: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:133}} Quinn: *Ever since her 8.6's changes, Quinn's burstiness has been a bit on the high side. This is due to the higher frequency of Harrier passive marks with the revised Skystrike ult activation effect. As such, her passive's base damage is going down a bit. To make her a bit better in smaller skirmishes and in manoeuvring around in a teamfight, her W passive's uptime is increased a notch. The aim of these changes is to make her rely a bit more on the use of her steroid to maximize effectiveness in a fight.* **Passive - Harrier** Damage - 10-95 + 14.5-40% total AD down from 15-100 + 18-50% total AD **W - Heightened Senses** Passive Duration - 2.5 seconds up from 2 seconds.
: There was a time when going full damage on ADC was frowned upon, but something changed... Whatever changed to make them think BF Sword building into GA was a good idea.
That change was called preseason 6, when Riot started balancing ADCs around 3 crit items instead of 2 and made Last Whisper only apply against bonus Armor. Now, that is reverted - so, ffs, ADCs, build some defenses.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What if we apply the MYMU mage changes to ADC itemization?
Bad idea. What Lifesteal does to ADCs is to couple their survivability to their damage output. This makes them survivable in stray damage situations and drawn-out fights, but vulnerable to concerted burst damage. Your proposal would reverse that - with high HP and low Lifesteal, ADCs become less vulnerable to their intended counters, but less efficient in their intended kind of fights. Stray damage from AoE abilities would force them out of team fights without requiring additional focused fire, while they'd be able to DPS down an assassin whose burst rotation they survived through.
Meddler (NA)
: We're looking at gifted shielding in particular because that's where shield stacking most occurs, which tends to be one of the bigger issues.
Considering Janna, would you then decouple Eye of the Storm's AD bonus from the shield in some way? For instance, have the AD buff last for the full 5 seconds if the shield times out (instead of being broken)?
: yea, I threw the word tank around without a little too casually and without giving an actual build. I was thinking of someone like {{champion:5}} who had {{item:3748}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3065}} If we were talking about an actual full tank we would be talking roughly 300 to 400 armor depending on build. It was 3 am and I was more focused on another post I was making.
Even a 400 Armor fulltank only has 133.6 Armor remaining against your build. Which is about a third of the initial value.
: Which is, in fact, how it worked until Season what, 6? 7?
Season 3, in fact. The change to the order of flat and %-based pen was in, which is also known as the start of preseason 3.
: Armor Pen and Last Whisper Revert
Yes, that will be one of the major issues to solve with the revert to total ArPen. And the 2-3 Lethality + Lord Dominik's build is bonkers even without Cleaver. What I think might happen before Worlds comes around is that they change the order in which %-pen and Lethality are applied. If Lethality applied before %-Pen, your example would have 57.2 Armor. Still not a lot, but better than the alternative.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
With the upcoming return to Total ArPen on Last Whisper and its upgrades, I worry a lot about Lord Dominik's in combination with Lethality items and Sudden Impact. With all three Lethality items, SI and Lord Dominik's, 98.5 Armor and any values below that will be reduced to 0 Armor. With the compensation buffs and item changes AD assassins received since the 5.22 patch (which changed LW to bonus Armor penetration only), do you also worry about AD assassins (and AD assassinesque champions like {{champion:133}} and {{champion:62}} ) possibly becoming overbearing? If so, would you rather trim %-pen and Lethality's synergy or the strength of the champions themselves? The latter preferably in a way that leaves it possible for the champion in question to not be forced onto the Pen build.
Naymlyss (NA)
: He is not going by pickrate. Lux has an extremely low pickrate.
Are you deliberately telling a lie or did you simple not bother to look up the truth? https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/current/platinum/plus/champion/Lux/Middle/ Lux has a 7.38% pickrate right now. Which is not the highest, but a far, far call from being extremely low.
: umm, only 2 of those are early/mid game champs except maybe jinx who would be mid-late garen and brand are item reliant and I assume the brand is the suport this is unfortunately a fairly balanced team, only lacking in crowd control and khazix would switch from being jungler to a split pusher
That comp sucks in teamfights, plain and simple. And Jinx is not really late-game champ either. Rather, she is a supergood tower taker and also great for snowballing.
