: > [{quoted}](name=RUCK FICKY,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EIs4ca0v,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-08-18T19:04:22.956+0000) > > I'm glad this comic proved me 100% right on Noxus and justified my hate towards it. how so?
A long time ago I speculated that Noxus' economy could sustain itself only through endless war and conquest and that its supposed freedom was nothing more than a sugar coated lie.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Darius: Blood of Noxus
I'm glad this comic proved me 100% right on Noxus and justified my hate towards it.
Talvaren (NA)
: Then please show me the proof. I feel very strongly where I stand with these two ages. Give me the proof and I will fix
Riot AMA for Jinx's release.
: To politely correct you, it is "ma'am" not "sir". But, I'm sure its ok. I bet Bio hardly even cares.
I'm quite surprised by this revelation. I've always imagined Bioluminiscence as the stereotypical middle-aged man that reads his journal on a red chair in front of a fireplace while drinking a glass of bourbon.
: Neat! I was going through my spreadsheet, comparing a few ages you've got to the ones I have, and for the most part you and I agree. (Usually out by a year or two, with a smaller proportion out by a half decade or more). The biggest differences I think I see are where you call some champs "Ancient" and "Timeless" (like the Ascended), I have ages for them. They were born human, after all, and they can die (even of old age) - it just takes a very long time indeed. Nasus and Renekton, for example, are pushing a few millennia these days. Many of the folks associated with the Shadow Isles were also born human before becoming other than alive. Karthus in particular was born in Noxus after the creation of the Shadow Isles, and journeyed to there via Bilgewater by choice! Your Nami is quite a bit older than my Nami, though.
Nami is younger than 21!? How old is she?
Talvaren (NA)
: Champions: DAS AGES
We know for a fact that Jinx is older than Vi, so it's impossible that both Jinx is 20 and Vi is 26.
: It kinda sounds like as though Ornn may have been the creator of the True Ice weapons that the sisters use.
: LAS, idk if LAN: Top left: "If you had seen the metal is (...) This material, as it was expensive (...) But I(he?) would give you only (?) (...) The third sister (...) The Bridge." Top Right: "Forge (...) according to (...) Build (?)" Bottom left: "Meanwhile (...) A shovel so (?) (...) In the darkness. Then he turned east, where he threw his (...) It landed in the Great Sea. Some say that (...) Powerful trident at the bottom of the sea, and still uses it to reign/rule (? it seem like it says 'Gobernar')." Bottom right: "Or his(?) Lost his (...) In the darkness (...)." Then the same as bottom left repeats.
EUW, Italian: Top left: >I've never seen the god [...] nor she's ever seen [...] >His/Her legends [...] And before that [...] The faces [...] >The fire [...] around [...] We must [...] Top right: >[...] black. >[...] primordial [...] >the Seal (1) Bottom left: >But this didn't stop the Three Sisters [...] nights to ask him. "There are creatures [...] that attack our tribes" said the Fist Sister. Bottom right: >He gifted him [...] >True agent of change. >He looked at the landscape, generated by his fight [...] go. After this, Ornn dedicated himself to craft tools and artifacts (2) ------------------- Translator's notes: (1) the animal. Common names in Italian aren't written with capital letters, so it's quite odd. (2) I'm not quite sure about the last word being "artifact", because it's half-covered by the image of the page.
: No? Red smite reduces damage X deals to you. Green smite would reduce damage X deals to everyone, and increases the damage they take.
Ah, my bad, I misread your description. That smite would surely be different from the ones that we already have, but it would be way too OP because **all your allies** would benefit from those 2 debuffs. It would be very similar to the old exhaust, and you can't have that kind of spell on such a low cooldown.
: There should be a new smite option
Your green smite would work exactly like red smite. Adding new smites without a valid reason (i.e. introducing a different mechanic) would pointless.
: A heimerdinger skin that could never exist
Reverse Heimerdinger You play as a turret that places down Heimerdingers who throw wreches at the enemy units.
: Good. Hope he knows how to work Metal.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uOBveFKdGs&ab_channel=JasonAbe
Pauuuul (EUW)
SO NEAR I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL HER BREATH ON THE BACK OF MY NECK No, wait, that's just the air conditioner.
: Is he human? Or is he dancer?
(in the distance) "I get it!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4tQsOtw5G0&ab_channel=Stormlight
: Can we have a serious discussion about Cho'Gath?
Cho has 1 hard cc (his Q). Silence and slow still allow you to move, so they're soft cc.
