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: 10 year anniversary appreciation thread
I've got God King Darius... Pretty happy about it to be honest :3
: You seem to play Orianna really well. Your MMR seems to be lower than your current division, which means you will probably be the best player on your team in most games. You seem to farm well, prioritize objectives, and fight well with Orianna too. Two things that seem to restrict you are: 1. Orianna is ranked 119th of 143 champions in win rate on summoners who have played at least 50 games. This suggest she is kind of weak unless you get a big early lead since her snowballing stats look much stronger. 2. Your vision score is way less than the average player. If you find that you don't need wards, sometimes its useful to help your jungler or to help other lanes see when enemies might be trying to gank.
Thank you RAKCUS! really appreciate that you took the time to check my profile :)
S V (NA)
: I have time to look at a few replays if you want a washed up D4 NA player to check it out. From your I can see that you need to work on your CSing since the average is at best around a 6.3 cs/min, your last defense rune should be adjusted to the enemy you fear the most for MR/Armor or just seeing what's the majority damage type of the enemy team (Or just the enemy laner if you want to only focus on laning phase), the runes you take suggest a strong early game aggressive play style and with the low deaths I think you're able to read the map a lot to not overextend and suffer for it or you're skill with the champ/positioning might just be good enough to ignore map awareness, and [This is just personal preference with Orianna] I usually view Orianna's mid to late game to be more of a burst instead of a sustained fighter type so instead of Liandries, you may want to pursue Morellos or even just head straight for a deathcap if you're far ahead enough.
Thank you! it helps me on a whole other level! I would love to have more comments about my gameplay and such. I will try to make a replay and forward it to you if you ever have the time to view it...
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: Post ITT and I'll tell you one thing I like and dislike about you.
Kinda interested into what you'll have to say about me...
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: There should be a trade off to muting
I have never seen a post that deserves downvote more than this one lol and every single comment he posts makes it worse! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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