: Nice statistic. I'll remember that next time I play so I'll know how little an Assassin is doing to my 200+ Armor. Or maybe when I'm playing ADC I'll remember to build Guardian's Angel cause of this. Or just get flat out damage reduction with Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer.
200 Armor against new Lord Dominik's, Sudden Impact and 3 Lethality items amounts to 66 effective Armor (33%) 300 Armor becomes 131 effective Armor (44%) You'd need 427 Armor to have half your initial Armor remain as effective Armor.
KZ Engel (NA)
: keep in mind edge of night is highly situational and usually not even an optimal buy since the magic resist was removed
Considering that the 18 Lethality effectively turn into about 28 penetration when buying EoN as a third Lethality item (0-Armor-threshold from 70.8 to 98.5), I'd say that going for EoN might be one of the better buys in that situation.
: How in the hell are you reaching those numbers? {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} Impact is 46 Lethality, which is only 46 flat pen at level 18. The most Lethality possible is 74 with impact and an extra {{item:3134}} added in. %Pen is applied AFTER flat pen, meaning 98.5, reduced to 24.5 is then reduced by 35% to 16. Being realistic and not including dirk, it's 34.5 that is then reduced to 22.4 And of course, ignoring the fact that every class has at least two viable armor items {{item:3026}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3047}}
Simple. {{item:3814}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} are 18 Lethality each, or 54 together. Sudden Impact is another 10 Lethality. Totaling 64 Lethality. Lord Dominik's is 35% total ArPen, and **it applies before Lethality**. Meaning, a targets armor is first reduced by 35% and then 64 is substracted. Thus, the equation becomes: 0.65 x Armor - 64 = 0 0.65 x Armor = 64 Armor = 64/0.65 = 98.5 (rounded to first decimal). ---- The change that had flat Pen apply after %-Pen happened all the way back in S3. From > Penetration changes: > > Percentage penetration now applies before flat penetration. This means that combining the two statistics will amplify the effect of both - compared to live which reduced the effectiveness of both.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Do you know what will be more toxic than Zed in patch 8.11?
Good thing Sterak's will not change in 8.11, then. For that patch, I'd be WAY more scared of Lord Dominik's on assassins. 70.8 Armor reduced to 0 with 3 items?
Pika Fox (NA)
: I mean, if its just 200 BE and 2 key frags, id be upset too. If youre going to create a positive reinforcement system, at least make it feel worth. Honor 3 gets a ward skin. At least give an emote or something. Or hell, a full key.
On the other hand, it is only for a minor checkpoint. Previously, there were no checkpoints.
Rioter Comments
: So is nothing being done about the tank meta in competitive?
Yes, there is something being done about the tank meta in competitive. They are, in fact, attacking the causes of the problem along multiple avenues. First part of the tank dominance in competitive lies in the current strength of hyperscaling ADCs and weakness of laning ADCs. This strength is based on a multifaceted issue: - Last Whisper is comparatively weak since the reduction of the ArPen in mid-S7, making Armor more effective against ADCs and favoring ADCs with non-physical damage - Kog'Maw, Varus, Kai'Sa. At the same time, this puts a hard limit on the bully ADCs, who are mostly physical damage-based. *This will be fixed with changing LW back to total ArPen in 8.11* - Second, three crit items is the strongest ADC build currently, by being both cheap and reasonably powerful on its steps. However, lane bullies suffer from the fact that they need to build a Zeal Upgrade after Essence Reaver to reach full efficiency of the item - and if you already have two non-IE crit items, Infinity Edge is the single biggest force multiplier there is - even if your playstyle would demand a different item (like the aforementioned LW). *Fixed by making IE only a crit chance amplifier, Zeal items more expensive, and Essence Reaver non-crit dependant.* - Finally, the full crit build makes an ADC strong enough in damage output to be the team's major damage source. This deprioritizes damage for other positions, and puts more emphasis on tool to keep the team's major damage source alive - i.e., tanky/supporty picks like Galio, Karma, mid Sion and reliable point&click lockdown like Malzahar and Skarner. RNG's comps at MSI are a perfect example for that. - Also, before someone says Ezreal: That little sucker is pretty OP right now with the double Tear build - an example of the law of unintended consquences in action. His Q's AP ratio was buffed to 40% all the way back in 4.4 - and with the recent changes to Seraph's (more mana and 20% CdR), it became a better item for the damage and frequency of Ez's Q spam than an actual AD item. *These things are mostly addressed by 8.11 (except Ezreal). This will have a massive impact on the meta in Summer season, and I would not be surprised to see ADC-focused teams suffer as a consequence.* Second part is, again, linked to the Last Whisper changes. With the new (or way old, depending on perspective), most AD-based picks will have a lot stronger splitpush, not only against tanks but also against each other. Furthermore, there are a few changes to non-Marksmen AD items in the works for 8.12 - Sterak's AD counting as bonus AD ({{champion:92}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:58}} are just happy to see you). Atma's making its triumphant return ({{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:120}} ). Spear of Shojin is introduced and gives the squishier ADs some survivability (and will almost certainly not be tuned correctly on release).
