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: {{champion:111}} has been retconned {{champion:63}} is now seeking the world runes solely for their power and the ability to command magic, not vengeance, {{champion:98}} does not seek nor is motivated purely by revenge, he seeks to restore balance to the point where he was aided by {{champion:238}} to find {{champion:202}}
for {{champion:98}} : That was before Zed became {{champion:238}}.
: Just because you are adding the word "**VENGEANCE**" between 2 champions that dont like each doesnt meant that one of those champions actually wants Vengeance. {{champion:58}} Renekton doesnt really wants vengeance, he is just insane and wants to die. {{champion:111}} is not looking for vengeance anymore {{champion:83}} Wants to "cure" the Shadow Isles, not vengeance {{champion:63}} This one is weird... because even if Vengeance is in his tittle, he doenst really wants vengeance, he wants magic {{champion:6}} wants anarchy and make Zaun great again {{champion:236}} wants to free the soul of Senna that is traped inside the lantern {{champion:23}} needs an update {{champion:268}} wants to rebuild Shurima {{champion:98}} wants balance
{{champion:58}} : WRONG FFS you're only saying bullshit on this one. go read this : It literally tells that the only reason that motivated Renekton to be reborn after all those centuries in the dark was his will to get **VENGEANCE** upon {{champion:75}}. {{champion:111}} : Ok but his ingame quotes still have that thematic with the "Left to die [...] Lost and forgotten [...] I will have **VENGEANCE** " and many more {{champion:83}} : He want to clean in the first place, i'm ok with that. But still after that he aims to avenge the island and get his hands on the Ruined King. {{champion:6}} : You can still check his lore and his quotes definitely show that if he meets {{champion:50}} again it won't be for having a friendly talk. Basically if he meets {{champion:50}} he will CLEARLY avenge himself upon {{champion:50}} as he betrayed him. {{champion:412}} : Yes but first for that, he has to pass through {{champion:412}} and that's probably not going to be Friendly. THo you're right and I understand that this one is ambiguous and can be considered not a vendetta. {{champion:268}} : Still wants to make {{champion:101}} pay for what he did to Shurima Empire ( Go check quotes ). {{champion:23}} : Yes he does but still considering his lore relation with {{champion:266}} and the quotes that this one says when he meets him CLEARLY shows that if {{champion:23}}'s voiceover is updated it WILL have a **VENGEANCE** like quote toward {{champion:266}} . {{champion:63}} : Agreed {{champion:98}} : Still if he gets a voiceover rework it will most certainly have a quote which implies that he does not forgive {{champion:238}} for his father's murder. That's meant to be a sort of vendetta against him.
: They could put a new spin on it. Imagine if {{champion:236}} sought to bring back Senna instead of just killing {{champion:412}}.
: You forgot Brand. The fires of **VENGENCE**
Cetri (NA)
: I mean, sure, Maokai and Yorick would _like_ revenge, but that's not even close to their primary motivation. The main thing they want is the undoing of the Ruination (although they differ in how it should be solved; Maokai wants to restore the Isles to their former glory while Yorick believes they are beyond saving and thinks they should just be laid to rest for good). Vengeance against the Ruined King is, at best, a secondary goal.
Yes I know that Vengeance is not the first goal of all those champion but I mostly wanted to show that it's something that is way too much implemented in Champions' background. Also for {{champion:57}} and {{champion:83}} , even tho it's a second goal it's not Just a second goal because this Vengeance goal is CLEARLY present in many many of their quotes. Unlike {{champion:98}} for example who doesn't even have a {{champion:238}} interaction quote.
: It's a cheap and easy motivation. Beat's {{champion:142}}'s weak lore, though. She has _no_ goals, _no_ aspirations, and _no_ purpose. Sure, you wouldn't expect much from a kid, but then again {{champion:20}} and {{champion:1}} remain more endearing than her.
Yes but when you use it too much it's repetitive and boring. Look at {{champion:555}} for example. His whole Lore is based on Vengeance because it's the only thing they found to give depth to the champion's story and build up some easy in-game quotes. Without Vengeance this champ's interest (besides Ingame and design cause all champs have one) is non-existent. They should stop using these "easy way out" of champ's lore and atmosphere or find some new ones.
