Sukishoo (NA)
: Ahh those are cute! Really love that concept art on Soraka.
Thank you! I'll definitely try and get round to making her skin soon ^^
: That's awesome! If this is your work after one year of university I'm sure you'll end up making some amazing things. :> Do you have an art blog or instagram or something I could follow on? (If that's not too creepy xd) I'd love to see more of your work in the future. I'm going on my 4th year of university at an art school but I'm an illustration major. Stuff like this really interests me though.
It's not creepy at all ahaha! My art instragram is @jodie.psd ^^ I just post stuff I'm doing at uni and my spare time at the moment, and thank you again!
: *Lowkey, when I saw the title I thought this was going to be some troll thread roasting Janna players* Pleasantly surprised that this is an actual skin idea-- and a really cool one at that! The concept art and that model are so beautifully done, holy cow. I'm sold on the idea of this being a 975 RP skin for an april fools event. It looks cooler than I could've ever imagined a skin based around minions could be, lol. That's some amazing work, well done. Please tell me you're working in an art field/planning on working in an art field.
Ahaha thank you so much! That means a lot I didn't think many people would see this as a higher cost skin so that really makes me happy! I just finished my first year of university (I'm studying game art, it's a rare course here but it's really good tbh) so I'm hoping to go into art as a career once I improve!
: Holy shit man, you didn't just give a concept- you gave a whole skin! Looks a little high poly for an in game model but it's so professional!
Thank you so much!! It's 6k tris which is probably a bit high poly for a more simple model but I'm working on that^^
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Haste (EUNE)
: This idea is amazing. The best one so far.
Thank you that means so much! :D
: Wow this looks amazing! :o Congratz :D
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: Welcome to UNoRTHoDoX Gaming :*
Really good community wooooo ^^


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