Zezilian (EUNE)
: Why Zed got buffed ?
I am pretty sure Zed will get a new skin soon. Thats why they bufded him. Remember Kha and Kai'sa before worlds? It's the same. Unfortunately there are enough idiots who spend RPs on skins for broken champs so Rito will not leave this practice anytime soon. Glad I stopped playing this game on daily basis.
Necroash (NA)
: Nobody Talking About the New Refund Policy?
Nobody talking about price for RP increase?
: Riot, didn't we tell you that there's already too much true damage?
People asked them to balance this game alredy? Guess what happened
: Tanks SUCKS, building armor feels horrible, champion that are not tank killers are tank killers.
Well there werr post from guy who played Malphite with full armor and he was shreded by full ad team under 2 secs. No lW involved. He posted his post during low.peak hours so fanboyz managed to donwvoted so he didnt get recognised
Dynikus (NA)
: Update on the all female team, Vaevictis eSports.
When gender equality meets gender reality.
: What's going on Riot? poor matchmaking, jungle changes backfiring, position rank sucking?
I've been on boards for a very long time on multiple servers and accounts (rito doesn't like when ppl say truth and being called idiots) but I have never seen such a disgust from community like in season 8,9. What happened to motto "for gamers by gamers"?
: So stealing kills makes you better at the game
OP post wasnt about kill stealing but about letting kills to laners who suck ass. If I come to lane for gank, delt most of the dmg and used Flash why should I let kill for 0/4 guy who wont utilise it?
Ralanr (NA)
: Phage doesn’t stack.
Just one passive. If you can use all others passives those 2 items have so why not
Moody P (NA)
: I still don't have much reason to get BC over Trinity
Rock MD (NA)
: "Learn to cs and you'll climb" is a bad meme. If you want to climb learn wave manipulation.
Or play jungle. Most independent role so you can carry those morons aka teamnates to victory
Jo0o (NA)
: Five Critical Improvements to Riot's Behavioral System (from somebody who has never been punished)
Well other games which are much better than this current shit aka League of Legends have report feedbacks since their existence. Dunno why lol doesnt.
: Message to all Lee Sin players... (or any other early game champion)
If you suck you will keep to suck. It's better for team when better teammates take kills, gold so that they can carry/end game sooner. Message to you from one trick Rengar (early/mid/late champ)
: Can we finally give Shen a buff since the damage is so high?
Why not fix game instead by lowering dmg? Oh, I forgot. Rito arw just bunch of stupid apea, example what happens when you dont vaccinate your kids
: Riot Your Ranked Matchmaking is Garbage
Glad I quited this garbage (lol) months ago. Seems nothing has changed
iiGazeii (NA)
: Turrets are tankier with the new plating and deal more damage, but give you gold for attacking it. Your lane opponent will stay in lane to farm the turret even if they kill you a few times instead of roaming and snowballing. ADCs are about to get their old crit items back, plus a reworked PD that gives them an anti-burst shield. Revamped armor and MR shards can be taken at the start to mitigate a lot of damage, and there are quite a few defensive runes in every tree that can give you additional tankiness/sustain in tough matchups. i think things are better.
I still find turret dmg low however that turret plating would be an great addition if it doesnt grant THAT much gold. 160g for 1 is awful. Now you dont have to roam, just kill your lane opponent over and over and get some free G. Shards are kinda not so noticeable but I fought against conqueror champion{{champion:23}} so I will have to try different match ups/play more games
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