: Errr learning what your champion is. Whether late game or early game. If your late game just try not to feed your ass off and you will eventually outscale. Do go for kills if they are free though. Also don’t take trades if you will miss a minion, not worth it. You should also understand when you will power spike and try to have synergy with your support. Lastly, for the love of god have the same game plan, if your support is playing aggressive tell him or her to stop or play along, and vice versa.
Okay cool but what if the supp is autofilled or is just the typical brainless bot we find every now and then? Do i try to farm and scale without his help?
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: Nerf Conqueror
Conqueror was the only Thing which could counter those tanks items. Now we're doomed to try to deal with Thornmail, frozen heart, etc.. in a different way now that conqueror has been nerfed for bruisers and buffed for mages. smh


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