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: I have considered the possibility (hypothesis) that the system of selecting your role might have the downside of not equally matching Elo as efficiently as it was previous seasons due to role preference and new changes, hence, deluding itself (passively) in a larger error margin across tiers. And then, the question arises: but why do we experience this now? Short answer: New Tiers added, less playerbase playing at the moment due to Rank instability, and Smurf accounts. Long answer: The Elo scrambling of those who where B5, S5, G5, P5, D5 resulted in some sort of synthoms that declined in MMR 'clamps' that extend across the provisional matches and normal rank matches, including Flex matches. These clamps or 'disturbed strange LP gains' will hit you hard until you either: Reach the lowest rank for it to even itself (this is just a guess, might not work) or, Struggle your way until it's magically fixed by jumping Tiers (also a guess, might not work). i.e. The jumping Tier 'unclamp' hypotesis: iron 1 to bronze 5, bronze 1 to Silver 5, Silver 1 to Gold 5, etc. _You can also consider that i am just a madman and that Rito has driven me into insanity. And i would perfectly agree with that 200% AD scaling mixed with True damage with a double crit chance passive efficiency_
1.8 million unique accounts played on NA since preseason. As a silver, 1 million people are around your skill level. Why are you complaining about things you've never experienced?
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: they should make a queue where it's LITERALLY solo
Meanwhile you're complaining as a silver player, while people who know their crap are Diamond+. Your opinion isn't very valuable, being silver on an unpopulated server. We don't need more unskilled crybabies like you. Learn to play before you complain In ranked duos are being looked down upon bellw diamond 1 because one of them always end up being too mucb of a liability for the other to matter. If you invite somekne, be prepared to pull their weight. OP, you're full of garbage.

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