: Why every year league loses players that they could be keeping
To be honest, this system punished me once too. This vladimir was being cocky and started calling himself challenger and that i was obviously bronze because i died a few times. He was really toxic and he really deserved some words of "gratitude" for his attitude. All in all, I really try to avoid toxic people, would not try to make my words sound toxic though i do say them, I try to tone it down so that they can understand what I'm trying to say. That vladimir should have been punished. I don't even know if he was punished. Dota 2's report system is really great, it tells you if they got punished for their behaviour.
: > [{quoted}](name=PandaPo,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8PbGkE7h,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-08T10:37:38.112+0000) > > Seriously, I'm not asking you to do anything extravagant. I just need you to not feed them constantly and engage in a fight where they have the lead. I really don't care if you stay back and lose some cs. If you die, they still gain cs and will take your tower and start roaming the map. I dont care if you're not ahead, just try not to feed the enemy until they become the sole factor that will make us lose the game. Not only are you behind, the enemy is ahead, which triples the lead they have or doubles it if they suddenly die because they made a mistake. I understand your frustration, it isn't very fun when you are showcasing your skills successfully but other players seem to die the moment the enemy even winks at them. Just remember to keep a calm head and a focused mind! Sometimes saying "hey buddy, looks like he's beating you a bit right now. Perhaps if we calm down and try a different tactic we'll find more success?" is all you need to get them in the right direction! But don't be mean about it! Just a gentle suggestion. :)
There is really no way to say they are bad without them flipping out and going toxic because they cant handle the truth. I would like to try your method out but there is really no time for me when the enemy is constantly moving around the map, taking objectives and ganking lanes. Its worse if its the botlane duo thats feeding. The enemy starts blowing up with such gigantic leads over them. They will probably take the towers and get dragon, then back and go for the the mid lane turrets. (I don't know what their obsession with the mid turret is?) And then we just have to pray they split and we can pick each member off to escalate small leads to their level. They will take every thing i say to be toxic but really, they insecure as hell about their score. This community has made everyone paranoid, to be honest. I ping this lee to use his w and ward jump and he starts telling me to stop being toxic. How did you misunderstand that? You clearly forgot that you had wards.
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Kei143 (NA)
: Guaranteed you didn't just say "reported" alone. Chatlogs or it didn't happen.
I don't like people like you. Go work for Riot at this point if you seriously think we can handle this happening every 5 seconds and not expect us to at least say something back. Edit: Not to mention, these people like to rub salt on your wounds.
zlajo (EUNE)
: This system gives to much power to trolls, premades and enraged players, it encouraged me to leave
I absolutely hate it when something like this happens to me. I mean, they start being so toxic to me, and I try to say something back, suddenly they play the victim. I mean, GOD, can you please stop acting like a douche-bag and listen instead of always laughing me off because i died 2 times? No matter how hard I try afterwards, it's still the same old "GG nub XXX, NO ganks". It honestly discourages me from even trying at that point. Did I mention it's worse if you got someone flaming you who has a duo with him. they both start flaming you. After a few games like that, I feel like I'm constantly on edge with every single player I come across.
: New Champion suggestion [Champion Concept] (Sniper)
i have always wanted to play as a sniper who can kill you from a long range. ( I MEAN LONG RANGE) Riot tried to do this when they were planning Jhin but it kind of fell apart because he could just insta kill someone sometimes and Riot made the hitbox so small that it couldnt even hit. I want somebody who has a clear weakness such as duels. Any standard adc would win against someone who is clearly meant for long range attacks. And I'm sorry but this doesn't fulfill my expectations. This has jinx in it, jhin and cait in it and for some reason, you gave him lethality percentage. I don't get it. I'm not trying to shit on your idea but it just seems too complicated. You say that you wanted him to be less effective against adc but a sniper in adc role is not going to be of any use with that. And it doesn't seem like any of his abilities would be worth putting points in.
: Push Lane
Yeah, try to do that with the power spike at level 2 she gets. She will just constantly stand on the middle of the wave. My advice is just try to poke her from far away whilst trying to cs at the same time, it will be a win for you. 50% health, either she backs or she dies. This applies to any mage and assassin.
: I wish they would do something about her passive, it's either cancerous to deal with or useless depending on how much aoe you have/cc. I feel like her passive should just give her interesting bonuses to her spells rather than the invis. What if every 30sec her next spell gains 50-75 range? Or perhaps she could gain bonus movespeed everytime she procs her Q/RQ which would help her escape after escape assassinations.
What? She has her W. I don't think she needs a longer range on her abilities every 30 seconds. That's garbage for 30 second CD, She's an assassin, not a Mage. She needs new passive though.
5050BS (NA)
: QSS needs to 100% be a One time use item like Stopwatch
I don't know, though how much can QSS save you from an assassin as much as stopwatch can. (Assuming your team is nearby) Doesn't seem that useful. Almost all the classes shit on AD Carries. (From what I have seen) It can only save you from one cc. So, assuming your team is smart, they won't load their full CC on to the AD Carry and wait for the QSS.
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: Question for all: Why do you love the champions you play?
{{champion:131}} I like her because i like the character type who feels that they've been wronged even though they were trying to resolve everything. Also, I like her insane power spike at 6. {{champion:84}} I personally like her lore about how she was tired of their passiveness towards the imbalance they were creating between the two realms. She can 1v1 someone without needing her burst and the fact that she just feels so satisfying to play.
: A list of very well designed and balanced champions.
I agree with Jax and Leblanc, they are hella opressive to play against. Ranged or not. Master Yi is so bad tbh. I don't agree with Irelia though, she is balanced, very.
: > [{quoted}](name=RyzeTheSmurfMage,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EBMaT4uY,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2018-10-26T09:24:23.061+0000) > > Exactly. Every champ except from Kindred can be killed I do believe even Kindred will end on day when there is literally nothing else to hunt they can only turn to each other for the one last hunt.
They are said to be the embodiment of death so they will die one day as without Life, nothing can die. They just won't exist anymore when the day comes. Bone-chilling to be honest just like in Dota 2, this champ called ancient apparition will just keep getting stronger and stronger and ultimately end the world in an ice age sort of thing.
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Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
My favourite is when Kai'sa has Kassadin as her enemy. And she says "Reunions can be so bitter-sweet."
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