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: @RiotRepetoir Spear Of Shoji Shouldn't go live and here's why and the problems i can see with it.
> Item is basically Bone Plating but way better. ( Bone plating taken on anyone who can go Resolve secondary because of how OP flat damage reduction is pre-mitigation) This is completely wrong. Bone Plating is applied post-mitigation, meaning Armor and MR make it more effective. That is what is making BP so strong, the fact that it scales with your defensive stats. Spear is applied pre-mitigation. This makes it some anti-synergistic with resistances. ---- Let's say you have a 400 damage attack incoming, and Spear's user has 60 Armor/MR. He also has 200 bonus AD. The passive thus reduces damage by 40 before resistances are applied. (400 - 40) x (100/160) = 225 damage, compared to 250. 400 x (100 / (R+ 100)) = 225 -> ~78 Resistances. So the passive, at 200 bonus AD, is about the equivalent of 18 Resistances (30% of initial value). What about at 150 Armor/MR? (400 - 40) x (100/250) = 144 damage, compared to 160. 400 x (100 / (R+ 100)) = 144 -> ~178 Resistances. With higher base resistances, it seems to be worth more. Or does it? Going from 150 to 178 is only an increase of about 19% of the initial value.
: armor mitigation is {1-[armor/(armor+100)]} You did the formula backwards
Damage taken is (1 - [armor/(armor+100)]). Damage take + Damage mitigated = attack's damage before resistances. Which can be formed to (100/ (armor + 100)) ---- 1 - (A/(A+100)) = (A+100)/(A+100) - (A/(A+100)) = (A + 100 - A)/(A+100) = 100/(A+100)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.11
Are the jungler AS changes currently on PBE changes to base AS (meaning, the values all AS increases' efficiency is derived from) or simply bonus AS on level 1?
: To the Marksman AD point, the level 1 AD change in a vacuum should push them more to solo lanes. Assuming all other changes are power neutral (which I'm not claiming they are but lets pretend they are for this discussion), we are increasing Marksman's reliance on levels, as we have compensated for the lower level 1 AD with increased AD per level. Thus if they are at the same power level overall, they now have increased incentive to go to solo lanes, and are penalized slightly for going to a duo lane.
Or, to put it differently, the base AD changes narrow the gap between Marksmen and everyone else in terms of duo-laning efficiency?
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: Im mostly upset with what we got in place of u-hat. A decaying movement speed after we cast ulti?! Why the fk is this shit here? The only thing they are going to accomplish (or rather solidify) is make the best choice for mages manaflow. For example, i personally prefer to go sorcery and resolve as veigar (if im against an assassin ofc). In the sorcery i like with veigar ultimate hat. Even a single second can mean the difference between snowballing or not. But with these changes i will have to always go manaflow. Screw the new rune. I already use phase at veigar, i dont want another movement speed shit.
If you are a mage, the uncompeting best rune in that slot is Manaflow Band, anyways. Gaining enough mana back to cast your abilities in the first place is usually more impact than getting a bit lower CD on the ultimate.
Eedat (NA)
: # {{champion:30}} intensifies
Rebonack (NA)
: Keep in mind that it also has a 25 second (IIRC) cooldown to prevent it from being TOO silly.
60 seconds on PBE now, but scaling with CdR.
Rioter Comments
Doge2020 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ProfDrDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cLeO9Pb1,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-05-08T17:36:00.923+0000) > > I think that Ultimate Hat will become Ultimate Hunter in the Domination Tree, acting like the other Hunter runes on takedowns. Aww well that just perfect! I play rumble top a bunch and one of my go to runes is ultimate hat.
