: Sion is a strong pick, but are you serious?
i think the liss nerfs are shit and unneeded aftershock is the problem this shit needs to be removed
Amâzigh (NA)
: Akali is dead
good xd
elnath (EUW)
i still think camille is way more bullshit xin isnt that bad imo
Moody P (NA)
: Put Akali's healing on her passive if it's going to be removed from Q
nah remove it she cant have everything who cares if she 'always had it' holy fuck thats how champs stay broken because everyone wants them to keep things they always had as if that wouldnt be a part of the reason why shes so cancer
Theorex (NA)
: As a diamond player, I can fully say that if you do the following things you'll get places.
Eyesack (NA)
: Why is phoenix stance not allowed to be playable?
other question why is tiger stance allowed to be broken isnt he togther with shaco the highest wr jungler in the game? for how long? months i think now their ability to counterjgl is just way too good imo
: Lucian has been 52% winrate 25% playrate for weeks
i've seen lucian complaints all over the place tf are you talking about


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