koshkyra (NA)
: I am so tired of yasuo going 0/3 but then getting one kill and snowballing like fucking crazy
I wish they just reworked his windwall. It makes his strength way too matchup dependant, it lasts too long, it blocks way more than it should and for some reason the hitbox is massive so he can literally stand inside it and be immune to ranged damage.
: I've seen more threads about this happening than actually having seen this happening since I started playing back around patch 5.3. About 97% of times, a 0-3 Yasuo's end game score is like 1-12-6. For a non-support melee high AD carry champ, Yasuo is probably also the only one with more average deaths then average kills. tl;dr: git gud. plz
If they do badly it's mostly because they suck though. Yasuos kit is simply unbalanced, especially with the new runes. He has mobility, damage, one of the best utility spells in the game, he's resourceless, has low cooldowns, a free shield, has CC, is pretty strong early and scales well. His strength is also way too dependant on the matchup, he can literally make some mages completely useless.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Removing Runes: Yay or Nay?
Runes/masteries have always been in the game. Imo, the game would be a lot less interesting without them as runes creates more different playstyles and playmaking potential for champions.
: I fucking hate League matchmaking: "Oh you've won 3 games in a row? Here's 2 clueless boosted apes!"
You should be happy only getting 2 boosted apes in 4 games. I've literally got 3 trolls and 1 afk in my past 5 ranked games: http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=sb+arneeman EUW high plat - low diamond is beyond toxic
: I feel so bad for anyone that doesn't play a popular champion.
I play Viktor and Azir and I've got so tired of the balancing that I'm learning Vlad instead. He's so strong compared to them that even when I play him mediocre at best, I'll get the same impact as if I played Viktor or Azir really great.
Shock16 (NA)
: How to play against Yasuo mid?
Annie is a fine pick vs Yasuo tbh. She has solid aa-range to proc his shield, and can fight him unless you fall behind. Try to keep up your stun most of the time, and use W to stun him if he tries to dash in for a trade. It's a good idea to freeze your lane close to your tower so he can't all in you even if he wanted to. Once you get some items, you can oneshot him unless he builds mr. Don't waste ult when he can dash away and survive, if he doesn't get too low to stay in lane that is. In silver most Yasuo players will outplay themselves by trying to turret dive etc, and you can abuse their mistakes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Have you just forgotten about Viktor after the tiny buff? It was clearly not enough to make him decent. First off, the mana scaling only really kicks in if you build Archangels. That item has been nerfed multiple times and isn't viable on Viktor anymore due to the uber slow scaling. The midlane meta is also very centered around roaming and skirmishing with junglers, which Viktor is really bad at. In diamond + elo, where you would expect him to be okay, he has a [41.6%](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/middle/diamond/by-winrate-desc) winrate! That's the lowest of all champions, a full 5% lower than Ryze. So basically you've nerfed him due to competitive play until he was weak in soloq, and then the meta has shifted away from him _after_ he was already weak.
: I respect your insights, but doesn't that apply to a game by game basis? I mean every game you play won't include a team comp such as the one you listed. And lets accept that premise as a true statement, every game will include a team comp full of assassin type champs. Don't you think that the player base will figure how to counter that? I do, I think all the High ELO players could and probably already see how they might take advantage of such a comp. Again I hear, "I can't play the champ I want versus the comp, so I reject the idea all together" instead of trying to find the cons of such a comp and adjust your play / champ picks accordingly.
What even counters assassins in a soloq setting? Yes, you can make them ineffective in teamfights, but that means you have to pick a utility-based pick and rely on your team to play carries properly and not fall behind early. Tanks and supportive champs are generally not very good roamers.
: The idea of an AD/"assassin" support has been tossed around among the community for years. Took Riot a while to finally come up with one, though I question what will happen to balance in the future. Kinda reminds me of how Thresh basically changed the definition of the support role back when he was released in season 3. Maybe he wasn't the "first" one, but was definitely noticeable in how supports nowadays function.
It's generally good to add more options but I really don't see why they would add an assassin support, with the current state of the game. They could at least open up botlane for something else than ADC first. The main problem is that soloq is infected by assassins in every role atm, especially with Kaisa that is basically an assassin ADC. At plat-diamond elo soloq you'll be lucky to even have a proper frontline if you don't play it yourself. Support is the only role that reduces the chaos somewhat. With Pyke, an average soloq teamcomp will be something like Camille/Kha'Zix/Leblanc/Kaisa/Pyke which creates chaotic, snowbally games and removes the possibility to actually play scaling champs that require a frontline. I'm speaking from experience here, I main backline mages and this meta is easily the worst one since I started playing in season 3, before counting Kaisa and Pyke.