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/05/58-pbe-update-new-emotes-more-tentative.html Told you :D
: you got choice between tankyness , mana or utility . Also ultimate hat is in domination tree so its not like you cant choose it anymore . I think it encourage variety of tree path . Instead of always going sorcery , precision . You might go in a more oriented instant damage path .
I think that Ultimate Hat will become Ultimate Hunter in the Domination Tree, acting like the other Hunter runes on takedowns.
: Prediction: AD item changes are going to make Assassins busted
No shit, they will. Mostly not even because of Stormrazor, but because of the Last Whisper change. Giving AD assassins a tool to scale their damage throughout the game is going to be massive. And that is both to be expected and good in the long run. Now, Riot will not have to make AD assassins overwhelming early to compensate for a guaranteed falloff later in the game.
: Probably because this is the exact change they made when they had to buff ADCs in the past. They lowered the itemization costs because crit adcs were complete shit. They took too long to come online. People like to forget how it used to be. Before all these crit changes, you were basically trolling if you thought you were gonna take some kind of scaling ADC into botlane. There is a reason there was ADC memes. You might come online 25-30 minutes into the game but by then the game was over. It was not fun. Thats why the meta was nothing but lethality users and utility ADCs. Champs that were useful on 2 items or just added utility to the team, like Ashe/Varus/Jhin etc. A large portion of the champ roster was garbage. I dont even know if the cost is the real issue here. IMO, its the damn zeal upgrades. The amount of power Shiv/RFC give is crazy. Take the same ADC, and give them runaan's/PD or something and see the difference in power. Shiv critting for 450 magic damage should have never stayed as long as it did, and shouldn't have stacked with RFC anyways. I dont even know why RFC adds extra damage considering the range increase either. Couple that with them also boosting fleet footwork(I'm pretty sure the more energized procs you get, the faster they stack). So you got RFC/Shiv combo supercharging the Fleet Footwork charge, too. People are hardcore focusing on IE when the real issue, IMO, was the Zeal items. The difference in an ADC who doesnt go RFC/Shiv is night and day.
> I'm pretty sure the more energized procs you get, the faster they stack Incorrect. The only thing that makes Energized stack faster is Firecannon, which increases stack generation by 25%. Agree with the rest, though.
Meddler (NA)
: From memory we're reducing it's sustain during most of the game. Same start and end points, but most of the increase is backloaded, so will heal less in lane and mid game.
Meddler (NA)
: Press the Attack: * I deal sustained damage and can or must potentially back load some of it * I'm willing to trade some personal power for greater team power * I want to be in the Precision tree but the other options don't fit my needs (not a good Conqueror user, don't like Attack Speed as much as some, don't need the MS/sustain) Lethal Tempo: * I deal sustained damage and my auto attacks are really important. I'm ok backloading some of it * I want personal power * I might sometimes overcap on attack speed Hail of Blades * I auto attack at least a moderate amount but also want to be in Domination primary * I want to front load my damage (at least a somewhat bursty pattern, or expecting fairly short fights) * I might have a AA combo I want to get off quickly (e.g. Xin)
> I auto attack at least a moderate amount but also want to be in Domination primary This right here is the thing that gives me a bit of a headache. Domination tree generall feels like it is designed around strong keystones with less strong secondary runes - as in, less strong in direct combat. Vision and roaming speed/item CdR can be strong things, too, but most people I'd peg for Hail of Blades usage feel less comfortable having to take all three rows of secondary runes.
Rioter Comments
: Actually you're close but your numbers were a bit off. The breakeven point between the new and old versions of Infinity Edge, assuming matching values for the attacker's AD, armour penetration, critical strike chance, and the defender's armour, is actually **125 armour**. More than that means you take more damage, less armour takes comparatively less. Oddly enough this means that, like you said, gaining additional armour penetration might make the true damage conversion slightly less effective. You're still going to do more damage as they have less effective armour, and the IE doubles your critical strike chance *anyway*, though, so it's a minor point. EDIT: [Here's the spreadsheet I was talking about.](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11XqxG6q_RxS8u9i69qPBcT9LvJKFXw3vwrH4urO3DeE/edit?usp=sharing) I still have to work on a model for how this and typical builds affect damage output before and after the change, though. It's a step in the right direction at least. Honestly I would really love it if they changed it so that crit-based carries didn't necessarily need all the Attackspeed they can get (because pretty much every item that gives Critical Strike Chance now will give Attackspeed too), and end up moving Attackspeed to something that's utilized more for on-hit carry-style champions. A huge factor that led to Critical Strikes being a problem is the fact that _most of the items_ that gave Critical Strike Chance also gave Attackspeed, which necessarily work in tandem with one another as multipliers for a rightclicker's damage output. So they double-dipped in the effectiveness of both stats just by purchasing one of those items.
