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: People have been constructive for a while now. They've also been disrespectful for a while. The longer Riot waits, the more people will be added to the disrespectful side.
That's actually a good point. People feel Riot isn't interacting with players enough and thus start becoming more disrespectful. And on the other hand Riot does not really want to get engaged in those discussions that are just witchhunts in disguise. It's a vicious cycle and one of these two parties has to do the first step else this gets even more out of hand.
: How Mordekaiser's ultimate ability could be changed in order to make him a healthier champion
Only if he gets a quote where he goes all like "One ring to rule them all" when buying {{item:1082}}
: Jesus, Metal, new numbers on Galio are crazy no matter how you look at it. If he squeezes in 2 passive procs into combo, he gained well more than 100% AP scaling in a single patch. Players have all the right to e concerned seeing change like that, no matter what it is 'intended' to be. It's not preseason yet.
I think that's kind of the goal here, no? For him to actually have a reason to build AP to make us of increased ratios. There's a point where you can't just nerf Galio more and more until he's so bad he has to go AP. Riot's direction seems solid as Ap galio is more interactive too, especially with the cdr component of his passive.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Hardstuck silver player finally achieved gold this season
: You guys really missed the mark on reworked Evelynn (1M Eve main)
Wygol (EUW)
: When people ask exactly what my purpose is as Vladimir.
: why is skarner, the crystal vanguard a juggernaut, and sion, the undead juggernaut a vanguard?
: Riot, I can't express my Joy over these Urgot Interactions!
: Something that really irks me about Rhaast's passive
Well, Morde doesn't make Riot big bucks. He's not a mobile, LC$bigplays champion with edgy anime aesthetics.
Ralanr (NA)
: Huh...that's really weird.
No, it allows you to still chose the other form even when the enemy's either all ranged or all melee (like that ever happens.)
Canastus (NA)
: Oh please, your dear champion already had his last skinrelease 735 days ago - that's not even HALF as long as Cass had to wait so far. I guarantee you, your reaction would be vastly different if you had to wait over 4 to 4.5 years for the slightest bit of recognition or fanservice for the one champion who got you into the game in the first place. Like I said once before, I've never even experienced a single skinrelease for my main since I've started playing this game back in April 2013. Your dear Mordekaiser even has a musicband dedicated to him along with merchandise and a complete music album, he's already far better off than Cass. You simply lack the sensitivity to properly comprehend the issue.
Except it's not an issue. Riot doesn't owe anyone anything. This is a free to play game. Everything you buy is optional. Certain champions not getting skins is a non-issue. It would certainly be nice or appreciated if every champion got a skin every now and then, but it's neither a priority nor a pressing issue. Grow up.
: @Meddler, if you have to nerf Galio, please don't hit his AP mid play style
: What is your League guilty pleasure/dirty secret
: Whenever I first time a champion in normals
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: Report riot for "alternative facts"
: ADC main to all support mains out there-
Dear ADC mains. I play a thankless role that is often blamed for losses and poor positioning. But let's be real here, the only time I'm roaming into the jungle, it isn't for vision and my heals, shields and other actives are really only to save my own ass. Sacrificing my ADC is a common occurrence for me. I do this game after game. After all, Chimes > ADC. Sincerely, A Bard main
: Why does Jhin have an interaction with Yasuo?
It's a reference. That's why it's on his High noon skin, it's related to some old western.
: Can we just acknowledge that new Galio's just as somber and melancholic than the old one?
I wouldn't exactly say *as* somber and melancholic, but yeah I would say they retained at least some of that element of his character. I've never had a connection with old Galio, so I won't say I don't understand people being upset about his personality having changed. And that's the thing: He's gone from somber/melancholic personality to cheerful/happy personality with a melancholic/somber twist in his backstory/concept. Kind of a difference.
Dynikus (NA)
: Game 1 of flyquest vs envy today if anyone wants to watch it.
: Who did he Lane against this time
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Wygol (EUW)
: The Inside Scoop on Why Riot Nerfed Azir
We don't like Azir. He's rough and course and irritating, and Meddler lost his promos against him.
Wygol (EUW)
: Whoever drew this has some real Talont.
Damn you Tides.
