: Riot isn't going to remove the chat for everyone just because a few people can't withhold themselves from flaming/counterflaming. A great many people can play the game without using any chat-aversion methods that zPOOPz described; he's offering them as advice tailored to _your_ situation.
Now there is also vocal chat, so if someone really wanna be cooperative can go there, i think normal chat is usless now .Even if you say so you are in na ( i think it is a bit different, but idk i hope it is). But my main topic is that the report system is usless, since it won't make the game "better" league has a bad community and everyone should get used to it like in all competitive games
: You can always either /mute all or minimize the chat window to non-existent or drag it off screen or make the font so small it's unreadable or disable your enter key
So if you need to do this all games ( and trust me in plat low diamond u need) why do we have chat? XD no chat less report less no fun
: How about just dont say anything literally all you have to do remove the enter button from your keyboard if some one is annoying you mute them
Don't say anything when they do, so u don't speak and u mute them, then chat become usless. Then riot should take chat away (?)
: > Report every little shit ppl say and do riot and then you will end up alone with no ppl playn this shit more ^^ Why are you still playing this game after 4 banned accounts? You might already have the answer to your mystery.
Nice answer i do cuz i would have fun if the chat didn't existed
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