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japhib (NA)
: Not disagreeing with your point about making {{champion:31}} 's execute indicator easier to see, but I don't think your bringing up his 49% winrate is relevant. **49% isn't a bad winrate.** A 1% difference on a not-that-popular champion can be chalked up to day-to-day random fluctuations. Heck, there's a 1% winrate difference between []( and [](
I wrote <49% by the way, so I Meant inferior to 49%, which is usually not to be considered too good. {{champion:31}} is hovering at around 48% Winrate as average of all Elo. Also the "Fluctuation" is Usually meant because of different sources. is Plat+ on default setting, and LeagueOfGraph is Gold + on default setting. They also have different Region sources that they don't always display (For example It's KR servers for and some take stats on last X days while others take stats from the Patch Release.
: Play more Cho so that one day you know when to use ult to execute without having to look for the indicator. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} (JK. please buff the indicator)
Even After playing {{champion:31}} for a while it's Very complicated on Level 6 and 11 ult especially against high HP people because it's super hard to define the number of HP they have when it's below 1K. After 16 and once it deals 1000+ true Damage atleast I have the 1K HP on HP Bar that is a "sort of" execute indicator but considering sometimes you just stress out when the enemy is around 1K HP it's still not as effective. And yeah PLZ BUFF. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: He already has one on the villian and that is the only place it would make sense to put it. His is at least READABLE in 90% of scenarios since it is bright and obnoxious compared to cho's.
PLUS It makes a very loud sound on top of that
Valeeva (NA)
: Its not just Pyke.. {{champion:238}} has a very clear execute indicator for his Death Mark proc. I don't quite agree that all champs should have an execute marker, because then there is no fun in surviving a Garen R with 1 HP and making him cry.
I agree everyone shouldn't get this but for {{champion:238}} and {{champion:122}} , it's not SUPER crucial. Sure {{champion:122}} gets a Reset but it's not as valuable as a {{champion:31}} Stack if it's not in team fight and for {{champion:238}} it's only if the target dies before or with the DeathMark Proc. For {{champion:238}} it's hard to understand but Let me explain. In a complete 1V1 scenario where you want to get the Shadow AD out of the kill, Once the enemy gets low and you wonder if the proc is going to kill or not, no matter if there is the Execute indicator or not you can still hit the target until the Mark proc. And if it didn't kill you wouldn't have got the Stack in any way. If you want it simplified, {{champion:238}}'s Execute indicator is more meant to signal when you can escape of your position from incoming danger and still get the Kill ( In team fight and Dive situation for example). While for {{champion:31}} It's meant to signal when you can kill the Target to get the Stack. {{champion:238}} doesn't Need that because of his Mark Proc being at the very end of your whole burst. Basically, a {{champion:238}} that would be like {{champion:31}}'s would be one that shows when your full combo will give you the Kill because once you pressed R you already launched the Execute spell. I hope you'll get the Point.
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Lohrr (NA)
: I disagree: Why should other players suffer having to play a game with someone with chat restrictions because they can't control themselves? Chat restrictions do harm to the team that has them due to a loss of communication which is vital to winning a team game. Also, Riot is in the business of gaming, not childcare or therapy. They're doing the right thing by not crossing the lines.
First of, What you're saying makes no sense because it means that chat restriction is bad no matter what and yet you know that this is wrong and that's the reason why it's implemented. Secondly, you don't understand anything about what I'm saying. I'm using the kid and the punishment as an example. What I'm basically saying is that if you ban someone for 1 yeah let's say, they will think about what they've done and will make everything to keep their account once it's back. While if you permaban them and say that the account is simply gone, they will simply create a new account and play with more toxicity due to the anger of the complete loss of an account.
Cobra70 (EUNE)
: Permanent Ban
I Feel Really sorry for you considering the time you spent on this account. Just like you I wish riot could implement **Very Long** Chat Restriction and Game Bans instead of the Permanent Ban because kid's behavior gets way better when you confiscate their Computer/Game Consol rather than when you break it, which won't make them think about what they've done and will make them feel hatred towards you instead. But sadly it's Riot's Policy, I Know it's stupid but we can't do much about it.
