FkValeRly (EUW)
: well uh, that's wrong, you can dodge malza ult, fiddle fear, anything really with WW ult as long as it hits you before your ult lands.
Interesting maybe there is a difference in how fear and suppression work? It might be possible that this kind of cc only checks once at the start of the duration while root and stun check over there entire duration. As I said morgana´s binding definitely works on warwick when hit mid air. edit: ok I did some testing and apparently in case of morgana´s binding I have mixed up ww´s ultimate and q. Both are unstoppable nonetheless most cc effects are prevented by the ult but only a few by his q (like zoe bubble). Both are quite inconsistent and I couldn´t find a reliable indicator for what kind of cc is prevented or not.
: Can we stop ignoring Warwick?
I feel the tracking and attackspeed part of Blood Hunt passive should work a bit different. Sometimes it feels very cluncky especially in some cases where enemies are close to the threshold it´s like a constantly changing on/off switch. So I think instead of global tracking below 50% hp it should be an exponential increase in range and attack speed depending on the enemies missing hp which would make it more smooth. Example for range: 100 x 1,1^(% of missing hp) - for enemies at 75% this would be 100 x 1,1^25% = 1083. Capped at global below ~40% because at this point the range exceeds the map size. In addition it should be updated constantly not just on damage. Sometimes for example if you are dead or the enemy was inside fog of war you don´t get the buff eventhough there hp is clearly below the threshold. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another thing that bothers me is warwicks health value. Yes he has a damage reduction skill but that shouldn´t justify that he´s one of the champions with lowest base hp values. Irelia for example is quite similar (diver and damage reduction) but has almost 200hp more at level 18. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FkValeRly (EUW)
: I'm pretty positive that with xerath and ahri it occurs because their CC has a cast time so if you ult em right when they cast it the projectile spawns after your ult lands which I'm fine with but when it comes to tf its just complete bullshit tho since it happens because the projectile speed is slower than your ults travel speed so you have no way of outplaying it.
Pretty sure it depends on the length of the stun duration. Unstopable doesn´t mean you can´t be stuned just that stuns don´t interrupt your movement. If you are still stuned when arriving at the target the suppression part will be interrupted immediately. If the stun expires while still midair you are fine. Take morgana root as an example: it doesn´t stop you but you will be rooted for the reamining duration on the position you land. So not really a bug but a shitty mechanic.
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Derenick (NA)
: A Morgana main saying thank you for the improved Morgana! :)
I was quite nervous about this rework for quite a while now and I´m not 100% sure what to think yet. It looks .. good .. the animations are cool and her look represents the lore aspect very well and yet I´m missing something about her former visual identity The new dress looks nice and I know a lot of people dislike the "tent" nonetheless I like this shape more and hope there is at least one skin with the old variant just with better physics and more details. Wings... I love the Seraphim look from Kayle. Morgana´s wings look awesome too and fit lore wise but can we have a toggle option (like Aatrox) for all 6 wings? Please? Or maybe a dark Seraphim skin that would be awesome. ~~On another note I didn´t think about it at first but after seeing the new Dark Binding animation I think it´s a bit of a nerf. Don´t get me wrong it looks very nice however now it´s far easier to distinguish her autoattacks from her binding which makes it difficult to bait things like mobility spells. ~~ Also since I´m mainly playing Morgana mid the Tormented Soil changes affect me directly. They seem to be ok but I need to test them myself to get a better idea how they perform. From my calculations pushing early is a bit more difficult with the posted values but the overall damage against squishy targets should be higher. Not sure about tanks though since you need to lower there hp below the breakpoint of ~70% if you want to deal more damage with Tormented Soil. I´m a bit disapointed about a missed opportunity with changes to her passive and autoattacks since a lot of people complain she is not very interactive. This would be a way to encurage a more active playstyle. However I think it´s a good decision to keep the current playstyle intact rather than forcing a unsatisfactorily alternative. Still can´t wait to play her and see how things turn out especially for my beloved Exiled skin :D Edit: after seeing some gameplay footage I noticed the spinning animations seems to be part of her autoattack animation as well thanks for this one :D In addition I´d like to mention a small detail I have noticed recently. The Tormented Soil slow (if you have {{item:3116}} equiped) is delayed sometimes because of it´s link to the .5 second tick rate of the damage. This is especially noticable with the increased minion movement speed since they can cross almost halve the area before the slow does affect them. Correct me if I´m wrong but I think that´s more of a technical compromise than an intended ability limitation and increasing tick rate or individual timer for each target might be a little bit much for such a small detail so I´d suggest to add an initial 1 truedamage if someone enters the area.
