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Aokirai (EUW)
: So i've just been permaban and kinda wanna be open minded about this with other ppls opinion
I think "Slave" in "Meta Slave" is still taken as an insult just like the n word because it's a computer and it doesn't care about the context, so saying slave in game may be as bad as calling someone the n word or telling him to k word
: Help me not be toxic... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
miltfox (EUW)
: league of legends frame by frame animation
Melee {{champion:69}} on an {{champion:81}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: My guess is a combination of Dematerializer, attacking Rift Herald, Red Buff, Scorch, did she have smite?
> [{quoted}](name=Cryonix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5P0wl33N,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-13T00:50:42.825+0000) > > My guess is a combination of Dematerializer, attacking Rift Herald, Red Buff, Scorch, did she have smite? She didn't have smite, we didn't do herald that game, she didn't get red buff and even if she did it wouldn't be higher than jungle's true damage as they get red buff and use it much more often then she does. Maybe dematerializer is bugged but I need confirmation.
: She had Minion Dematerialiser right? I'm pretty sure the minion execution portion of it is counted as True Damage.
The bonus damage you deal to the type of minion after execution is amplification damage, not true damage, and I doubt executing 6 Lane minions deals that much.
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Chermorg (NA)
: >Riot advises the opposite, Riot advises you to be a bystander and watch the bullying. In Finland we call those bystanders bullies too. Actually, Riot advises you to run away from the situation (mute them), and tell a teacher/administrator who can go stop the bullying. They advise you to **not join the bullying yourself** and to not bully the bully - as that just makes you a bully. From someone who has actually studied Finland's system (psychology minor here) - they would advise you, if possible, to encourage the victim of bullying to remove themselves from the situation and refrain from "standing ground" - that is **always** a better result than bullying them back. >Riot's advise is to hope that those flaming bullies can't talk for 10 games, or maybe they'll even have to pay $10 for a new ebay account. Most players who are punished never get another punishment, and actually improve their behavior. Only about 10% (give or take 1-2) get **any** form of punishment in the game. And the players permabanned amount to less than 0.01% (0.006% to be exact) of the players. Of those 0.006% of the player base who are permanently suspended, most actually leave the game completely. Very few come back, and of those who do come back on a new account, very few are toxic. Your distrust of the system is not merited - it is merely an excuse for you to flame them in retaliation or "defense". There is no such thing as defense by flaming them back or harassing them back - it simply doesn't fly. There is a mute button - you are expected to use it. **That** is the defense.
Explaining logically and reasonably to the one bullying that it's wrong is > bullying the bully That's new
mah1foo (EUW)
: (Follow up thread) Riot found my punishment for defending an enemy who was being bullied correct
Being Positive and a nice guy defending people having a bad game = spamming the chat Riot 2k18
mah1foo (EUW)
: Punished for defending an enemy who was being bullied by his team, Riot advises to not defend him It's fun cause he's defending someone called a inter even tho he ended the game 2/6/2, which is clearly not inting, that's a regular bad game and it happens to everyone, and for defending this guy that is called what he ain't and being a nice positive guy, he got punished. Riot's system is fucked up.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.5
Hi! - Results of {{champion:58}} Buffs? enough? Not enough? anything planned on him? (such as quality of life bugfixes) - Thoughts on {{champion:19}} ? Why not nerfed yet? - Anything planned for {{champion:111}} ? He kept on getting worse and worse over the last season and the buffs you did didn't do much. - WHY IS THERE STILL NO VFX UPDATE FOR PREHISTORIC {{champion:31}} SKIN'S Q AND E? Thx for responding.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
Hi meddler, -How is the {{champion:58}} Buff going? (thoughts on the results) -Thoughts on {{champion:19}} Right Now? -Is anything planned for {{champion:31}} (up to the far future, not just next patches)?
