Onecimus (NA)
: As far as your article is concerned, the most valid point the mother makes is that Epic didn't add a part where the parent would be involved should the party not legally be an adult. Riot has this. It is all the way down in section 1.1 of the TOU. So presumably these babies that Riot is supposedly collecting the candy from, have parental permission for this. So, kind of irrelevant, but a good read regardless. :) As for your first portion, yes Riot does have standards to uphold. When we provide them with payment, they provide us with whatever we paid for. Notice: they do not allow you to buy Riot points on banned accounts. What Riot expects from it's playerbase is not crazy or over the top. They expect basic human decency. If the players cannot offer that, then Riot bids them fairwell.
Well written, good points, so you truly belive that, what i have written is so outta line that i deserve perm ban for my sekund offence?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Perma comes after 14dban qhich state that next toxic behaviour even if mild will be punished. U flooded being annoying U didnt mute, why? Coyld u play without chatting? Idont get what money has to do with behaviour but ok. Anyway for the sake of being smart 1000/(12*5)=16$/month...
I agree that money has nothing to do with it, but i was just trying to state that i have supported their game alot, and even tho my beviour was outta line, i just find it mind blowing that i get perma banned after my sekund offence, if you know what i mean. But i have learned a lesson that if i get in games like that i will mute, because i just can't take it when people talk to me like that with out talking back
: Perm banned for this after 5 years of playing, and 1000 of dollars spend.?!?
Im not saying that i don't deserve a ban, but to get perm banned just like that after 5 years of playing is just mind blowing to me, especially if you take into consiteration, they talked shit to me first. :I
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