Pika310 (NA)
: Actually, I'm fairly certain it's quite the opposite. Firstly, Rito stopped giving 2 shits about balance or customer satisfaction about 6 seasons ago. We've just been putting up with the same song & dance as they continue to intentionally spiral it out of control. Also, "fun" is completely objective. I speak for many when I say "League of Assassins" is neither fun, nor balanced. With Kai'sa & Pyke, assassins have officially infiltrated all 5 roles. Rito is dumping resources into other game genres because League isn't a "cash crop" anymore. Their active customerbase has been declining for multiple years now as they have been intentionally pushing customers away, in the delusion that potential new customers aren't a finite resource. Rito Game can't survive as Rito Game (singular) indefinitely & they've finally made the wise business decision of becoming Rito Games (plural) for realzies. That's not all though, [according to Meddler,](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/vaG0gRbU-quick-gameplay-thoughts-november-15) they are slowly changing their mindset to winning back customers they've betrayed. For instance, setting their massively obese egos aside & admitting most of their reworks were failures that only served to lose them customers. Many champions thusly will be getting reverts & have their kits updated with parts from their reworks, to bring them in-line with today's power creep. {{champion:21}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:43}} Just a few examples of the inevitable reverts.
Except they seem to have no inclination of going towards less bursty playstyle in the game overall, on the contrary...
: On Garen: my worries are slightly different. His most common and highest winrate build right now is already full offense: Triforce/Zerker/PD. The goal of the rework was to open up this kind of offensive builds for when you're ahead, but now that it's already the optimal build and if you nerf his kit damage, you will HAVE to build full offense, and the old, more tanky, builds will be impossible to pull out. In the end, the rework won't have open build diversity at all, it will only push him to play as a bad diver/assassin. At least that's what I fear. I hope it won't actually come to that.
Offensive Garen became a thing because of the blow-up before getting blown-up meta, they've strived for ever since runes reforged. If there's a decent option for offense, and a decent option for defense, the defensive option is usually the less effective one. As you implied, this nerf is non sensical, serving no other pupose than literally gutting both AS and tanky Garen into non-viability.
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SmolKat (NA)
: Bots in Coop vs AI
I actually kind of like playing with up to 4 bots and still get xp - sometimes makes it occasionally hard, or at least a little bit more difficult.
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: That's...kinda how it works though. To offset range vs melee differences early game you take doran's shield. This works similarly to the shield starting item in DotA in purpose. Do you want to automatically beat range or something?
How about just wanting a fair chance vs ranged? There's nothing fun or engaging about playing into a ranged as melee - only hardcore frustration, as you don't get to farm much or really play the game if they have half a brain. There needs to be counterplay of some sort, be it through new map mechanics or items. I don't mind getting counterpicked when it's melee vs melee, because it's usually a much fairer mathcup, with a far bigger chance of winning, than vs ranged. I.e. I can deal with winning or losing to a Darius just fine, as he has clear counterplay, and if I lose I usually know where I misstepped and that I had a chance. When dealing with Karma, Kennen, Quinn, etc etc, you just autolose the lane, unless they by some miracle are 1+ full divisions below you in skill, and even then, it can be a hard sell. They could buff Doran's shield to 80 HP over 8 sec and it still wouldn't matter in those matchups, as it's still based on missing health and not nearly enough, so you'll still be at like 40-60% health at best, and can't all-in easily either. For starters, they could remove the missing health condition when getting hit by ranged attacks. However, I also think extra hp regen on hit is a cheap way of solving it, and worse, it would be insanely hard to balance properly that way - as too much and ranged are useless, too little and melee are useless. But hey, at least klepto is gone...
: Alright no, Mage Conqueror test is over
There was a reason ranged had low duration on previous iteration of conqueror. Guess Riot couldn't figure out why - again a thing I already knew would be a potential problem when I saw it. Just like Sanguine Blade.
: Why is sanguine blade a thing?
Because they removed SoS, and realized there was one less busted cancer items, so they just HAD to introduce Sanguine Blade. I don't get how the balance team can be this fucking daft. It was clear to me from the start, that whoever can use this item even semi well, would instantly have a huge advantage over those who can't...
