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Brizzh (NA)
: [Gameplay] Syndra movement
This bug has been in for over a year and I don't know why anyone else is talking about it. It can get you killed, it can screw up pathing during teamfights. Take -5 of her base MS and you have her actual MS. Syndra has tons of these bugs that can be game deciding but judging by how little Riot cares about Syndra I doubt she will get any bugfixes anytime soon.
: A few points: * Your frustrating is understandable. But Syndra is a champion now who is highly sensitive even to small buffs. Adding a little damage to her Q might be enough to push her back to near ubiquity in the pro scene. Reverting the change to Force of Will would certainly make her priority rise massively. * As one of the mods on the Syndra Mains subreddit, we are seeing so much frustration coming from other Syndra players right now — you have no idea the amount of comments that are simply unhelpful. People asking for help on Syndra? They're being told not to pick her. That frustration is coming from a sincere place, and Syndra _is_ weak for the majority of the playerbase. * That said, people acting angrily at Riot for communicating that, yes, she's in a weak spot -- but she is so sensitive to changes that they're taking their time to evaluate what she actually needs. Do you really just want mana reductions? Do you really just want an extra 10 damage here or there, or a slightly increased ratio? I think Syndra needs _work done_ to her. She needs Riot to give her some developer time. And she will get it, and it's fair to ask -- but considering what she needs to not be permaban status is a real, important consideration. Also, Syndra's winrate in pro-play is low, but her presence is still high among players who are confident on her. That is an indicator that they shouldn't push it. Her kit is immensely powerful. BONUS POINT: Syndra isn't actually that weak. Anecdotally, Syndra players can't even agree on whether or now she's totally weak; her weakness may be due to the _meta_, not just Syndra's kit being weak right now. Champions being less squishy across the board, able to shrug off her crowd control, means she could become 100% P/B in a few months when the meta changes again. Just some food for thought!
Syndra is not sensitive to buffs at all. The only reason Syndra is as bad as she is now is because of MYMU where Riot ignored us Syndra mains about the changes, and thankfully Riot completely reverted that. After that Riot for some reason still nerfed her and combined with alot of indirect nerfs (mana changes, runes) she's become one of the worst performing midlaners ever since. 10% AP ratio on her Q won't make her pick/ban, lowering her insane mana consumptions wont make her pick/ban, Syndra is outclassed in all her strengths. You'd think Syndra would shine in the current meta where damage is at it's highest but she doesn't, because her stats are outdated and overnerfed. 80 mana for an ability you have to use every time you want to use your others, 100 mana for an incredibly small hitbox 25% slow. Her ult has about a ~1 second window where you can pull a max sphere ult that will cost you over 400 mana. Why even bother with that when you can play any other mage/assassin and do the same but with way less risk. Syndra **DOESN'T** need a rework. There's nothing wrong with her kit. She's overnerfed and needs some small buffs to her basic abilities, Q is a joke untill some levels and mana costs for both Q and W needs to be decreased.
Poske (EUNE)
: Sorry but as another syndra player who kinda dropped her till she becomes viable again your changes dont do anything * Increasing AP ratio ON Q does nothing. She is a lane bully which cannot bully. Increase her EARLY GAME base dmg rather * As far as her W mana cost, its rather a boring change Here is what you dont understand People used to bully with syndra Q, It got nerfed In order to Adapt I started leveling W level 1 and extra point in it at level 3 You would cheese the enemy jungler And level 1-level 2 Iron will was a better poke ability then dark sphere by a mile And her W used to be reliable Poke (With her OLD WIDTH) since Q wasnt mana efficient given a gutted base damage Here I would exlusivly poke just with W till my Q reached around level 4 So when her W Width got nerfed (rightfully so it was really wide) she had NO efficent way of bullying early game **Might I add she is the only lane bully in a game which doesnt have mobility** Granted I am only calling her lane bully because that is what she used to be What syndra need is longer games (for her passive) A proper fking itemization 0.65 AP ratio is in no way shape or form bad, This is what I want for Syndra - An Actual fking passive spikes Atm ALL OF her passive spikes are Uninspired, Boring, Non impactful. This is why she got rewored Rework changed nothing.. AND we cant even call it a rework since yes apart from E>Q combo nothing changed She doesnt even have to be a lane bully. The whole Sentence I CAN BE SO MUCH MORE, and other alike lines makes you think she would gradualy become stronger as the game goes on But no she has decent spike level 8-11 in other parts of a game she is trash. And she doesnt have unique item spike like for example katarina with gunblade
I 100% agree on pretty much everything you said, 75 range increase on maxing your ult are you serious, but I simply don't trust Riot in making these big changes. I'd love to have an actual impactful passive but look what Riot tried before only changing 1 of her passives made her broken past level 13. That's why I think only small adjustments will be made, because if Riot ever tries to do a big rework on Syndra it will flop 100%.
