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: Blind Pick Matchmaking?
Yeah, so? Match quality is 0% still.
: Because then they have to store images and that opens up a huge can of worms in dealing with things like storage costs and content monitoring.
> [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=BKAiorbB,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-12-01T12:35:05.460+0000) > > Because then they have to store images and that opens up a huge can of worms in dealing with things like storage costs and content monitoring. Storage costs... How much is a GByte? A few US Cents? The retail price of an external (!) drive of 8 TByte is 150€, that is 19 Cents/GByte rounded up. I am sure RIOT has that.
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: It doesn't feel like you get outplayed anymore, just out-champion-ed.
I was thinking the same so often. I love Ashe for example (even before the buffs), but her kit is so balanced it's underpowered right now. A skill that does nothing really - Hawkshot? Why not dealing DoT for every enemy spotted and 30% slow and heal for me? My ultimate is only a stun that has a ridiculous short time when point-blanc? Why not giving me a heal for the blast damage, and a very hefty slow, and the stun of course, and a statikk-effect of ice for everyone around it while I gain 20% movement speed myself? Oh wait.. Or Bard is the same. Yasuo can summon a windwall that selects enemy and friendly projectiles. Bard's tunnel? Both enemies AND friends - it's called balance. And bugged (can't enter it often, just walk around). Ulti? Both enemy and friends. Oh yes, he is not a money-bringer and overpowered RIOT posterboy..
: Look I get how premades can be frustrating to play against, but how if they put all the premade into a different queue, how are 4 stacks gonna get into a game? (cuz i really only ever play duos or 4 man premades, rarely 3 and 5)
> [{quoted}](name=Lawd Dawg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QRkco6ft,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-24T01:06:17.823+0000) > > Look I get how premades can be frustrating to play against, but how if they put all the premade into a different queue, how are 4 stacks gonna get into a game? (cuz i really only ever play duos or 4 man premades, rarely 3 and 5) They can gather a 5th guy then? Look, I am 100% SoloQ because my 2 friends stopped playing this game (for understandable reasons). I often hear that "yOu CaN sImPlY pLaY aS pReMaDe YoUrSeLf", and I respond: And you can fill up your premade to a full 5 premade then. LoL has a huge playerbase; saying it can't find matches because of that is a ridiculous joke. _EDIT: Also, I think the super vast majority of the community I meet ingame is extremely stupid and degenerated. I am glad I never see them again. I stopped trying to make friends ingame as the community is piss poor. I know I am a part of it, but at least I can articulate myself and speak the world's language as second language, I do not pingspam and berate people on their builds if it's not meta. _ I hate it, too. I had several iconic games where the enemy and I had a 4-premade and one guy a lone. I was Ashe, and the other guy was a Katarina. We were the one always being dead. If we died, it was us. The premades defend each other too much and we were just cannon fodder. Also, the matchmaking would probably be better because try balancing a 4-premade in an already broken and bad matchmaking environment. It's (Chaos*Chaos)³, hence the piss poor match quality this game has by throwing randoms together with premades, and within those premades, the ranges are extremely wide, too. My MMR does matter jack shit when it's being influenced by premades and the chaos the so-called matchmaking in this game produces.
: Client is getting worse
I have a leaver penalty and when it ended, instead of getting me into the queue, it just stopped as if I declined a "match". And now I have to wait again. On my other account I had press like 35 times "FIND "MATCH"" in order to get it done (the same reason why I got stuck on my first account - it could not launch the routine of the "match"making.) Also, I get messages about a "suspension" ages ago that I have to "Agree" and then can proceed normally. 600 employees full of incompetence I guess. And then they will wonder why they will be unemployed when there is a small hiccup in the industry..
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: Why is vision always being removed from the game?
So all the crappy over-the-wall champions like Talon and Kayn have it easier..?
: Youtube just went even lower to the bottom with their shit...
This is what you get for trusting mega companies. Just like Amazon, they start small and play nice, but then, they get a monopole and treat you like trash. You see the pricetags at amazon. Wait for them later. U.S. mega companies can never be trusted.
: Please Add The Option To Mute Champion Voices
I don't like the SFX of those ridiculous Anime skins. "League of Legends" or "Sailor Jinx"?
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: I finally understand why people think that the matchmaking is so bad.
I just quitted a game where "my" "team" "mates" went 7-2 in 5:50 minutes. No need to play rigged games like these. I wonder how the MMR of these noobs can be so different to the enemies? A absolute sign of miss-match, caused by a bad "matchmaking". Anyone with a bit of mathematical sense knows how rigged this garbage is - either the "matchmaking" is manipulated or the MMR is busted because of those manipulations.
: Are forced win rates actually a thing?