: It's not just Darius, this change fucks over Nasus as well, and any other immobile melee that wants to split push. No more clutch saves from the speed boost when the enemy team is trying to collapse on you.
Luckily, they put Sanguine Blade in the game, so now AA'ers are the only true splitpusher - yay! I don't particularly like Hashinshin, but he's on point when he said this item is pure shit, and is gonna fuck any splitpushing bruiser who can't use it. I mean, it's gonna be fucking hard to duel any Sanguine Blade user...
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
Some steamy Garen X Katarina action! Please spare no details...
: Least Broken Champ
Pre-rework Garen... And now post rework too. Easy enough to deal with, simple kit, the quintessential juggernaut, can he get to people, he brings the hurt, but very easy to stop from doing so.
Antenora (EUW)
: https://i.gyazo.com/ab605f624c8552472385b06b23042dc3.png bring this mastery back.
Isn't that called conditioning now, that for some reason only kicks in 10 mins into the game? Oo Even if they changed it to 1 AR/MR per level (+ 10% resistances at 10 minutes), it would still not be overpowered, in this damage crazed shitfest that is LoL...
Leu07 (NA)
: Gemini LeBlanc
Looks great, mate - perfect 5/7, would ba... buy!
: I think since the tank meta, riot has been cautious to only allow champions to be tanky for short periods of time, and that's with Stoneplate and Aftershock People in low elo act like they can still blow you up, but you're actually unkillable (for a brief time) and teamfights can be super structured and last a long time I think toplaners struggle to be tanks because you can't even approach the waves if you build tank. Even Cho'Gath and Maokai, with their sustain, can struggle. Bruisers build a dmg/hp item first then tank up, and the damage item components are normally good for trading in lane Top lane feels to me like... I take a bad trade and I'm 200hp, lose plates, get ganked when I come back to lane... Top laners got it rough for real
They simply need to tune tank dmg down for tank metas to be good - the fact that tank metas in the last 3 years have meant tanks will be tanky af while also doing significant dmg, is why people are against them... Tanks should have ok early game dmg, and fall of a fucking cliff damagewise, unless they ofcourse build actual dmg, thus sacrificing tankiness.
: {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:2}} they arent leaving empty handed
Combo move: OVERFLOWING TESTOSTERONE! I pity the f00 getting in their way. I'd also pay good money to listen to Garen and Darius jab at each other... ;) PS. Not sure Lucian can survive being near that combo move - I'll pray for him.
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: The current state of League ( Damage , game pace )
The game currently sucks donkey balls, due to an abundance of dmg, mobility and snowball (thanks plates, but no thanks - how about giving no gold?). I remember when only a handful of champions had crazy mobility, and when assassins had to poke you to 50-60% health at least, before all-inning... Riot: But mobile champions are played more! You think? It's not just because they are "more fun", due to more options, it's simply that the mobility makes them flat out better, in this misposition-slightly-and-explode meta you're apparently striving for. As they are better at punishing mispositioning, and escaping mispositioning. So kindly, fuck you, get a brain and fix this game. Game primed for me at S4 to mid S5, which was the last season the game was good. Been a roll downhill, caught in a filled outdoor mobile toilet (yes, that's an analogy for your shit game). Do like WoW, introduce a S4/S5 game mode, and look as a horde of players change game modes. Which in turn would cement just how shit the current iteration of League is.
: So according to your own Metrics Pyke should of gotten nerfed by now Riot
You are right ofcourse, but... should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of should of
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðïana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AFBeNAvI,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-13T17:26:49.982+0000) > > Spear of Shojin is what has him out of line suddenly. He was trying to step out of line before it's release and had gotten poked back into place - Then they dropped Spear, and his Cooldowns disappeared due to him having access to an auto reset in his kit, often building a second auto reset, and having the stacking attack speed+Spear. If he has it and pops his R, he basically has no significant cooldown on any of his kit due to being able to launch those first several autoattacks extremely quickly, stacking his passive and resetting his cooldowns. > > > Honestly, spear has been an interesting attempt at an item, and DEFINITELY serves the purpose it's meant to - But it just feels so horrible to play against from the viewpoint of anyone who doesn't use it. Champs who have been balanced in certain ways for years suddenly have access to their abilities far more often with it, and it honestly just doesn't feel good to face a champ who suddenly goes URF on you. > > > On that note, I'ma go try SoS Diana in a norm. jax might just need some tuning on his cd he was abusing {{item:3508}} the same way
No, instead remove SoS passive. Then take it from there - it's absolutely cancerous.
