: Vladimir is commonly placed in the same category as Vayne and Riven at the moment and is commonly requested to be nerfed alongside these two. He is currently extremely strong if you're good at him. Is there any reason he's not being given the same treatment as the first two?
You realize,Vayne and RIven take mechanics themselves, they're not exactly easy to play champions,also anyone can be strong on any champion if theyre good at the champion ,not just those 3 champions
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
I love how everyone complains about riven being a broken op champion, what about yasuo,zed,leblanc,katarina?? They are all op champions if you can play them right,Yes Riven might be easy to play and do alot of damage,but shes not easy to master and alot of people int on her, shes only being noticed lately ever since riot has overbuffed conqueror to allow it stack off of abilities,do true damage and give healing, i have been playing riven since i started playing this game,shes finally in a good spot,but because people cry about her, she needs to be changed ?? so then if you're gonna rework Riven , tell me why don't you get your team to focus more on the serious problems in the game such as JAX who literally is 100x stronger than riven in late game now with Shojin and rageblade.. Rework yasuo i mean hes also OP, but no because people started playing riven more she must get reworked?? i see another Akali incident happening, RIOT takes a good champion,gives her a fancy makeover,then nerfs her into the ground. People are crying about riven oneshotting them but dont realize the animation cancelling and combos put in there to get the damage off where as Yasuo gets two items and auto attacks an adc 3 times and their dead ?? but lets complain about Riven...seriously guys just leave Riven alone
: Hello MaddyDollar! I remember seeing your reply on @Grizzlpaw's post and I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about you! Be sure you check out my response to [Grizzlpaw's post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/ask-the-community/W3roglmJ-any-way-to-disable-the-home-page?comment=0001) showing you how to disable the client in game.
But that wont fix the problem, it actually tends to make it worse having the client open while in game actually tends to save data for people the problems only started recently with the release of the All stars login and the all stars roster in client, I too have been having this problem but not only does it use more data but also increases my ingame MS substantially


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