Jamaree (NA)
: Just stop flaming your allies :I
Some people simply have to get their anger out in some way :/ I mean I do it sometimes when I hold myself for too many games. Because let's be honest, if you're not Gandhi it's going to be hard handling consecutive losses because of trolls or E-Bay accounts.
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Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.10
Hey! It's me again on {{item:3508}}. I just noticed that some Part spells with CD on start like {{champion:92}} 's Q or {{champion:58}} 's E CANNOT reduce their CD if the spell is not fully used, EVEN if the cooldown starts on the first cast. Basically, if you E once with {{champion:58}} and hit a something (get your 2nd E) for example, and auto attacks afterward (between the 2 Es) will NOT reduce your E cooldown because it's still up, even if the actual E cooldown has started before then. You can clearly see it in this video: I auto-attacked twice between my E cooldown that has 8 seconds, and after I use my 2nd E the cooldown appears to be 7 seconds left (Only the time I used for the 2 auto attacks, no reduction. Will this be fixed?
: Hey Meddler, I have a few things I'd like to ask. 1. What are your thoughts gameplay health of {{item:3060}} ? Doesn't it seem unhealthy for an item to make a minion completely immune to one type of damage, when that damage usually requires mana (with some exceptions like {{champion:145}} {{champion:42}} AAs, etc)? Usually built on toplane Tanks but even Mid {{champion:14}} {{champion:43}} build it to keep their opponent in lane from applying pressure on the map. 2. Any systemic changes to Boots itemization? 3. Do you think {{item:3004}} {{item:3042}} needs its stats readjusted or redesigned? Only {{champion:81}} (and to a lesser extent {{champion:126}} ) builds this item, I can't help but feel like Ezreal has the "Duskblade" problem. 4. Will we see more removed items make a return, or perhaps alternative versions of them (including items from Rotating Game Modes)? Do you ever use them as inspirations for new items?
Upvoted cause the 1) and the 2) are ones I already thought about. For {{item:3060}} I agree that the item can be badly balanced. It gives more Armor than Mr (that can be considered fine) but the active is really either too effective or not effective that much depending on the enemy champion ( unlike other item active that are anti--something but still works ok in atleast every scenario like {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3814}} ) If you're an ap champ or very magic damage oriented (Like most tanks, supports, and midlaners) this minion is going to take ages to take down, while if you're an adc it's going to be nearly as easy as any regular cannon minion. Not only that but the fact that it can no longer stack with {{item:3512}} in term of passive made is WAY better than {{item:3512}} because it's cheaper, gives more stats, and most importantly, the active is much more effective at doing the same thing: -Time/space of lane support: {{item:3060}} minion can start from your base and end up at enemy T3 unlike {{item:3512}} who's voidling dies VERY FAST and can't go very far, resulting in the {{item:3512}} being exposed very to enemy fire most of the time if the {{item:3512}} is placed in order to attack a tower. -Effectiveness of lane support: It's already explained above, but {{item:3060}} minion are basically way more worth than a {{item:3512}} portal because it's much harder to kill for nearly 1/2 of the champs when for {{item:3512}} you can just go to the source and destroy it. And that's on top of the Gold/Stats efficiency being much more worth on {{item:3060}} . This inequality really has to be solved. For {{item:3042}} it's true that the itemization is very VERY very low. Even {{champion:126}} does almost never builds it anymore and {{champion:81}} is the only one left. The completed active is very interesting for sure but I think the main problem is that you have to upgrade your {{item:3070}} into a {{item:3042}} in order to stack mana with your auto attacks that are core in an ad champion. Whereas for {{item:3040}} you can keep your {{item:3070}} and still stack up effectively.
Ender L (NA)
: Thanks for the comment! I forwarded this along to the designer working on essence reaver. Can't promise anything will change, but he is looking into this.