: got my friend permabannede - he blocked me on every media - did I do the right thing?
Not to be insenstitive, but this seems like a textbook abusive relationship, even if platonic. Good thing it ended.
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9ZjnJv2r,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-23T09:01:24.894+0000) > > Deathfire touch, how about that? There hasn't been a replacement for that rune and still champions like {{champion:27}} don't have any good rune for their kit. They purposely removed that rune because it wasn't healthy for the game (much like Courage of Colossus). DFT was way too strong on champions that could use it (Malzahar, Singed) and was just terrible on everyone else. I don't see them going the DoT route for a keystone anytime soon. lol
> [{quoted}](name=Rainbow Slayer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9ZjnJv2r,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-23T09:09:24.882+0000) > > They purposely removed that rune because it wasn't healthy for the game (much like Courage of Colossus). DFT was way too strong on champions that could use it (Malzahar, Singed) and was just terrible on everyone else. I don't see them going the DoT route for a keystone anytime soon. lol Good thing Electrocute, Conq, etc, etc are so healthy for the game then...
Turok13 (NA)
: Does the balance team play this game?
I'm gonna call bullshit on this - I stopped playing Darius, because he's weak as fuck outside laning phase. He might be oppressive in lane vs some champs (like every fucking ranged do vs him and others), but even as Garen or Jax, I really have no fear when facing a Darius - might be because I played him alot and know his weaknesses very well. Sure, I'll get behind, but any jungler worth his salt is gonna look at a pushing Darius and know it's a free kill - Because, guess what, Darius is squishy as fuck. Now, take Jax, he's oppressive as major fuck if he gets any kind of lead. That's why I started playing him, and far easier to 1v2 or 1v3 with. He's a stat checking machine, due to his 3.6s jump, 4.8s stun, 1.8s W and an R that in concert with E and conqueror makes you tankier than full tanks, while outputting high dmg and burst, with a good amount of easy access mobility.
: Top laner isn't meant for Tankers or Juggernauts anymore
Decrease the base AD scaling of those carry champions a little, increase base AD scaling of juggernauts a little, introduce more items in line with Steraks (that works of base AD) - that should help with the "items juggernauts can use, others can use better" problem, at the least. Also, make them melee only, please. Hell, I wouldn't even mind true melee only juggernaut items with a decently powerful passive that gets disabled for like 10+ sec as soon as you dash/blink/become untargetable - with Flash being the only exception. That way immobile juggernauts actually can actually have good stuff... Now tanks? Decrease their combo damage, which is a bit high atm, low dmg scaling with offensive stats, and buff tank items. Could again go the base AD -> relevant stats route.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Risk of Fate,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EsQhlZEI,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-04-05T23:52:56.962+0000) > > "Tomorrow I will do a thing" and proceed endless loop of putting it off again and again. If actually a serious thing, it’s about starting today, and possibly with the smallest most basic of things. Repeated failure to do something and broken promises to yourself funnily enough trains your brain to do just that - but it works both ways. I’ve been down in the gutter, and it’s about starting today and oh so very small, instead of tomorrow and big dick changes to your life. Then, you slowly up your goal, just as you would slowly build a muscle with either heavier weights or more reps.
