: I'm having the same error. Edit: After some research, I may have found a solution (it's working for me anyway) C: > Riot Games > League of Legends > RADS > projects > lol_game_client In that folder, delete the folder named "releases." After that, try launching your game again. Mine just finished patching fine.
Actually works! Totally impressive that you found out how to solve this! <3
Holt (NA)
: [CLIENT] Error Code 003 (client failed to patch, retrying) over and over again
: Error Code 303
Same here. I also made a thread about it.
: Patching issue
Still no working. Well, at least my appartment is pretty clean now ;)
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: [GAMEPLAY] Visual bug on champions' HP bar
Same thing just occured in my last game with Miss Fortune, also from the beginning of the game untill the end. Of course it had to happen in my promos xD Small addition: The minion health bars were still visible and when i pressed Tab, the information of all five team members was right on top of each other, so I could only see the supports.
xSleepy (NA)
: DC, can't reconnect, can't login?
Happened to me, too, and my game (no promo, but ordinary ranked) wasn't counted at all... no loss at least.
JakeRocco (EUW)
: by far the worst experience in any game ever. just got the game, rly exited to play it. but seriusly been down for allmost 12 hours now, and no Communication at all.... lol- what a joke...
You get a bit of information at this link: http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#euw Not too much though.
Stylerr (EUW)
: Can we get a update on Login issue? Last update was 8am and it's now 2pm with ZERO communication.
Actually I was right in the middle of a ranked game when 20 minutes ago I suddenly disconnected and haven't been able to reconnect since. I read that the ranked queue on EUW is deactivated because of the Login issue, but I am not exactly sure what to do now. Will my game continue at some point? If not, how will it be counted? And will I get any kind of penalty if I just close the LoL browser?


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