: so... less than half of them are focused on scaling... and you have a problem with this? if it was something like 60% or 70% that are focused on scaling then you might have something but 35%? what? you want there to be a 1% of scaling runes?
I'm going to quote myself : > Not even mentioning most scaling runes are either: -Forced to be taken, like Legend and Hunter series -So much better than non-scaling that they are always taken and the most popular by far. Like the 2nd slot in sorcery tree with Transcendence, Celerity and Absolute focus. Let's be honest here, no one ever takes absolute focus, and it's pretty obvious why. Also, you can add the 2nd slot of resolve where EVERYONE takes conditioning and I'm not even going to explain why it's obvious. Scaling rune have the majority, and they are the best, so everyone takes them, and if everyone does, champs that work around scale and scale better have a clear advantage.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenekTonsOfDmg,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=voqahzTj,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-02-20T01:22:58.677+0000) > > No matter if you're asian or not, the system doesn't care. > Just like how the N word is ok to be said by Colored people IRL, The N word is forbidden for everyone in league. Cause we're not going to check who's behind the screen, it's Internet, no matter if you're asian or not, this is considered to be said by someone neutral. Lmao "colored people"
Trying to not say something that could hurt {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Azir takes absolute focus :P
Yes, and that's pretty much it.
: can we plZ nerf nasus's q?
: @riot Lucian lost his identity
As someone who main top and never ever play bot lane or even ranged champ. I have to admit Lucian is so bad Right now that I can feel it myself when I get a Lucian on my team or on the enemy team, cause, in this case, I always lose/win. Definitely true that the buffs he received were incredibly minimal and he deserves more.
: I guess you aren't technically breaking the no name and shame rule since the url doesn't seem to work.
: Im asian btw i want to say im allowed to make asian jokes same as many other asians would
No matter if you're asian or not, the system doesn't care. Just like how the N word is ok to be said by Colored people IRL, The N word is forbidden for everyone in league. Cause we're not going to check who's behind the screen, it's Internet, no matter if you're asian or not, this is considered to be said by someone neutral.
Velasan (NA)
: Maybe games are too fast because siege is weak?
"The Ap item update might help" This incoming Baron Buff Buff : And Elder Dragon Buff Buff : Aren't likely to favorize sieging.
: she definitly has a god tier late game league of graph states a win rate of 60% after 40 min, and the win rate increases from min 1 to min 40 to it makes sense Gameplay wise, riven has a lot of steroids, black cleaver, CDR, and AOE damage on top of that she has hard ccs (not saying it's wrong just stating why her late game is good) mobility and shield to make her work in teamfight
If you're D1 you know league of graph is bad reference and riven late game is definitly not "God tier" she's average and that's obvious. she doesn't have hard cc, they last for <0,5 sec and her steroid is range and ad only, that's definitly not the definition of " a lot ".
: her laning phase is only oppressive if your early game is bad she gets destroyed by lane bullies
I'll add something: She doesn't have a "god tier late game", she's aint jax or nasus.
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Blooregard (EUNE)
: I would like to mute myself {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Got Perma banned for getting reported by my own Premades
Flaming someone you don't even know can have sense even if it's really bad and i don't encourage it. Flaming a premade is worse because you literally have to be a dickhead to do that.
: Perma banned
League of legends isn't a parallel world and players you play with and against are as human as you and can be going through the same thing. And as far as ik, you wouldn't like to get told "I hope your fam get cancer" when it's already the case. Also putting this much money into a game will atleast making you rethink about your decision, knowing that NA isn't like in my country (not going to say it, doesn't matter anyway) and you're not going to get healed no matter what (in NA it mostly depends on how much money you have, like any severe capitalist country like America, making illNESS a busiNESS) you could have used this money on stuff that isn't as superficial as cosmetics in a videogame such as preventing eventualities. Also when you put money into League of Legends, you can consider it lost or used as a donation to riot already, sort of, you're more contribuating to riot making league evolve rather than for yourself as a player (exept if you buy Experience boost or stuff like incomming clash tournament cards). Finally, Sorry for your account but it's gone forever. You can atleast always make a new one.
