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HàrrowR (EUW)
: ADC players: We don't like getting one shotted in 0.2 seconds, Boards:
I solidly agree with what you say and i hate how these kinds of posts generate a lot of toxicity and negative comments. The problem i understand and experience is that this is happening because of how the game is balanced and what i mean by that is that because the damage and state of the game is mostly balanced around pro play and from what i have seen in pro play is that the entire team tends to focus on protecting the adc (i know there have been tactics where this was not the case but thats not my point) Tanks would get a {{item:3190}} supports would either shield or heal I.E hard core damage mitigate the adc and riot's obsession with making every champion viable for pro play, which is contradictory to me because they are obsessed with pumping out new champions when there is so much work they can be doin on their current champions but i digress. I think the reason that assassins etc are so strong with their burst damage is because riot wants them to be able to do damage while considering that all this damage mitigation is coming out. You can see they were trying to compensate with this kite and survival type play with how crit adcs were for the last few patches but now they scrapped the crit trash concept and reverted it back to how it was. I agree that its stupid to try and balance around pro players when like 95% of the players arent in that pro play and we all have to live and suffer under the effects of their balance state for champions that aren't even picked there: Like how strong nasus and rengar is now but would NEVER be picked in pro play. I always had this mind set that riot's balance team doesn't care about us, the majority of the playerbase and only really care about pro players in general. I've felt like this for years now and I have yet to be proved wrong...
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: Hey Meddler, there's a lot of requests for some VO updates (for example, MF and Varus) and sometimes you guys even give some champions a VFX update aswell (like Cho recently). But, what about updating champions animations? Idle, walking, auto attacking animations to make the champion less clunky to play or more cohesive. For example, Diana has such a horrible auto attack animation (besides her passive hit), it's horrible to farm with her, so updating her could be a nice QoL change for her. I'm asking you that, because with the Irelia rework, all her animations now feel to smoth and it's really satisfact to play with her you know? And I think that this could be a time to time work like you guys usually do with VO and VFX for some older champions.
Caitlyn really needs VO and VFX like what does she even shoot? gears? pellets? She looks like something from willy wonka's chocolate factory and those cupcakes look like something from 2010
: Are you gonna look to improve the massively large "meh" pool that league has? Many many champs just never really feel relevant or feel overlooked for years. Talking about Heimer, Dr mundo, karthus, Vi, Naut morde and champs like that. They haven't been good since S2 yet never get any love.
Vi wasn't even released in S2 xd
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 30
Why another Caitlyn nerf? Isn't she in a bad spot right now? I'M ONLY ASKING PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE REASONING XD
Vulconix (NA)
: Caitlyn needs some sort of a buff
Caitlyn has been my favorite and most played champ for like the past 4 years. I have 477k Mastery points on her xd it would be a ton more if the system took into account matches played before the system was brought into place! HOWEVER i digress. Tbh i don't actually feel Caitlyn is in a bad spot. But from my understanding is that the masses feel she is actually weak. I despise the whole ITS ALL ABOUT TRAPS gameplay. They took what was considered her most useless ability and made it like it is today. Her late game is what i consider to be one of the bests. Despite what all these people may say. I always win lane, unless im vs Blitz/Thresh becuz hehexd cancer op. Or get ganked. Cait is harder to play correctly than most might think... But hey i will never say no to buffs :d I think your post is actually ironic. Becuase for one thing this video from 2 weeks ago mentioned caitlyn as a champ that needs a buff. Funny enough he did say as well that Tryndamere, Yi, Victor and Lucian needed buffs and HEY WHAT DO YOU KNOW. They were buffed. SO cait might get buffed in the future too