: If i was Darius i´d play around my auto attacks and W i think, as you dont want to use Q or E first. Jax could trade back with his own W and autos but Darius does more damage early with his passive i figure so Jax would end up losing that race ,especially as Darius has slightly more auto range giving him more opportunity to hit without taking anything back. The longer you can keep that sort of poking and extended trades up of attacking while moving backwards without either side using E or Q the more Darius would end up winning- The cooldown on his W is also not severe enough to cause any great problems and it even gains bonus range on use which makes it a very ideal tool against Jax. And if Jax tries to go in with his Q and E to punish? Buffer his stun and whatnot to break his nose afterwards, he wont have a way out with his early Q CD and he cant fight without his E. But well i suppose i have to admit that currently the matchup is much too skewed towards Jax, partly because jax himself is too strong early for how he scales but also because he has the scaling steroid off {{item:3161}} being so good for him. ' But when jax doesnt have access to stuff making him go over the top and when he isnt as good early(conqueror or runes causing it maybe?) then Darius would have a easy win in the lanephase, i think my idea might work but its also a gamble so it could fail. A final thought would be that its infact conqueror causing problems in this matchup, Darius isnt a bad 1v1 fighter with his passive but conqueror favors faster fights once activated, jax is better at those because all his abilities are instant and well his ult damage doesnt have terribly low synergy with conq.
Only way that strat is viable, is having Grasp - else you get outtraded/go even. This kind of trade also goes both ways, as Jax can do the exact same thing. After 6, you're gonna start regretting having Grasp on Darius. If Jax reads you right, or flat out decides to do the same to you, he wins the trade by basically ignoring your W and AAs with E, while getting burst on ya - and in worst case scenario, where he gets hit by a Q after E, and retreats, he goes even at worst. What's even better, following the E/Q trade, Jax has Q to either keep going, if he thinks he can win an extended trade or back off if he thinks he can't. And who wins a fight if both are at half health? Jax, because he gets dmg off faster. This is all leads back to my point, that Jax holds the cards and tools to beat Darius, and at worst, go even. As I stated, if both play 100% correct, Jax will win in the end, due to shorter CD trade power, that's stronger than Darius' burstwise. Only way Darius wins, is if Jax fucks up, and eats a full (AA)-W-E-Q combo, without having done responded - there's no way he wins a trade after that, and can only retreat - but guess what? It all depends on him being bad, not Darius being good. Now that's out of the way, out of lane, let's say Darius was the actually better player and went 2/0 in lane, and got a 50 cs lead - once Jax has SoS, he's back in the game. I watched Ravenborn alot, when trying to get better at Darius - he beat a jax hard in lane, to a point he had a full Deadmans on the Jax, (TF/Steraks/DP) and Jax (TF/SoS) actually won 1v1, because of that god forsaken shit item. He couldn't run, he couldn't do dmg to him (couldn't hit Jax with Q or AAs/W, kek) - it was URF vs non URF... And to re-re-reiterate - concidering a competent jungler, it's no brainer who should win. All it takes is a one kill lead for Jax, and he can literally run Darius down - the other way around, Jax can always escape. Shit could be solved by actually letting these cancer champions have actual CDs in the early game, give conq a time stack kinda like Atmas (conq stacks 1 every sec, for every AA/ability to up to 5 stacks), and removing that SoS passive. The only situation you're right, where Darius wins, is a lvl 3+ iron slugfest at full health, where both hit all their abillities and AAs, then Darius should win - as 5 stack Darius IS able to put out alot of dmg... It's just not how real life goes. ;)
: True i dont play toplane frequently at all, but using the likely chance of Darius being screwed for making a mistake as a argument isnt really a good indication of how the matchup goes x) After all that goes for jax as well. To me it seems that early Darius should by all means win that fight, after all jax cant really fight anything without his E at first but Darius doesnt have to use his. So if Darius simply plays around Jax he can harass and poke as much as he wants, if Jax tries to trade back with the E Darius can then easily just buffer with his own and then screw Jax pretty badly. Of course this turns when Jax reaches the point of no longer needing his E to fight, i think this would be the time when he either gets trinity force or just levels up sufficiently, so it would presumably be crucial for Darius to win the lane early on to extend the time he wins as much as possible. Which to me doesnt seem like a impossible task, difficult but just winning lane and getting ahead in CS doesnt seem like it would be hard for some time. Then finally, that Darius....doesnt he misplay really badly? He needs his E to beat Jax´s but he goes basically all in at 2 and ends up completely screwed for it, that death put Jax in such a great spot. While i personally think Jax is a bit overtuned early for his scaling that video was still just mostly a case of Darius throwing horribly, at least the first death, and the second death was even worse. Darius actually uses his Q first having seen how Jax will just jump on him, then he doesnt use his E when Jax does and ends up stunned, then uses his own E and misses before still playing aggro despite having just lost a notably larger amount of health than jax did and having burned his all important E. Then Jax just backs off a little ,waits for Q to come back then goes back in, starts trading autos, uses Q on Darius Q (who´d expect?) and then just autowins the fight due to the already large healthlead from Darius using his abilities incorrectly and jax using more auto attacks in the meanwhile. Honestly it kinda felt like watching a Renekton go in with his fury charged up, he sees jax use E and the renekton still tries to use his W for a fury stun despite how jax will just block it and trade back, but worse, way worse. That Darius was awful, even i as a midlane/botlane primary can tell.