: my point is that unless you play someone like {{champion:122}} nasus will more or less just ignore you and out sustain you and then once around level 6 he will just kill you
Outscale isn´t restricted to damage only. Take {{champion:38}} for example. his ratios are decent but not the reason he is so strong late game. I don´t like infinit scaling in lol as well and while Nasus can be very strong there are far more problematic champions in my opinion. Even considering the latest buff.
: @Riot August: Response to Morgana Gameplay Update Request Tweet
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Power neutral: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A better range indicator for Tormented Soil. For example if you try to cast it into the draon pit from blue side (near the edge of you range circle) she starts moving to this position instead. I think it has something to do with high differences from terrain because in flat terrain it works fine. Recommended items for midlane ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) Minor buffs or nerfs: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consistency between {{item:3285}} passive proc, {{item:3102}} and Tormented Soil (drops do but direct hits do not trigger the shield) Flash and Soul Shackles stun interaction bug. Since flash is instant cast you should either be stunned within the radius or escape without getting stunned but sometimes both is the case Prevent enemies from changing there position with abilities while rooted (Jarvan/Graves) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.) Power shift wish ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternative approach to the missing hp and cdr effect from Tormented Soil. For example: more interaction between her auto attacks and abilities/passive against affected enemies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.) Most important ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden chains for her Exiled Skin :D
jama655 (NA)
: Its always been solo/duo que now we are complaining about this? lmao
The complaints are as old as the system itself. Nothing new.
Ameliea (EUW)
: What would that Fix? You can still encounter plenty smurfs who are playing solo. So all you did is increase queue times by moving all duo players to flex. Also I thought 1 bad player can ruin a game harder than 1 good player can carry it, so isn't a smurf who is duoing with someone that's boosted higher than he should be actually an advantage for the opposing team?
You don´t want to fix a problem because there is another one?
Guzergus (EUW)
: >but on the other hand you simply can´t say everyone is wrong either. That's why things like Occam's razor exist. If I see a player with X mmr after 100 games, I reasonably expect them to play at this mmr and not higher, unless I'm proven wrong afterwards. In my practice, however, I've yet to see a player being one tier above theirs and still being stuck.
And that might be the real problem. A lot of people follow this principle whithout even knowing it. It´s simply the scientific description of prejudgement and it probably did his job for evolution. However since you are familiar with this concept you know it doesn´t predicates anything about logic or verity. It´s just the fastest way for assumptions and very suitable to prove something wrong. Doing mistakes is one way for progression but not the only one.
: Need a Morgana emote
You too will be judged
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: > [{quoted}](name=Rian,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=87Hwvcoj,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-08-02T17:18:11.501+0000) > > Are you acctually complaining that Morgana isn´t able to one-shot you at lv 2 and needs to farm first? There is simply no reason to fight for Morgana before a certain breakpoint because of her huge mana costs and high sustain in the game. Before you are able to kill someone you will most likely run out of mana and that´s the reason you _have_ to play save. I'm not even sure what to say to this. A high school math education would show that at no point in the game does morgana one shot anyone in thie history of league of legends. It just doesn't happen bro. You MIGHT with a huge lead be able to Q W somebody, but even that is unlikely. You'd need follow up or poke damage beforehand. Definitely impossible at level 2 straight up.
That´s exactly the point. While a lot of midlaners like zed, talon, casio, zoe, viktor, etc. can effectively fight/kill you at lv 2 or even lv 1, Morgana simply doesn´t have the choice. She is more reliant on her team and farming. Sure Blackshield is a strong defensive ability but on the other hand she is very immobile and has a low aa-range. However her "save" and "inactiv" laning phase is a result of this and the things I have mentioned in my earlier post. If you don´t play save you won´t accomplish anything besides feeding your lane opponent. She can be a good counter to heavy snowballer but she has no sustain dps at all which means if you miss a single binding you are probably dead.
