: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vel'koz Direction
> Research thematic is not explored very well Minigame incoming... > Mid lane laning pattern involves mindlessly wave-clearing with W ? All Champs have some wave-clearing pattern, why is his a bad thing? Besides, him trying to land some poke or E-started combo is part of his laning pattern, so, it's not like he just throws his W and nothing else. Further - it's fun, trying to properly clear with his W. > Generalist damage output without meaningful utility means he must be balanced around simply doing more damage than anyone else What does this mean? What is he supposed to do? He has poke and a knockup; If he hits his E, his team and he can go in. Again, how is this different to other Champions that have their own "If I hit X, I go in" patterns?
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
Will Wit's End and Guinsoo's Rageblade be looked at with the Preseason Changes, whether as part of the ADC itemization changes or not? On one hand, I feel like both of these items (especially the Rageblade) are very, very unpopular and very rarely used. On the other, you seem to be going for a route where you add loads of various ADC items to serve various purposes. So why not adapt these two items into ADC items following that logic, one for MR + bonus Magic damage and one for clutch fights and bonus AP-centric builds/ADCs?
Riot Jag (NA)
: 1) Teleport is definitely too powerful, particularly in the pro game. We're doing some cooldown changes on it, but also Rift Herald features prominently here since there's a good reason to not TP away from the top side of the map. 2) We did try the TP boot experiment in Bilgewater. I won't speak for future plans, besides saying that was fun for a while but would probably warp the game heavily if it was in SR. 3) I don't think TP scrolls are out of the realm of possibility in the future, but no current plans. I wouldn't say Keystone Masteries are an analog of the Role system, they're more a revamp of our current masteries to hone in on what choices are really meaningful to a player.
Thanks for the reply! 1) Personally I don't feel like this is the case, at least not in a pressing sense. However, it is definitely up for debate! I do hope that you manage to not overdo it. 2) Hm, I see. I didn't try that. I do wonder how that would work out and I am glad that you at least experimented with it. Not sure if warping SR a lot is necessarily a bad thing - Kha'Zix would agree. :D 3) Cool to hear that. I do feel like possibly removing TP as a Summoner Spell and going for a TP Scroll or Trinket or something would be interesting. The thing with TP Scrolls is that they can make the game more dynamic and fluid while simultaneously also threatening to make it very reactionary and stagnant. --- I see. Fair enough to me. The Masteries do just feel like some small "insignificant" (they are ofc not) numbers that just work in the background. Making them feel more important is a great cause!
AD Yuumi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Primarch Horus,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=whbJ5lH1,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2015-10-28T18:44:48.456+0000) > Third (larger topic): Can you say whether the new Keystone Mastery thing is comparable to the Role system in Dawngate? They aren't as game defining as that, while Dawngate's role system tended to focus on how your character earned gold (and as such informed what role you played that game), the Keystone Masteries tend to offer optimizations and power boosts to things your character is already trying to do. They don't define your role, they enhance the one you already have.
Thanks for the clarification! There are pros and cons of the Role system Dawngate tried to use. This is a bit less risky, I think. Hope it turns out well.
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
Hello! First, I just want to express that I am very excited at the changes you've announced/hinted at in your blog post. It is all very interesting! Second, I want to pose a question and I hope that it is not a problem that this topic was not mentioned yet: It is regarding Teleport(s): 1. What do you, in general, if anything, plan to do with Teleport? What are your thoughts on its current state? 2. Since you hinted at Items and/or Trinkets "evolving" and (sometimes automatically) upgrading to fulfill certain goals, has any thought been giving in somehow combining Teleport with these concepts? 3. Otherwise/related to all of this, what do you think about the possibility of turning LoL into a more "teleport-active" game? Be it with consumable items, Trinkets or whichever, is there any chance that we get Teleport as we see it in, say, DotA 2 (with TP Scrolls)? Whether Yes or No: Why? Third (larger topic): Can you say whether the new Keystone Mastery thing is comparable to the Role system in Dawngate? Thanks for your time!

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