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: I would honestly prefer Surrender vote deleted or active later
It should just give you the prompt once someone on the enemy team gets 3 kills in the first 5 minutes
: It takes 72 minutes of uninterrupted XP to lose a cannon wave of XP in a duo lane
It's more about the intent of pushing the game in that direction It's already bad enough as it is for some, double nerf this patch for many supports who are not overstepping The dopamine injected solo laner who is 4 levels above you gets real cliche real fast, regardless of what team they are on
: I love League's characters but I don't like the gameplay
Nothing feels more depressing then GETTING LOWER RANKS as you play the game because the paradigm just isn't what it was before and you suck in this new game
: Completed support items are rough on supports
There should have been a reward you can feel Something as simple as it giving you increased gold when destroying wards (including gaining the difference when a ally kills one in the vicinity that you assisted with clearing) Or something like your trinket gets an extra charge
Yenn (NA)
: Can whoever designed Omnistone explain who is intended to use it, and why they would choose it?
I compare this keystone to the equivalent of slotting one of every unique rune you can into a rune page Something no sane person did
Rioter Comments
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: Why is Nami the only champion who can control water with her abilities?
There was a scrapped champion in very early league, he looked like a big twister of water but Riot said nothing they did at that time looked right, so they scrapped him
: Isn't armor supposed to be useless anyways? That's what everyone is saying so who cares if he has 42 or 10 It's all the same right?
Pretty cherrypicked Resistance means a lot more in the early game Is all I'm going to add
: So.... I'm guessing we're going to see Taric/Sona Duos for awhile.....
I am surprised they have not nerfed the interaction already, as soon as it popped up in a tournament It really should be nerfed, if it doesn't then that leaves Sona/Taric open to get nerfed before the actual problem gets seen to The Sona main inside me kinda wants it to keep going in pro play...it's literally the only way she's gonna get any type of championship skin outside of a hard kit rework
: If riot secretly added 7000% damage increase when you buy ohmwrecker, would anyone even notice?
Ohmwrecker is a odd case It was a item that was added due to a creators influence when that was a reward way back in season 1 for referrals But unlike items like Athenes it's almost like they have intentionally left Ohm in a state where no one will touch it So really, they can't get rid of it but it seems like they don't want to change the cheesy active
: I honestly feel bad for the Rioters who are trying to do right.
Rolling in to say that Riot is getting super political while stifling conversation about it I don't see that as positive in anyway, no matter how you paint it in rainbows and butterflys
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
I recently made a new account because my ass is perma'd currently for being mad at video games New players are thrown into games at random in a sea of smurfs, every damn game is "Please report [new player]" and constant flaming in their direction It's ridiculous and I feel sorry for anyone who even thinks about getting into the game at this point Yes it's annoying to have a fresh player on your team, personally having them feed the enemy smurf obviously causes contention, but don't crush their will to continue and learn, I will try to defend every genuinely new player when people start flaming them...this isn't a troll case where the user is just being a dick and intentionally making you angry, it's someone who knows very little about the games basic fundamentals and are being prayed upon by experience players making them feel even worse It certainly doesn't help that Riot is yet to add a fully in-depth tutorial system designed to actually introduce healthy gameplay mechanics to anyone **willing** to do so I had some games yesterday, I played with 2 new players on my team and obviously got steamrolled by the 100% smurf enemy, the whole time my team was flaming them both and I am here trying to explain they are new and trying to give tips if I can (I probably hit a language barrier 90% of the time btw), the enemy team was shit talking the whole time Next game rolls around with some familar faces, turns out the enemy team had a mix of flamers and new players and obviously the more experienced team won, the whole time /allchat spam to report was firing off but were certainly happy to stomp these players last game, I explain again that they are new so stop being so hard on them What a mess
: What I want to know as an aram main is who gets the CS?
Taric starts the game farming with relic shield while Sona focuses entirely on poking to get her spellthiefs to hit completion, Once that's done it's free range for Sona to farm as much as she can It's how the whole strat works in the first place Sona gets assistance on gaining as much gold as she can via spellthief + targon + kleptomancy when she is at her weakest, Sona starts scaling harder and harder
: Playing against a Taric and Sona right now.