Thank you !! {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Feel free to give any feedback if there is anything done about it :-3
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.10
There is an essence reaver users inequality: **ON ONE HAND**: Multiple Hits / Cooldown started before Damage - {{champion:58}}'s W and {{champion:102}}'s Q can reduce their own cooldown because the 2nd ( And 3rd for {{champion:58}} ) hit occurs after the cd start, because the Cooldown start with the first hit. - Same for Abilities like {{champion:81}}'s,{{champion:41}}'s, {{champion:157}}'s and {{champion:105}}'s Q because the cooldown start as the ability is used, resulting in the on hit appening post cd start and having their Qs cooldown reduced by itself. **ON ANOTHER HAND**: - Simple empowered autos such as {{champion:86}}'s, {{champion:48}}'s and {{champion:75}}'s Q or {{champion:24}}'s W aren't reducing their own cooldown because the landing of the ability start the cooldown. - Same for some abilities dealing damage and applying on hit on cooldown start ( Like {{champion:19}}'s Q ) - Abilities such as {{champion:114}}'s W, {{champion:31}}'s E or {{champion:240}}'s W can't reduce themselve because the cooldown start after all the autos are consumed. That's a small problem that probably can't be solved so don't pay attention to these. As a result there is a sort of inequality in term of usage of the essence reaver's steroid. **Question**: Is it intended that stuff that applies on hit once and start their CD as the attack land can't have their on hit used for reducing their own cooldown thanks to essence reaver? Or knowing that there wasn't ever any issue like this of maybe having to tweak the On Hit CD start to imput such mechanic ( Exept for {{champion:102}}'s Q but wasn't needed because 2nd hit was already applying the cd reduce so it was no need to make the first one too ) Are you going to be looking forward to change that?
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Aokirai (EUW)
: So i've just been permaban and kinda wanna be open minded about this with other ppls opinion
I think "Slave" in "Meta Slave" is still taken as an insult just like the n word because it's a computer and it doesn't care about the context, so saying slave in game may be as bad as calling someone the n word or telling him to k word
: Help me not be toxic... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
miltfox (EUW)
: league of legends frame by frame animation
Melee {{champion:69}} on an {{champion:81}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: My guess is a combination of Dematerializer, attacking Rift Herald, Red Buff, Scorch, did she have smite?
> [{quoted}](name=Cryonix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5P0wl33N,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-13T00:50:42.825+0000) > > My guess is a combination of Dematerializer, attacking Rift Herald, Red Buff, Scorch, did she have smite? She didn't have smite, we didn't do herald that game, she didn't get red buff and even if she did it wouldn't be higher than jungle's true damage as they get red buff and use it much more often then she does. Maybe dematerializer is bugged but I need confirmation.
Infernape (EUW)
: She had Minion Dematerialiser right? I'm pretty sure the minion execution portion of it is counted as True Damage.
The bonus damage you deal to the type of minion after execution is amplification damage, not true damage, and I doubt executing 6 Lane minions deals that much.
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Chermorg (NA)
: >Riot advises the opposite, Riot advises you to be a bystander and watch the bullying. In Finland we call those bystanders bullies too. Actually, Riot advises you to run away from the situation (mute them), and tell a teacher/administrator who can go stop the bullying. They advise you to **not join the bullying yourself** and to not bully the bully - as that just makes you a bully. From someone who has actually studied Finland's system (psychology minor here) - they would advise you, if possible, to encourage the victim of bullying to remove themselves from the situation and refrain from "standing ground" - that is **always** a better result than bullying them back. >Riot's advise is to hope that those flaming bullies can't talk for 10 games, or maybe they'll even have to pay $10 for a new ebay account. Most players who are punished never get another punishment, and actually improve their behavior. Only about 10% (give or take 1-2) get **any** form of punishment in the game. And the players permabanned amount to less than 0.01% (0.006% to be exact) of the players. Of those 0.006% of the player base who are permanently suspended, most actually leave the game completely. Very few come back, and of those who do come back on a new account, very few are toxic. Your distrust of the system is not merited - it is merely an excuse for you to flame them in retaliation or "defense". There is no such thing as defense by flaming them back or harassing them back - it simply doesn't fly. There is a mute button - you are expected to use it. **That** is the defense.
Explaining logically and reasonably to the one bullying that it's wrong is > bullying the bully That's new
mah1foo (EUW)
: (Follow up thread) Riot found my punishment for defending an enemy who was being bullied correct
Being Positive and a nice guy defending people having a bad game = spamming the chat Riot 2k18
mah1foo (EUW)
: Punished for defending an enemy who was being bullied by his team, Riot advises to not defend him It's fun cause he's defending someone called a inter even tho he ended the game 2/6/2, which is clearly not inting, that's a regular bad game and it happens to everyone, and for defending this guy that is called what he ain't and being a nice positive guy, he got punished. Riot's system is fucked up.
