Kei143 (NA)
: only if you play alot of games without getting validly reported.
: The Honor FAQ only says that it locks you out of Hextech Crafting rewards, and I don't have any privileged information about this season's ranked rewards;
Ah alright thanks. I read the article about last season and it only said that i wont get any rewards if i was banned after august 7 or have an active ban during the end of the season.
: I don't think we know yet if ranked rewards are tied to Honor, but if they are, you can get back into a good Honorable standing just by playing and not being a jerk or intentionally ruining the game for others. The "rewards" it mentioned are probably only referring to Key Fragments and Hextech Chests (and again, you can earn it back).
Im honestly not even mad about this after the third tryndamere shard and the 2 tryndamere skins (No rito i dont wanna play him!) The guy below said that i wont lose my season rewards but im pretty sure that my note said that i lost season rewards. Is there a way to get those back i lost them?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You didnt lose them yet. Its usually lost if u get ban after august 31st. You only lost access to hextech rewards
Ah alright. Can i get my hextech rewards back then?
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: That's the trade off. You can't carry as a tank support because it takes to long to get items that could do anything. Champs like Annie, xerath , velkoz, etc.. Each can get to the point where they can carry. Xerath was my most successful. You know how hard it is for their adc to CS vs a xerath? Haha
Guess you have a point...Annie is able to shut down a dominating 9/3 ahri and 4 man stun... Ill get some midlane- I mean supports that deal dmg :D
: Ultimately carrying all comes down to being able to take objectives... and to take objectives you have to be able to fight somebody to take it. A support just cannot do it don't get me wrong, supports get a lot of utility and vision, which can definitely carry a game, but you can never carry directly as a support, only indirect. You probably want to atleast get to a platinum level to carry as support, where people actually know how to play the game. just my opinion you can do so much for a silver level ADC, but when he is 5/0 and starts melee forming the enemy master yi, there's nothing you can do
Today i just felt how different both divisions are. I know what you mean. I just enjoy playing those tanky guys that just cant die and are there to protect their allies. Not only in league but in any other game too pretty much. They usually dont kite. They expect me to just cc them forever in front of them and give them the kill on a hot plate. Ill try to play more dmg dealing supports as that other guy below said. There is nothing a tank Naut can do 1v5 defending an inhib anyway.
: The hardest part of playing support is the reliance of another person to succeed. thats why u gotta minimize the effect it has on your team when ur adc is not very good. having a duo of similar skill would help. but if like me ur solo, then u gotta play extra smart. the support is such a thankless role. wish you the best of luck
I have a duo queue partner in east but he doesnt have an account on west. Im climbing alone atm. Ty ill try my best
: That's the trade off. You can't carry as a tank support because it takes to long to get items that could do anything. Champs like Annie, xerath , velkoz, etc.. Each can get to the point where they can carry. Xerath was my most successful. You know how hard it is for their adc to CS vs a xerath? Haha
Tbh honest ive played against Xerath sup :D It was funny and paintful. i could try annie or brand I guess i have to step out of my comfort bubble and try something new to win lol
: sometimes u gotta accept you have a bad lane partner (ADC) so when they go ham and die, dont die with them. try to minimize the damage and make up for it once lanning phase is over. in which time as a support your role is to protect the player on ur team that is/can carry.
Yeah but most of the time my adc thinks that they are front lane and thats its a great idea that they engage. Even if i try to shield and cc for them usually they dont follow up or just die.
: You can't really play as support and go up in rank in that low of elo. You can either duo with someone you know is good, or you can play a different role.
A friend of mine stopped playing what he liked and started spamming Yasuo an LeBlanc. He climbed from S5 to G5 in less than a week. I have to do that too? :D
: Haven't played in a long time but when i was playing I got to plat as a sup main by purely playing carry supports. Full damage that can basically carry a team like a mid laner
Im usually playing tank supports. Mains are Braum and Leona. Im playing Naut, Taric and Alistar from time to time. Not a big fan of the other supports...I just feel like i die really easily.
: stop playing support and carry like a man
but....i enjoy playing support....
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: I would suggest keep playing jungle. Just play normals until your decision making/positioning improves. You'll get there, most people who try jungle have trouble knowing where to be at first. You can also try watching high elo Jungle players streams/videos to learn more about jungle decision making. I personally find it to be a fun role, because you can influence all 3 lanes, don't have to to worry about last hitting, and are the least likely to die early game.
After i saw those jungle timers im not sure that ill be playing jungle anymore :/ I like that as well in this role and im sure that ill get better with playing more games but these timers look scary man
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: Dynamic queue has fucked up matchmaking balance.
I just got demoted. 3 games i lost in a roll when i was on 0 LP. I even fought against gold players. (I am S5 right now)
Eyesack (NA)
I just finished a ranked game where enemies were premade with golds (Im s4). They had higher mmr than ours but why should rito care. I love playing solo against premades that are more skilled than i am.
Sarutobi (NA)
: "The thing is that he probably wont even get banned." If you even took 5 mins to look on this part of the board you will see that, that statement is false. He will get ban especially if people report him for his toxic behavior. I highly doubt they take statements like "I was joking" seriously, or else everyone would use that as an excuse to get a free pass. What he did was wrong even in a joking manner. As long as you reported him and he continues to act like this in games he will get punished eventually!
I hope so. Wishing somebody cancer is not funny in any way. I just kinda lost faith in the banning system cause ive played so many times with toxic people who are still playing today.
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: I understand your frustration, being myself in this case. However as a silver player, you should play vs low gold in a normal game so you can learn. Keep in mind, Normal game dosnt count, Ranked does. Loosing a Normal game Dosnt matter... Anyway, as a silver 2, I can tell you I'm gettin better and better in laning phase and map awarness with all the Gold/Plat/diamond I have faced recently. ( Oh I remember this Amumu master in one of my game....We still won, fun time. ) Trsut me, you learn from playing against better than you.
I want to learn jungle but everytime the enemy jungler is gold or higher and i get counterjungled. Im still here wondering how to gank midlane and the enemy jungler got a penta, dragon, wrote a book, made a family and has 3 wards in my blue side of the jungle. I might learn but where is the fun when you always get crushed? Every game when the timer hits 20 minutes the /ff spam begins.
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: Finish the game fast, Nasus is a ticking timebomb that needs to be absolutely shut down. We're talking zoned off creeps so hard that he'll have maybe 10 CS by 10 minutes. Or simply have the game be over before he can become all-powerful. I prefer the first method. If you don't do this, he'll start gaining more and more power and eventually become unstoppable. Try someone ranged or with great sustain.
The game went close to 40 minutes. I noticed that our team had poor decision making also. Can i ask something about that? How can i make better desicions? I have a good map awareness but my decisions are not so good. For example when playing jungle i dont really know what to do first aka where to gank or which objective to take first.
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