Both these champions have sub-optimal earlygames Use that knowledge to your advantage
Starcall (NA)
: Sona disruptively over powered
I'd like to see how Sona pans out after they implement a limit to gold generation items interactions with each other, I feel that this is the main problem The other thing is that Sona has basically emerged as a carry and people have (FINALLY) figured out that giving Sona gold and xp basically wins games, but that drawback comes at a slower scaling carry for a stronger+team amplifying one I don't think it's possible currently to stop Sona from being the "ultimate scaling champion" without either gutting her and leaving her on life support, or a rework in general I have always seen Sona as a good amplifying support, the more powerful she gets the more powerful her team gets, she is really the only support who has "backwards priorities" because most other supports are all about earlygame and snowballing the carry I called a while back saying Sona would never be viable in pro-play as a support, she is too useless at the critical points of the game as a support in that setting that she has 0 place...however this isn't the case for Sona in the carry position, who can basically do almost everything that ADC's do but also churns out a ton of teamwide support
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: why does this champion isn't even considered to be reworked
I enjoy that this is phrased in a way that suggests Sona has been terrorizing the game for years now when she has been basically irreverent since her rework besides a few moments during preseason changes If you think it's so effortless and easy to win with Sona why not just play Sona
: > [{quoted}](name=RedCyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iUHPJNTm,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2019-01-14T01:30:24.168+0000) > > The utterance of a single word in the growing vocabulary of Riots "bad words" will drop you onto a insta tier 3 penalty > One more utterances of those words and you get perma-banned, lets not mention that these words have been fine in the past and basically any word at this point can be put on that "bad word" list > > That's how I went in the space of 3 months, goodbye season 1 account > All for having banter in one game and 3 months later saying the word "cancer" > > This game is run by people with no backbone "these words have been fine in the past " Of course those words WERE fine in the past, because that was when the law itself (let alone the masses, which I don't even want to imagine) was overtly racist, sexist, and whatnot as shit. You bet your asses that degrading terms were "fine" in those times of extreme oppression and prosecution. You don't get to come around and pretend as if people then were somehow more reasonable, or that somehow having some fucking sense and standard means "no backbone".
I have 2 whole cases of toxic behavior bans since I had started my account in season 1 I am not going to make light of the situation or try to BS my way through with a heartfelt excuse, I WAS toxic at those times and I agree that I deserved downtime for my actions However I don't think that 2 toxic offenses should land your account dead in the water forever, it's this harsh ban heavy action Riot has put through with a iron fist is not good, the fact that these words can be freshly added to a bot with the power to put your account down to 1 hp is very harrowing... If you are interested in the actions that got me banned in one game I said "Ha _British cigarette_ you used everything on me and not the 15 kill Vayne, now you lose" And the other game I was banned for saying "I hate laning against Zed, he is cancer" There are cases inbetween of getting mad at feeders and trolls, these are the ones I feel should have landed me into getting some TEMPORARY timeout
droov (EUW)
: a reason for an unreasonable ban
Riot support are a joke If you get banned for any reason it's their job to basically keep that ban held down no matter if it's not even your fault Looks to me that Riots ban heavy activity is starting to harm them, long time players are getting permabanned in the space of less then 6 months after having no issues for however many years they previously put into the game, and I am starting to think it's a ploy to make these players make new accounts and hopefully spend more money in the game that tactic didn't work for me
: I've had 11 chat bans on one account! What do people have to do to get actual account suspensions? :/
The utterance of a single word in the growing vocabulary of Riots "bad words" will drop you onto a insta tier 3 penalty One more utterances of those words and you get perma-banned, lets not mention that these words have been fine in the past and basically any word at this point can be put on that "bad word" list That's how I went in the space of 3 months, goodbye season 1 account All for having banter in one game and 3 months later saying the word "cancer" This game is run by people with no backbone
: Irelia, best champion in the game undoubtedly, with an overloaded kit.
Why does this bitch even have mana? It's literally impossible to go OOM on her
RallerenP (EUW)
: > 2 offenses should not be enough to lambast my account to the ether If you've underwent only 2 punishments, then it means that you've been punished for extreme toxicity (essentially hatespeech or encouraging others to commit suicide) This is never acceptable. You were even warned that this would happen if you continued, so you can't even claim it's unfair. > The increased flooded reports from playing off meta certainly have played a role in this, I will admit to being toxic in one of them and will even admit that I should deserve a ban of some kind 100% speculation. Those chatlogs are certainly enough to get someone punished on their own, so reports from playing off meta picks don't play a role in this.
As I stated, my only offense back then was saying "fa**ot" I can give you the screenshot of the ticket if you would like
: Guarantee if that is the language you use in a post 2 week ban, you use it all the time. Maybe you don't know how their ban system works. The first 2-3 bans are just chat bans. They are bans though. You can play, but you can only store up to 3-5 messages at a time, and most f the time you consume them. That's followed by the 2 week. If you aren't good for well over a year, the 2 year is always going to be followed by a perma. You weren't afraid to show your chat to us, yet you used the F word about 30 times just in that game, attacked every teammate, talked in a manner that makes me look like a saint. You. do. it. all. the. time. You just don't realize you were doing it. Maybe you were raised to think that kind of behavior is acceptable or you modeled it after a family member as you grew up. But from an outside perspective, it's not acceptable. My behavior often models my parent's fighting tendencies growing up. But they were nowhere near this bad...
