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: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=u95tmZGx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-15T18:06:59.449+0000) > > We do have a non-human in development right now, though it's still pretty early. Should, most likely, be sometime next year, assuming we don't ice box it since it's still so early in development Is it a canine? Is it a feline? Is it an amphibian? Is it a reptle? is it a fish?
It is a bacteria, so small it's its own stealth mechanic.
AhmCha (NA)
: Riot is the Game Freak of MOBA's
Not Gamefreak, Pokémon Company. Pokémon Company gives Gamefreak increasingly less income for mainline games because mobile games grant them more benefit. Everyone blaming Gamefreak for everything is just ignorant.
: Game modes won't come back, here is why:
You don't have a single clue if you think riot is worse than EA
Terozu (NA)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} GEE! I wander why _that_ is!?
Cuz Muramana applies on every single one of his skills except ult
: I'm having the opposite problem as Annie where I'm seeing tanks build nothing but defense items and not only out sustain, but outdamage glass cannon dedicated DPS. It's really frustrating as a burst mage to come across 3 tanks that can just absorb all of your burst and laugh at you while they burst you right back. Doesn't matter if you build Void Staff or Liandries Spirit Visage and Maw will make them invincible to you.
That's just the life of a burst mage. Tanks ARE supposed to absorb burst, after all. They are designed to counter assassins and burst mages.
: > [{quoted}](name=0cean Mann,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LAhecANk,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-08-03T18:41:45.472+0000) > > Here's how I deal with Riven as Yorick > > -Don't fuck with her and farm under tower the whole Laning phase > -Ask your jungler not to gank lane > -Don't give her kills or else she'll ruin not only your Laning but also the entire game for your team > -Once she gets bored and leaves lane to roam, you ward then pull out ghouls and destroy the tower as fast as possible > > I win everytime against her because by the time she comes back to top all the towers are destroyed so in other words, make laning so boring that you do not interact with the enemy at all turning it basically into a PVE, god that sounds boring
That sounds like Kayle gameplay to me
Antenora (EUW)
: I'm tired of AP champions one rotation killing me as a 5k hp 226 MR chogath.
This is just a straight up lie
GigglesO (NA)
: I miss Defense
I miss OG DotA too
Zeanix (OCE)
: Nothing can save Twisted Treeline, and that’s the saddest part
In SMITE they've got a purely casual gamemode called "Arena" that is just constant teamfighting, with some sieging from time to time, but mostly teamfighting. It's pretty fun, rito could take an idea or two.
: He has like 40th lowest winrate in the game currently.
> [{quoted}](name=tylko yasua gram,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IHx0AniG,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-07-27T18:49:47.325+0000) > > He has like 40th lowest winrate in the game currently. And we've got 145 champions
Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xnOfUrRJ,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-23T20:22:06.476+0000) > > its not fucking counterplay. there is no counterplay to vaynes w. not to mention kaisa also deals single target damage. > > youre infront of vayne. shes auto attacking you. how do you counterplay her w in that situation? go. Oneshot her because she's extremely squishy with low attack range for a ranged champion. If she positions and kites well, that's her showing some of that mechanical counterplay you're going on about. Vayne's not even a problem right now, draven, sivir, ashe, jinx, there are so many better adcs you could complain about. But being you're presumably a garen main by the name and play a champion that's very specifically counterred by vayne, you think she's broken.
She ain't got low range. 550 is literally THE average for ranged champions.
Aitikian (NA)
: This doesn't solve skill based AD champions like Renek, Yasou, Darius, Irel basically any meta top champion that you would actually be building this item against.
All of those want to autoattack you at some point. Yasuo is AA based btw.
: Adding something into TT would be nice too. The tightness of the terrain is better for her than in ARAM, but you'd think a queue that actually has a ranked mode would make reasonable accommodations. 💤
They said they were going to add Water to healing pods on both ARAM and TT
Grumpig (NA)
: With Riot currently doing world building for Runeterra, what place would you like to see get more?
