get a direct 14 day suspension with no warning whatsoever after that game honestly.
PinkSalt (NA)
: Just standing under turret isn't playing safe. There's so much more to being safe than just standing under turret. Don't be a fool.
normally when yas dives i try to respond with an E, but as soon as he gets the knock up into ult, i'm pretty much dead.
: A tip: dont go boots of swiftness every game. When you are up vs a rengar, zed and mf ninjatabbies are the way to go. And when playing sion i would never go swiftness since you really dont move around as much (standing still while loading q) you got ult to get into range and then got slows and knockup to stick to them. Better go ninja or merc and then build iceborn of BC if you need that extra sticking power (personally almost always go iceborn over bc).
i pick swiftness coz' i like moving arround faster, really i also pick tabi when enemy relies on auto attack characters or magic pen when playing an ap character, but other than that, i like mobility a lot, which is one of the reasons im liking kayn a lot
: sometimes they don't show all reported games. Once i saw similar post about toxicity where one guy allegedly got perma banned for " just 2 games". A day later riot employee posted 19 more reported games. I am not saying you are a bad person or anything. You could not climb from s5 to gold anyway, so do not get upset this much. gl in the next season.
thanks but i genuinely thought i had a chance for gold :p
: > [{quoted}](name=Palhum,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dWPtfRU1,comment-id=001600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-08T21:48:36.187+0000) > > The reform card only shows this up > anyway, you&#x27;re aware that there are many toxic players that meaninglessy report when you&#x27;re performance is not very good or they just get mad and start flaming, right? how many times you&#x27;ve seen &quot;PLEASE REPORT X&quot; on the all chat? same as pieces of bread you&#x27;ve eaten probably. > > the ban and punish is due to intentionally screwing up with other people&#x27;s games. and this is something i didn&#x27;t do. if you firmly belive that i do such a deplorable thing... well. but if you got a 14 day ban how did you just play a game as {{champion:141}} ?
nope, it honestly looks like it may take a while
: > [{quoted}](name=Palhum,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dWPtfRU1,comment-id=001600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-08T21:48:36.187+0000) > > The reform card only shows this up > anyway, you&#x27;re aware that there are many toxic players that meaninglessy report when you&#x27;re performance is not very good or they just get mad and start flaming, right? how many times you&#x27;ve seen &quot;PLEASE REPORT X&quot; on the all chat? same as pieces of bread you&#x27;ve eaten probably. > > the ban and punish is due to intentionally screwing up with other people&#x27;s games. and this is something i didn&#x27;t do. if you firmly belive that i do such a deplorable thing... well. but if you got a 14 day ban how did you just play a game as {{champion:141}} ?
right after ending the {{champion:122}} game, i started another game instantly. once my {{champion:141}} match finished, i got the pop up for "you have been suspended"
: But do you realize that you didn't get banned only for this game? I mentioned that before.
The reform card only shows this up anyway, you're aware that there are many toxic players that meaninglessy report when you're performance is not very good or they just get mad and start flaming, right? how many times you've seen "PLEASE REPORT X" on the all chat? same as pieces of bread you've eaten probably. the ban and punish is due to intentionally screwing up with other people's games. and this is something i didn't do. if you firmly belive that i do such a deplorable thing... well.
: How do we know you didn't give up the game after 3-5 deaths? Seems like you also did not play as a team. Allowing this kind of score means you don't give a shit about the team work, my daw. These 2 points might have been violated.
well, with twitch raging and flaming his support and going afk, orianna shitting on chogath not helping her, and everyone mocking me, there wasnt much much of a team or and cho managed to get yasuo once using me as a bait though. look man, i'm not here to convince you. i'm just trying to state that i'm not a bad person who intentionally screws games, and trying to avoid a harsh punishment. if you won't believe me, that's fine, i can't do anything about that. i'm sorry to hear it.
: But you are not considering the perspective of other people. You are legitimately ruining other people games who try to hit gold like you. Do not forget that. Worth a ban? I think so. When I see bans like this on the forum, it seems unfair. People who upvote you, never played a game, where you went 0/14 or 1/15, with you. However, if they were in the same game with you, they would report the shit out of you. You see my point now? Why the hell should you allowed to do this kind of stuff in ranked games? Worth a ban? I think so.
i'm not trying to be unfriendly here but please state where in the code of conduct of the game, it'stated it's against the rules screwing up.
: To my knowledge, Riot might be the only game dev that allows automated punishments for shit like this. Most (if not all) competitive online games have a peer-reviewed system based on video evidence for offenses like inting and cheating. Why Riot Games doesn't allow for this is quite mind boggling. Honestly I think they are just lazy fucks and they honestly give no shits about us.
ehh if im not wrong, i think overwatch does this too.
: Just because it wasn't on purpose (which we actually have no way of knowing) doesn't mean the game wasn't ruined for your teammates. Think of it like leaving a game. Does it matter if it was intentional or not? Nope. The end result is the same.
> Does it matter if it was intentional or not? Nope. but the ban reason is "**intentionally**" feeding although i can't defend myself about giving teammates a bad time, i can just say i'm really trying to win and not be baggage. at least not too heavy i evidently managed to be a 10 ton rock for this game. but this shouldn't be a banneable offense.