The point of the mention of a mistake, was to make a point out of, if Darius uses an ability to harass, he's gonna get punished. He can do E->W->Q, sure - but his trade rotation (which doesn't outtrade Jax' combo btw) has a longer CD - so it either turns into a farm lane, which leads to Jax inevitably winning, hard. Or try do do something, in which, if both play 100% correct, Jax will win. There's no real "playing" around Jax - only way Darius wins, is if Jax fucks up. He has the tools - with lower critical CDs than Darius. And you're really stretching to make the Darius horrible with that comparison of Renekton - but yes, Darius does indeed misplay to some extent in this - but, seeing your commentator skills are on point, I wonder if you can tell me what he should have done instead, to come out on top in this lane? You can find vids of korean Darius getting fed of Jax, but those videos are where the Jax makes mistakes befitting of silver players... Not shitting you. Now, to the point - one of these champions is a hardcore scaling champ capable of 1v9ing, due to his kit - and it's not Darius. Darius at least is far stronger early, right? No, it's about even, and actually in favor of the Jax, due to lower CDs. That's just not right - Jax should be weaker early, or scale worse, or at the very least have far higher early game CDs. Lastly, look at his winrate, which is just lol. I stopped playing him, because he is absolutely dogshit atm - he's a decent early game champion, that falls off a cliff. He is literally helpless without summoners. As a sidenote, for some reason Jax needs 350 MS to go with his low CD Q, which makes zero sense for me.
Moody P (NA)
: Yorick was blatantly too strong and the Maiden changes made him as simple to pick up as Garen
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eVanNFMG,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-28T16:24:22.749+0000) > > Yorick was blatantly too strong and the Maiden changes made him as simple to pick up as Garen Pretty sure OP knows that, and is instead asking why Riven is exempt of similar treatment when clearly too strong? She's a supposedly mechanically hard champion to play (and she actually is to the fullest of maximizing that burst), but everyone and their mother can apparently pick her up and perform decently on her. Also, I die a little inside every time people whine over "simple to play" champions, as if that's a bad thing. I miss Garen being actually truly viable, and despise flashy dashy shit like Irelia, Jax, Camille, Riven, and ranged cancer like Vayne/Neeko/Quinn/Kennen/Jayce top... God I hate league atm.
: Kayle´s hitbox is misleading i´ll give you that, putting it mildly, the actual character is floating above ground and its not visually clear where her actual hitbox on the ground is when she moves. Now as for hardscaling champs being able to beat Darius early 1v1, which ones? I cant think off any except Fiora really, Darius can buffer jax E to render it mostly harmless and then beat him,Riven does beat Darius if i recall and......not many other melee toplaners really scale that well? Fiora, Jax and Riven are probably the best in that regard, at least i think so, but Riven is super reliant on Flash to really do work later. But i disagree on Darius being squishy though, he only dies too quickly because there are too many overtuned damage carries of which a leading example is Vayne.
