Shuumi (NA)
: MYGA (Make yuumi great again)
Or maybe MYCA ( make yuumi a champion again) Kinda sucks they removed her form game becasue of afking farming "pro" games. They should just rework or delete her totally since they cant sort her out as she is.
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: The most OP comp blender Azir
Comp is strong but your missing a huge negative of that comp. The early game of it is very weak and if you dont get good rnd your very likly to end up 8th place.
: I got told by Riot Mort. If you dont have time because you have a full time job or your a looking after someone dont bother as it a very high skill kap game. Yes this is Riot for you only interested in making thing for the top ter player and pros, yet normal player are the once keeping Riot going
Guy must be dellusional
: Ocean/Mage
and theres always 4 assasins killing all thoose oceans.
: Team Fight tactics is ...picking the best composition then..your skill comes into play.
Your wrong . picking the best comp is the skill. After that comes rnd. Why games never will be a esport.
Wolity (EUW)
: The meta
Nah they got problem with balancing so meta is very stale with few comps playable if you intend to climb wich makes it tadd boring after a while.
: Light is still hot garbage, by the time you hit 6 Light you're guaranteed to be below 50 HP
seems they got problem balancing this seasong. Last patch was pretty badly thought thrue. Meta is very stale. Playing light is pretty much like griefing ureself ;)
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: For a start, I would be satisfied if they changed his ult to have a cast time. While other champions die with 100% mana without ulting Renekton just heals instantly. He doesn't even need his ult animation for it. For example, Aatrox needs a whole sec or so to ult and dies many times in his ult animation without dealing any damage. It would be only fair if Renekton had to finish his ult animation for healing.
Wont change to much beside delaying ults slightly. needs more done to balance him. Thew aoe part of ult makes his healing to strong and should been adressed last patch.
: Main way to fix it is fixing PD, that items is broken and completely shuts down Assasins and IE users completely with nothing they can do about it. It's one of the reasons this meta is so focused on mages/summons as they are the least affeced by PD
Well looking at pd logically you can kill other units with pd but not renekton. So issue is not pd its the aoe healing component being to strong making him unkillable
Rioter Comments
: What's the counter to hyper-rushing light?
Its not s specially good comp so most meta comps with healing reduction will beat it of hes not extremly lucky with rolls
: cant cast spells or auto attack if you are PERMA FROZEN, meaning you cant move or attack or anything.. items are useless if you arent given a chance to use em
olaf dont reach backlanes until frontlane died so ull not be perma frozen , just try it and ull have little problem dealing with olafs.
: cant use healing debuffs if you are perma frozen tho and i wouldnt put thornmail on rangers just to have healing debuffs
TFT forum mate. You use redbuff and morellonomicon. Can also use runaans for the spread.
: Olaf + Rageblade is unbearably ridiculous.
would suggest you make some healing debuff items playing that stops his healing. Will make it alot easier for you to kill him since hes rarly above level 2 wich means his health aint that big.
: Olaf disagrees......
olaf will die insta after healing debuff is on him.
: TFT= Race to Olaf
healing reduction is a very good way to stop him. He dont have huge health since they rarly get more then 2 star and with healing reduction on him he dies pretty fast.
Naon (NA)
: If they revert her she will skyrocket back up. What they need to do is admit they were wrong when people warned them back on PBE about how toxic her kit is and go back and rework her entirely. I loved playing her, but unfortunately she has a stacked kit and any good ratio "buffs" changes will only cause her to once again dominate.
she never dominated in the first place and only got nerfed because of pro play were teams just afk farm.
: Ranked
it will come when next seasong starts( 1st seasong is down now).
PuttriQ (NA)
: The issue with low elo support players
Since your bronze ofc your supports will suck but so do you (no offence) since you share that rank. As main support i think you should focus on your own gameplay more then on what support is doing wich is what will make you leave thoose guys behind you and get better and better supports.
Huiwee (NA)
: veigar is breaking the game
dragons , negatron cloak will cause veigar serius problem . also wilds get thrue yordles. suits wll since there is dragon wild comps to play. rip veigar.
: let me guess. you played two kassadins or two cho's or two kha'zixs or two rek'sais or two kai'sas. Which one did I nail?
Your guessing is wrong. Classes and origins are bugged right now so sometimes it doesnt register. Had it myself 2 times now with different classes/origins. ps sometimes its not usefull to be a smartass
Zula95 (NA)
: MMR not increasing
Obviusly lp calculations got some pretty obvius flaws in TFT, guessing they trying some transfer of lol calcs wich isnt working properly yet.
Aliburm (NA)
: Ever since patch 9.18 was live, the game has lost its fun
Well said. Keeping a meta with so few viable comps makes the game very stale and sadly boring .
: I don't see Yuumi. I see
Kinda like playing against her. just see the oppertunity to get fed them doubble kills.
: Are we done with Hyper Carries?
> [{quoted}](name=Seraphim117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EJWjPGrK,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-04T08:32:27.257+0000) > > late game gonna mean 25 minutes instead of 40? late game is 15 not 25 min mate...


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