Zellios (NA)
: I can't take this "stomp or be stomped" gameplay anymore
Riot be like - Games are decided too quickly? Let's create an assassin support!
: "Pyke can't be a support!"
Imo they should never force an assassin to fit the support role. Not only is it enough assassins outside pro play already, but he will be impossible to balance properly.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.10
I just have to ask, what in the world are you thinking with the sudden massive Azir nerf? We Azir mains over at reddit were told by Repertoir that Azir would get lower waveclear, but some power back. What you are testing now actually increases his early waveclear while reducing the damage by about 20%. While playing this version of Azir, you're also forced to be super passive early since you don't have damage with Q max but have to max Q anyway since the cd is 15 seconds at rank 1...
: I´m not a Azir main who abused Azir for free lp due to his piss easy kit and laodsa damage and I disagree despite not having read anything you wrote. Though I do think one of Azirs main problems is his waveclear is so good. He is supposed to be a magic dealing apc in the mid lane not that but also a great waveclear champ. I also understand the E nerf any consistant damage dealer who can easily escape basically loses his only weakness. But the W ap ratio nerfs seem scary. I don´t want to lose my bootleg adc replacament Riot.
Well they are actually buffing his early waveclear but gutting the rest, why do you make a comment without reading anything
Daoist (NA)
: Suggestion on Balancing Azir
The changes on PBE right now absolutely destroys Azir. What is the point of having waveclear if you don't actually scale up? 60-40% scaling nerf is insane, on an already weak champion. However, I dislike your solution to fixing the problem. You shouldn't be punished for having more than 1 soldier up. A better strategy imo would be to remove the ability to cast Q during E - this changes your shuffle combo to have much lower range, and reduces his safety. Then they could add some power back into W or Q. I've given up on Azir after the latest nerf, he feels unplayable in soloq. Another large nerf is ridiculous, especially when it does the complete opposite of what they said the wanted to do - increasing his early waveclear and gutting his numbers.
: Why provide evidence when you can circlejerk a narrative that substantiates what everyone wants to believe, amirite? :^) I hate the state of ADCs as much as the next guy on the board, but being asked for a simple amount of evidence to substantiate a frankly outrageous claim isn't that unreasonable of a request. Backpeddling when an extreme hyperbole is being called out doesn't justify uncessary downvotes.
He's just stubborn if he asks for evidence for something literally everyone that plays this game knows
: I want to see what you claim. An ADC killing a tank in a few auto attacks, not the entire team focusing a tank and killing him in a few seconds.
Not literally ''a few autos'' but even the tankiest champs die in a few seconds to a fullbuild adc lategame.
: Video?
Watch one lategame fight man, is it so hard
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SB Arneeman,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BZs1cOJ7,comment-id=000d00010000,timestamp=2018-05-02T18:25:28.449+0000) > > Fleet isn't good on Viktor anymore either after the nerf to healing for ranged champs. You know what he used to take? DEATHFIRE TOUCH! (yes I am going to keep on about this, but I do it out of love :P)
Both thunderlords and deathfire were used. Now there isn't really a good option.
: Viktor doesn't actually like Fleet Footwork, he's just forced to take it because he doesn't have anything better going for him
Fleet isn't good on Viktor anymore either after the nerf to healing for ranged champs.
: tbh as a Xerath player I'm sad that Aery takes longer to come back with longer range, and comet is better when you constantly hit single target spells, or are a burst mage who uses CC first (like Lux) But why don't viktor, kass and malzahar work with Aery?? imo they'd work with it better than Xerath
Aery is the best option on Viktor atm, but it doesn't really feel good. You completely lose the shield part and it only adds a tiny bit of damage in a fight. Electrocute is the strongest keystone for him, but the lesser runes are too weak.
: > [{quoted}](name=LesVitesses,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QhF62fJb,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-05-02T14:04:43.722+0000) Tanks already die to a few autos. Video? Rageblade Jhin doesn't count
You don't need a video for that, a fullbuild crit ADC shreds through anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=SB Arneeman,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wswn4ezA,comment-id=0029,timestamp=2018-05-02T12:00:00.989+0000) > > I agree that Zed is annoying to face, but he does have weaknesses. First off, his shadow cooldown is extremely long early and when it's down you can harass him all you want without any risk. Stopwatch/Zhonia removes his R damage completely. He also falls off later on, so you basically win lane by just surviving and farming up. I've seen this argument a lot when defending Zed. I think you're wrong when you say he falls off. Late game he can kill multiple people in areas if they are bunched together and are squishy. He doesn't need shadow to even kill you if he can flash ignite you with the electrocute proc if he can get close enough. He has the tools to do it. I think it's weird that a player has to play around Zed, rather than Zed having to play around you at times. Last season Zed was much better to play against for me at least, since I could just build armor, and he woudln't be able to one shot me.