I'm sorry mate, hate pulling this card, but you just don't seem like you know that much about top lane dynamics and the champions there of - no hate, though. Feel free to inform me I'm wrong, though - more than willing to listen! ;) You're right that Darius can E and run away if Jax counterstrikes - but even then, Darius has a 8s longer CD on Apprehend. And if Darius does error of using the Q in lane, Jax instantly jumps in, if he has passive stacked, AA->W->E, and it's over for Darius - whos only option is to run away, resulting in a bad trade, as Jax will have conq up, and Darius wouldn't win an extended trade either. Darius' only hope is the Jax panics if you E him, so you get a free E->W/Q combo off. Jax holds all the tools, and as I said, if he plays correctly, he goes even with Darius at worst. Jax short CDs just making him an absolute nightmare to be against - and impossible when slightly ahead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEqOETgq3G4 ^ Is roughly about how it goes, when the Jax is any good. I'd be happy if you showed me an actually good Jax lose to a Darius - and as I said before, a good jungler will usually note Darius is vulnerable as fuck to ganks, and help give Jax a lead.
: Because Darius E is offensive and has a absolutely broken range indicator----the second isnt his fault but it is much bigger than indicated and much stronger too. Camilie´s is actually reasonable to a degree, while long as hell it´s at least a skillshot and does not work without standing close to a wall. And Jax is pretty much impotent if you can deny his E, Darius for instance i am pretty sure can use his E to buffer or outright dodge it. The problem with Darius isnt that he is bad once he catches up to the enemy team, rather at this point he can be really good. The problem is that he pretty much never does, abundance of stuff like Morgana/thresh ensures that.
I'm actually gonna hard disagree on that - Darius atm is very squishy, and can't front line for shit. His only real option is getting 5 stacks on their frontline and make a flash play, or make a flash play in general - as he'll just die otherwise (or, as you implied, get kited to hell and back). Only way to forego this, is being insanely fed... Which, if that was on Jax/Riven/Camille, would be far more terrifying. Camille E, and Jax Q/E is far stronger than Darius E, due to them being very versatile - mobility/defensive/offensive, and I daresay Jax counterstrike is one of the most broken basic abilities in the game, when paired with SoS. Darius is impotent without his E too, and it's on a far longer CD (50% higher). That, and hard scaling champions being able to 1v1 Darius early, if both play at a high skill level. Jax just has to use his abilities correct, and he goes even with Darius at worst. Riven gets to 6 without dying and getting Caulfields, and it's over for Darius - she has all the agency, and if she has ignite, she can burst him 100-0. What's even worse - due to their mobility, and his lack there of, Darius is also far easier to gank in those lanes... But, I'll give you the hitbox is kinda wonky on the Darius E, but it really goes both ways. I've apprehended many times, where I'm sure it hit, but they happily straddle along. New kayle is a prime example of hitbox not matching what you see...
94372148 (NA)
: Why does Pyke need three forms of CC as a highly mobile assassin with a resetting true damage ult?
I don't mind playing against Pyke at all, it's far less bullshit than Zed, Talon, Rengar (when not behind) and the like - he's very dependent on his team. Also, Jax, Riven and Vayne are on my top bullshit list of unfun to play against... They just run you down, and borderline 1v5s. A Jax with TF, SoS and Titanic absolutely destroys anyone in a 1v1, can even 1v3, if none of his enemies are any kind of fed. This means the game is lost - because of one fucking OP champ (well, in this case SoS, which is what enables him to do so).
Haze97 (EUW)
: Instead of asking Riot to fix Jax for once how about we for once all them to fix Darius instead? Darius is far too squishy for a juggernaut and the fact that he has zero mobility doesn't help. He needs 5 attacks to be worth anything and for an early game champ doesn't beat a single other champion who has an actually good early game. The last Darius buff gave him a ton of damage yes, but that's hardly what he needed. He is still squishy, needs survivability, and has to build a fuck ton of armour in order to take as many hits as Garen or Urgot do just by existing. Go play Darius (or Jax) against an actual early game lane bully such as Pantheon, Jayce, or Volibear and you'll realize you get shoved under the tower far more easily.
Darius is shit atm, this burst, dashes/extreme movespeed, knockups and ranged top champions meta just absolutely screws him. Also, why the fuck does Camille and Jax get so much lower CDs on the mobility (and counterstrike) than Darius does for his E? Is that really so much stronger? (No, it isn't...) I mean, Jax Q (10-6s), Jax E (16-8s, and he uses SoS to boot), Camille E (16-10), while Darius starts at fucking 24s, and goes down to 12s in the midgame... Darius really should get a short ~3s duration resistance bonus, or dmg reduction, scaling with how many champions he apprehends... and at 3+ people make him unstoppable for the duration. Would make him actually able to engage without blowing up...