I have been chat restricted once and only once, a very long time ago I have only been banned once before If you think I am making this up then choose to believe that, but I am not making this up But these are the sentences I have been delt with leading upto a permanent offense Once again, I want to say I deserve a ban of some kind, but not permanent, I feel as though I have been selectivly forced to go through the fastest method of getting my account closed, it really feels unfair
RallerenP (EUW)
: It's not that hard. You were toxic. You already had a 14 day ban, which stated that if you were toxic again, you would get permabanned. And you didn't get banned for playing off meta.
2 offenses should not be enough to lambast my account to the ether The increased flooded reports from playing off meta certainly have played a role in this, I will admit to being toxic in one of them and will even admit that I should deserve a ban of some kind but permanently is a bit too much, especially considering the 1st was for a autobanned word skipping 2 ban processes and pumping it up to a tier 3 offense ( a word I have said plenty of times in the past mind you and never been banned for it) I will happily take a forced and somewhat deserved break over the alternative
5h4Dovv (NA)
: Think hard about what you said. Was it needed, or are you venting and forcing people to deal with it? I don't know enough about your behavior to know if a perma was justified, but the logs don't seem like you got penalized wrongly. Ranting off to the board isn't going to help your cause either. Take the ban, reflect, or at least pretend to, then try to contact their support nicely, and maybe you'll get your account back. Throwing yet another tantrum on the board will only stack more evidence against you.
2 offenses perma ban that's what I have a problem with
: It took me 3 seconds of reading your transcript to come to the conclusion: You earned it. And I have 4 perma banned accounts, and have never talked like that.
I have only ever offended twice I don't feel that it is justified to kill off my account for it I will take a temporary ban for what I have said, yeah I can get super toxic from people rusing me and I will admit my fault but 2 offences with the first being basically harmless and was picked up because of my choice of word said in banter...well that's just a little unfair
Namîste (NA)
: You were flaming and harassing your teammates for not ganking or helping you. Then flaming them more because they were mad because you picked off meta. It wasn't horribly toxic but if you did this lots of times, yes then it's many strikes against you.
Well that's just how it starts, you get a bad time and the team ignores you, you ask for help and the team ignores you then they flame you from now on if I am to get a reform I am going to /mute all because it's impossible to go a game without anyone saying something to ruse a response out of you Are these logs really a justification on a long standing accounts being slapped with a perma ban? To my knowledge people have offended more times then I have and yet are still playing the game, I get 2 strikes and I am out it is hardly okay to say this is fair
: I play ad tf smite heal top. I get salty and get reported and blaimed for every loss regardless if the adc is 0/9/2 somehow it's my fault. I just got a 25 game chat restriction because i was toxic in my games because i have people who think that meta matters and not the fact that they haven't played that champ before. They say to team fight as i was camped in lane and got no ganks. Not just by the jg but mid and bot lane came all the way to top to gank me as well pushing my lane back and allowing my laner to farm which put them ahead of me. Then having died once i get shit saying thats why i don't play tf top even though they all died before me and lost their towers already. The enemy usually knows that I am the most dangerous and focus me from that point on while my team just hurls insults and I'm expected to not respond while they get off scotch free by making me lose rank and get punished? HOWEVER!!!! I will say riot is not completely ignorant of these issues. I actually had this account perma banned already and made a promise to do better by the code and they gave me another chance. Maybe if you plea to them and submit a ticket explaining everything you are going to do to improve yourself they will grant you a second chance. I hope to see you in game again.
your first sentence resonates a lot with me Me feeding and doing generally badly is a rare occurrence, usually I am the one who is ahead and the most dagerous to the enemy team, thus fed enemys get to focus me all they want due to other teammates feeding them and being useless to stop them, this is where the anger typically comes from, basically, ANY mid laner would not be able to clean up the mess you made for the 2nd it gives me a bit of hope, honestly my logs are not as bad as some people must be thinking and I would assure most people would back me up if the rest of the chat was included from my teammates as well as showing their end game stats
: The forbidden F word?
RallerenP (EUW)
: Well does it say you were banned for playing off meta? (Probably not) So what does it say you were banned for? Were you given chatlogs? If so, post them if you'd like the community to review the game.