: Permanent Banned
> (I lost my scholarship in college, I lost my job) Sad, people are getting banned on league because of America's ulra capitalism. Making them both slaves in their country and punished in what can make them feel better about having such a sad life... world gone sad. Also for your account, sorry, but it's gone forever. Make a new one!
: How to stop flame? Please Want all Opinions, From People, Mods, And Rioter, if Could be! Appreciated
Here is the REAL option on how to REALLY learn how to stop being toxic : Unbinding your key but NEVER muting anyone. The way you make a dog stop barking at ALL TIME is not by not making him encounter any stranger or other dog, because the second he meets one again he will start bark again. The best way to do it is to put a muzzle on and take him out into a public place. This way he'll learn to keep calm and retaining himself from barking. Dog barking = toxic player muzzle = chat key unbind stranger/other dog = people he can't handle and will bark at him or that he'll want to bark at dog not barking anymore = dog reformed Works the same way with league, and it works. At the first you'll sometime press enter wanting to flame but everytime it will fail and you will remember why. And at some point you'll eventually stop trying to press enter key after seeing your garbot (garbo bot) going 2/13 because you know it's pointless, not only because the key is unbinded but also because you're only taking risks of getting sanctioned.
Chermorg (NA)
: I mean, if you're saying those they're likely positive. As I said, there is no 100% safe anything. You can use *any* word to harass/abuse others. I am unsure as to if all you say is "gj wp gg" during a game you will be considered improved. Personally, I think that would fall under the same boat as avoiding the problem by not typing, but it may be considered improvement by Riot's systems.
Chermorg (NA)
: 1. Generally no - Riot does not restrict the chat of accounts as a preventative measure as it was shown to not be effective. Limiting someone's chat does not particularly prevent them from flaming, it just means they can only do so once every 4 minutes. 2. There is no list. If you are positive in your attitude, you are fine. If you are negative in your attitude, you may be punished. What is positive or not depends a lot on the situation, the context, and how it's phrased. The same exact word/group of words can have two completely different meanings given the context of the game and the chat surrounding it.
Are [GJ, WP, GG, GG WP] 100% safe and enough to be considered positivity and behavior improvement?
Sirthael (EUW)
: [Have a look at this thread](, it shows you how to unbind your enter key and thus be unable to type anything in chat.
Chermorg (NA)
: This is untrue. You can be reported by all 9 other players in every single game you play, but if you are not behaving poorly you will not be punished. It doesn't just punish players who are reported - it reviews the chat (or gameplay depending on report category) and makes a determination. You are correct the system doesn't particularly care if you go from being "level 10" negative to only "level 5" negative. The system only cares if you are negative or positive. There is no amount of negativity - be it mild or extreme - that is acceptable in League of Legends. From this, it can be said that you can get reported all you want, but if you're not negative in chat, you won't be punished again for it.
Ok thank you this gives me more precision and that's exactly what i was looking for But then i have 2 questions: -Can i send a riot ticket to get chat restricted just so i can be sure to improve -Do you please have a list of positive words/phrases that i can write ingame and be 100% sure to not get banned for it?
Chermorg (NA)
: The system **does** monitor your improvement. However, by not chatting *at all*, you aren't showing improvement - you're showing avoiding the problem. While this still factors into reform, I find it highly likely (while it hasn't been confirmed) that players who do not chat at all will not progress in honor very fast, and will likely not be considered "reformed" as fast as players who *actually* reform and use chat for good things.