Yes, they are a thing. The problem with threads like this is they are coming up with "mathemagic" - stuff you can't argue against because it's math. However, many of those rules **do not have to happen.** Then there is probability. I eventually quitted LoL over this rigged matchmaking. It's not about climbing at all, it's about "match quality". People would not be so mad about losing if the loss would make sense. However, from what I've seen, the game puts you often together with people that keep losing vs people that keep winning. I've had a large discussion with the support about that (I was done with the game, so I slipped some numbers in their face). https://imgur.com/TMvYJcI I mean, I was down to a 16% winrate of my last games (50% is, what people in this thread say, should be - which is not the case) and still you get "matched" (losing this term loosely) with people that are tilting to keep you down or even lower. No matter what I tried. I ended up having a 5.94 KDA on Bard (!) and still went down below 20% winrate of my past 20 games. "Matchmaking"? How? The reason is simple: The matchmaking of LoL is not only utter shit, it's being absolutey non-functional by design. You can't put random people together. Their MMR - ther personal score - is determined by everyone else BUT them. Because "it's a team game". This nonsense of "But you are the only constant in that math" - yes, and that is exactly the reason why MMR can't work. If it changes EVERY game, how is this "constant" suppossed to work? The point of MMR would be to play with the same people over and over. THEN the TEAM EFFORT - the MMR - makes sense. But as soon as you hit the "PLAY AGAIN" button, you reset any chance for the MMR to eventually align to zero. You make it go poof. The only way to stop that is: Personal ratings. But video game developers won't do that. Officially because "people play for the numbers, not for victory". Well, if people play for KDA, for vision score, for Towers destroyed (also a number, right?) - isn't that good, isn't that the point of the game. Playing for numbers? The opposite would be: Not playing at all. But this way, you could sort out the feeders of 0/6/2 like the Zoe last time. She sucked monkey balls - but was premade with a mediocre player. Together, their MMR might be "okayish", but again, why is it my fault she dragged us slowly down? I mean, why does my MMR has to suffer for such a bar of lead against on my legs that made me drown? If you keep adding so much bullshit to the matchmaking - which is set to be fast, not to be precise - every outcome is just a blur and a guess. And then you add a guess on the guess (e.g. uncalculatable premade handicaps). "But the enemy has a higher chance of trolls" - again, does not HAVE to happen. I made a list in Excel and the amount of trolls and trash (below 0.5 KDA with their 3 champs) is only on my side. Here, for example, one of the last games before quitted this trash game: https://imgur.com/T4U9xQ5 My W/L is 54/82. And still I get 3.5 useless trashfuckers (I count the feeding Akali only 0.5 of a game ruiner because she honestly tried) out of 4 randoms. How is that possible? Where is the match in this? Where is this 50% winrate bullshit when I am at 54/82 and still get unwinnable games? Every real, working matchmaking would **NOT** consider this as a match. How is a 1/7/0 Yasuo a "match"? If he has a KDA of 0.14 - basically being off by 1:7, he is bad. But he ended there with the other bad noobs. I just got breakfasted (I went toplane as Tristana, so my assnoobs get their will...I mean, what can I do more?? I am already accomodating to my "team mates" retarded ideas, but why do I have to get these fucked-up scum%%%%%%s in the first place?) "The enemy has more trolls by math/logic"? Yes, that's what I meant in the beginning of the this post. It's "mathemagic" - you can't argue against that statement, but reality is far different as seen in that picture. I've fought too much games like these two examples shown. I copied them out of my conversation with the RIOT "support". Their answer: "It's my mindset". Oh, now we have not only a useless MMR, a rigged matchmaking - now it's even the mindset. Another copout reason. So, my "mindset" is at fault that I get matched with tilted players on a loss streak and also my mindset's fault when I get 2 AFKs and 1 Feeder, because 70% game ruiners are forcing me to lose so I can reach an artificial 50%? So, OP, yes, the matchmaking is manipulated and garbage. "Climbing" in this game would mean you to roll dice over and over and over. But unlike real dice, here you have rigged dice that react to a magnet under the table. If you don't have much margin (e.g. you are Diamond and in Silver), you won't get far. And I never asked for that. I just asked for losses that are maybe 20-35. Not 7-42. Why would I have to carry a bunch of trashnoobs like shown in that Tristana game? So they also get an MMR boost for no reason, so they ruin more games in a region where they clearly don't belong into? Matchmaking in this game is fucked and busted beyond repair and does not deserve the term a single bit. From 2010 to like 2013, the game worked. But after 8 years, I gave up. The artists are doing a good job, but the match quality in LoL is 0%. You lose for no reason, and then you win either for no reason or in a 55 minute struggle. Just to lose another game. The imbalance of my mates (as I am the only constant as you RIOT asslickers would come up with again) is just too much I can bare. Everyone with a sane mind and a bit of understanding of math and commercial video games (tagword: Carrot on a stick) should stop LoL on the spot and do something better with their time.
: Y'all ever get sick of this community?
It this a troll thread in itself? I mean, the whole OP is basically a parody of itself.

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