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.5
Hi! - Results of {{champion:58}} Buffs? enough? Not enough? anything planned on him? (such as quality of life bugfixes) - Thoughts on {{champion:19}} ? Why not nerfed yet? - Anything planned for {{champion:111}} ? He kept on getting worse and worse over the last season and the buffs you did didn't do much. - WHY IS THERE STILL NO VFX UPDATE FOR PREHISTORIC {{champion:31}} SKIN'S Q AND E? Thx for responding.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
Hi meddler, -How is the {{champion:58}} Buff going? (thoughts on the results) -Thoughts on {{champion:19}} Right Now? -Is anything planned for {{champion:31}} (up to the far future, not just next patches)?
: so... less than half of them are focused on scaling... and you have a problem with this? if it was something like 60% or 70% that are focused on scaling then you might have something but 35%? what? you want there to be a 1% of scaling runes?
I'm going to quote myself : > Not even mentioning most scaling runes are either: -Forced to be taken, like Legend and Hunter series -So much better than non-scaling that they are always taken and the most popular by far. Like the 2nd slot in sorcery tree with Transcendence, Celerity and Absolute focus. Let's be honest here, no one ever takes absolute focus, and it's pretty obvious why. Also, you can add the 2nd slot of resolve where EVERYONE takes conditioning and I'm not even going to explain why it's obvious. Scaling rune have the majority, and they are the best, so everyone takes them, and if everyone does, champs that work around scale and scale better have a clear advantage.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenekTonsOfDmg,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=voqahzTj,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-02-20T01:22:58.677+0000) > > No matter if you&#x27;re asian or not, the system doesn&#x27;t care. > Just like how the N word is ok to be said by Colored people IRL, The N word is forbidden for everyone in league. Cause we&#x27;re not going to check who&#x27;s behind the screen, it&#x27;s Internet, no matter if you&#x27;re asian or not, this is considered to be said by someone neutral. Lmao "colored people"
Trying to not say something that could hurt {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Azir takes absolute focus :P
Yes, and that's pretty much it.
: can we plZ nerf nasus's q?
: @riot Lucian lost his identity
As someone who main top and never ever play bot lane or even ranged champ. I have to admit Lucian is so bad Right now that I can feel it myself when I get a Lucian on my team or on the enemy team, cause, in this case, I always lose/win. Definitely true that the buffs he received were incredibly minimal and he deserves more.
: I guess you aren't technically breaking the no name and shame rule since the url doesn't seem to work.
: Im asian btw i want to say im allowed to make asian jokes same as many other asians would
No matter if you're asian or not, the system doesn't care. Just like how the N word is ok to be said by Colored people IRL, The N word is forbidden for everyone in league. Cause we're not going to check who's behind the screen, it's Internet, no matter if you're asian or not, this is considered to be said by someone neutral.
Velasan (NA)
: Maybe games are too fast because siege is weak?
"The Ap item update might help" This incoming Baron Buff Buff : And Elder Dragon Buff Buff : Aren't likely to favorize sieging.
: she definitly has a god tier late game league of graph states a win rate of 60% after 40 min, and the win rate increases from min 1 to min 40 to it makes sense Gameplay wise, riven has a lot of steroids, black cleaver, CDR, and AOE damage on top of that she has hard ccs (not saying it's wrong just stating why her late game is good) mobility and shield to make her work in teamfight
If you're D1 you know league of graph is bad reference and riven late game is definitly not "God tier" she's average and that's obvious. she doesn't have hard cc, they last for <0,5 sec and her steroid is range and ad only, that's definitly not the definition of " a lot ".
: her laning phase is only oppressive if your early game is bad she gets destroyed by lane bullies
I'll add something: She doesn't have a "god tier late game", she's aint jax or nasus.
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Andrew Sins (EUNE)
: I would like to mute myself {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Got Perma banned for getting reported by my own Premades
Flaming someone you don't even know can have sense even if it's really bad and i don't encourage it. Flaming a premade is worse because you literally have to be a dickhead to do that.
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