: i was playing, i was actually winning by a very large margin and the guy got butthurt and started trashing me, i simply replied. Anyways its abundantly clear this community is made up of really sensitive men/boys, if you can even call them that and there is no point in having a discussion.
I personally learned a very good feature this game offers : /mute
: Trash talking not allowed ?
That chat gave me serious stomachache, I hope you can start to play and stop typing. And yes, all that should be reportable and bannable !!
: Morgana has a 60% winrate
> [{quoted}](name=My Hands r 2 Big,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lsaAqamB,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-07T07:58:54.564+0000) > > I'm running out of memes to describe the balance team at this point, can anyone help me out? Did you just call them balance team dude ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I have the exact same issue. I always act positive, ever since honor came out i had maybe 2,3 games where i acted SLIGHTLY toxic ("fuck this game", "I want to die",...) In all other games i act very positive and barely give up, as well as wishing everyone a good day at every lobby+game, yet my friends who constantly shout diseases and death upon the enemy team are all honor 5. Great reward system, league
Yea I'm really still confused if we are doing something wrong or instead something is wrong with the system !
Dr Dog (NA)
: it might be from reports since i have the same problem i kinda flame lol but havent ever got a ban for it probably because i dont say things like kys or anything related or because i also carry a lot of games since im a adc main and get quite a few most honorables and it balances things out
To be honest, I blame sometimes but softly and without insulting or being offensive, I say for example "dude you lost your mind?" or I ironically say "gj !" .. Anyway I'm gonna try avoiding chat at all I think it's better ..
Modi (NA)
: The Rift Harold: https://i.imgur.com/uRaPnSy.png
Nice one dude hahah !
: OP, you get negative honor for successful reports, even if they don't lead to harsher punishments like chat restrictions or worse. If you are stuck in honor 3 it's because you are being toxic enough to keep moving the needle backwards
I don't remember being toxic to be honest .. But probably at my elo some guys threw the random report after losing a game and caused me this ..
: Oh, ok. Try killing more dragons and make sure the rift Harold dies
Dont know really, but I'll try ..
: You got to work on your cs and roaming
You really think that can cause this ? And I actually do decent cs for my elo (Silver 5), average of 5.5 to 7.5 cs/min and I roam from time to time !
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Blasteriz (EUNE)
: Yeah same, I got a 10 games chat ban after being incredibly tilted and I admit to my mistakes and flamed really badly, but the next punishment I got was 14 days arent you supposed to get 25 games chat ban then 14 days or did they change the system??
I guess he got banned for int feeding not being toxic, Int feeding is punished by a 14 days ban. But as I see and as he told, the feed wasn't intentional
Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
Dont do this to us RIOT.. Just don't.. Long discussions here are a waste of time.. Dont do it and that's all ! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}


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