: I think its happening to everyone on EUW, well I assume anyway. 3 of my 5 friends online are in-game and have been for the past hour or so that i have been checking that too.
I am just checking up with Match History and it doesn't show the game I was dropped out and when I launch the game it only offers to Reconnect and then the Firewall thing pops-up. At least I am not alone in this. {{summoner:1}}
: Can't Reconnect and Game Crashes
The same here, and I cant play anymore. And I can't find the answer, I've tried disabling IP Helper service or wtvr, Advanced Firewall setting, Turning Off Firewall, Resetting IP, restarting PC, restarting router... nothing helps.
: 'Firewall' Error After Champion Select
Hi, I have the same thing for last 30 minutes, I did what I could, restarted computer, restarted router, reconnected every 5 min, but I just get error about Firewall might be blocking the game. I haven't done any changes to my network security and now I just don't know what else could work, let me know if someone gets back to playing.
Nirolan (EUNE)
: Missing game
Hi guys just happened the same. I played game, everything went alright and suddenly ping went up and i reconnected. Since that i am unable to reconnect as I receive error about my Firewall blocking the game. I never had problems with Firewall as this game is in my exception list, but i restarted computed and turned off Firewall. Anyway, after all this effort game is not connecting back. I have optic cable and my network runs great. I want to get back to game as i will be reported as AFK because of these lags and that is just not fair to my teammates. {{champion:161}} Please, look into this!


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