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: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Why Tyler1 ban is unfair and why Riot wants him to be banned: 1st: He's influence on the League community because he's so popular and he complains about the current state of the game (tank meta) = Riot doesn't want this kind of negative influence on their company/game (same reason why GrossGore got banned because he spread a bad image of Krepo) 2nd: He gets trolled by Twitch chat and other streamers camping his lane (e.g. Gosu,Qt, IwD, AnnieBot 4 man dynamic queue vs. Tyler being solo), banning his Draven, shittalking in chat (he gets banned for getting mad about it). 3rd: He levels up his acc every time starting at Level 1, nor does he buy the account. (If he hadn't shown his accs on stream Rito wouldn't have noticed it was him) and he could've continued to do it every single time. 4th: He may express his view in a toxic way, but he is not wrong. He may get toxic about certain situations ingame but his opinion is not wrong nor overdone. Getting ganked 1000 times or having a totally broken enemy lane is most of the time not fun (e.g. Kog Maw before he got nerfed or having full tank Ekko dealing more dmg than both carrys). Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna say he isn't toxic, but the situations that get him toxic are mostly set up by his teammates or enemies (compare with 2nd). 5th: His punishments aren't equal to the ones other streamers or toxic players experience (My suspection: He is under special observance of Riot checking his account and punishing him for the smallest amount of toxicity or trolling. This isn't the same punishment other toxic players (e.g. Meteos) are getting. Besides he probalby gets reported every single game even if he didn't say anything. Conclusion: Idc if you downvote me, insult me as a trash kid or delete this post (@Riot). This is my opinion on the situation and Tyler was extremely enjoyable to watch and he was a very good player and streamer. If we compare this to someone like Nicktron or all the other attention streamers on Twitch that haven't gotten an acc permad this is unfair and undeserved
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Reddit's gonna explode lmao
Rafhi (EUW)
: Yo, look at this: this looks pretty promising. Especially the man on the cloud in the right lower corner.
And the subtitle is: "A traveler arrives"
Pharoh (NA)
: Ao Shin Lunar Revel 2016?
Yo, look at this: this looks pretty promising. Especially the man on the cloud in the right lower corner.


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