I have added a pastebin with my chatlogs My language certainly is heated, but nothing should have been permabannable and you have to consider that these people are berating me all game I never outright "attack" others unless they do no listen to reason, such as good ole inters who die the moment they reach lane Basically if i end up getting reported in one of these games and I have uttered any naughty words, then it ends up being a strike against me
Namîste (NA)
: you don't get banned for playing off meta. You get banned for flaming them back and being toxic back. /mute them and move on. Sona mid can be quite strong. Her damage hurts. Just like any mid laner...they can be focused hard...it can happen to anyone. But it's how you're responding that is getting yourself in trouble not your picks.
well I am not allowed to play this game anymore, my invested account that I have had since season 2 has been locked away forever for only 2 offenses my language certainly isn't mild however I cannot for the life of me think anything of what I have said should have resulted in a perma ban
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: ***
Recheck your calendar cus it's not April 1st
FâgLord (EUW)
: Change lich banes stats?
Nope Lichbane is the synergy item for champions that get extra damage on burst autos it's already pretty great at that and really should not be changed unless it becomes an issue, adding defense (and highly pointless attack speed) to it would be silly because you would have to significantly nerf the damage portion of it, and that would fuck with champions like {{champion:4}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:37}} Plus its build path right now is pretty clean, the proposed component items would be a nightmare for the above champions have to build in order to get their AP stacking auto
: the higher the ap, the faster {{champion:37}} is. It already exists
Ah, Nothing quite like a AP Sona speeding towards your ADC with her 2k damage auto primed
: Getting S- With Sone
-Get high KP (kill participation) -Low deaths -Good vision score There are other factors like CS, but unless your rolling her Mid then it's probably wise to not take CS
: Can we get Irelia off the balance rollercoaster so I can play her again?
: Unpopular Opinion --> You can't cross compare AD vs AP resistances, so stop it already.
I find the issue is that an item like {{item:3155}} is so much more useful in comparison to {{item:3191}} One flat out stops you from dying from magic damage burst while giving innate defenses, the other just gives you defenses that needs to scale When both items are fully built the comparison is much fairer, but that component power difference keeps me scratching my head, it basically allows you to sit on Hexdrinker while sitting on Seekers is just stupid, if the AP needs to buy the full item to get the defensive OOMF from it then the AD should too
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Fízz v2 (EUW)
: forgot * not nerfing urgot despite his 100% p/b rate recently and * buffing aatrox before worlds OMEGALUL
BUT BUT Urgot is a dark horse and Hasashin said... What was said about Urgot can be applied to any champ "Oh their powerlevel is fine, every other champ should strive to have the same power as them"
Xano501 (NA)
: I never back to ship shitty lesbian like Sona/Ahri Yes RIOT hate Sona/Ahri well. And everyone should accept Wukong/Ahri ship like me and RIOT.
Well that's a shame, your Sona/Ahri ship works were really enjoyable
Rioter Comments
Xano501 (NA)
: Do you start to ship Wukong x Ahri from new Ahri's lore?
Just keep shipping Sona and Ahri Xano This is for the best Plus it's a game and a lot of details are left subjective, I think LoL thrives off this for its fanart ect. Don't think about it too hard, Riot will more then likely never release details on ships that have not already been established
: Irelia Nerf Patch 8.19
Stupidly broken champion right now Has a strong early Has mana but could never run oom even if she spammed every skill off cd (what is what she normally does) Becomes effectivly a fulltank lategame capible of assassinating and putting out large amounts of sustained dps this bitch is so broken that it's clear Riot wanna make a championship skin for her
: ya know, when someone gets fed....
Because i refuse to believe that someone couldn't not go 0/17 in top without not knowing what the hell they are doing
: Class updates were stopped for a reason: they only made problems worse. Stop calling for more of these updates when they were clearly detrimental to the game which is essentially what you're doing despite claiming the opposite.
: It kind of seems like you are saying you didn't like that they stopped doing Class Updates, which is ridiculous because nearly every single champion that was reworked in those is/was OP and busted. They need to go back and redo a lot of those because they absolutely destroyed some of those champions. So while I think Enchanters as a whole need to be looked at, they need to be done individually with the same focus as VGU's.
It's not that I like them (They were too scattershot and often lead into more problems then fixing them) it's that Riot thought "oh maybe we should work on this class since it has a bunch of problems" then after they canned it they also canned the idea of reworking any of them...ever...
: But when I'm saying it I'm crazy. GL. I stopped barking up that tree ages ago. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I mean I am not exactly "healthy", so you're right
: I've been saying for years Sona *needs* a game change. Her kit is confusing for a support and she's not really great at one specific thing. Riot needs to decide what direction to take Sona into. Poke support, sustain support, teamfight support, etc. I had a Rioter reply to one of my Sona threads once and he said they don't plan on giving Sona much depth or decision making abilities since she's an easy to pick up support and they don't want to change that. [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/BKpArcZr-riot-can-we-add-depth-to-sona)
Sona's largely only being played by one tricks at this point I think we can handle an increase in skill expression I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of us want
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