: I played the game but the game counts me as afk.
you left the game. as in you went afk. why wouldn't you get treated as afk?
: Using one of the 3 champions in the game with the longest cc duration as an argument makes no sense, you could argue then that Ashe ult from downtown and Neeko snare through multiple units are proof that Ahri's charm is somehow balanced. Of course they are stronger in terms of duration, but none of those champions have a gapcloser that basically guarantees it to hit, nor does it **STOP THE ENEMY FROM USING ABILITIES AND MAKING THEM WALK TOWARDS YOU** also >not that long, 1.4- 2 seconds scaling (second or third max btw) not sure if you're aware but her burst takes half that time and deals double the damage of Morg and Neeko without counting their ults. She doesn't need such a long duration on it as it already rewards her with a damage amp AND cc duration on top of forcing you to be in an even worse position. > taunts are way worse than charm imo to play vs, you cant do tower damage vs shen because he taunts you under tower and kills you even if you are 17/0 As for this, if you're getting taunted under a champion with taunts under turret, you didn't respect their cooldowns and were extremely out of place, in which case you deserve to die from turret aggro as that is your mistake, not the ability being stronger.
uhm, ahri cant cast her e while dashing, its not that hard to get away from her. Morg with the full root duration in the w is just as much damage. just saying taunt is worse than charm to play vs, ahri charm is pretty escapable compared to say eve whos is point and click. plus vs ahri you should almost always take cleanse since she takes ignite and cleanse cancels that and the charm
Deprecious (EUNE)
Am I wrong in thinking the MMR system for normals is just the same as for ranked?
: Riot should not forget that Morgana is also a Jungler, join this discussion for a solution {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
predator morgana jungle is busted my son, calm down
: It feels like it should be the most obvious change imaginable... but so does most things that should change about the resolve tree. I'm pretty sure Riot already had a meeting dictating that they aren't caring about the Resolve tree this season, the difference in attention between it and say Precision is staggering.
: > [{quoted}](name=General Matty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=71Q9vcJb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-09T11:54:00.787+0000) > > Why is this even important when all it takes is a little bit of math to figure it out. Gangplank and Jayce are just two examples of how this is not easy to keep track of. Edit: I forgot that GP's Q counts as melee for some reason. However, the point still stands for champions like Jayce, Kayle, Nidalee, Elise, Gnar, etc.
GP Q and Poppy passive add 5 hp since its ranged champs not attacks that get the debuff
: Are you being deliberately obtuse, or are you honestly incapable of understanding that OP was almost certainly saying not EVERY rune needs damage and they don't need as much damage as they have? If you had read the body of their post you would see that this was, indeed, their stance. Instead, you read only the title and decided to make sarcastic remarks based upon only that. Grow up.
not every rune does damage.... theres guardian, fleet, phase rush, unsealed spellbook, klepto, glacial augment. 6 / 20 aint too bad
: Just because Zoe is a problem doesn't mean Ahri is any less of a problem, her charm duration is way too long and obnoxious after the buff, if they reverted the charm duration it would be perfect as it would reward her from landing it but not hard enough that you not only get stunned for longer than a lot of cc abilities, but it makes you **WALK TOWARDS THEM**
not that long, 1.4- 2 seconds scaling (second or third max btw), compared to say morg q which lasts up to 3 seconds and is normally first or second max. taunts are way worse than charm imo to play vs, you cant do tower damage vs shen because he taunts you under tower and kills you even if you are 17/0
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
make vayne w more like vi w? the fact its true damage is too strong
: Maybe nerfs for {{champion:103}} ??? When she hits charm, with Electrocute and a few items she can oneshot enemy. I think, the charm duration is too long, and I think the best fix is reduce the duration from 1,4-2s into 1,1-1,5s. Additionaly, charm makes Ahri so safe on lane. She has one of the highest pickrates and winrates in diamond, but on low elo she is strong too.
its a skillshot with low range. her q has high cost and she cant really farm under tower or push hard. her ability to 1 combo you is based on hitting the charm which is almost always dodged, even if it hits she only takes a third of most champs hp until 3 items. really the nerfs should be for {{champion:142}} who can 1 shot you from behind 5 walls and steal your ignite
Avar (OCE)
: junglers have way too much influence over laners for how well they are scaling, is this really ever going to be addressed, if you simply lowered the respawn timers (which pretty much all competitive and high tier junglers want anyway), they would be punished so much more for failing consecutive ganks and chain camping a single lane, whereas now they are free to make laners lives miserable with absolutely no drawback, bring back skill into the jungle role, let good junglers take over the game and bad junglers fall 4 levels behind again as they should for playing bad, stop babying your playerbase, this is such a point of frustration for so long since camp respawn timers were push so far towards the "clear and have 1 min to do whatever" state that its been in for 2years now
surely if respawn timers were lower you could just chain gank top and then your top side camps would be up,while you are camping top your mid or bot would take your bot side camps just like a funnel. I don't think riot wants that
xSimo (NA)
: So it nidalee ever going to be touched again? She is in DIRE need of some love.... currently super pointless to ever pick her
if you play her well there is.she could be viable in pro too since she can be a flex between mid and jung. pros just don't have the time to put into her though. she has the same problem as a yasuo, good if you are good at the champ, otherwise sucks
: About taping deeper on Vayne's case: I've seen a lot of suggestions about this but one caught my attention the most: rework her W, Silver Bolts, into a limited active buff, something in those lines: >ACTIVE: Vayne loads her wristbow with piercing silver bolts and for Y seconds her basic attacks deal X on-hit bonus true damage. Cooldown: (3 x Y) seconds. I think most can agree that the source of frustation when playing against Vayne is the Silver Bolts, due to how much reward she gains for something so simple as basic attacking as a Marksman. Giving her W a window of availability would allow her enemies to play around it, specially because she doesn't build CDR normally.