Well lategame pretty much every squishy can oneshot eachothers, but when you factor in Locket+various other support items and the CC, Zed struggles in lategame teamfights vs a decent team. He's just unreliable lategame compared to a lot of other midlaners - and having a Zed mid can often lead to the team being too AD-heavy.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Zed, His Lack of Weaknesses, and Seeker's Armguard
I agree that Zed is annoying to face, but he does have weaknesses. First off, his shadow cooldown is extremely long early and when it's down you can harass him all you want without any risk. Stopwatch/Zhonia removes his R damage completely. He also falls off later on, so you basically win lane by just surviving and farming up.
destos (NA)
: your upcoming new adc overlord
This seems strong on Draven, Jhin, Quinn and AD assassins. Everything that builds lethality, really. It's also very cost efficient when you have high crit chance already, then it gives a massive 50% attack speed permanently.
: ADC Burst vs Squishies WAS NOT nerfed on the PBE and I have the math to prove it
You've completely forgot about that they increase the cost of IE by 300 and the cost of Zeal items by 200, making your math rather useless. It's simply wrong to present this as facts when you only use the data that supports your point. When you keep the large cost increase in mind, crit adcs will scale up slower and have higher damage to tanks, but lower vs squishies. Also, remember the nerfs to Kaisa, Cait and Jhin(guinsoos) in the live patch. Additonally, ADCs will reach 120% crit with IE+2 zeal items which is a waste of stats. I'm almost certain crit adcs won't be overpowered with this patch, but there may be someone abusing the new items though. No, I'm not a salty ADC main, I main mid and I also dislike the current strength of adcs. However, this post is wrong.
Onotori (NA)
: This new ranking system is a bunch of bullshit to hide the issue.
The grade system is far from perfect, and this new system would be as well - just that people would intentionally try to abuse it. Just to mention a few problems this would create: * KDA players * People would fight over farm * Less ''sacrifice'' plays, like a risky Azir shuffle etc that will most likely kill you but also win the fight * Kill farming at end of games/stretching out games to get better KDA and farm * Much more focus on individual plays, leading to everyone playing carry champs - and more toxicity * Less reward for good team play Overall your impact on the games leads to your winrate in the first place, so your performance is already counted for - over a longer period of time of course, you can do well and still have a loss streak. This would just hinder those that win by shotcalling, playing supportive styles etc in favor of the ME CARRY GIVE ALL GOLD type of players.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
Hi Meddler, what are your thoughts on midlane balance in soloq? Right now assassins and roamers, anything that can pressure botlane really, are completely dominant. There's a massive winrate gap between these assassins/roamers and mages in general - especially champions that have been nerfed to the ground after they were played in pro play - even in diamond+ elo. Even though you would expect assassins to have slightly lower winrate due to the high risk nature, that's not the case at all. Even Orianna, that have traditionally been one of the most balanced champions in the game, sits at a winrate below 49%. The mana changes next patch is likely to increase this gap even further.
: Hey can we disable Jhin so I can have an actual ban?
I don't think he's that badly balanced tbh. Even though rageblade gives him an insane amount of ad, he still doesn't have the same dps as other adcs lategame. The games right now are also rather short, so he rarely gets the full effect out of the lategame AD scaling.
: you forget mages will be able to bot lane sure. This is probably part of Azir's work to be balanced down there
Azir relies heavily on levels to deal damage - his soldier base damage scales with levels. Botlane tends to be 2 levels or more below midlane before lategame, which means a botlane Azir will be quite a bit weaker. Unless they change how xp or base damages work, he'll never be that good of a botlaner.
: "Mages should run out of mana if they cast constantly in long fights"
Mages already rely on skillshots more than any other group of champions. Why do they also need to be the most careful managing their attacks/resources?
: So all mages are getting nerfed hard on the PBE
I don't get it, mages are weaker than pretty much any previous seasons already imo. Ever since the ardent meta and adc item buffs, it's been difficult to carry with mages.