: Ok...this is a wall...and you lost me at a few key parts...forgive me if I cut too much out in quotes. > I am a support main Cool, so am I. Hi, how you doing? > Gold income as support: Currently gold is a problem for supports. I understand all the issues with the gold items from the past, if you buff the gold income in a certain way you will have the same problem we had with heart of gold in the past, where every player in every lane buys it. Currently there are the 3 gold income items: That's fair. > Spellthief's edge: This item makes the most gold overall and is baught by most of the supports. The problem with this item it is a really good caster item and goes really well with certain champions like Ap Miss Fortune and brand. But i think this item is very flawed. Why? The requirement for getting gold with this item is to play aggressive. Key points: Spell thief's edge: 1. Good for AP AP {{champion:21}} ~~(this is still a thing?)~~ and {{champion:63}} (Be careful, your bias against mage supports is showing) 2. Bad on {{champion:40}} and {{champion:37}} ~~lol what~~ Wait wait, how is {{item:3303}} bad on {{champion:37}} ?? Lemme scroll down to your Sona rant... > Sona: Sona is my favourite support and i remember she was the first champion i ever bought. But she has always had several gameplay flaws and the reword she got didn't really fix that. If i have to be honest i always thought the old sona was better because of the auras. Okay so...key points you make: 1. Old Sona was better (as a Sona main, I agree because I am biased) 2. Sona does a lot of burst damage 3. Sona is squishy af 4. Sona's heal is only good after buying {{item:3174}} (I disagree, I rarely buy Athene's on Sona and I have no problems with my heal once it's leveled up) 5. Sona is a support, and therefore has to buy a {{item:2049}} (#supportlife) 6. Because Sona is super squishy, it is disadvantageous to her to put herself slightly more into Q range to poke to proc the gold passive from Spell thief's edge 7. Old Sona was so superior that Sona should be reverted back to old Sona 8. On top of that, Sona should have an Athene's built into her W (and the item Athene's should be nerfed to compensate) 9. The current auras are bad because you need to have your allies within your aura range for the aura to take effect (which, tbh, is not a new thing. That's kind of how auras work. The only different thing with Sona is that you can physically see the range of the aura) So basically what I'm getting is that you're lowkey a #SaveSona2015 Sona player. As a Sona Main, who starts with Spell Thief's Edge 10/10 games, I have to say that Spell Thief is very good on Sona. Honestly, if it is so hard for you to poke with Q from a distance without immediately getting caught out, then you should 1. Probs ward the side bushes, and 2. Probs stop playing Sona. Moving on. > Relic coin: Originally the worst gold item and we all saw some really nice changes to this item during the big support patch. This item is my favourite and it encourages passive/defensive gameplay where you can focus on being a support and heal/shield/buff your adc and use cc when needed. But this item has a big flaw as well. {{item:3301}} *ANCIENT COIN Key Points: 1. The best item for supports because it promotes utility support gameplay with no aggressiveness (because as we've established from your rant on spell thief, supports probably shouldn't be aggressive) 2. FLAW: You have to be NEAR the MINIONS to get the gold (omg, it's almost like you have to be with your adc as they farm. _THE HORROR._) 3. Maybe it can grant vision, like {{champion:22}}'s Hawk Shot TBH, I usually start ANCIENT COIN on {{champion:40}} or {{champion:16}} when I know I'm not going to be playing aggressive, and then I sell it for {{item:3092}} later. Because, like you said, it is the better gold option for _utility_ supports, but the active is meh. > Relic shield: This item is considered best for tanky engage supports because of its health bonus. This item ends up making better gold than relic coin as well because of good recharge time of your charges from Face of the Mountain. The biggest problem with this item is that it's minion execute only works on MELEE attacks. This is a problem for Thresh. {{item:3302}} AKA, the tanky support item. ... Okay, I can summarize your point in one sentence: "This is a good item, except if you play Thresh because Thresh will mess up his adc's farm." Lol what. Yes. ONLY Thresh will ever mess up your adc's farm, ESPECIALLY if he has Relic Shield. That's how that works. It's not like {{champion:25}} with {{item:3303}} can accidentally steal farm or mess up the adc's farm whenever she uses her W, or {{champion:40}} with {{item:3301}} can accidentally kill a minion with her Q. It's just 100% {{champion:412}} fault with {{item:3302}}. #logic > This is another yet crucial thing. A support has the hardest time getting an S and an S+ is SUPER RARE. Lol, or maybe you're just bad? I get S's pretty frequently when I support. (even as {{champion:37}}, which I have lvl 7 mastery with, and {{champion:40}}, which I just got lvl 6 mastery with. Need S's to get those. Just saying.) > Itemization: The fact that the first 800 gold going into a sighstone has