after this she will build spear of shojin
: Yeah it's questionable how they thought throwing that on would make her ever balanced, but it was during the era when they were manually buffing ADCs because crit items were bad. Vayne's always been pretty popular at all elos is the likely reason they chose to buff her so much, while they left less popular ones with tiny slaps on the butt.
couple things with this 1. vayne doesn't build crit until 3rd or later item, which means that the game is mostly over by then 2. ADCs were fine, all around 50% when played in the ADC role (not like vayne being played top/jung/mid/adc) 3. they buffed her just before she got a new skin
Kaisas (EUW)
: That Guinsoo nerf looks like it is going to hit Kaisa really hard and she is on the weaker side of adcs at the moment already. Largely because build path is still pretty garbage. Now you hit one of her core items again. Any chance you can look into changing stat thresholds for her evolutions if you are going to gut the core evolution item for Kaisa? (As in it is the go to 2nd item to unlock evolutions). Because if this nerf goes through, unless you enter a skirmish/teamfight with stacks it's likely going to be long over before the passive is any useful. Because if you keep nerfing the items that Kaisa is forced into because of the evolution thresholds she either needs a compensation buff or changes to how much stats she needs. Any possibilities about maybe making stat needed scaling down with something like R rank? e.g:100 ad/100 ap/100% as is still base values, each rank in R lowers these by 10.
am I wrong or is this not fine for kaisa? her passive is every 4 hits right so the extra hit being on the 3rd auto not 2nd is fine for her right? I would assume they would make some changes to the costing or stats for making this change
: Frozen Heart needs attention or removal since gauntlet is better in every regard and the atk speed slow is handled by thorn mail and randuins. Unless you want to gear it towards HP stacking because of the insane amount of true damage in the game now and since the tank class update removed a bunch of HP from tank items they are suffering please consider something here.
5 frozen heart and thornmail sion is pretty fun :)
: Some AP items targeted specifically at assassins would be nice, AD assassins get all the lethality items, and we just have to build the same as the mages
ap - 2 flat pen items {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} ad - 2 viable flat pen items {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} I guess ad assasins get {{item:3814}} too but its not a great item lets be honest. AP assasins can get their pen so much sooner too I don't see how you think that AD assasins have better items. What we really need is lethality boots {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}}
Antenora (EUW)
: > Massively reduce or remove counterplay against a champion {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:81}} {{item:3025}} # MAKE IBG MELEE ONLY
I think theres a good chance this is one of the items they plan to change
Wolfus (EUW)
: Can we get rid of Spear of Shojin? Champions like Riven or Jax having almost no counterplay when 1v1ing them because of one item is absurd.
theres this guy called your 'jungler' who can normally stop jax getting to second or third item and riven getting to third item (where spear comes, nobody is going to sacrifice {{item:3078}} first on jax or {{item:3071}} and {{item:3812}} on riven for having spear sooner), if your jungler chain ganks top like they should when you have this hard scale sidelane matchup then spear is fine when they get it after 30 minutes. plus most rivens and jaxs are one tricks who probably know their champ more than you do which would maybe make it so you could 1v1 them
: Zhonya’s CD is already longer than most assassinatin ultimates. I think the item only hard ruins AD assassins in team fights, but that’s probably intended anyways. As in, most people who build Zhonya’s will get hard destroyed by AD assassins in a side-lane, so Zhonya’s exists to they at least win team fights, right?
ok but what about {{champion:84}} and {{champion:55}} and {{champion:7}} who can burst someone and use {{item:2420}} and watch as your team fights vs a team with no adc
: Does this mean we'll finally see the Ap counterpart to Black Cleaver?
something that reduces MR by a percentage... like perhaps a void staff? I don't think an AP black cleaver could work with a lot of ap spells being DoT or spammable so you would take X% reduced MR permanatly from champs with DoT like malz or instantly from a champ that can machine gun spells at you


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