: Great designs btw {{champion:114}} (Passive = AD Scalling % Max HP as Bonus True Damage, R) {{champion:67}} (W = 14% of Target's Max HP as True Damage every 2 basic attacks with Rageblade) {{champion:86}} (1% of Villains Max HP as True Damage on Basic Attacks & E, and all of R damage is converted to True Damage that is increased with based on target's Missing HP)
All something that should be reworked into something "healthier"...
Dr Dog (NA)
: i getting REALLY sick of blantant matchmaking working against you in promos
It's simple - it makes you play more, as it takes longer to reach a goal, where you feel you can stop playing, or not play nearly as much (casual filth)... I despise it too. I'm actually of the opinion, that promos should be ONLY people from ranked and MMR tier bracket, give or take some - even if queues will be longer for those games.
: tanks need %bonus rather than flat stats. its more logical as a tank rune.
lol, no - that reeks of common sense, and we don't use that around here!
: Threshmain here. Very strongly agree with this post. In the last patch Riot removed the Awakened Dragon passive from Essence Reaver and made it infinitely more cancerous by sticking it on an item that has absurdly good synergy with 1v5 bruisers like Jax, Riven, Renekton (it's also good on Yi) because it now gives health, damage, *and* CDR. I remember a game where we won botlane and literally could not win because the enemy team had a fed Jax with Spear of Shojin. Peeling for my adc was actually impossible because he'd ult and then leapstrike like 5 times and kill everyone. Ridiculously good itemization tbh
I can only support this claim - it's so insanely annoying to play against - even if behind, this items boost them so hard. Now, when they're fed, it's just GG whenever they got ult up.
Moody P (NA)
: Knock it off with the URF mode ults
Also, Spear of Shojin does something very similar - it's cancerous as fuck. Man, fuck the balance team for these stupid ass decisions...
Rioter Comments
: Immobile champions tend to have much, much higher damage. Look at beefy hulks like Olaf, Trundle, and Shyvana. They're some of the least mobile champs in the game, but also fully capable of killing almost anyone in a straight up 1v1 duel, or at the very least living forever / walking away. The "problem" with slippery & evasive champions is that they can reliably apply their damage, which makes it feel like it's more. Trundle can dish out easily double Lee Sin's damage over the course of 5 seconds, the problem is that no one is standing around to let trundle murder-fuck them like that. This leads to a perception disparity, where people believe Lee does more damage simply because his is easier to apply. They also fail to take into account other factors, such as how insanely tanky trundle gets (while still doing immense damage + stealing stats), while Lee either builds full damage and dies when hit with a point-and-click CC, or bruiser / tank and is largely incapable of killing people on his own.
Garen, Darius, Olaf, etc etc funnily enough actually does less dmg over time, with less mobility, than crap like Jax, Riven, Irelia, and the like - specially at like level 9+. The only thing the immobile champions have going for them, is they're slightly tankier, and better in a straight up melee slugfest, where people move little or don't dodge damage. The mobile champions have all the agency/mobility, and thus are way better at "carrying" when ahead, due to that mobility. Imo, mobility should come at a decent tankyness and/or dmg scaling cost. In the right hands, mobility far outweighs any kind of innate tankyness. It's the reason Camille was hated - she could engange from miles away. Jax, with his allround mobility and OP damage/damage avoidance/CC after just two items (hello Shojin), same with Riven and Irelia. If Darius mispositions, he rolls over and dies, unless VERY ahead. Riven/Jax/Camille/etc etc just dashes/hookshots/jumps away. Their threat range is FAR bigger, they're a FAR bigger threat to squishies - as they're also good at dodging incoming skillshots. I fucking hate the amount of mobility in this game. I miss the times Zed, LB, Jax, Kassadin and Fizz were the worst offenders - at least it made sense and was fairly exclusive. Bruisers should NOT be hyper mobile, unless it has a cost worthy to speak of.
