: Said this months ago. Got downvoted by nostalgic people who insist nothing should ever change. Even Shyvana has had challenger mains in a season here and there. And regularly Shyvana mains hit master. Even though she is meh right now. I am not sure how "begginer champion" is an argument to shit on Garen mains.
I am aware there is a large base of this boards who are concentrated in the elos where garen is considered a "raid boss" if given any advantage or not kited against, therefore their judgement will be to downvote any thread to do with Garen recieving help despite it being the correct approach
Penns (EUW)
: Im sure if some good player actually mains Garen he can get to masters lol.
Penns (EUW)
: Well because he isnt exactly made to be a high mechanical/high elo champ, he is basically made for new players.
Just because Garen having an easy kit is not the reason Riot have went out of their way to make Garen an utterly useless champion in higher elos, Even other easy champions such as malphite have mains who can achieve master tier The excuse of "Garen is an easy champion therefore should not be playable in high elo" is not a valid repsonse, rework him then or give him buffs meant for high elo **It is never acceptable for low diamond to be the peak rank for mastering a champion**
: I don't really feel she needs nerfs but rather windows where you can more easily understand "now is the time to get her". I wouldn't even mind if they up'ed the shield amount as a balance to a longer CD on it. Shielding for 500+ so frequently makes it really hard to coordinate when to deal damage to her.
no trust me buddy, every top lane main is aware that Riven and Fiora are the broken cancer of top lane
: damn dude ive never seen a Garen main reach that high elo before nice job!! riot should really give a reply to this thread because u speak truth, and I really love playing Garen
Thanks bro, I hope Riot take a look at this post because im very interested to see their excuses as to why they don't give garen positive treatment
: and that in exactly what kinda twisted logic makes them "not encounted"? your sense of worth is messed up i have to say. just because it is easier, and even then only by a Little bit, it doesn't make them less worth in a comparison or a statistic. that statistic would be more rigged than horse-racing lotteries if any Region would be considered less valuable than another.
: So what is the reasoning for downvoting this post? Garen is genuinely hot dogshit garbage past low diamond by any objective metric, so where is the debate?
Maybe the way I approached this post in an agressive manner, and somewhat belittle lower elo players saying I don't care about if Garen is OP or not in lower elos But don't I have a fucking right to be agressive in this post, this champion is litterally the most dogshit champion in the game and riot don't show any significance to this
: well duh that is what i was stating... that alot of champs arent viable above diamond and some that are bad at lower elos are great above diamond there is no way that all 136 champs can equally be viable in all skill levels in all games and situations
Ofcourse not all champs can be viable, but Garen is litterally UNPLAYABLE in this elo, for christ sakes there has NEVER been a master tier garen player in the history of league of legends existance, but every single champion besides Garen has been able to reach these elos. Even when garen was at his strongest state (season 5 juggernaut rework) he was still not able to reach master tier with and he was considered pretty OP due to his villain mechanic procing if you killed Garen in lane
: and yet every Region has a competetive Scene that is encounted. what you misconfuse is the attention they get. just because i don't appear on tv doesn't automatically make my good Plays "not encounted" and youre doing that very fame-scaling on entire regions. every Region is the same in the basic manners, the only real differences are language and the meta-state. no Region is "poor" in their performances or for any analytic statistics, so your "Facts" are nothing more than an opinion, and one that i consider highly offensive too.
Say whatever you want, but the regions I listed are not on the same quality as KR, NA, EUW It's litterally been proven MANY times pros and high elo players transfer to regions such ans EUNE or LAN and get higher elo easier
: but if in master tier he was only played 7 times... it goes to show no one plays him at that elo but he is picked very regularly at diamond
diamond accounts for low diamond aswell, which as I said is the peak rank of every top Garen player in the world including myself, infact I am adding to those statistics and im low diamond You will see 98% or so of those diamond garen games are low diamond Even in master tier garen is the least played champion, if we go by your no. games played
: https://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/ if you filter by master tier in the last month garen was only picked 7 times corki picked 16 times azir 19 times shy 19 times amumu 23 times yorick 14 times xin zhao 17 times so there are alot more champs in master tier that arent viable then just garen
This is the wrong way to judge whether a champ is viable in high elo. You should be looking at current master tier+ players who are mains of these champions and you will see every on of the champions you have listed have mains who are currently in master elo
: > [{quoted}](name=SALT SHAKER 28,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=336FL2xx,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-30T13:21:10.341+0000) > lets be honest they are not competive regions and therefore do not count as the quality of the region is very poor. IDK about you but that sounds very racist in my ears. every Region is competitive and Counts, doesn't matter how good or bad the Players there are.