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
There was this one time I built Mejai's as Lux against an Azir who was playing his first match ever, and proceeded to 1v5. In a normal game. I was mad ok?
Antenora (EUW)
: Akali is only the stealth champion who's immune to the mechanic. {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:107}} are revealed by True Sight.
What? No they are not. The only ones from that list that are not immune to true sight are Twitch, Evelynn, Rengo and Pyke because their stealth is camouflage, which is revealed by True Sight, as opposed to invisibility, which is not.
: I'm so Glad hes being reworked. And I hope they just... Rip the Kit apart and find something thats great for him. Like the surprise party fiddles is meant to be. I hate Fiddlesticks so much, That I love him. P- Reward for T posing on haters. Q- T pose on the haters W- T pose on the haters with sip E- One single Bird thats tells people to shut up for a sec R- Tpose on the haters and then run around
Dude, T-posing is Fiddle's whole identity. I mean, he's a fucking scarecrow.
: Thought Funneling was fixed and over with Riot?
I'm just gonna play the fuck out of Mordekaiser when he comes out, and shit on Yi every time.
: [Gameplay] Singed passive bugged in 9.10 - does not stack multiple times like it should.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DancingDinos,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Wk6PdTvJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-11T20:14:35.232+0000) > > The problem is that its too basic, boring even. :/ Hope her lore isn't equally boring then.
Her lore is literally her being a cat with magical powers searching for her master.
inDJ (NA)
: Petition to change Yuumi's title to "The Feline Familiar"
"The Void Spitter" is actually better than "The Magical Cat"
Terozu (NA)
: Bard is considered a unique playstyle and is Agender. Enchanter means heals and shields, Zilean doesnt do that.. Rakan and Taric are secondary enchanters. I want a boy enchanter. Like a very typical enchanter, just a boy, not a girl.
Enchanter doesn't exclusively mean heals and shields, it means ally focused abilities and buffs. It's just that all current enchanters just have shields and heals. We need enchanters with more unique buffs. It would even be cool if we got an enchanter with no heals nor shields and just CC and unique buffs for allies.
Kai Guy (NA)
: 8 o clock tomorrow I expect a teaser or reveal. So there's that. Edit. Here. "It was my light that did this. More details coming tomorrow @ 8 AM PT tomorrow"
That is the Crownguard symbol. AKA it will be Lux's comic
: Ah yes Morello, the man that was like I think the nuclear nidalee spears are a bit much hen meddler was like, why not nuclear nidalee spears..... and a 3 second hard cc to make hitting them easier ..... Oh and their aoe{{champion:142}}. true damage?
Falrein (EUW)
: If you could meet your favourite champions once...
: The new Shonen Anime Skins (leak, just click if you want to know!)
There was a recent leak in reddit that was taken down, and Jayce was actually in the battle club, not the engineer club. Viktor was in the engineer club instead. Edit: just to clarify, the leak used the same "battle academia" terminology, so it's most probably true.
: The most well designed champion of each class.
Best designed mage I'd say is Vel'koz. Has high moments via his ult and passive, and clear weaknesses in getting on top of him since his Q is hard to reactivate at close range. He can be annoying to deal with from behing though. Syndra is too Jack of all Trades-y and has a free out of jail card i her E. Also her ult is bullshit. Best designed assassin is EASILY Evelynn. Feels awesome to play, and has clear windows of opportunity to play around. Kha'zix's point and click burst without warning isn't good for the game. Best designed enchanter is Nami, hands down. The only one that has a real reason to interact with enemy champions with non targeted spells. I don't think any fighter is specially well designed, but if I had to choose one would be Illaoi. Close range as her weakness, and her greatest strength being a good setup of tentacles with her ult. Jarvan is a tanky assassin. Marksmen are bullshit in general. The only one I don't have a problem with is Jhin. He actually takes time to DPS you to death and also provides some utility, unlike other marksmen. I can agree with you on Ornn.
nelogis (EUW)
: Why Is The Rune-System So Focused On The Offensive Side?