: Rageblade and SoJ are unfun to play against and break champions
Seems like I'm not the only one Diablo 2 has ruined! :P But yes, please, for the love of fuck, remove those passives - they break champions.
Moody P (NA)
: The biggest issue with Conqueror is its exclusivity
The fact that it's far better on AA reliant, mobile bruisers, and just very mediocre, or worse, on immobile juggernauts, just pisses me off. Give me a powerful rune that _maybe_ works of base AD (can do so for both AP and AD), and shuts off for 30 sec if you dash/jump, and I'm a happy camper. :P Conqueror: For 5 seconds after hitting an enemy champion with an ability or autoattack, gain 3% of your base AD as (adaptable force) and 2% damage reduction, to a maximum of 10 stacks. Melee only. Abilities/Autoattack refreshes duration. Dash/jumps disables rune for 30 sec. Numbers and actual mechanics pulled straight from the ass - so not final product, but you catch my drift. Anyways, no more abuse from hyper mobile tanky champions, or ranged - solely a juggernaut keystone.
: ***
Sure, go ahead - tell me more about how very OP Darius is...
: I think they should start with changing the refund to 10%, lowering the attack speed to like 30-40% (or have it scale with level), but increasing the duration. They could also drop the 20% CDR to just 10%. Or, it would be really awesome if they changed it back to the defensive option it was before.
It's the whole way the passive is construed I'm against - there's no iteration of it, that's gonna promote anything remotely healthy, unless it's borderline negligible. Refunding part of ablity CDs on AAs is never gonna be healthy. Those who synergize with it, do it too well - they could remove the AA bonus completely, and it would still be too cancerous.
Alkaîd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M45zJGEN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-27T10:35:44.688+0000) > > I'm in agreement that it's cancerous as fuck to the game. > > Especially when it's on {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} Ehhh? riven only cares about the passive. While everyone seems to think that she automatically likes the health and CDR, it has an absolute crap build path and costs a lot more than old ER (while also being down 15AD). Only time she'll ever really build it is if she is far ahead, or somehow has 1300 gold on first back for a BF sword to which she is sacrificing CDR from caulfield or something else
Same can be said about Jax, and he gets absolutely ridiculous once he gets that item. I've seen him destroy a high diamond OTP Darius who was a whole item ahead (TF/SoS vs TF/Steraks/deadmans). It's just lame. That's why it needs another passive, to make the item worthwhile - would prefer one defensive in nature, as was first planned. I'd happily accept less dmg for it too.
: I hate that it's making Riven overpowered, because without it she's pretty weak.
That's why they should just rework this item, then see if changes needs to be made to champions. ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Princess Bunhead,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QHHT6cgu,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2019-02-27T08:55:55.336+0000) > > I'm more in the "let's remove "Awakened Dragon/Essence Flare" passive from Spear of Shojin, and take it from there. Might still be in need of nerfs, along with Jax... Why rework an entire item just to keep riven and Jax balanced? Nerf the champions who are broken with the item and let everyone else keep it.
Because the whole concept of that passive is cancerous/unhealthy as fuck. There's no good way to balance it, other than make it into something else entirely.
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: Nerf Riven
I'm more in the "let's remove "Awakened Dragon/Essence Flare" passive from Spear of Shojin, and take it from there. Might still be in need of nerfs, along with Jax...
: Riven is super balanced with spear of sojin
Yeah, spear passive is shit - can't fathom they didn't make it a defensive item. No one fucking likes that passive, except the abusers. I mean, no one sane even wanted more accessible dmg/ability spam... It's really fun that specially Jax and Riven just fucks you once they get 2 items - you literally, as an immobile bruiser, need a whole item advantage to be on even grounds. Good thing they sacrifice some power for that mobility... -.-
Barso55 (NA)
: Spear of Shojin - Viable on which champs apart from the obvious riven/renek/jax etc?
It's not just viable on them - it makes them outright broken for the duration... Riot, please remove this shit.
: Jax + spear of shojin = Perma E
Please just remove it already, or make it a defensive item again... Most cancerous item, alongside rageblade.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Botlane is 4/17
It's called "pre-tilting" - making your team tilted before entering the game, making them play like shit. Own it! :P
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