Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
@Meddler is LeBlanc going to be on PBE today?
: I said won't likely happen not won't happen, but yeah I should have written that more carefully I did understand what he was writting but did not express it correctly.
Nobody is saying that it wont happen, the fact that your saying 'it will be delayed' - NO! it's not delayed? But it ofcourse can end up being delayed, when they implement their general idea and test it out this week and dont thing it feels good, then it will be delayed and they will try to find another idea to test out.
Meddler (NA)
: Hopefully yeah. Not guaranteed to be those exact patches necessarily though.
Alright, sounds pretty good, that you dont just rush her work out and instead are trying to get the best out of her. And thank you for your time and responds, much appreciated.
: RiotAugust mentioned that the LeBlanc changes will be delayed until Riot finds something satisfying for her so won't likely be in PBE Patch 8.5. EDIT: Shoot just posted this a minute after Meddler answered.
Please try to atleast understand what he is writting... He is saying that **it can be delayed** and **it can be canceled** if they dont find a solution that makes LeBlanc more fun to play and fair to play against. Right now they have a general idea, that they will try out and if it feels good, then they will put it on PBE and work on her with our feedback too.
Meddler (NA)
: Possibly 8.5, not certain yet. Wouldn't be shippping in 8.5 though even if she makes it onto the PBE then. No details yet on what will/won't change. Stuff's just getting into implementation and testing now since Rengar's just finished.
So it's like with Rengar, where you put her on PBE(Maybe 8.5 cycle) and then your working on her for maybe 2 patches(1month) and releasing her in patch 8.6 as an example?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 14
Hello Meddler. - When do you think/believe LeBlanc will be on PBE? PBE 8.5 cycle or? - And is there any information which abilities your going to revert on LB? Hope you will answer, would be much appreciated.
AHScoven (EUW)
: It's really sad that Riot will probably ignore all of our requests..
RIOT have not commented in this thread and will not do it sooner or later. But what i can guarantee you is, that they are seeing everything thats going on in here. And that's good since, they can use this thread as a feedback from pro players, streamers and the community who is not only from NA(That got the LB survey from RIOT). Last but not least, there is many different opinions in this thread, where we kinda get the point of view from everybody.
: Faker wants old Leblanc! - Pro players and SivHD opinion on Leblanc.
@RIOT please remove/dont allow "SUB HEROCRo" in this thread, since he is only spamming. Which is annoying for everybody.
Kloqdq (NA)
: Frankly, all three of those reworks completely improved upon the champions. Comparing LeBlanc's rework (really it was just a gameplay update) to something like Taric or Sion (which made the champions actually playable and gave them an amazing theme) is missing the issues with the LeBlanc update. LeBlanc lost elements that made her special, while giving her traits that missed the point of the original design (which they didn't change) while also making her far worse of. For example, the passive was moved to ult in a "ult" that feels like I wasted it every time I use it. Mostly because I have no real control over it and it doesn't really "trick" anyone. Really all I can say that ult is for now is scouting an area and THAT ISN'T THE POINT OF IT. The passive creates a layer of issues on itself while frankly making LeBlanc less healthy. They give her AoE damage and wave clear. Not a great choice. Then they front load her damage in one time (this houses ALL of LeBlanc's damage) while making an awful delay time that doesn't slow the problem LeBlanc has and make it annoying for everyone involved in the matter (LeBlanc has no damage due to the delay and everyone else has to just avoid her. It's not like death mark where it is just an extra amount to help finish off someone or Talon's bleed. IT'S ALL HER DAMAGE). These problems layer themselves and mean LeBlanc feels awful to play in the majority of cases. There is also the problem of the way ult worked. Frankly, having LeBlanc having to cast the last ability again created a skill gap on the champion. You wouldn't notice it if you didn't play a lot of LB before and after but if you did, you really feel it. Not only this, it also kept her in line. She couldn't just chain and then QR she had to E then Q AND THEN QR. Now you can just go - E RQ. This doesn't seem like a lot but it actually opens up a lot more options for any LB and means she is simpler to play (you have to care less about what you are using) while you also don't create the delays that gated her in a way. You had to use your last ability meaning you need to think ahead in your combo. Now it just is simpler. This all compact to not only miss the point of LeBlanc, but create serve health problems that alienate LeBlanc players, old and new frankly.
: Faker wants old Leblanc! - Pro players and SivHD opinion on Leblanc.
Even Redmercy doesn't like the new Leblanc, you can watch the video above.
Kixsy (NA)
: New LeBlanc is broken in competitive and isn't the greatest in Solo Queue now (in most elos). They just made a more broken LeBlanc after changing her. They should just revert the changes, and nerf the old LeBlanc to balance it out.
Good point. New Leblanc have a much higher ban ratio in competitive/pro scene, than the old Leblanc.
: I had only played LeBlanc a little before her rework since I only started with the Star Guardians skin update, but I can say of what I played with her the old version felt much more cohesive. The change to R is nice, being able to use any skill rather than just the last one, increasing the skill ceiling of the character; but the changes to her sigil feel awful. Needing to wait around for the sigil to prime is bad enough; not being able to put a sigil back on the same target is overkill. I mean hell, {{champion:99}} gets more damage off her spell rotation just because she can reapply her passive. The damage reduction to W isn't even the issue when it comes to the new version playing like ass. Keep the changes to R. Move sigil back to Q exclusively so it can trigger and reapply with R!Q and high CDR. Either go back to the old passive or go with yet another different one.
Good point. But the reason people likes the old Mimic(R), is because it was less clunky and more instant.
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: They moved too much into her passive, just to delay her burst.
Azureee7 (EUW)
: Old LB > New LB not even close. Old one was actually fun to play. New one is an overpowered chore to play and play against. Also this
100% Agree and Siv have such a good point in this video. This point is something Riot needs to keep in mind, not only for Leblanc but for every future champion reworks.
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zippyHD (EUW)
: Riot, should remove the weird wave clear, that came out of nowhere and put the Sigil of Malic back to be a (Q) ability Then they could maybe bring back the old Passive or maybe make a new one.
Kloqdq (NA)
: I wish I got the survey. For me, multi-casting spells and tricking enemies with my W was always my favourite part of Leblanc. Now it just doesn't feel right and far to slow.
So true. This new Mimic(R) feels so clunky and slow and especially when you RW. But if people put "I enjoy being able to recast any spell when i use Mimic(R)" at the bottom, then RIOT will probably change it back to the old Mimic(R) which is faster and less clunky.
: i wouldnt mind them taking off the 1.5 second delay if they removed some of the bonuses it gives like the bs "clear entire wave with w q at 6 minutes" capability she has now. also, leblanc can easily outplay almost all of her counters. against morgana for example it isnt too hard to juke her root. if they removed leblancs 1.5 second delay she would have almost no weaknesses at all beyond being squishy.
Riot needs to understand, that Leblanc doesn't need the bonus wave clear from Sigil of Malic. Leblanc have been farming without any problems for 6 years, since she was released. They should remove the weird wave clear, that came out of nowhere and put the Sigil of Malic back to be a (Q) ability Then they could maybe bring back the old Passive or maybe make a new one.
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zippyHD (EUW)
: RIOT - Why is custom skins not allowed "anymore"?
Please bring custom skins back! League of Legends what the funniest game ever when custom skins was allowed!
: as non leblanc player... they both feel unfun to fight against.
The point is that we dont care if she do 0 damage on every single abilities(dont understand me wrong) but we want the passive/clone back and juke the enemy team like you can do with "Shaco and Wukong" - which is not OP but FUN.
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