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: when are we gonna get something for {{champion:15}} ? Visual update? (Her skins are sooooo outdated) or maybe some small gameplay changes? Anything really.
Sivir got a visual update 5 years ago. Yes thats pretty long ago but she looks totally fine to me since then, This is what she looked like before
: Here's a clip of a 3/3 Lux support surviving a well executed combo from a 7/3 Zed who is 3 levels ahead. Lux played the encounter awfully yet survived the burst. Can you explain to me how this is fair?
Zed did 90% of her HP without Ult in less than a second while she had seekers + tabis. The fuck do you want.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
What do you think about 8.15 marksmen changes? ADCs were just finding their way back in, easily 50% play rate in competetive. But then you suddenly push massive buffs to ADCs even though you recently said you want to take a wait and see approach? Feel like mages bot are pretty much dead now.


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