: Didn't you think about the consequences when you were 0/10/0? Like lane swap or simple surrender tier 1 tower and play really really safe? Another point, you always talk about yourself. You don't give a damn how your teammates feel when they have a person like you on their team. Your OP.GG is really bad and generated a lot of reports, so I don't know how to help you.
well i talk about myself because i'm the one getting banned here yes, my op.gg is really bad, i probably caused people to get mad at me. I never tried to ruin other people's fun. i simply sign up for solo Q and try to have fun whenever i get some free time. sure, i get that you would definitly not want me in your team (don't worry though, i dont think you'd see me in your team, our elo is probably very different), but c'mon, is really sucking at league a banneable offense?
Breaku (NA)
: I wish we could see the replay. Getting behind in top lane is pretty awful currently, if you make a few mistakes early and go down an item you're pretty screwed and it's easy to just get constantly ran down. Most of your deaths are at a turret and five are either in your own base or near it so intentional feeding seems unlikely to me, but would need to see the replay to be sure.
how can i provide a replay? I could add it here i'd like to say and warn though, that if you watch it you will see stuff you'd see from kshaway's "wood 5 division adventures"
PinkSalt (NA)
: 0/14/1 not int? WHAT. There's this thing to avoid going 0/14/1 and "not" feeding, it's called playing SAFE. LEARN THE STRAT.
i was avoiding direct confrontation against yasuo but he would always suddenly close in and kill me, or get the enemy jungler to gank me. look, i may not be the brightest player arround, but getting banned because i had a bad game (and possibly because of a general bad performance) is not mentioned in the rules. there's griefing intentionally, maliciously ruin people games, you name it. but screwing up (really bad) isn't against the code of conduct...
: I don't know how can anybody die 14 times in 20 minutes and claim it wasn't intentionally done.
i know full well the consequences of feeding intentionally, and these consequences are something i dont want to happen to me. the last thing i'd wish would be getting my account in peril or being flagged as a toxic player. i hold great value on this game, i have expent money on it, yada yada. I may be bad at video games but i'm not stupid enough to risk losing my account by throwing myself at an enemy tower all the time or something like that (thing that i didn't do) how did i die 20 times you ask? well, i tried to face off against yasuo in the beginning, and i ended up losing. at this point, i focused only on farming and avoiding him, but every single time he would run to me, dash through the minions and kill me. then i started to hide under turret. but eventually he was able to dive me with ease. look, i may have done really bad choices during the game, and i lost because of them. but i never tried to get killed on purpose.
: Then it was done intentionally? How can I believe you over people who reported you?
It wasnt done intentionally! i genuinely want to win and try to rank up, i really do. my performance may not be any good, but i am trying to win, why would i lose intentionally? i hold great value to my account, which has many things unlocked, last thing i would want would be getting banned! you can check my history, you can see my performance is below average, sure, but how does that mean that i lose in purpose! even i had some good games every once in a while!
: You wouldn't get banned from 1 game. Obviously you've been reported for things before in other games. I guarantee it. You might not realize it, but it is the case. Secondly, a s5 will not climb to g5 by end of season. Thirdly, you take ghost - not ignite - if you don't take flash tp on darius. Then when they are by your tower, you pop ghost, run them down, stack up aa's to get your passive, and kill them. Fourthly, you don't help lanes that are losing - unless they are barely losing - or it will only put you behind as well - you look for the lane with the most snowball potential (based on champs, performance, etc.) and gank that lane. You get fed, they get fed, and you take that advantage and translate it to other lanes. Fifth, there are a ton of smurfs right now (gold+) who are playing in silver trying to level their account to gold; a genuine silver (or even low elo gold) has little hope of climbing to gold from silver at end of season. Trust me - I've been playing some on my secondary account (s4) and seeing it first hand.
i know the chances to reaching gold were slim if not non existant, but i had fun trying to go up in the ladders i know you dont help lanes that are losing, that's why i never blamed anything on my jungle or whatsoever.
: But if you ruin game for the other people, why shouldn't you get banned? I see you single handedly destroyed around 5-6 games for 20-24 people in just 2 days! You must be stopped.
"why shouldn't i be banned?" Because there's no rule that states that you have to be good at videogames for having fun? look, i won't deny that my bad performance makes games harder for the team and caused defeats. however, how is playing badly a banneable offense? i would accept getting demoted to bronze because im bad, maybe it's what i deserve, but being banned from playing and marked as a toxic player?
: I am just waiting for a guy from riot who will roast this "victim", like it usually happens.
I dont know man... i know i'm shit at the game, you can call it out on me right here if you want, but i was banned for "feeding intentionally" a thing i didn't do. i won't deny my bad performance may cause many defeats, but if lose, then i get down in the ranks, and maybe i should be placed in bronze 5 for this, but, being banned? cmmon.
xelaker (NA)
: you have a fair number 10+ death games with very little to show for it, all I'm saying is your decision making could use some refinement.
i agree. i felt like i was getting better at jungling lately, i got filled at top and decided to try my luck with darius, who i didnt play in a long time. well, i performed very badly, yes, but i didn't feed intentionally.
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