: Ryze work on PBE
Making Azir dps single target completely ruins his identity. It also removes a lot of value from landing a good shuffle in teamfights, since can only attack one of the cc-d targets . Additionally, if you remove his waveclear he needs to have a decent early game or he'll be useless as a midlaner. If you want to balance Azir, his E is what you need to look into. Can you please focus on making him viable for soloq, while not OP in competitive? Azir mains are suffering from this ridiculous balancing, hard nerfing a 44% winrate champion.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: The problem with it is the "champions that can utilize it well"... the item is inherently contradictory balance-wise. On one hand the item is supposed to be appealing to spell casters with low cooldowns and spammable abilities that can stack it efficiently. Ryze, Cassio etc come to mind. At the same time, its main uniqueness compared to other AP choices is the movement speed it provides. These same spammable spell casters tend to use movement speed less efficiently, because they have to stand still during their many animations. That makes the item kinda weird. That's also not to mention the need of these spammable spell casters to get mana items, which offers less room for "luxury" items such as this. The other group of supposed users, which are attracted by its AP steroid it provides for a short duration - aka assassins, have the effect the other way around. They usually have a very hard time stacking it, because of their high cooldowns. Eve seems to be an exception, which happens to fill both categories while suffering from neither of the drawbacks (being an assassin, yet having a spammable ability, yet not having an animation-lock on it). There may be a few more, but I generally find the item having a weird design.
It just doesn't have a place in the build even in situations where it could be good. First off, {{item:3089}} and often {{item:3135}} will be better items for pure damage. DPS mages that spam skills needs mana, cdr and at least some survivability - this item gives none of that. AP Assassins rarely spam enough skills to stack it quickly, and they also need other items. Standard mages tends to need need mana, pen and cdr as well, and they don't spam that much either.
Hibeki (NA)
: Can we stop pretending Kha'Zix wasnt seriously overbuffed?
I wish they could just remove his ''true stealth'' already. High damage on an assassin is okay, him being permanently invisible inside your warded jungle is not.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Nerfing A 45% winrate champion
As an Azir+Viktor player, I hate how much they balance for pro play over soloq. They don't change what makes the champions unbalanced in the first place, but just keep reducing their numbers until they're not good in pro play anymore, which makes them trash in soloq. It feels bad improving on a champion over time, just to see it nerfed again and again so the improvement means nothing for your winrate.
kargish (EUW)
: Kha'zix is currently everything assassins have been reworked away from
Once Kha'zix is fed, there is literally no counterplay. Even vision wards don't see him, and he can oneshot before can even react properly since you get 0 warning and it's nearly impossible to know which area of the map he's in if he paths properly. As a midlaner, I've started banning him over any strong midlane assassin. At least you can use Zhonia vs Zed/Fizz ult, dodge Kata daggers etc. Kha just appears out of nowhere, oneshots you, and then he's invisible again or jumping away...
: I really dont give a damn about LCS balance
It feels so bad to play champions that are played in pro play. You know they'll get nerfed until they're somewhat balanced for pro play, which makes them trash in soloq. Additionally, there will be indirect changes further messing up the balance for most of the playerbase. For example, Azir has been hard nerfed multiple patches in a row to become ''balanced'' - which means ~45% winrate in plat+ soloq. Then, there is suddenly a complete gut of mana runes making his early game utterly horrible and forcing him to get a mana item. Now he has 44% winrate in diamond.
: {{champion:34}} to me feels like she\has a better auto animation that many ranged and melee champions . {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:32}} I cs better with anivia with autos than with all of these champions who feel clunky in that their auto doesnt fly/ do damage until the absolute end of their animation rather than the middle of their animation
I just feel like the Anivia auto is super slow and clunky. Not only does it make it more difficult to last hit, but it also makes you a lot more vulnerable to poke when you have to stand still so long to get a single auto off.
: Anivia has great auto damage and a smooth auto attack animation if you aren't LAZY and use minions to farm early game like everyone should you can easily wave clear as anivia She also has her E for wave clear while it isnt Aoe it has little cooldown or cast time which allows her to farm well and shove waves.
> [{quoted}](name=LordGeovanni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gjWey9aZ,comment-id=0003000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-08T18:20:47.292+0000) > > Anivia has great auto damage and a smooth auto attack animation if you aren't LAZY and use minions to farm early game like everyone should you can easily wave clear as anivia She also has her E for wave clear while it isnt Aoe it has little cooldown or cast time which allows her to farm well and shove waves. What??? Anivia has one of the worst auto animations in the game, the main reason I don't play her is that I get tilted trying to farm with that early game.