Why is the breakeven point 125 Armor? 1.25 DMG x (1 - (A/(A+100))) = 0.2 x DMG + 0.8 x DMG x (1 - (A/(A+100))) 1.25 DMG x (1 - (A/(A+100))) - 0.8 x DMG x (1 - (A/(A+100))) = 0.2 DMG 0.45 x (1 - (A/(A+100))) = 0.2 0.45 - 0.45 x (A/(A+100)) = 0.2 0.25 = 0.45 x (A/(A+100)) 5/9 = (A/(A+100)) 5/9 x (A +100) = A 500/9 = 4/9 A 500 = 4 A A = 125 That's why the breakeven point is 125 Armor.
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Hello Mr. Axes, personally, I feel like 20% damage conversion for Infinity Edge is a bit too high. Did you explore lower numbers for it in your testing and found them unsatisfactory? I've crunched the numbers, and to have the new conversion break even with the old crit amplification at 150-200 Armor, you'd need 16.7 to 12.5% conversion. 20% conversion breaks even at 125 Armor, which is not what I (and many others, judging from the community's reaction) would consider a tanky target - not a squishy, certainly, but also not that tanky. This feels doubly so in light of the increase AD on IE and the new (ancient?) Last Whisper.
: What I would like to see MORE of (and keep in mind I'm a casual player, and rarely play ranked) is: A) Having a consistent damage dealer is ideal and so most teams have at least one ADC, but also B) Having the ADC go 'bot lane' is _not necessarily_ the most effective tactic available. It's simply because I like variety. Sure, sometimes in a pre-made I can get a buddy to play a Sion/Yorick (or Yasuo/Alistar) bot lane with me, and it's super fun - but it's not super effective. I guess what I'm saying is I wish bot-lane-adc/support wasn't QUITE so influential. Wasn't there a time before Season 3 when ADC's like to solo mid? Ah well, nothing wrong with the game per se, I just like it when summoners switch it up.
> B) Having the ADC go 'bot lane' is not necessarily the most effective tactic available. The problem with that is, ADCs are the least negatively affected by having to share XP. As such, they are the class of champion that is uniquely suited to go into a shared lane where they get all the gold. If you want more in-depth explanation, look at my post history. There, this elaborated on in more detail several times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Disembark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ax8ILNdm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-03T13:05:38.400+0000) > > He is talking about the time in early season 7 when Jhin would almost never auto attack. He would build almost full lethality and pretty much only use W and ult in 80% of teamfights. > > This is the same time when Ziggs bot lane was meta. He was actually good in pro-play until the BorK changes (which let every ADC build bork efficiently - and killed Ziggs bot because he couldn't poke them down effectively anymore) > > Currently Jhin builds crit and is more auto-based (because a lot of his base damages etc got nerfed since). > > There are also reasons typical mages cannot function as a bot lane carry. > > Mage has a lot of reliance on levels AND gold. They rely much more heavily on base damages on their abilities, and items kind of grow their strength - but are only half of it. Whereas an ADC can be underleveled, but as long he has the gold for his items - he will be pretty much be just as effective as if he was a lot higher leveled. > > Riot would probably have to create a new mage champion _specifically_ for bot lane. They would need shit base damages, but really good AP scaling. Azir seems like a good contender imo.
In his Live state? No, not at all. Live Azir is one of the most XP-dependent mages, due to to scaling cooldowns on all abilities but the passive, good utility scaling per rank on W, E and R and his soldiers' base damage being tied to his champion level. A good contender for a bot lane mage, imo, would be Veigar - W only gets more damage per rank, E works quite well already at low ranks, and he has a mechanic that gives him damage scaling that is not dependent on level-ups. More importantly, his Phenomenal Evil stacking works on hitting champions with abilities - and two champions against you give double chance to hit something.
