: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/05/team-pass-fan-pass-hit-the-rift-on-may-31/ here is the dates of missions Next mission is actully tomorrow
Thanks for clearing that up
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: Morde is Fundamentally Broken, and Riot will not be able to balance him with his current kit
Kai Guy (NA)
: Bad players already make it easier for people who can climb to climb. If its not you then the odds are always higher the enemy team has the very worst player in a match on it. Population size is a relevant issue when discussing Que creation. There needs to be evidence that this system could support itself, that there is enough Provisional players in placements to enable a Que. I highly doubt there is. As it stands a better way to lower mismatched newbie games is to try to pair teams by similar K factors.
Another way this problem could be solved is by a whole new way of gaining and loosing lp bassed on how well you perform in your role compared to everyone else who plays that role at your rank in which you get or loose a set amount of points depending on how well you do So let's say you loose the game but you are 15/5/10 as a mid laner so you would loose X ammount of points however because you got 15 kills which is most likely above average you would have the ammount of points you loose lowered by a certain ammount. this would be the same for all your other values death, assists, KP etc I feel like a system like that would also enable people playing none carry roles to climb just as easily as people playing carry roles as the ammount you loose or gain would be taylored to how well or badly you performed in that particular match
Kai Guy (NA)
: Realistically, you realize that you'd need a population of 10+ players for this to work at all times of the day for this to function but those players are removed from the population after 10 games so its rapidly dwindling at all times. The standard solution is that when a placement teammate is in a game it impacts the MMR gains/losses of his teamamtes to protect them from newbies being bad.
ye but this still doesn't fix the problem of new players holding back people from other roles because they cant perform all this would do is make it easier for people who can already climb to climb
iPrawn (NA)
: This would force half the people who are doing placements to lose. But probably... if riot was to look at the statistics... I imagine... that people who are in placements tend to win their placements slightly more than half the time. So your idea would force a 50% win rate on people who should have had a slightly higher than 50% win rate.
not really as it would still just be better team wins and you wouldn't be playing with people who have a provisional rank of iron 4 if you have a provisional rank of silver 3 and plus in lower elo especially low silver and below its basically a coin toss as to who wins anyway because we have people who are ranked for the first time so i don't see how this would make a difference to the win rates of people doing the placement matchmaking yes sure the win rate of people the separate queue would probably go down abit because they are less skilled and that is the whole point of the system to put all of the inexperienced players together until they have 10 games of experience
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