: It's not because she waveclears with low mana costs, but more with how absurdly *safe* and *uninteractive* it is. Against a Morgana mid, you basically accept that the best way the lane can go for you (outside of her just being stupid) is even. If the Morgana has 8 brain cells, you can't *win* the lane against her.
Are you acctually complaining that Morgana isn´t able to one-shot you at lv 2 and needs to farm first? There is simply no reason to fight for Morgana before a certain breakpoint because of her huge mana costs and high sustain in the game. Before you are able to kill someone you will most likely run out of mana and that´s the reason you _have_ to play save.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rian,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2wsafJ5T,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-06-02T06:10:39.898+0000) > > Could not really figure out how your calculations work but with 100 ad against a target with 0 armor he deals 175 damage?? > > Average {{champion:157}} build and lvl at min 20: {{item:3031}}, {{item:3046}}, 13. > > Against champions at lvl 13 (~60-70 base armor) + {{item:3047}} he should do about the same damage. Less against squishies without defense and more against tanks with at least one additional defense item. 175.44 is the amount of armor before Yasuo will start doing more damage to the target. If a tank has 300 armor Yasuo will do more damage to that tank iwth the new IE than he would with the old IE 175.44 is the point at which new IE gets better for him. 175 is not the amount of damage he deals in the situation. The calculation for damage normally is AD *(100/(100+armor)) Crit will change the AD into (ADx(1+X)) where X is the crit chance in a decimal form so if you have 30% crit chance it is ADx(1+.3) In Yasuo's case you also have crit damage as a factor that is 10% lower than normal as well as a passive that doubles the crit chance. so if you have 30% crit chance form an item you will then have ADx((1-(.3x2)) + (.3x2x1.9)) = ADx((1-.6)+(.6x1.9))= AD(.4+1.14)=AD(1.54) if you have 30% crit chance from an item. You then take this number and times it by the armor calcuation (100(100+armor)) The final calculation is on the spread sheet and counts for having a zeal item and a IE givne 100 AD how the 15% true damage compares to the old IE's 50% more crit damage. I could go into farther information but since riot had made it sound like their goal was to lower or delay marksmen 2 item power spike I stopped here.
Ye but since we are talking about 100% chance we can simply take the dps * crit multiplier. And from my testing the multiplier is 1.8 not 1.9 since it reduces the base value not the crit multiplier itself (the wiki text is strange but I think it describes the same thing). I can´t test it anymore but I think the same applies to the former {{item:3031}} critmultiplier (2.25 it this cases). So with the standart build at min 20 (167ad vs 157ad and 1.08 attackspeed) that would give us : rework: (167 x 1.8) x 1.08 dps = 324.65 pre rework: (157 x 2.25) x 1.08 = 381.51 I took the formulas **(dps x .15) + (dps x .85 x reduction)** for the rework and **(dps x reduction)** for the old version and if you compare them you will get a breakpoint at about 125 armor. However this doesn´t include further damage reduction like {{item:3047}} which will be ignored by truedamage as well.
: There is no way to call the IE change a buff to Yasuo.
Could not really figure out how your calculations work but with 100 ad against a target with 0 armor he deals 175 damage?? Average {{champion:157}} build and lvl at min 20: {{item:3031}}, {{item:3046}}, 13. Against champions at lvl 13 (~60-70 base armor) + {{item:3047}} he should do about the same damage. Less against squishies without defense and more against tanks with at least one additional defense item.
SephAgro (NA)
: Why are ADCS entitled to everything on the map
Really? I have seen it all {{champion:238}} loosing half of his hp against bluebuff only to bring it to the enemmy midlaner. {{champion:16}} cheerfully pushing huge waves and missing half of the cs. {{champion:122}} taking away the redbuff from me while I am invading etc
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: Yeah that skillshot snare is good. Kled: Yeah most reliable hard cc in the game.
It's more about his initiantion ultimate but nvm. And before you ask yes I know it has a high cd ... "strong cc" means more like viable cc.
: If we removed Yasuo's dash-q.
I don't care if yasuo is super mobile but i care if I can't kill him when i catch him ... Just reduce these stupid high base damage and resistances from all champions and increase scaling. Buy defense be a tank buy offense be a damage dealer. This would solve so many problems like fulltank assassins bruiser and stuff.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Why is Riven resourceless?
