: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Weird bug where I join a game and botlane feeds.
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: unable to comment. "so sad...you are not authorized"
: Why do I keep finding myself in games that are unwinnable?
Coming to think of it: Every sport is possible to win you just have to be good. But in league it's different. You don't need much skill to win but what you really need is luck. Now. Luck has been the number 1 major factor in the game for winning. I haven't read any statistics about people carrying to win or anything to deny the luck factor BUT even without these statistics I can tell for a FACT that luck is what that's required in this game. You can't obtain luck, you can't gain it, you can't lose it, it's just there... and it's messing with us. Basically in other sports you have a chance to win and in league you don't. Does it suck? Yes sucks greatly, and it's only because that even when you try your best you still won't win... it's like a gag really. Take One Punch Man for example: The character "Mumen rider" is what we are and the enemies in the series are our enemies. Mumen rider has no chance in every fight even if he tries his best... Unwinnable fights. I consider this a hate comment towards the game itself because if a game denies you will factor to win every game. Instead they enforce luck factor. Sad fact: higher elo players say that every champ is balanced. Ok. If every champ is balanced shouldent my odds of winning is 50%? Incorrect since matchmaking is with other human beings that lack knowledge with or against you.
: Is It Really So Hard to Not be Toxic?
It's hard not to be toxic. Trust me, its like 9gag. Also if u get one report then it's gonna be equal to 10 reports...so that's a cool thing huh. You can just report someone once and get them banned on the spot.
How can we control something when there are other threats around us?

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