: You're not wrong. Maybe I should play HoTS. Even the toxic playerbase before the IFS was preferable. The general way you approached the game was "try to deal with chat in a healthy way and mute, report trolls or racism". Now you may or may not get chat banned for arguments, people WILL be looking to report every game over anything, and no one expects trolling to really get punished. They make great characters and cosmetics, and I like the changing gameplay even if it has its bad days. Its hard to swallow the sheer pettiness left in the game though. Its only gotten saltier. If you try and talk down too much about how poorly the community is managed, you will get down voted and there will be no end to the amount of times the same people will repeat "its more bettah I promize"
I agree with a lot of what you said, most times you'll remeber more bad games than good games in league. Thanks for noticing the comment :D really appreciate it (still having a blat with Hots btw, it never gets boring or frustrating even to lose)
: If the game brings you enjoyment when you play, yes. If the game does not bring you joy while playing, no. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Well, i guess it's that simple then. Shucks. In any case thanks for reading the essay :D
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There are a lot of champion in that state. Luckily enough you are talking about a female champion so don't worry, you'll get priority over the other champions who would like some sort of gameplay rework (and visual). As you may have seen from this season they have reworked both Akali and Irelia for literally no reason other than "their gameplay is too linear" but in reality Riot Games wants to just make a ton of cash on sexy female champions, and they succeed, all the time. I'm sorry if I sound salty about this but to be honest I think you shouldnt worry too much, buckle up and enjoy how every pretty champion will become viable and cool, while the others (looking at nocturne, malphite, cho'gath, fiddlesticks, mundo, and many other ps1 characters) will sit in a corner wandering why they are there in the first place since they don't get much attention. Sorry about the salt, really, but I wanted to share a little something :)
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: Riot, please acknowledge that your client is hot garbage
I think the new client definilt looks good as far as design and the artistic point of view, it's not that bad estetically. The point is, nobody asked for it since the old client was fine, it's full of unnecessary animations that lag the game out and the clients from other companies usually aren't flashy at all, they are just you window to open the game. The game itself needs to look good, not the client. In any case I'm happy to say that I'm kind of forced to buy a super-laptop, so I hope the many bugs and problems with the new client won't come back to bite me in the butt.


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