Because she is balanced around beeing manaless. However tell me a toplaner who suffers from manaproblems after the first few levels. Also the stun duration is 0,75! sec including selfstun. The knockup is easy predictable and isn't much longer. As a lot of player say she's ok rigth now which means she is weak and there is hardly any reason to play her because there are much better toplane alternatives. There is so much broken stuff atm you can stop pointless hating against riven now. Yasuo has an ranged aoe hard cc knockup on ~4sec cd ... bad example in my opinion. List of other manaless champions with strong cc: Gnar Kled Rek'Sai Renekton Rengar
: I still don't believe the change is necessary, but you make a good point. Her ult is pretty much her finisher and if she activates it, it's likely you were about done for anyway. These buffs shouldn't make her OP, but she's a difficult champ with a 48% average win rate. A champ that's difficult to use really shouldn't need to be at a 50% win rate or higher, just like a simple champ shouldn't be under 50%. But like you said, It's a relatively small buff that might not even take her up 1%. No reason to start a Riot.
I think a lot of people don't really understand that this change is hardly a buff. +20/40/60 isn't a flat amount of damage you gain (because of the finisher nature). Even at ult lv1 (without any bonus ad) your enemy needs more then 1,5k eff hp to make the buff apply at 100% efficiency. If you already have bonus damage from runes or items this will increase even more. Don't expect any changes against squishy targets and +120 against tanks isn't that impressive either. I think this is more like a weird mini buff against tanks. Or maybe full tank riven will be a thing now XD.
: 42% with piercing thoughts mastery
: Exactly. His kit right now is toxic. If he was changed healthily, I would play him every game. He's my favorite champion thematically, but holy shit he's either cancer or useless. I wish he'd get a rework sometime before the diving fighter changes. He's waited too long.
If riot think drain tanks are toxic why did they extend vladimir and swains drain tank gameplay style?
: > [{quoted}](name=Rian,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3A6enRZW,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-08-10T08:58:33.337+0000) > > Exactly. This is a pseudo buff, because her ultimate is a finisher anyways. There will be no difference at all. This is simply untrue, if not there would be no point in raising it. You understand the finisher meaning changes on the target and all of the times the riven fires ult and people who lived with 100 hp they will all now die?
Well now they guy with 120 hp will barely survive.. the point is oc it's a buff but mathematically you increase your ttk by such a tiny amount of time it's hardly noticeable because of the finisher nature and her overkill potential.
: because while an AP champ's shield scaling when they are generally immobile makes sense and adds to their utility (Lux), a melee character with a shield that scales off AD while also giving them a dash is not (Riven). It's why Urgot shield originally scaled with AP and now scales with mana. It's why Vi's/Shen's shields scale with HP. Getting defensive stats for building defensive stats makes sense, and it helps these character survive. Riven having an AD scaling shield by itself isn't the problem, it's that it's ALSO a dash/repositioning tool on a super short CD.
In my opinion rivens scaling is the most healthy design choise (and best for ballance). You know exactly what you are facing and the ballance team dont have to consider random op niches (...ap yi..). This would prevent stuff like a tank yasuo empowered base shield or a phoenix udyr power shield bonus.
Shadòw (EUW)
: they both have shields. Rivens even scales with AD. And immobile mages and adc's are even squishier.
What do you think is worse? A shield scaling ad/ap or a shield benefit from building tanky?
Hige (NA)
: world's patch tends to try and normalize everything across the board, naturally, someone who have access and holistic understanding of the game balance and data have a very different way of looking at it than the perspective of someone who plays 1 or 2 champions.
To be fair a lot of these changes seem quite random to me. +50 range buff on morgana e, eh? 3min cooldown on rek sai ult, wtf?+40 damage on riven finisher ultimate, lol?!?
Veltox (NA)
: First riven main saying nope to a buff i saw since i play League.
Wow riot is able to troll a riven main :P. Really.. did someone actually do the math or at least try to understand what these changes do on a finisher type ultimate? Saying this is going to make her pick or ban is kinda over the top.
: Up to 600 damage... from 480 damage... at max rank/Level 16... only if the enemy is already basically dead.