Slythion (NA)
: While I don't have 1mil mastery points, I am an avid Syndra player with decent understanding of her balance mechanics. I believe that just having a decent keystone + fixing all her bugs *could* be enough to make her viable again. I'd be hesitant to go through with any direct buffs until her core issues have been addressed, and then we can bump her up from there if need be. edit: I actually made a relevant post about that [here]( but never heard back from a Rioter unfortunately
> [{quoted}](name=Slythion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8oIKbeE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-06T01:36:53.186+0000) > > While I don't have 1mil mastery points, I am an avid Syndra player with decent understanding of her balance mechanics. I believe that just having a decent keystone + fixing all her bugs *could* be enough to make her viable again. I'd be hesitant to go through with any direct buffs until her core issues have been addressed, and then we can bump her up from there if need be. > > edit: > I actually made a relevant post about that [here]( but never heard back from a Rioter unfortunately But Riot will never fix all of her bugs, not even close sadly. And her core issues are right there in her basic abilities. Syndra is supposed to be a lane bully, yet she's the one playing safe now mostly because her basic spells are so weak compared to other midlaners. Your positioning needs to be perfect, you can't miss a combo otherwise you're down to 50% mana and you must land your stun consistently in order to win any trade at all. Meanwhile champions like Xerath and Malz can sit back throw their abilities without any real risk but still deal as much damage as Syndra can.
: Syndra not god tier pick for once, "we might buff her :]" unlucky, I guess Fizz needs a nerf again tho because fuck his E hehe :]
Syndra was never really ''god'' tier, her winrate has always been low, she is really easy to counter (items alone) even when she was fotm. She was only fotm because the pro's made her out to be, players still sucked with her regardless of how op she was. Pro's are getting terrible stats with her currently, she's at the bottom of every tier list in every elo. Don't see a reason why she could not use some small adjusments.
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: The fact that your rank is of importance once it comes to getting legit respones/upvotes on a post lol...
Riot has been ignoring Syndra since her release when it comes to bugs. It's extremely sad when us Syndra mains have to post everywhere to get as much attention as possible. We've been reporting bugs since the dawn of this champion. And yes rank is important when it comes to a champion like Syndra. This bug alone completely disrupts a combo many Syndra mains are used to doing.
zepdrix (NA)
: Is that really a bug? In the video you're ulting, interrupting the W animation. It looks like it's working as intended to me... hmm I don't play a lot of Syndra though... did this "bug" show up recently or something?
It is a bug. Before this patch, using R right after W let's you finish the W animation and damage. After W is finished R will return W's orb to cast the ultimate.
: Syndra is becoming Mordekaiser 2.0
Syndra bypassed morde since she came out back in 2012. Even on this very day, there are bugs present from her release. Riot simply doesn't care about Syndra, they never really did. Otherwise these gamebreaking bug's would've been fixed by now. Riot hasn't even said a single word about Syndra's current state. Put any of her bugs on any popular champion like Lee, Vayne, Ahri, Zed and they'll be hotfixed. Imagine Zed or Ahri using their ultimates but then not being able to use their other 3 spells for a good few seconds. What's worse than being minion blocked? Being blocked by your character models' spheres.
: Yea feelsbad. Already created a bug ticket for this and syndra is having many other bugs. Hope riot fix them asap.
> [{quoted}](name=ahela,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=yMHRL3yH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-12T23:55:42.560+0000) > > Yea feelsbad. Already created a bug ticket for this and syndra is having many other bugs. Hope riot fix them asap. Riot doesn't care about Syndra, she's been bugged for years and players have been reporting bugs this entire season nonstop. If countless bugs on a single champion won't get Riot's attention, I don't think a few more bugs added to the already insanely big list of bugs would make them care. But who knows, Syndra might get to a point of being actually unplayable in which case they have to do something.
: @Riot Even more Syndra bugs with 7.22, and she's been bugged since 7.10
One of my first matches on this patch was where I used my ult and I had the stutter bug permanently for the entire game. It was like having 300 MS instead of your standard 375. If these bugs dont get Riot's attention I don't know what will. But judging by how little (or not at all) Riot cares about Syndra, I wouldn't be suprised if we go another season without any fixes. Sucks to be a Syndra main right now.
