: Your answer does sound very reasonable at first, but under further inspection, is not. You are defending the lack of work and balance on Twisted Treeline by it having "a very small proportion of the player base", and then linking the data from last year. At this time the map had not gained any proper updates already **for seven years**. I would love to see the data from seven years back, before you reworked the map after and abandoned it into the funneling meta. Must have been falling yearly ever since (proportional to new players coming in to the game overall)? Do you believe Summoner's Rift would still be popular if you hadn't given it any proper updates for seven years? It's obvious by now that you're taking TT away for good, but don't give us this *"oh apparently people don't like it so we have to remove it"* crap. It used to be extremely popular back before the map was reworked, you guys abandoned it for good, and finally after 8 years of slowly losing everyone but the most loyal people, it will be removed.
Here's the thing, look at Nexus Blitz which was a brand new game mode created that year. Even that has fairly pathetic numbers compared to SR. Riot has said numerous times that the majority of their other game modes ultimately only get played a few times by most people and then get dropped for SR again, and these game modes are a lot more interesting than "SR but with 3 players instead of 5". The idea that if they had supported TT it would be huge is just kinda ridiculous because ultimately it does very little to provide a unique experience just by concept alone.
: Patch 9.10 Dodge Tierlist
How do you even come up with this list? Yi and Vayne have both dropped to 48% WR after RB nerfs and riven fell to a flat 50%, that 25 places from 4th best to 29th.
: Who still builds Rageblade after the 9.10 changes?
According to most the stats sites it's still one of yi's best items, either his crit builds still worse or the changes didnt hit as hard as some people thought, that's just the stats though._
: Pre-5.10 Karma was a nice mid pick, and even though she had these problems still, her abilities weren't stripped in the way they are now. Ever since that patch, Riot has made it known that they wanted her to have an "end game fantasy" (quote taken directly from patch notes). They removed the damage from RE (also well as the extra damage from RW) because they didn't want Karma to just throw out RE's in teamfights ("Additionally, removing damage on R-E means we can up the ante on Gathering Fire's cooldown reduction without seeing Karma throw out a Mantra'd E every 6 seconds in clumpy team fights" - from patch notes). Is that not what she does right now? From a mid standpoint, she has no other choice. If her RQ isn't able to pass the front line, then she has no choice but to RE. It the only other universally useful spell. Only recently has Riot really been set still on pushing her into the support role even though it's very possible to balance her for both mid (so long as she has self-heal, top will remain a thing) and support, so why not do it? Why leave both roles in a shitty state in solo queue? Why would you anyone even pick Karma right now when you can have [insert most mage] (for mid) or Nami, Naut, Braum, Sona, Morgana, Pyke, etc. > I assume you mean it as an instant cast aoe? In which case it's not gonna happen, abilities that that are way to reliable to be on a reducible 45 sec cooldown From the post: > There would also obviously have to be a delay (similar to Xerath or Brand W).
Well I mean they were right to that because why pick RQ for damage when you can get damage and shields from RE. And you'd pick her because her E gives her a much safer laning phase they most other mages, same reason people take Morg mid. She has an identity as being part way between a mage and an enchanter and that's her niche really. Ultimately it comes down to the fact the support element of her E takes up too much of her power budget for her to be a better mage than traditional AP mids and if you want to play her like that then you have to deal with the fact it isn't going to work overly well.
: > Someone "blocks" it by letting it chunk half their hp. Same as every single mage with a powerful skillshot, dont blind fire it facefirst into a tank Except every single mage doesn't have one reliable damage ability. > The solution is to not try to shoot a minion wave from the front... If you know how big the aoe is, what shape the projectile is, and aim it right, you can always hit all three caster or 3 melee minions with it, sometimes more. My issue with it is not wave-clear. It's late-game team fights with an incoming minion wave (vertical minion waves make Karma have to aim spells from the side) or mega-tanks just tanking it (and not getting chunked). If there's a minion wave or mega-tank in your way, you simply can't do any damage to anything behind them. The only mages that suffer from this issue all have other abilities that allow them to reliably deal damage. Whether it's Vel'Koz, Morgana, Taliyah, Veigar, Ryze, Lux, or Heimer (these are all mages that have their main damage tool with a similar casting paradigm as Karma's Q/RQ but still have additional reliable DPS spells)
Hate to say it but that would be because she's not meant to be a midlane mage. Sure she can be played functionally there (as you prove) but shes not meant to be good there. As for your suggestion, I assume you mean it as an instant cast aoe? In which case it's not gonna happen, abilities that that are way to reliable to be on a reducible 45 sec cooldown, it's damage would have to be gutted so hard it would kill her other lanes.
: Yuumi & Twitch combo
Yeah invisible missiles sound like a serious bug. Off topic somewhat does anyone know how she interacts with other champs untargetability (vlad ect)?
: Can you not buff Diana the way you do in the PBE?
She honestly needs her R changed/removed if she's ever going to work well. Having a point and click dash as an ult and as her only form of mobility is just a bad design. It pretty much limits her to be half a champion pre level 6 and to being an all-in champion post 6 because her only way to engage is stuck behind a long cool down.


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