: Any sophisticated mathematician would look at your work (or lack thereof) and automatically discredit you. ....needs proofs
If I was doing this in a forum where people are generally more interested in numbers, sure. But that's not the case here. The vast majority are not going to read through a block of (although simple) math on a video game forum.
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: Rengar should not be able to leap AFTER LEAVING A BUSH
Removing that would completely change Rengar's gameplay flow.
Yenn (NA)
: Does anyone at Diamond feel that there has been any improvement to games?
In terms of game pace and feel? Feels better. The turret plating system rewards correct rotation and laning in the sense that if you now force your enemy to recall you are not only rewarded lane presence, dominance and a better back timing but also gold from the tower. Comebacks are more frequent. However, I think the towers could use some resistances after the plating is gone. Feels like paper. Also might want to buff the bulwark resistances on the plating.
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: Thoughts on Rengar Revert
The old rengar was so much balanced and had counterplay than this. Hopefully riot rework/revert him so he becomes a fun champion to play.


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