Poske (EUNE)
: What bugs?
> [{quoted}](name=Poske,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0MmwYLYs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-03T14:04:53.430+0000) > > What bugs? There are hundreds of posts reporting her bugs. From not being able to use any ability for a good 5 seconds to being minion blocked by her own spheres. Every part of Syndra's kit has a bug. Heck, the majority of the time Syndra is mentioned on forums or reddit is because of a bug report. I cannot simply answer the question what bugs because there are too many. I think there's a post on the Syndra main subreddit completely dedicated to them.
: Most champions aren't. I imagine when ionia starts getting big lore updates she'll have a big part in that story.
> [{quoted}](name=TheRiddum,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0MmwYLYs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-03T13:26:48.098+0000) > > Most champions aren't. > I imagine when ionia starts getting big lore updates she'll have a big part in that story. I didn't know ionia was getting updated, sounds like something to look forward to.
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: [GAMEPLAY] Syndra R Bug (still not fixed)
You're missing the worst part, you can't use any abilities for a few good seconds. Even sphere's you spawn you can't interact with.
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: Because you want skins that just are basically recolors (yes hyperbole) of base Syndra. That's not what skins are supposed to do: they are supposed to be a re-imagining of a champion, something that **isn't** the same as what they're base is.
God fist lee sin. Imagine the same thing they do with a Syndra skin. And if you think they're re-imagining with Syndra skins, I think you're pretty wrong. Here's Syndra in a winter coat, why? For no reason. Here's Syndra as a mermaid, here's Syndra as a random diamond queen no one ever asked about. Or here's Galactic Syndra who spawns stars and supernovas which is way more exciting and fitting than giving Syndra a purple ori skirt with an eyepatch and cute orbs.
Psyrix (NA)
: I'm a bit confused by what you mean when you say "a reversed theme".... each of her skins employs a different theme.... Syndra is not an evil champion per se. A misunderstood one yes, but not inherently evil. She hates being restrained and held back. It's understandable that you lash out after thinking for years this place was supposed to help you reach higher levels, but instead it's impeding you. What's more she was threatened to have her magic completely removed. Justicar's skin theme is one where she didn't undergo that issue and instead is "balanced" seemingly upkeeping the justice in ionia (good). Atlantean is just an underwater theme. So u can assume the same circumstances occurred but she's from the sea. Queen of Diamonds is just a regal skinline so technically just another outfit Syndra wears. Snowday is a fun skinline. SKT is supposed to be a fantasy based skinline (this year) and she's technically a spirit/deity/myth based. Star guardian is another fun skinline based on sailor moon and other magical girl genres, and as shown by Jinx, you dont have to be completely good to be picked to be a guardian. And in the skinline short lore Syndra may not be as upright as the others (similar to jinx) Syndra as a character is more chaotic neutral than evil. She doesnt go out of her way to cause harm to others.
A theme that has nothing or does the opposite of her current one. None of her skins compliments her limitless potential. Instead here's Syndra with a winter coat, Syndra if she was a mermaid and so on.
: you clearly don't get the point of a skin... Snow Day = cheery christmas themed Atlantean = underwater themed (like Fizz) Justicar = light themed skin SKT T1 = represents faker Queen of Diamonds = card themed Star Guardian = magical girl (think Sailor Moon)
And all those skins are light-hearted, non evil and don't compliment her at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Razorex,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=iwcXc4ki,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-08-13T21:38:50.497+0000) > > You're missing my point. > > **All of her skins are goofy/reverse character** So what? An edgey young mage woman needs more edge on top of her default skin? Like what would make you happy for her to get? Cause what I'm guessing/creating/imagining sounds really boring.
God fist lee sin version for Syndra. Simple yet extremely good when done right.
: > [{quoted}](name=Razorex,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=iwcXc4ki,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-13T21:42:01.618+0000) > > There's nothing wrong with that at all. > The fact that after 5 years her default is still the best looking theme wise is quite sad. > And none of her skins come even close. Well, that is your oppinion, there are persons who like other skins... Skins change the theme of the champion, that is the idea.
Ofcourse that's my opinion. But how many times do I have to explain that EVERY Syndra skin is a reversed theme compared to her original? Look at God fist lee sin, it's an evolution on his default and it works.
: I don't think you understand what skins are supposed to do.
What makes you think I don't.
: Well, if you dont like the skin, dont buy it. Simple. There is nothing wrong with liking the default champion.