Because that way you are rewarded for interacting with your enemy in lane and not just farming mindlessly until lategame.
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
Now I can't run full mana bruiser top blitzcrank with his new buffs D':
Monlyth (NA)
: Does Yasuo have a real weakness?
: Can you stop giving late game champions so much safety and ease in the early game??
: Melee only game mode
Kayle is removed at 11 or if she casts her E
Cloud273 (NA)
: I honestly feel like triumph is a bigger issue than damage this season...
Don't forget every rune that only works when you kill champions. Aka the hunter and legend runes from domination and precision.
: Unpopular Opinion: Riots last few patches have made this game more fun
So... is this a meme or is it not...? Because I actually truly agree with it
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: Kayle's old lore did not paint her to be a perfectly good being nor did it paint her as resembling humans in her mentality. She was a zealous force of destruction that was guided only by her own judgement. You can still find her old lore on the League Wiki under the history tab.
Yeah, she was always this way, but much more moderate. Now she's just Hitler.
Dynikus (NA)
: > Kayle is a squishy champion. Visual clarity is KEY in game design and having a squishy character being as heavily armored as she was doesn't make any sense. She was never _heavily_ armored to the point of misrepresenting her role. Despite wearing full plate mail, her character has always been lithe and never had the appearance of a tank. Also {{champion:32}} has horrible visual clarity of being a tank. >In contrast to this, in the Kayle mains subreddit there's mixed feedback at WORST. Looking at the top threads on r/kaylemains currently: These are all complaints about her new design, either about her lack of armor, or her giraffe neck. These complaints mirror the boards.
> [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FH2AQhAl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-19T01:15:22.551+0000) > > She was never _heavily_ armored to the point of misrepresenting her role. Despite wearing full plate mail, her character has always been lithe and never had the appearance of a tank. Also {{champion:32}} has horrible visual clarity of being a tank. > > Looking at the top threads on r/kaylemains currently: > > > > > > These are all complaints about her new design, either about her lack of armor, or her giraffe neck. These complaints mirror the boards. Amumu is old as fuck though. Will probably get updated to be beefier and will see complaints as well. Also, complains in the subreddit are way more moderate.
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: "Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence
I'm gonna say it loud and clear. Kayle wears less armor because she is a squishy champion. Visual clarity is one of the most important parts in game design, whether you like it or not.
: 3s does nothing in a skirmish or a fight. It only limits being able to poke someone down to some stacks and then going in with than additional stack on hand. It needs to have charge half as slowly and be half as effective for ranged champions, both healing/true damage conversion, since they also have Last Whisper, which many melee champs can't buy unless they're super lethality based. Follow the example for Grasp, Phage, and Frozen Mallet.
Then ranged champions won't be able to use it. One thing is making it less good for ranged, which is completely fine. Another is make it completely worthless for them.
: Changes to Conqueror on PBE. Better or Worse? You Decide
I mean, DPS mages now have a Keystone I guess... but Cassio's fucking nuts already, maybe she'll need some gutting after this...
: Hexdrinker is too strong in early.
Seriously, buff {{item:3156}} and nerf {{item:3155}} , it's not that hard to understand Rito!
: I'm kinda disappointed by the idea that riots idea of a balanced champion is “ generally weak to a significant number of champions (roughly 20+) or a common mechanic (like hard CC).” Shouldn't this game focus be on how skilled a player is with the champion and the game over how good a champion is? champions should provide players with the tools and its up to the player to actually use them effectively. Not team A has champions X, Y, and Z therefore they win or the enemy team just counterpicked so they won
That mentality is exactly what makes champions like Azir, Leblanc, Kalista and Yasuo.
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: @Riot August: Response to Morgana Gameplay Update Request Tweet
Those suggestions of yours are not "small" in any way.
: Riot's need for everything to "Feel good" is their biggest design problem.
I'm sorry, but you don't know anything about game design if you think making things "feel good" is a bad design philosophy. That is the first PRIORITY a designer should have in mind.
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