Exactly. This is a pseudo buff, because her ultimate is a finisher anyways. There will be no difference at all.
: You know tanks are underpowered when
Tanks are still strong the thing is sustain is even stronger. Therefore not every tank is viable. If you buff all tanks sustain tanks would become unstoppable. Damage isn't the problem, sustain is. We need caps for shield stacking, life steal, etc like other game values already have. Or change it into multiplicative scaling. Imagine a kogmaw without attackspeed cap or hecarim without movement speed soft caps. This would be a similar problem.
: Diana is a fighter, but like you said plays like an assassin because her burst is better. Riot messed up when they made her. If built fighter her damage falls off, so she plays more like a tanky mage.
I don't know about this diana is a diver figther stuff. I mean 1 full combo needs 50% of her mana. Shouldn't figther be able to do at least a reasonable amount of sustain damage before they go oom? She feels like a {{champion:84}} /{{champion:92}} hybrid but it doesn't really work because of the lack of ap bruiser counterparts to items like {{item:3156}} {{item:3074}}.
: dude are u dumb tanks build damage because they can't tank lol why bother going full tank when you melt just as fast as ur adc your better of building damage and killing them first so you don't die
Yea sure and why would you play a melee damage dealer over a ranged one if you are as squishy as them? Your comment is pointless. Did you actually do the math? Resistance build are very strong against carries (especiallly burst). People build damage on tanks because it works incredible well. Btw if fulltanks are really that weak why are they so common in pro play?
HayRoss (NA)
: Off-tanks are pretty much every meta build right now. Half damage, half tank, because everyone is dying too fast due to horrendous damage creep
There are some champions which abuse the mastery and item system like armor pen builds on ranged ad caster. But If tanks build tank items they are very tanky. However they are doing stupid damage with offtank items and still have decent tank stats with just one resistance item. So why should you bother about zoning/peeling if you can kill the enemy carries? The Problem is not damage in general but there effectiveness on certain champions. I can think about two possible solutions. Either reduce scaling and base damage on tanks or reduce there base defens stats. I prefer the second solution because this way you actually need to build tanky to prevent to get oneshoted like any ohter carry but you are still able to build damge if you want to play your champion as burster rather than the intended role. The first solution is easier in terms of balancing of cause.
Zerenza (NA)
: Tower Regen is interesting but rebuilding tower's is flat out a no. The reason why is because it stalls out games way to easily, certain team comps would be all late game champions that just need items to become fed such as Yasuo,Vayne,Irelia, Azir,Sona and Gangplank. All they would have to do is stall the game out until the late-game hits by rebuilding tower's and then it becomes impossible to win against them. Even with a health cap certain team comps and champions could really abuse being able to rebuild a tower, just look at Azir, he can already do that and it's infuriating.
I did not like it when riot implements the regeneration for inhib towers because this kind of mechanic can render specific tactics useless. Any kind of progress should remain no matter what. I saw a lcs game with a 4 tower trade but one team was able to damage the inhib tower (down to ~30%). However game goes on and guess what.. the tower was at full ap after some time. One team did a major mistake and could not be punished for it. In my opinion they should replace tower regeneration with something similar to gray hp from {{champion:223}}. About 50 - 70% of damage taken regenerated over several minutes sounds fair to me.
: except this has one big flaw the bans are part of the game you see an opponent banning malphite and soraka? hmm maybe they are planning a siege comp so you ban xerath and caitlyn you see its part of pick and ban strategy which is also part of the game i do want 5 bans though in return a more limited ban timer like maybe 20 seconds and if you dont ban tough luck u lost ur ban and now your team can only ban 4 anyway im all for 5 bans but not your way eventhough it doesn't seem that bad it removes part of the game and strategy
In my opinion they should merge pick and ban into one process. This way the team could react to picks during the whole pick and ban phase not just at the begin.
: Why is it that if you have a Dyna badge you're instantly boosted? I play DQ with all my friends who are ALSO bronze/silver, yet I get associated with boosters for simply playing with friends with DQ as intented? Also; so because I use a feature Riot made to let me finally play ranked with my equally ranked friends to climb, I should lose out on rewards if I *possibly* get higher than Bronze this season? Not everyone uses DQ to boost, and it pisses me off to hear "hey, you want to play with friends? Fuck you, you booster, you deserve to get rewards taken away." PS: If I really am 'boosted,' then wow I'm a broke dude aren't I, considering I just got demoted again. ._.