: @RiotRepertoir Syndra is ''Fine''
They need to shift power away from her R or rework it completely to properly balance Syndra. I agree that she's way too weak right now though. As a Viktor/Azir player I know that feeling.
Cunky (NA)
: I'm honestly about to quit playing ranked, I can't fucking stand this matchmaking.
Matchmaking is complete trash in high plat/low diamond elo as well. It's a mix of boosted players, the ones actually trying to climb and the ones stuck in D5 that has just given up. This results in a massive skill difference and flamers every game. You can still carry if you play better than the others though - leading to a winrate over 50% making you eventually climb.
: "I main 'X' and RIOT killed them!!!1!"
Riot are literally failing to balance some champions though. As an Azir and Viktor player, it hurts to see nerf upon nerf while the champions are mediocre in soloq, just because they are good in pro play and Riot doesn't manage to balance both at the same time.
: People Please Stop Forcing People To Play Unwinnable Games
It's more important that people don't troll when the rest of the team won't surrender. I literally got an inter in my deciding diamond promo match when I didn't surrender and tried my best to turn the game and win. So many people just go full troll mode the moment they think the game can't be won, even in ranked.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Not talking about one shotting, but you still can deal about 1500 damage with just that. Draven can only do that if he has stacked his firecannon + shiv. Let's not mention the fact that Viktor can still poke from a mile away for big damage with his E and can bring out huge AoE with his R and zone with his W.
Rapid firecannon makes ADCs have longer range, and higher damage, poke than most mages though. Artillery mages do of course outrange, but they lack dps. Also, ADCs have targeted damage while mages have mostly skillshots. I see it as somewhat unfair that ADCs can often have both more burst and DPS with targeted damage at fullbuild when mages rely on skillshots. Reducing Statikk waveclear is a good step RIot is taking though, so ADCs don't have everything at once.
Rawlo (NA)
: The problem is they can't balance ADC's to do damage to tanks and squishies, because constant damage to tanks often means 1 shots to squishies.
Imagine how bad it would be if adcs also had extra burst in their buildpath! /s {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} this is the main problem Also, ''lategame adcs'' are strong all the way from midgame now since the crit itemization is so cheap, while {{item:3124}} gives a huge 1 item spike for on-hit like Lulu+Kog.
: Why is Press the Attack better than Electrocude on Jax jungle?
A jax is very rarely going to snowball early game in high elo. They also go a tankier build than you, making the dps focused keystone stronger.
: I recently read a theory about what might cause the win and loosing streaks: They assumed that the MMRof each player is not updated after each game but every 24 or 12 hours. So your MMR stays constant the first day for example, so you get normal enemies and maybe a winstreak. Next day with updated (and because of the winstreak inflated) MMR you get worse teammates/stronger enemies. You loose, but the MMR does not (if this is true) get adjusted. So your next games are bad too. After the next MMR calculation you would have a lower than usual MMR, what would give you worse enemies and might cause a winstreak and so on. It is just a theory and am not sure if my experience fits this pattern or if there are other reasons (usually just random chnce or tilt). What do you think?
Higher mmr should also get you better teammates, not only enemies. My experience is more about getting boosted teammates after a winstreak.
: Is having great CS an excuse to not get kills?
CSing well is very important. However, when you learn to cs near perfectly while also pressuring the enemy laner and keeping track of the rest of the map is when you've truly got good at laning. Keep focusing on farming until it feels natural to you. Then you don't need to pay much attention to it and can instead go for favorable trades/fights in lane, while keeping the good cs. Keep in mind that a cs lead should make you able to fight the enemy much easier, also getting you kills. Farming is a reliable way to get gold, kills is not. When you have a lead, always try to deny the enemy as much gold and xp as possible. It doesn't help much if you farm really well in a good matchup, when they do the same. As you climb higher, you will face enemies that are farming nearly perfectly so you have to actively zone them off farm, force them back and/or kill them to get a cs lead.
lc0291 (NA)
: Xerath is actually pretty useful, as it can basically negate the Mana problems he has in lane
It's only a way to force him to not stay max range in lane though. His mana costs are way larger than most other mages to force him to make use of the passive early on.
: void staff is enough, plus morellos and you're fine
Not really, you still lose a lot of effectiveness. It's getting to true damage or very close that gives a lot of damage to mages, and you cannot achieve that with Cassiopeia. The thing is, the lower the mr is, the more %dmg reduction each point gives. Sorcerer shoes is a great item for damage, and realistically there are very few games were you will get 6 completed items so the passive has full value.
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