: > [{quoted}](name=RhaastMasterRace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P0gkYkX9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-01T23:03:52.783+0000) > > Do you mean stormraider's? Um. Ignore what I just said. BUAHAHAHAHA
: Just because I am in bronze does not mean I cannot give good advice.
: Riot, if you're refunding IP used to buy runes from now on.....
They've already answered your question in the post you're referring to. It would be wise if you spent some time reading their comments before making new threads.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Can we have other ways to earn Hextech chests?
No, we shouldn't. You should try to play other roles and explore the game. It would give you more knowledge and a better game perspective.
Elysane (NA)
: {{champion:119}} x {{champion:119}} I see nothing wrong in this fan fiction .
: PentaShipping
I ship {{champion:10}} with {{champion:37}} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
: The new Runes will combine and replace both current masteries and current runes. Also the names are subject to change ;)
>Also the names are subject to change ;) Thank goodness.
: What about Aurelion Sol with his w?
: ... Something more Metal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W35dyPTh6o
The new cinematic for {{champion:63}}'s origins looks cool.
: That's the point of her design, she's supposed to be a child.
But that's not how a child from Runeterra is supposed to look.
: What Needs to be changed in the games art :]
Annie needs an entire remodel as well. She really looks out of place in Runeterra, especially with her useless pink backpack and cat ears.
The triangular shape of the haircut makes me believe it could be {{champion:114}}
Necrozard (EUW)
: There is a Freljordian Vanguard in Galio's short story
Sion is as tall as half Galio's forelog. He's nowhere near the size of a colossus.
AceGeo (NA)
: Yorick Skin waiting for Halloween/Christmas?
Yes to Baker, Arclight, Abyssal and Nyarick.
: With Another Set of Arcade Skins Being Released...
She could also use a new background for her splash art.
Saïx (OCE)
: Trick question. Mids don't win a lane anymore, they AFK-farm and let the jungler win lane for them. The sad thing is that I'm barely even joking with this...
Take jungle pressure out of the equation, just for the sake of argument.
: GP has to be the better player to win It's Darius favored
Rioter Comments
: We need Unmask Skins/Any Skins removing the mask of some champs even if 520rp
Unmasked Mordekaiser would be really weird, considering the fact that he's nothing but an armor possessed by a darkened soul with crimson eyes.
: There are threads in which high elo players of master tier level have admitted that they actually struggle even on SILVER elo and it takes them hundreds of games to start climbing with a fast paced rhythm. In high elo the percentage of really bad players is of course lower in comparison with Bronze/Silver/Gold where these are elos with really, REALLY bad players and good ones that do struggle. Yes I am the only constant but this is a team game. A 5v5 game where the fate of the game doesn't only depend on you but on the other four players. When a game is won there is always a player that was the biggest factor on winning and on a losing game there is always a player that was the biggest factor on losing. What I am trying to tell you is to make the system have a more accurate judgement not only for the team for each one of the players. Riot named its system itself "Ranked SOLO/Duo". How can it be named solo when the whole concept of judgement isn't even on a single player at all?
1. Some high elo players struggle to carry in low elo because they have to adapt to a different meta, where they can't rely too much on their teammates to achieve victory. 2. You can't make a system like that, because players will start playing the system and not the real game. By that I mean that they would focus exclusively on their own achievements (like kda, farming, killing wards and taking towers by splitpushing) and completely ignore teamplay (like allowing one of their teammates behind in cs and xp to farm in order to get back into the game, sacrificing themselves in order to get objectives or saving their teammates, playing hard engaging champions who generally die a lot more than everyone else, and so on).
NaQMusse (EUW)
: Dont think so. New Leblanc have a higher win rate than old Leblanc(SoloQ), And have a higher ban rate in the competitive/pro scene. This is facts from 2013-2017.
Being **currently** stronger doesn't mean having less counterplays. There are a lot of factors that contribute to her win/ban rate.
: Why the LoL Ranked System is a Failure
>2: The game promotes wins streaks and luck, not consistent play or improvement until you reach the higher tiers. Then why high elo smurfs climb so quickly in lower elos? >3: Because it is so hard to advance and the populations are so skewed, matchmaking cannot possibly work properly except at the highest levels of the system. Straight up false. The higher you go, the worse the matchmaking system becomes. Why? Because the vast majority of the league population plays in lower elos. >4: Because players are rated as a team and not I N D I V I D U A L S The only constant in every single game you play without premades is **you**.
