Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
Hey Meddler, any eyes on lissandra? do something before people forget there is lissandra
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
Anything planned for Lissandra, she is lackluster at the moment...
: Oh for what we know they died.. It is possible they are just frozen but not likely.. I personally would love to hear some stories about them, how they lived and what their powers were! To me the 3 of them were always fascinating, looking at them being iceborn but only lissandra as a witch. Who conquered what parts of the freljord? They loved each other yet they also fought each other.. I would love to know about their rivalries with other nations(there probably were no real nations back then but still)... If anything I would love to know the history of the freljord... narrated by lissandra... hell she can even narrate the history of valoran! What did Lissandra do during the darkin war? what did shedo during the noxian (unsuccessful) invasions? Her thoughts on the Icathia and their struggles with the void... So many things that interest us, so little answers :(
this is so true, she basically lived all these years just renewing herself. Just like vlad has been around, i would also love to see what part she has played in these situations. Its very obvious she must have done something or took part in some sorts, she isnt the one who would just sit idle. I would love to know about frejlord history from these 3 sister's perspective. We do know that they all got powers in exchange with deal they made with void creatures, hope they give us something :D
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: Chat log looks pretty edited. But from what i can see, you called someone a bonobo, implying they are an ape or monkey. You called for reports. And you said a zero tolerance term that Riot considers "hatespeech". You really gotta thicken that skin and learn to ignore insults from anonymous strangers. If you say nothing in response, you will never be punished and you will frustrate people who insult you. They WANT a response most of the time. They want those salty tears. So just start ignoring them. Your experience will improve so much if you dont put any weight on the chat between strangers.
I understand, but getting grouped is a something not nice.i didn't talk much, this is the whole thing unedited. I copied the whole card as it is
: One portion of the IFS is the zero tolerance module. Its only function is to check for zero tolerance phrases. Riot believes that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever type them. If someone types them at you, you're expected to report them at the end of the game, an additional expectation, but not required, is to mute them at that point. -------------------------- You can make a support ticket to ask for a reduction or removal of your punishment.
Thank you for sharing, I didnt knew of such system. I would never call anyone something like this, I tried not to reply them but i think i could have just said the "F" word instead of full word.... I did report them at the end, and put remarks specifically stating what they did. I did open the ticket, i hope i can find a possible solution. This situation panicked me a little ..
Aneirin (OCE)
: Yeah most likely because you repeated '%%%%%%' - even though you were just saying what they said, the system just sees you using zero-tolerance words. Open a support ticket with Riot and explain the situation and, if you're lucky, they may overturn it for you. In future never repeat anyone else's insults - there's no good reason to and it puts you at risk.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, i didn't knew about such system. I did report them for what they said, and i rarely replied to them. I didnt talk alot the whole match. They criticized my build and everything. Do you think riot has ability to check the chat log, the complete history ? Yes i have opened a ticket, thank you for replying
: You probably received some chatlogs with your ban. Would you mind sharing them? This may give some insight into the ban. People don't get banned for being targeted and harassed.
yes, i just edited into my post. I think the system got triggered because i used the "F" word, to tell what they call me... this might be it, but i do feel targeted The system punished me after 1 game... i reported the 3 people, and put the remark saying that they reported me falsely. I want to know if there is any action on that.
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