It's the perspective of probability. I don't have statistics but I think you might agree that most of the people playing together are not in the same league. No matter if you are doing it for the elo gain or just to play with your friends. It's some kind of boosting. I'm not arguing what the definition of boosting is in terms of riot policy because everyone know what it means. I don't say this mechanic is bad because this is the way it works if you mix solo player with premades. You can't change the core problem's (and benefits) of this system. In my opinon the only resonable solution is to seperate these two modes. Anything else would be a shift of burden between these two groups (see high elo exceptions). Of cause there are disadvantages like: - no 4 people premades - longer queue times but it would solve a lot of problems like boosting and matchamking.
: you mustve taken like 10 autos then
q(I) = 62 + 10 + 15 + 20 + 22 = 149 e(II) = 120 + 37 = 157 average mage hp at level 4 = 700hp and 42mr is about 1000ehp 1000 - 149 - 157 = 694 w(I) enmpowered aa = 62 + 40 + 22 = 124 694/124 = **5,5** since i calculated with max damage from w passive you are probably rigth.
: >Pretty sure bruiser and tanks can deal with mages and adcs quite easily in lane. That's why Quinn and Vayne instawin lane top
{{champion:67}} is a unique kind of adc with her mobility and true damage kit. {{champion:133}} is more like an ad caster/burster. Of cause you can play her as a regular adcs but due to the low range it's not that efficient. Also, I don't think they are instanwin. Especially ad caster can dominate in early game due to the high amount of flat armor penetration currently. But if you stack armor there power decreases significantly the longer the lanephase continues.
Ralanr (NA)
: My apologies. But how are tanks viable? Dps counters tanks.
Tanks have access to much more cost- efficient items wich is an important factor during the laning phase. That means they are much stronger in early to midgame. Adcs usually build items which have 2 important late game factors. 1.) They are more expensive and 2.) they need to scale with eachother. For example {{item:3031}} alone is not very usefull. You may have high damage and moderate crit chance but without attackspeed it's not very efficient. Same for {{item:3046}}. Without high damage attackspeed is kinda pointless. Tanks on the other hand have access to items {{item:3068}} with a good mixture of hp + armor and sustain damage. At some point the adc base defense stats combined with high dps + lifesteal should be enougth to out sustain the damage of tanks. However the role of tanks in late game is more about zoning/peeling and not directly figthing an adc in an 1v1. At least it should be this way... fulltank burster like {{champion:105}}/{{champion:245}} and early game dominating adcs like "korean"{{champion:236}} are the perfect examples of what should't be the case.
Ralanr (NA)
: Supports work as supports because their utility is weakened from being behind in items. So they do scale with levels. And I'd add assassins to laning phase honestly. Once they get a kill they are like nightmares to stop.
The idea of supports is to be usefull without levels or items. They are equaly efficient in low and high level due to the way there abilities work. So there "scaling" is virtually non-existent. Btw the point of the comment is that assassins are not the only viable option against ranged champions.
Ralanr (NA)
: Everyone scales better with levels than ADC's. ADC's are an item scaling class.
Except supports. But that's not the point. I was trying to explain that adc/mages are usually weaker in lane. However if the game would be decided by the laning phase every lane would pick bruiser/tanks.
Wygol (EUW)
: > sustain like a vladimir No offense friend, but no.
up to 1/3 max hp regeneration on a 5 sec base cooldown with {{item:3071}} as core item.. pretty sure he is at least equally annoying.
: People complain about assassins and that's fine but consider this:
Pretty sure bruiser and tanks can deal with mages and adcs quite easily in lane. Maybe not in early levels but they outscale them very efficiently. The reason why mages are in solo lane is because the team needs ap damage and mid lane is quite save because of the tower distance. Also mages scale better with levels then adcs.