: Old LB was a lot better I agree, she was unhealthy sure but the rework didn't exactly make her healthy and took away the fun aspect too. EDIT: Wanted to explain myself a bit more, when Riot announced the rework they complained that old LB was not 'deceptive enough', unhealthy and hard to punish, specifically her WQR (which didn't really one shot unless you were 20/0 but lets pretend it did). First of all no one is deceived by the 2 second ult clones, and as you can see from the videos, many people preferred the old longer passive clone and thought it was much more deceptive. Secondly if you wanted to make her more punishable why take away all the damage from her W and stop her from ever having to dash into melee range in the first place? Old LB also had a slower dash speed so it was easier to CC her as she dashed in, literally no one asked for a faster W to compensate a passive cook time. And finally if you thought her WQR was toxic why not just redistribute the sigil damage from 50/50 to 30/70 so that she had to hit her E to assassinate a target? Why move all the damage to the passive so her combo is literally still WQR (+ Gunblade) and she never has to hit her E to assassinate late game? As you can see the rework solved no problems and created more, I think if they are gonna do any more changes they should revert the rework and start up from old LB's kit.
She's way more healthy for the game now, compared to before.
: > [{quoted}](name=meowwow7,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=9ls3OEo8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-26T19:55:14.978+0000) > > for the trophy collecter is it going to have a cap in stats? No cap, only dreams.
Why do you hate {{item:3363}} so much? Champions that need to ward from afar will feel awful when buying it, knowing that they're basically giving the enemy team free AD and AP whenever they place a ward. If it has to come to this, just turn the blue trinket into Clairvoyance.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Thanks god. _Btw, better don't mess around with answers like this. People take them serious._
It doesn't have to be a romantic crush, there are also "platonic infatuations". For example, a student who feels a great deal of respect towards his teacher develops the desire to impress him and be acknowledged by him (which could have been once Kayn's case).
: -Rocker chick: ✔ -Badass leather getup with metal studs: ✔ -Sidecut: ✔ -Metal Singer: ✔ -PENTAKILL: ✔ -Mordekaiser in the Background: ✔ Yes please!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
I think we lack an individual constantly afraid of losing control over their own power, and/or in conflict with their own sadistic and cruel nature, which they desperately try to keep suppressed. We already have some champions with rage-like mechanics ({{champion:150}} {{champion:102}}), but they all change form pretty drastically. I would like to see a character that slowly and steadily builds up their excitment, until they suddenly lose their inhibitions and have a violent outburst, at the end of which they feel ashamed and guilty for losing control. I want a powerful champion afraid of hurting those around them, barely hiding inside their heart their darkest callings. Kayn and Rhaast almost feel like frienemies, there's not much conflict between the two when it comes to acting (because they both want to kill, although for different purposes). The champion I'm suggesting should have an internal struggle, almost like Bruce Banner and the Hulk.
Śtone (NA)
: So when are Illoai, Aurelion, and Taliyah getting new skins?
In 10 years. They were originally planned to be released relatively soon, but every time someone asks for them, they postpone them by 1 day.
N Komaeda (EUW)
: Runes Reskinned
>How cool would it be to have Perxie be a dragon floating around you? The dragon would be creating a small shield of fire, or spit out a fireball towards opponents. Berserk could be an ice cold rage, or being imbued with Void energy. It'd be exactly the same functionally, but it looks different. Yeah, fuck clarity! /s
: It's 15 not 5 right?
NA math! :P (It's obviously just a typo)
Nefas (NA)
: I don't think what you are saying is a very fair argument at all. Masteries and mastery pages have always been free. You are "updating" runes and masteries to be one system but you are mostly removing the stat-based system (runes) in favor of the effects-based system (masteries). All of the runes reforged runes are more akin to masteries than old runes. You can name things what you want but functionally to me you are getting rid of runes and making us pay for masteries.
>and making us pay for ~~masteries~~ mastery pages FTFY
: Nocturne is fine idk whats wrong with him
1- His outdated model and visuals effects 2- His one-dimensional gameplay
: Yeah but there's no right answer, so you get humor.
There is one, though: only 1 new champion release every 2 VGUs (or 2 new champion releases every 3 VGUs), until they're done with the worst offenders {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:39}}
: Runes Corner: Hunt of the Blood Moon Sneak Peek
Well, at least we know that playing squishy champions after the pre-game system update is going to be as much fun as it is now.
: The Champions most deserving of a VGU after Eve and Aatrox are finished...
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