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=LwkevLEe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-30T22:11:53.426+0000) > > The system **does** monitor your improvement. However, by not chatting *at all*, you aren&#x27;t showing improvement - you&#x27;re showing avoiding the problem. While this still factors into reform, I find it highly likely (while it hasn&#x27;t been confirmed) that players who do not chat at all will not progress in honor very fast, and will likely not be considered &quot;reformed&quot; as fast as players who *actually* reform and use chat for good things. I would like to chat after a 14 day ban and say positive stuff, but it seems like you can get banned for literally nothing as long as you got reported by 1+ player. And the system surely does minitor your improvement in posititivity but not in negativity. Sure it notices if you go [-10;-1] to [+1;+10] but it still punish your after 14 day ban no matter if you went from -10 to -2 or -1, no matter if maybe average players are at -2 on 1 game and at +1 on 9 games, you got -1 On 1 game during the 3 Month post your 14 day ban, you still get a perma.
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: Black Cleaver champions being weaker on Runes Reforged across the board isn't really related to Black Cleaver (since itemization is more or less the same and those champions were fine with Cleaver before). There are a few factors that can be identified that contribute to this: one is that players still are often selecting incorrect keystones for these champions. Champions like Riven, Fiora, and Darius were running Fervor in the old system so players generally assume that its closest replacement (Press the Attack) is correct in the new system, which from our data seems incorrect. Most of these champions benefit most from the set bonus and runes in Sorcery or Domination rather than Precision, meaning that keystones like Phase Rush are generally better options. Another contributing factor is that these champions are now doing less damage overall thanks to the loss of Fervor, which gave them AD to scale up over time. Without that option, especially for champions like Darius and Fiora that do a lot of true damage (can't be amped), their damage overall is down compared to the pre-Runes world. tl;dr: We're aware there are a lot of champions that are suffering in Runes because they prefer a keystone like Press the Attack but don't want attack speed for their set bonus. There's been discussion of some small systemic changes to help these champions out, and in some of the worst cases (Riven, Camille, Darius) we're looking into them individually as well. Also worth noting that item winrates are not a very good standard to use for discussion of much, particularly balance. Item winrates are heavily influenced by matchup and gamestate, so something like Triforce on Illaoi (for example) will of course have a higher winrate because it's generally only purchased when the Illaoi is already far ahead.
Ok, i can consider that Press the attack can be great but you have to suicide a lot to get it, but what i mean by "ad bruiser being weak" is how minimal their damage to tanks are right now. The removal of Piercing thoughts was compensated by the Void staff buff, but what about Battering blow? Because ok, sudden impact gives 10 lethality, but it's clearly pretty weak compared to 6% armor penetration if you're fighting any tank, and it ALSO require a dash/stealth, so even for champions that would like to go for sudden impact to replace Battering blow like darius for example, they can't cause they can only make a use of it every 5 Minutes. And also Cut down from precision tree isn't reliable on bruisers as they stack health, letting less possibility of cut down to proc (just like how a dominik sion wouldn't make any sense). So is there anything that is going to be done to solve this lack of penetration?
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.23
Don't you guys think that {{item:3071}} is underpowered right now? I mean all black cleaver reliant champs have a winrate below 50% {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:114}} You said that you were looking to buff Camille/Darius/Riven cause these AD bruisers are stuggling, but isn't that because they are simply not reliable enought? I think this mainly comes to the fact that Black cleaver and Last whisper were hard nerfed during Season 7 and coupled with that, Battering Blows (6% armor pen) and Piercing thoughts (6% magic pen) were removed. Ok, piercing thoughts was replaced by the +5% magic pen on void staff, but what about Battering Blows? The only armor penetration rune that we have is Sudden impact, which is,not only 10 lethality (not effective against stacking armor) but require having a dash/stealth move, so it's not accessible to everyone. Not to mention some example, {{champion:6}} having higher winrate going for {{item:3071}} 2nd and {{item:3022}} 1rst instead of the opposite,Same for {{champion:86}} but with {{item:3742}} , and {{champion:420}} having a higher winrate with going {{item:3078}} INSTEAD of {{item:3071}} (which sounds stupid)


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