: ***
: Because Divers haven't had their rework yet. Simply put, Divers are playing 2012/13 League of Legends while Juggernauts are playing 2016/17 league. That sounds odd but you have to take into account that many things Riot has been trying to phase out ( "No counterplay instaburst" and such, be it successful or not) are still present. The counterplay to Vi's ult is to drag her into your team...but you're still getting ulted sans having an invulnerability. Xin is going to dive you and stat check you. Etc etc etc. If Divers get the 2017 mid-season rework you can bet we'll see a lot of shifting away from their raw power and more toward benefits for diving the backline or getting into the absolute thick of it rather than just being 1v1 gods who are also good at diving the back line.
If they're still 2012/13 League of Legends why does Riot make a champion {{champion:164}} that just does everything those kind of champions do, which as you said is 2012/13 design but better/more reliably? That doesn't make a lot of sense.
: If Warwick is losing is point and click ult?
And make ADC's completely untouchable? Now, I dislike playing against Vi as much as the next guy but we do need some heavy Lockdown for certain champions.
: With all the talk about mini-reworks Riot seems to forget an obvious candidate
: Nami has not been touched for balance in over a year now
Bard has yet to see substantial changes too, he was just buffed after his release but has gone without any changes ever since. *happy chiming*
: Jayce's new lore now implies that Viktor is a full-blown Psychopath
: What is Quas' Nasus build?
It's the E max push build that doesn't prioritize stacks. It started when Quas used it against lanes he would not be able to get stacks anyways but people hopped on the bandwagon. It gives extreme pushing power and keeps the pressure on the enemy laner.
: Shepard-Commander
Does this unit have a soul?
: does windspeakers blessing work with morde passive?
It works. You don't get the bonus resistances though
: For you its a buff actually. Rylais AP is being lowered yes, but lets face it, you got it because it has a slow and HP, the AP was a bonus. HP and slow stay, and the cost is reduced by 600g! For you guys, who don't have to give a damn about mana, this is a buff.
Literally half the slow amount for people like Morde. The loss of stats also hurts him since his base stats are so laughably weak.
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: It's late, so take this with a grain of salt.
Hmm, it could actually open up the support role for less traditional champions if Aatrox could pace the way as a support-type fighter. Fighters in general have always been a rather selfish class, giving them team bonuses could really carve out a new niche that both fighter and support mains could enjoy, giving them a way to transition from those two roles. Missing link kind of way
Vraestin (EUW)
: Juggernaut DOESN'T MEAN ALWAYS 100% EXTREME late game power
You do realize nobody is asking for them to buff his late game. Most threads are directed at his MS since they're going to half the slow. I have yet to see someone ask for more ratios, lower cd's or a lot stronger base stats XD
: I like Rylai, is core item for my mains, please listen to this man. {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:76}} [](http://.) [](http://.) _________________________________ >Regards. {{champion:134}}{{item:3211}}{{champion:84}}
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Ralanr (NA)
: With Rylai's slow being halved, Mordekaiser could just buy a goddamn phage and deal with it. I'm sorry. I made a mistake at work and it's frustrating me. I know you already use triforce.
Check his build. he no longer builds Trinity force. Also, it's a direct nerf to Mordekaiser in every way possible so a few more base MS could be the least they could do.
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Meddler (NA)
: Still hard to say, given the patch hasn't been out long and Flex MMR stuff has made games harder to assess balance wise. Doesn't seem to be dramatically out of line at present at least, strong or weak. Might be bursting too hard out of stealth off some of what we've seen, also possible that's mainly just happening when he's got a decent lead (fed damage dealers should hurt a lot).
How do you feel about Vayne's state of balance? She seems a tad strong. Also, with Assassins going around a tanky Rylais is a blessing, any news on what you're going to do to the item?
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: We're feeling pretty good about them so far, too. We'll be communicating more about this approach in the near future. Garen isn't going to ship in 6.23 - more work to be done before that changelist is ready, and not enough time to get it into the 6.23 patch. It'll be off the PBE soon, likely to come back in some form during the 6.24 cycle.
Is Mordekaiser being considered?
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: So, should Morde's passive no longer work on minions?
Sure, it doesn't impact Junglekaiser so I'm happy^^
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