: "They're also the only remaining quick path", he used the correct word there. They're = They Are. Their = belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified. If you're going to try to correct people, make sure that you actually know what you're talking about.
> **Their** reward is amplified as compared to Live. If you're going to try to correct people, make sure that you actually know what you're talking about.
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Azadethe (NA)
: Problem is its utility is so low in a CDR game and it's one of the lowest Armor options, so it does almost nil to divert lethality builds. Almost always a last item or second to last item.
{{item:3110}} How about this, then? Guaranteed 15% DPS cut (crit doesn't matter), 100 Armor, 20% CdR. Get a health item to pair with it and you should be gucci.
: There reward is amplified as compared to Live. They're also the only remaining quick path to level 3 (if you clear a full Krugs in conjunction with two other camps you'll get your level 3). I expect that'll increase priority on them somewhat.
: >The AD stat changes make marksmen less oppressive to lane against. Melee champs know this frustration, but in testing, mages have benefitted significantly as well. Just quickly quoting something from the post. It seems that they will be doing AD changes as well during the update.
The extend of that change is also elaborated on in the same post: Basically, they reduce Marksmen level 1 base AD by 4 and increase AD/lvl so it ends up equal by around level 8-10 (they said late laning phase, so that is my assumption for that). What's interesting about this change is that they are basically reverting a change from preseason 6's Marksman Update, where they gave every ADC some level 1 base AD and decreased AD/lvl.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: back to 1k3?
They might level the basic Zeal at 1200, but have the completed items at 2900 (or thereabouts).
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Also, Axes, now that I thought of it: With the base AD changes, aren't you essentially reverting (and maybe then some) the base AD changes from the Marksman Update? You know, the one where you put some AD into level 1 base AD while nerfing the growth factor? So, in retrospect, was that base AD shift a step in the wrong direction?
Galiö (NA)
: I can imagine top quinn with duskblade, this item and electrocute... man would that hurt.
With Quinn, I am a bit more worried about having access to a Total ArPen Last Whisper (and its upgrades). Now, building against a tank won't cut as harshly into your power as on Live.
: We have been, yes. The nuclear option will be locking out Duskblade and Stormrazor from being used together. I would strongly prefer to avoid that situation if possible, but testing has been inconclusive and its a real risk. Last Whisper is also significant here, though in that case it'll be about tuning either the lethality items' stats or the champions around a world where those builds scale better across game time.
Why not have Duskblade and Stormrazor share a named passive?
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Ok. That's quite a bit of changes. Standouts for me: > Fleet Footwork and Regen nerfs Warranted. However, this needs a bit of careful tuning as well - not enough early sustain means that, thanks to the inaccessibilty of early resistances (especially MR), mage supports can become overwhelming. > A new B.F. upgrade, Stormrazor, that makes your first attacks in combat more impactful. Cool. Like this a lot. > Changing Last Whisper and its upgrades back to total armor penetration. Interesting. That should help a lot with the base Armor creep that happened over the last two seasons, especially with the Armor seal compensation. Biggest worry here would be the effect of it on assassins and their ability to burst tanky targets, which was one of the biggest problems with old Last Whisper. Also, I take it that the difference between Lord Dominik's and Mortal Reminder will be that the latter will have Grievous Wounds while the former has higher ArPen? > Infinity Edge update, which will rework the +50% crit damage passive to one that converts a portion of crit damage to true damage YES. Saw that coming when Conqueror proved to be a successful addition to the game. > Simple efficiency buffs to Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster What does this mean? Will these become cheaper? Or will they have better stats? Bloodthirster, in particular, has already enough stats imo, but suffers more from its (justifiably) high cost and bad build path. Would it be possible to introduce an intermediate Pickaxe/Vampiric Sceptre item that gave AD and Lifesteal?
Bultz (NA)
: Cool Down needs to be made rare in this game
No. Actually, every champion getting some CdR from itemization is good for the game - it makes balancing work a lot easier. Cooldowns that are appropriately long in lane can be way too long in the later stages of the game, and vice versa. Also, CdR being readily available means that balancing can be done with that in mind, and they don't need to worry about champions that are being balanced around no/low access to CdR finding a build that gives them access to capped CdR without gimping them and breaking the game in half.
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