: Can't get into games. Stuck on loading screen.
Is it working for u guys? I have been having the sam problem just recently, and because of that i'm constantly on 20 min probation T.T But i din't change any gear (i use a laptop) ... i think it was after one of the updates too ... For a wille it disconected everytime after the game ended, failed do honor anyone, and it would do a "repair" everytime i turned LOL on. Now it's just like u said ... same situation ... end up going in late on games, and getting the reports :/
RanYewá (EUW)
: AFK framed... once again... the dilema...
And when everything u try still doesn't work it out? If not to take out or reduce the penalties...it would be great to at least have some more rules on geting the penalty it self... I've been playing for years now, and never got problems with being afk, up until recently... now i seem to ALLWAYS be on probation! My pc craches once... i have 5x20 min of wait A toxic player decides to give up, but...since i came in 2 min later (slow log, bites me the reason why it randomly happens - probably the pc itself) and i'm the one with 5x20min of waiting, again. I play 5 good games (no crash, no delay, no lag...) then have one crash, and BAM ... 5x20min of wait. I have had afk players on my team too...everybody has been there... some we don't know why, some are just trolling, others go afk for the sake of it, get bored, give up, leave the game bcause of 1001 reasons. And it sucks... i know! But wouldn't it be great to be able to separate those who go bcause they choose to, from those who were just going to play a game to have fun and something wrong happens out of their control that ends up with 100 min lost on queue?! Plus, if we been there, and waited the all 5x20min ... to get to play a game... isn't it obvious that we didn't do it in purpose, and that we really want to play this game? A warning at least intead of instant penalty for 1x ou 2x ... then the penaty, for example; De "GG" counting to reduce the time on the probation if given from non premade teamplayers; Or having difrent time penalties for the game tipe. Since it is way more sirious if on ranked matches than on the normal or aram; Adding a report for AFK on purpose/by choice and one for unvoluntairy AFK to difirenciate us; Get the afk to play with each other for God sake... maybe we will even form afk teams for the ones who do not go afk by choice, and end those toxic coments and all the reporting thing. That way we would be understanding with each other's ... not simply hate and look at our belly buttons ONLY! And be able to enjoy this game once again. #wishfullthinking :p AFK players, because of out of your control problems ... reach out ^^
: Please break your text. I hate textwalls and i will not read them unless it intrigues me.
Sorry, i just usualy type like that...still, i don't think it is that bad. It's just a big text ... ^^
: Stop playing. Buy better internet. Time is $$$. Now go buy your self time and better internet.
Since u don't mind spending ... wanna pay for mine? xD My money has other uses, better ones, like in "real life" important things, like my car, my home, food... uau... go figure! who would think of using their money on this things, insted of a pc or internet :p
: Well... maybe.... if .... you... stop... typing.... like .... this.... you.... might... get.... someone.... to.... read..... and.... review..... your..... case..... without..... it..... being... an..... eyesore. :)
I...just...love..."talking"...typing...breathing...like...this... ^^ Too bad... that I... ain't here... to please... every ... one... **
: Kill you for not having a top notch pc? Nah just prevent you from playing online with a team because your internet is unstable. Stop being so dramatic. The punishment fits the crime.
Dramatic or not (on your opinion) it doesn't happen all the time, the problem i'm pointing here is: I had 2 day's with no problem at all, played another one just now, and guess what? It crashed ... result? one sigle toxic player reported afk, aldow we won and i was there 97% of the game time ... and i'm back to the 20 min wait ... because of 1 player who just for teh fun of it... decided to report ... It amases me that this actually makes sence to some people ... But then again... guess it only "hurts" when u are the one that fell. " The punishment fits the crime." ... after 6 or 7 games smooth sailing ... 1 crash = 1 report = 5 games with the 20 min extra wait ... uau... u must have a lot of time to spend and an the chillest patience lvl ... if that is "fitted". Go zen!! ;)
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