How is that racist lmao ... Its a fact that regions like Turkey, Russia, OCE, LAN, LAS, EUNE etc are nowhere near on par in terms of skill compared to EUW, NA, KR the regions are far too small and the player quality is far too poor to be analysed with any significance, as it is much easier to achieve higher elo on these regions than it is on EUW, NA, KR.
: maybe cuz no one who is skilled enough to be master tier thinks garen is worth playing
oh trust me people have tried, Infact former pro and challenger player HotshotGG tried playing Garen only to master a few days ago and even stated "its easier getting challenger than it is getting garen to high diamond"
: Annie bot reached high elo with Annie but have you seen some of the weird builds and stuff he uses to win games? Tear of goddess into ludens with dft then zhonyas. Garen has no skillshots, so Riot has trouble with his balance. They should give him some more skill expression while trying to retain his easy to use kit, but then again having Riot touch your champion can be miserable at times. {{champion:82}}
So that is my point, if Riot think Garen is this hard to balance and is completely unplayable in high elo then why is he not at the top of the list in terms of a rework..
: are you talking at all in the history of the champ ?
yes, even pre-rework Garen didn't manage to reach master tier, and atleast he had something going for him since he was tanky with a scaling silence
: So...this happened
Riven is broken right now in high elo and if played well has 0 lane counters I don't understand why Riot aren't nerfing her already, along with fiora
: all 135 other champs ? hmm i doubt that
you should do the research and see that its a correct statement, unless you want to name a champion that hasn't reached master tier besides Garen
: low diamond is till better then 97% of the player base
That doesn't matter though, every other champion in the game BUT Garen has been proven to achieve master tier+ if you mastered the champion, no matter how easy, weak the champ may be they are capible of reaching that high It is not okay for Garen to be the only champion in the game to never see master tier
: this is true about alot of champs riot has champs in different tiers according to how easy they are to how hard they are. the easier champs such as garen who clearly has a lot of weakness at higher elos is needed in the state he is in so newer players can learn the basics of that type of champ. you see this in every champ role their is... its not new. while you may be a good player playing a champ with such limitations will limit how high you can climb with them
Riot have never stated that they intend for beginner champs to be unplayable up to a point, and low diamond is too low of a point for a champion to peak at. If you were to say Garen would be unplayable at Challenger level it would be acceptable because most non-meta champs at that point are unplayable at that high elo, but to be so useless at low diamond elo is a joke and should be looked at ASAP. Its not right that mastering Garen me along with EVERY SINGLE GAREN MAIN IN A COMPETITVE REGION is only capible of reaching low diamond.....
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: Not all champions they play in LCS are broken. Some of them just work well in a team. But a) if the champions *are* broken of course I'm going to play them to climb and b) if not, I just wanna play the champions pros play because I might look up to them, or feel confident about the champion because a pro played them, or just want to play the champions because the pro made them look fun or did something awesome I want to try and replicate.
but as i said, you're never going to achieve LCS or challenger, so why MUST you play these champions
: Why are you so annoyed by meta slaves?
because you're never going to achieve lcs so why u busy playing broken champs if ur not going pro
: I used to be a one trick pony for about a year. But riot nerfed too hard. Now I'm a meta slave and proud. goml
and this is why i downvote u you silver warrior
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: GAREN Enough said
no, you're silver keep your trashy thoughts to yourself
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: List of all known champions, considered as op
~~-Yorick~~ -Malazhar ~~-Master Yi~~ ~~-Jax~~ ~~-Ekko~~ -Fiora ~~-Aatrox~~ -Ryze (My main) -Darius ~~-Garen~~ -Camille -Lee Sin ~~-Syndra~~ ~~-Xin Zhao~~ -Zed -Yasuo I already know you're low silver/bronze trash if you think Garen is overpowered lmao
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: Camille is broken to, oh wait my rank is low so that means camille isn't broken.
garen isnt broken though everybody knows that "garen broken" is just a meme used by low elos players who cant deal with immobile tanky damage dealers
: Oh look another person thinking rank means anything in an argument. Maybe you should fix your ignorance before speaking.
you're argument is stupid garen is not broken he is below mediocre at best obviously your rank has to do with ur argument as only low elos such as urself would call garen "broken" lmao
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: When we gonna address that Master Yi's being a shitty Jungler?