: Playing a team game with a team doesn't mean you are boosted. There's absolutely no correlation that can be made. The reality is, toxic SQ players are just using it as an excuse to look down on people because they're salty. And now they've said it so often, reasonable people like you are starting to believe it. smh >If you queue with people around your skill level, but you use voice comms, your chance of winning is still way higher. Uh huh. That's kind of the point. It should be no surprise that you'll have more success playing a team game as a team game. Playing the game _well_ does not mean you are _boosting._ MASSIVELY different concepts. They're simply different things, like I'm not even sure how to approach this. It would be like explaining the differences between a fire hydrant and a mortgage, which would be less easy than just telling you what a fire hydrant and a mortgage are. >And you'll also know for sure that you won't end up with a feeder or troller or flamer. I'm not sure how you got to this conclusion, no offense. Anybody can be a feeder/troller/flamer, regardless of sticker. The only way you can know that for sure is if you queue up with people who aren't toxic, and you don't need a sticker for that.
There might be a minority playing together at the same skill level but this is a weak argument for dynamic queue. The problem is this system can easily abused for boosting. Maybe boosting can be defined in different ways. For some people it's about taking money, for others get carried to an elo your are not belong to. However both things are cheating. If you think people use it the way it should be used you also think removing every kind of anti cheater software in order to increase performance will reduce the amount of cheater. Just because it is a minor improvement for some people it does not necessary make everything better. Give premades there own ranked system with 2,3 or 5 players and everything is fine.
Eedat (NA)
: I ban Zed for 2 reasons. 1) I don't want him on my team 2) His mere presence alone is enough to tilt my ADC Zed is just one of those champions that I just hate to play with and against. No matter how many times I tell myself I've beaten teams with Zed many times before, the foul taste of those games where he snowballs and obliterates everything outweigh it. When he's on my team its a constant worry of when is Zed going to do something stupid like decide to dive the backline out of nowhere. Whens he's on the other team its the constant worry of when is my ADC going to get obliterated. Ugh. Just a miserable experience playing with that champ.
Zed mechanic is not the only problem. Because of his access to much better items ({{item:3156}} and lifesteal sustain) he is a mobile tank sustain burster compared to most ap midlaner. Beside the item advantage for ad caster there is also this passive sustain damage from auto attacks. When was the last time you need to run away from Syndra after all her abilities are on cooldown? It doesn't nessassary mean ad items are overpowered, but certain champions benefit more then they should.
: Asking someone to build something is like... The most polite way to tell someone , Hey! I think you're overlooking something in your build. You forgot about X mechanic, You have the ability to counter this mechanic, Can you??? It'll help the team immensely. -puts sarcasm hat on- But nope. It's 2016. If anyone says anything that opposes your own thoughts, Obviously they're threatening your well being. We must take up arms against intelligent conversations!! How dare people speak to someone in an intelligent manner, How dare they!!! -Takes sarcasm hat off- In all seriousness, i hate people who respond that way when someone is giving them legitimate advice. It really grinds my gears.
Wow all these nice people helping each other with there builds. Problem is I can't remember anyone doing this in a polite way, ever. All I see are arrogant people (most likely the worst one in your team) giving advice and blame your item builds for there mistakes. For real, nobody cares about your item build if your team is going to win, but if the enemy team is ahead people start searching for stupid reasons.
layrit (EUW)
: Lets say you are an average LoL player (Silver smth) and you've got a couple of friends that are Dia/Masters/Challenger. In order for you to climb using DQ you need your friends to create smurf accounts, level those up to 30 and fail their promos. After this they team up with you and as you go further away from Silver you become more of a burden for your team (given that you aren't improving much). This means that the odds of your team winning any given game are lower than if they simply kicked you out and got a random guy that belongs. Lets say your friends succeded in boosting you all the way to Diamond. Now you are facing 3 options: 1) quit LoL until the end of season, play 1 game per month in order to not decay. 2) play only with your friends because playing solo you get crushed and flamed. 3) start improving real fast. TL;DR The boosting system you're talking about is not viable from the time investment point of view.
4) play like normal, loose the games for you and your teams, get boosted by your friend again and repeat as much as you want.
: Cos if you remove solo players, it turns into, wait for it, RANKED 5s! Riot should just fire some people for the DQ decision.
There team did a "great job" with this system but not with the PR. Dynamic queue + decreased time to reach level 30 + less costs for runes does exacly what it is suposed to do. Nvm don't listen to me I'm just paranoid.
: nah i love dq :^)
Dynamic queue 2016 play with boosted against booster
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