: can you revert league back to season 7?
: Jungle Role is TOO strong atm
"They kept buffing jungle role for no reason" When?
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: i hate how the jungle is currently
Yeah thats the actual jg problem, not the RNG.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Let's Talk: "I'm high tier and best assassin for 10+ patches in both low and high elo" Aka Shaco
Wtf u nerf from shaco? His base dmg is a fucking joke. Try play shaco without duskblade. Duskblade+trinity combo make him broken. Just remove fucking duskblade from this game.
: So Kha'zix gets nerfed/changed 50 times while Shaco doesn't?
How you can nerf shaco? He is getting all dmg from duskblade and trinity passive. His kit has shit AD scaling. Khazix got low Q cd, better stealth, healing,more mobility, reset on jump.
: Why is Riot ignoring every Discussion on the front page of boards?
Because they are fucking incompetent with a lot of ego
: > [{quoted}](name=SKHynix,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bWJlFE2t,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-24T15:00:31.510+0000) > > And the most important. REMOVE RNG. What RNG ? Crits are fine true damage are not tbh
Plants, drakes, crab, zoe, kleptomancy, arcane comet
La Bello (NA)
: I'm really enjoying the New Season.
: Dark Harvest's slot should be replaced with an entirely new rune.
Better idea, remove keystones and bring back s5 masteries and runes.
: Balance suggestions! For free!
And the most important. REMOVE RNG.
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: Please do not nerf Jungle XP once again
Again? Boooooooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiing
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 31
If you guys are nerfing jung exp remove fucking RNG and plants,and bring back camp smite buffs so jungle will be more enjoyable.
: Season 9 Dynamic: Fanmade Patch Notes (Mega Post)
"REMOVED: Jungle Plants" love this. Fuck random useless plants.
: It's time to let League fade, kick your addiction to this POS time waster and let Riot finally fail
Im playing this game because im close to diamond, fuck this shit ass game and matchmaking, cant enjoy this game because of shit feeding teammates and broken meta champ that literally 1v9. Fuck new runes, fuck elemental drakes, fuck plants, fuck overloaded reworks and new champs, fuck RNG, and fuck this boring RNG jungle. I swear god Riot balance team are fucking clueless idiots that dont play this game.
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: What's the bug?
When the box dies it plays the shaco death sound
: You're definitely right in that it was a mistake made by Riot! We're working on getting a fix out since this is actually a bug :(
Please fix Shaco's boxes death sound, annoying bug as hell
: Why is kaisa allowed to be so busted
% bonus dmg on missing hp, fucking ass broken shield, dash, invisibility, atk speed buff, hybrid dmg. Fucking overloaded champ
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Fízz v2 (EUW)
: "feels useless" - literally one of the highest win rate junglers with 54-55% atm lel
Boring ass champ, he was fun and hard to play now you build shitty duskblade and oneshot people. He was able to build ap,ad,tank,bruiser,crit literally everything and now only AD is viable because of broken shit duskblade. High winrate doesnt mean the champ is fun to play and enjoyable.
: We aimed to have Duskblade be a power neutral change rather than a nerf - In general, dying to upfront burst that's out of your control feels pretty bad and we've been looking to dial that back in recent patches. Getting killed by an Assassin who kills you using the Duskblade feels a lot worse than getting killed by an Assassin who hits you with all of his abilities. In this case, buffing the Lethality is a shift towards the latter; There should be more gameplay involved with the kill. I'm not of the opinion that the item is/was overpowered, either. Youmuu's Ghostblade was trending towards being a close match in terms of 1st item pick on many AD assassins in higher MMRs.
Remove this obnoxious item from the game, im done building this shit every game on shaco for being useful. I want variety builds for assassins. Only you have to do is rush this item and oneshot everyone.
: shaco #1 jungler. 58% winrate late game
Nobody wants this shaco, old one was fun with different ap,ad crit builds, not this lategame oneshot machine with lack of counterplay because of {{item:3147}} and no pinkwards.
: shaco #1 jungler. 58% winrate late game
Revert shaco and remove this shit {{item:3147}}
: Roll back to season 7
Haziv (EUW)
: Revert Shaco’s E
Riot killed AP shaco with the braindead E changes, and yeah remove {{item:3147}} obnoxious item, only you have to do is buy this and oneshot everyone.


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