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: ^ This. Maybe it was just me, but there was a big psychological element in being able to see my IP go up after every game, even a little.
There is definitely a psychological element at play, I know a couple people who _only_ play ranked to better their mechanics, Rank in their division or climb in their elo overall. But not everyone wants to be in a competitive toxic environment all the time and since this new BE system we completely lose the feeling of accomplishment after playing a normal draft or blind pick. Perhaps Riot expects us to ease into a grind for levels but we're far too used to simply receiving points and not worrying about level. But in that case where are my 30 boxes and why do 450 champion shards cost _90_ blue essence?? It's like Riot actually wants us spend even more money and forget trying to grind altogether. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: It still kind of feels like we aren't getting any compensation for the time and effort we put into levelling our accounts. The way the new system works, it seems like players going from 1-30 AFTER the changes to BE will have a lot more currency by the time they actually hit 30.
That's true, Im actually contemplating just starting a new account :/
: Oh, but see, we who are already at 30 don't get anything from the time we spent initially getting to that level. But we're totally being compensated for all the IP we spent on runes, right??? </sarc>
I was being sarcastic and I sorta just reach Level 30, all in all I'm actually not that phased XD
: Can we not get Blue essence after a game , like we did with IP???
Rito said that they'd _merge_ IP and Blue Essence but there is no such thing as earning anything for Influence in a game anymore. I don't feel like we are getting rewarded for playing the game anymore. P.S Where the fuck are my 30 boxes?


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