There's nothing wrong with that at all. The fact that after 5 years her default is still the best looking theme wise is quite sad. And none of her skins come even close.
: then don't buy the skin, no one is forcing you... Star Guardian is set in a parallel universe think of any universe in League that a champion wouldn't fit in but still gets a skin from said universe, go on, think of one
Another person who misses my point. I don't care about not fitting themes for certain characters. It's the point that **every Syndra skin** is.
: The goofy, or reverse of character skins are the best. So much better than the edgelord skins vast majority.of the time. Of course they could have done better for her but riot always goes for the low hanging fruit.
You're missing my point. **All of her skins are goofy/reverse character**
: even though I hate that champion I do agree
I wish more did. Look at Noxus Poppy, now imagine if Riot made every Poppy skin Noxus themed. That's exactly what they did with Syndra. Pretty sad when you think about it.
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: you said "Syndra is unplayable" which implies that you can't pick her so you can't play her which is a lie i think if you complain about bug don't use the word "unplayable" but "bug" i think
I'm losing lanes and matches because of those bugs, I think that's pretty unplayable if you ask me. Sometimes you dont have to take everything literally, you get my point.
: can pick it can play it stop spreading lies i think
Lies? Go search any of these bugs and you'll find tons of posts and video's about them.
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: Syndra movement stuttering bug
And the countless other bugs she currently has, like your E not giving you gold when killing units... When will Syndra ever have no bugs in her kit
: Riot, can you not go through with the Syndra Nerfs.
I couldn't agree with you more, give back her old damage, adjust a little numbers and she's completly fine.
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: Syndra Rework Idea
Revert her Q nerfs, fix some bugs with her Q-E and she's completely viable.
: Syndra needs to be a part of an event
Ironicly she was the weakest champion in the history of league, having the lowest winrate at her release. I just want a cinematic where she kicks ass honestly, nothing more.
: Syndra's Stun malfunction
Can confirm 100% However, Riot never liked Syndra, she is rarely played and Riot always forgets about her. Hell, in some of my matches players actually forget she was a champion. It's been like that for 3 years, they fixed some of the bugs but there are so many still there. So many times I've tried to stun someone but the orb either doesn't get knocked back, or it knocks the enemy back but doesn't actually stun it. Even today a Veigar cage actually blocked my Q-E... its redicilous. I guess we'll have to deal with this while Riot focuses on higher priority champions.
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Can I Get Some Context on AP Item Changes?
Because most AP champs aren't fun to watch for E-$ports reasons obviously, I mean who doesn't want to see broken ADC's and Yasuo ''outplays''. Or Riot wants us to be distracted from the removal of mana pots, since AP champs now have to save every gold coin they get to buy their overpriced items. Oh and ADC's have it easier when it comes to getting CDR. Because ADC's need their abilities more than AP mages according to Riot. I'm sorry I just can't take this patch seriously, what a mess.
Canastus (NA)
: @Riot - Aren't you forgetting about someone?
If you think Cass was forgotten you haven't met {{champion:134}} She was nerfed to the ground where her bread and butter ability dealt less damage than an auto attack. She had hitboxes smaller than the visuals itself (Thank god they fixed it a bit) and still has quite some bugs. 9 months and counting, only buff she had was + 6 mana per level or something.
: Syndra Update
Revert the Q nerfs, she has the worst Q ability out of all the midlaners in terms of damage per mana, and thats not what you want with a burst mage. She basicly uses mana for a mage basic attack. Fix her bugs, she's been out for 3 years and still has so many bugs. Stuns going straight through enemies etc. Make her passive more usefull, you have a much weaker version of Viktors passive. The maxed W and E are barely noticable. Even if some of these buffs happen (Which most likely will not happen since Riot hates buffing Syndra, however Lux and Veigar are completely fine with Riot) she might still get outclassed by other mages, especially in the late game where every other midlaner can deal the same or more damage than you while being safer or having mobility.
: [FanArt] Victorious Syndra / Riot pls !
She wasn't really victorious this season.
: Syndra's in a weird place, I feel if she got any buffs she would be way too strong. The only difference from her now compared to the last time she was played at worlds is DFG was removed and she lost 20 dmg on her early Q.
The meta shifted against her, almost every champion in midlane got buffed except her. Syndra has one power spike that lasts a few minutes, she has a bad early game and late game. Her damage is mediocre, every midlaner can deal the same damage if not more than her while being more safe or having more mobility. Take Veigar for example, much more reliable stun and no matter how many balls you have on the field, his ult will always outdamage you. Period.
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