You are hardstuck low gold what do you know about champion balance
Klae (NA)
: Tank Meta
you're low silver what do you know
: Have I lost it with Xerath or is he unplayable right now even against Mages?
Yes you've lost it because scripting xeraths seem to be doing pretty well against anyone
Trogmar (NA)
: One trick help.
You fools don't know the meaning of "one trick" Just because you play a champion alot doesn't make you a one trick pony, you're a main If you have learnt a champion in the past you're automatically NOT a one trick pony I am a one trick pony, as when my champion is banned/pick I dodge, you will only ever find my champion on my profile. You are just a filthy main, not a one trick pony like me
: Leblanc is op and easy. Give me my upvotes.
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Seldrix (NA)
: Garen 100 to 0 kill
the only way garen can gap close most mid laners is through flash which has a 5 second cooldown otherwise you fucked up
S0kaX (EUNE)
: I don't need to be plat to say that vayne doing true damage and %per hp damage is bullshit
true but you probably also think Garen is OP just because you cant kite properly
: stop trying to talk about champion balance when you're less than platinum
so many salty low elo silver and bronze players downvoting lmao its like a little cult stay in ur little bronzie groups and feed me your hate it aint gonna change the fact you're hardstuck in a trashy elo
: Because mechanical skill is very different from gameplay knowledge.
so on a league boards, you choose to spend more time talking about the game than actually improving at the game itself lmao
: As well that i share a certain degree your point of view, i am not totally convinced by what you just said. First things off yes i am a Silver ranked player. But i educate myself by reading and by trying to understand the abilities of champions/items/mechanics and so forth and so on. Does that mean i should not have to say my thoughs regarding if a champion is balanced/unbalanced? I dont think so... And either way at the end of the day its not you or me that makes the differences... Its Riot and mostly the pro players.
obviously your education isnt paying off if you're still in silver lmao you dont have a say on champ balance if you are silver, you cant play the game properly yet to understand whether a champion is balanced or not you probably think Garen is OP because you're low elo, when in high elo he is very weak, you get what im saying
Kaioko (NA)
: That's not accurate at all - plenty of people below the Plat level understand balance very well and can make suggestions that wouldn't be thought of normally.
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: well, it's good that at this rate I will never see you at lvl 30 or rankeds
you're damn right because ill overtake your elo in a matter of hours lmao
Prandine (NA)
: So you get angry when teammates perform poorly yet fail to realize that you raging at them is only gonna make them perform worse. How would you like it if someone raged at you whenever you performed poorly? You say that you tried using a keybinder to block enter yet turned it off anyway when your teammates performed poorly: this is a problem with you and not your teammates. Have you tried just unbinding your Enter key from your keyboard or raging at the screen instead of in chat? These tools can only do so much on their own, but it's up to you to actually find other outlets to vent your anger in. Otherwise expect to continue to get permabanned for your inability/unwillingness to control your behavior. P.S. Riot will never permamute you because that wouldn't stop you from griefing teammates in other ways that are not chat related. P.S.S. It's natural to get frustrated when someone is performing poorly, but raging at them whenever it happens isn't gonna magically help them play better. Try saying stuff like "hey try hugging your turret a little bit more" instead of "stop messing up!". Teammates are more likely to listen and improve if you build them up instead of break them down.
lmao im here to win games not babysit some retard in my team for feeding Im not going to sit there and say "good job bro maybe next 1v1 you will kill the 13/0 annie as 0/13 yasuo !" HELL NO im going to say this is over lmao we have no mid lane ff this shit and let me move onto next game as ive said ive never int fed in my life and i think people who do int feed are mentally fragile scum, which is why i dont know why riot dont give some people special cases of perma mutes when ive proved on all 7 of my mid/high plat permabanned accs that ive never int fed once If I was feeding for fuckin sure id deserve to be flamed, so its fine on both sides, obviously id report the guy because I hate everybody who plays league other than myself
Aptest (EUW)
: Can I ask you something? What keeps you from getting bored of Garen?
shitting on trash kids like you top lane but losing game because i'm garen and garen doesnt offer utility like the broken metaslave champs in team fights
: > [{quoted}](name=SALT SHAKER 28,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I9JQ7ajY,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-08T15:31:27.081+0000) > > Are you so mentally fragile that you are incapible of playing your main against another champ ? No, but you're apparently so mentally fragile that you make girlish and whiny posts on the League boards over people picking a counter to your champion.
my one trick pony is garen you're probably some silver shitter garen main crying on the boards stay silver
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