: Why can't I upvote this twice
Tryde (OCE)
: ***
Explain why, i would be happy to make some changes based on feedback
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PaeloxXx (EUNE)
: New Ornn Skins Concept
: Just cause of that name I gave a like immediately, its a normal void name but it got super sized from the typical 3 letters comma 3 letters. Edit: The ult is really cool and would probably make him an extremely effective against things such as lane bullies and tower pushers, he would be even more so having that mana sustain, with any decent wave clear his lane would be unsiegable for that 30 to 50 seconds. Only unfortunate thing about it is some will see it as an Azir passive copy cat despite it playing a clear protective role rather then a time buying role. Lastly I would suggest the E be changed to allow this champion to occupy an uninhabited niche. Right now you have mid champions that can easily hold a siege and you have other mid laners that can easily gank a lane at a moments notice but none that strongly do both. If you changed the E to a high cool down long distance mobility spell similar to aerlion sol's then in combination with his W he would be a perfect champion to lay down that ult to protect his lane and even farm for him so he can easily spread map pressure with a low risk. Later in the game he would be great for rushing to towers about to be lost, placing his ult, and stopping pushes just like that. Would be a great champion to counter champs like Ziggs and Yorick come to think of it XD. Edit: come to think of it he would be a very nice counter to all early game jungles cause of how effective he would be against rift herald assuming he had the E change I suggested.
Well, the name comes from Nyarlathotep and Nikola Tesla, it's hard to find a short name with those inspirations XD
: Nyharl'Kolan, The Void Infestator
A control mage Lovecraft-themed. Lack mobility and burst damage for wave control and insane zoning potential
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