several problems. All 3 support items' upgrade versions have a higher gold income than the first form. This means that you are actually decreasing your gold income by rushing sightstone. Actually. {{item:2301}} and {{item:3098}} both grant 2 gold per 10 seconds AND 15 gold on hit. (compared to {{item:3092}}, which gives the same amount of gold) (and {{item:3303}} still has the 2 gold per 10 seconds...the only difference is you get 8 gold on hit--but you don't seem to like this item anyway, so?) {{item:2302}} and {{item:3096}} both grant 6 gold when a minion dies (compared to {{item:3069}} which gives..wait for it...6 gold when a minion dies) (and {{item:3301}} gives 4 gold...a whole 2 gold difference for when your adc can last hit) {{item:2303}} and {{item:3097}} both grant 2 gold per 10 seconds and shares gold when executing minions (and need I say {{item:3401}} gives the same amount of gold?) (and {{item:3302}} has the exact same amount of gold given. So.) So are you really losing gold in the long run by rushing {{item:2049}} first before the level 2 gold upgrade? Because, honestly, if you're building for a sightstone upgrade instead of a gold trinket upgrade, then it's better to rush sightstone because vision saves lives, and saving lives means you didn't give the enemy team gold. But if you really have your panties in a twist, you can do what most supports do and buy the upgraded trinket first before sightstone because unless you get that double ~~kill~~ assist bot lane and/or your adc is one hella good farmer, you're not gonna have enough to buy the sightstone on your first back (or, if all the conditions are met, then you can get your sightstone AND trinket upgrade on your first back. Who'd've thunk it?) > And finally i want to give my opinions on the support champions **(Note: i will not include champions like Brand, Zyra, Velkoz not to be biased but these are literally only midlaners going botlane in the support role because they are the best at setting up kills, because of that these champs are mostly favoured to be played)** That is literally the definition of being biased. > Soraka: She is a healbot..... literally nothing else she cant even properly heal herself which is not very fun, you are actually killing yourself to heal people what which is like WHAT... Do you know who likes to be a healbot, barely doing anything else but healing is very boring even to me and i really like passive defensive support playstyle. So just because you don't like Soraka means something is wrong with her? A Plat player once told my Bronze ass that once you learned how to play league, you could literally do anything with any champion and win. He then proceeded to main {{champion:16}} jungle. In season 6. True story. Let that sink in for a bit. > Janna: Janna has always had too good ap scaling and her shield is to dependant on ap. I would find myself with 40-50% bonus shielding and healing power and still my shield would be more effective if i had gona full ap. Why not nerf her Ap scaling of her shield and increase its later version base values. **She is in a very good support but she has a bad peel and the effectiveness of that peel is tied to her Ap.** Why not buff her W to have nicer damage values but low AP scaling. I mean at the moment throwing a W at an enemy champ does like < 60 damage wich is a joke... Makes the champion feel ONLY passive and defensive. Likes playing passive/defensive supports. Thinks {{champion:40}} is bad at peeling. Thinks. {{champion:40}} Is bad. At peeling. brb I'm dying a little inside. Bonus: "Why not buff her W to have nicer damage values but low AP scaling. I mean at the moment throwing a W at an enemy champ does like < 60 damage wich is a joke... Makes the champion feel ONLY passive and defensive." Likes playing passive/defensive. Complains about a utility support champion having a passive/defensive playstyle. Makes sense. Yeah no...I'm done.
You miss understand me if you clearly read. "I will suggest some gameplay changes that might actually make support better and more enjoyable for the average player." I never said spellthief is bad on sona i said she suffers when she buys it. It is very good. But most people aren't playing support every game and most people play support to fill the role. Not everyone enjoys it. Riot specifically made the post explaining there aren't enough people playing support. You don't need to be such an asshole. Everything i said is to make support more fun, the changes aren't reflected solely on Support mains =_=
: "Back in my day we had Philosopher's Stone and Gold Gen runes, and we liked it!" I don't get why people always go on about how hard it is to get S on support. I tend to get it quite reliably. Maybe I'm just that good? :P
It only depends on which champ you play, some get it easily, some don't Thresh and Leona i know get it easily
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